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  1. On the kit coaming section with the gun sight lenes there is not much detail as for no canvas . I went in added two layers using tooth to for a shape the canvas using the Mig Ammo Ultra glue once dried after 6 + hour i sprayed it with my Tamiya faded black mix . Used the Waldron to punch out a out a piece of plastic for new gun lens . Sprayed with mr color uvcut clear flat . THen went in a dry brushed Taiya NATO Black and German Grey . For the lens i used Tamiya clear blue . The landing gear finished AK landing gear wash. Next to clean up and glue the gun HUD on and windshield . BD106394-
  2. Today on things that go boom . Finished the Mk 117 bombs for the F-105F . Explosive section of the bomb been sprayed mottled with a few different shades of OD . Just need to spray clear flat . DC310A0E-A9EF-417F-867E-0A1D8AA163E0 by b007scott, on Flickr ACE2CC2C-CB00-4767-B752-70796ACA4C16 by b007scott, on Flickr 37D2A8BE-BBA0-4876-BE77-BEBCC6F623B8 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  3. Tonight on the Republic Thud Channel . Aero Bonus Vietnam 1960-1975 pilots got cleaned up and assembled. Got my LF models camo paint mask in the mail off of ebay which will be nice to try out. Front section of the MK 117 is painted in faded drab front will get masked off and back will be painted oilive drab . Decided to build some equpment to go with the build . Using the the old ERTL Munitions Lift Truck and MD-1 Tow Bar . 02856FF2-C9FB-4CE7-9727-A00F7C4DB417 by b007scott, on Flickr 1B6099ED-0E8E-40F5-B3E3-7FA37823AEC1 by b007scott, on Flickr 1E51E238-CDE9-4D71-9830-D33A7C3F
  4. Starting to look like Thud the more paerts I add on . The Monogram Thud is still the best kit out there image by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  5. Started getting paints on the MK 117 bombs and drop tanks . Still plenty of painting a head . Struts and wheels painted . Next gloss coat and wash 955A72A5-FFAE-42D0-B962-AFE505EAC76B by b007scott, on Flickr 97D846C8-FC13-46CC-9DC5-5FCAD1BEC95F by b007scott, on Flickr CA321155-6869-4642-BFFF-691696F187AA by b007scott, on Flickr E21B1202-1082-4AA0-A18D-B063B897787F by b007scott, on Flickr B66CCE0E-0315-4069-BED1-2BE96385C40D by b007scott, on Flickr 5F44187E-F268-438F-9015-899DE075243E by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  6. The WORST part on the Monogram Thud kits is the burner section. . It always has a step once glued on. So once glue was cured i used few different snadning sticks to file it down then Tamiya sanding sponges for final clean up. Still some more sanding to do but not much 3048CC78-6BF3-4C8B-AFF1-C4FB55CB3BC4 by b007scott, on Flickr F0449DB1-EAF6-40C7-81BC-9E2871B5C32C by b007scott, on Flickr D4688E63-30CE-4A49-B0E8-5EB6B5DDB319 by b007scott, on Flickr D008AC9C-D983-4804-92F8-A9093FAC6311 by b007scott, on Flickr C886E5B7-B5B6-448D-BFBE-B8E9CA2C9841 by b007scott, on Flickr
  7. I always find gluing on pylons after model finished to be a royal pain depending on the model . The Thud is one of them cause of how they mount and the size of the fuel pylon tank combo . So the outer pylon and center bomb rack was glued on then dried for a few days then i brushed on extra Tamiya thin cemment . Now for the fuel tank/ pylon i cut the pylon seperate from the fuel l tanks and glued them on the wings . Once dry and drilled holes for the pin for the location mount . 078377C1-96D8-4CFC-9D9E-318B382B020E by b007scott, on Flickr 68BC3BDA-0247-402D-BB44-19D31DF69C45 by b007sc
  8. Fuseloge assembled and sanded . Starting to look like a Thud. Test fitted the landing gear , Steel pins ares really working wheel in the main struts . Next to work on the pylons . 0BB541C0-ED40-4EAF-ACFE-34E3CBBE18FB by b007scott, on Flickr B708431D-24D5-4452-AAD6-9F8DB49ABAE1 by b007scott, on Flickr 70A719F3-DE6F-4C90-A343-41BD0A29E06B by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  9. So when it comes to certain model i prefer to glue the wings on the fueloge halfs . I find it easier ti alppy pressure and have more control gluing the wings. There was a few gaps that was fix with brush Mrfinishing surfacer 1500 grey a few time on the wing root area . I apologize for boarding you with all my projecrts on here 884BCA29-AA31-4D83-B7F1-C783B71E552C by b007scott, on Flickr 93AB5840-C06E-4997-BB18-32818DAD5987 by b007scott, on Flickr F8A23546-1576-44FB-BB19-E3B7E9538295 by b007scott, on Flickr 424048F0-FAA7-4852-A020-692FC8CA99E2 by b007scott, on Flickr 7
  10. Cockpit painted with more color and Tamiya LP paints. Details dry brushed and hand painted . I used a raw umber wash for weathering . E75D0212-C5A6-4945-9F87-CB37AA6A9FBE by b007scott, on Flickr 14F5BE56-A148-409B-BD43-46C31D919B2D by b007scott, on Flickr 714D128E-46EF-415E-B9FB-7D0AEAE81F69 by b007scott, on Flickr 49D0CBE5-729A-456E-9CDF-A8988B71067F by b007scott, on Flickr 65DBB0B6-3018-450B-B683-70D96FB820E6 by b007scott, on Flickr 8333DBC2-4481-4929-9C68-595E4020C4A9 by b007scott, on Flickr AA51E20A-CA07-43E2-A4CB-CAF7ED640EA0 by b007scott, on Flickr
  11. One thing that model companies ALWAYS seem to miss out on is throttles . i also added so extra detail to the kit throttle area . The kit seats you dont get much of a area for mounting them to the cloor of the cockpit. I added so plastic to the floor for the seats to be glued to and the dry fit is perfect ! 321D7608-A443-4C2B-8D28-1B5F057D1F1D by b007scott, on Flickr A38071B1-8412-43E4-A5A5-91BD3FF3406C by b007scott, on Flickr 602DDEB0-A7CA-4C21-AF8C-98AD629057CF by b007scott, on Flickr 67714F59-BB23-4D7D-A58E-30231A76CEF9 by b007scott, on Flickr EED40A8E-40A4-4E62-BD87
  12. Nose cone pitot replace with master brass pitot. I first glued the kit pitot on the nose cone. Once dry i cut the kit one off and carefully drilled the right size to fit. Piot on dry fitted for pic and will be installed last 35CE3653-1060-4919-815E-719A8994CCA1 by b007scott, on Flickr 9DEF6683-42AA-498A-BE3A-4D059104EE7B by b007scott, on Flickr 2D436519-A80D-4446-9D4F-DD0FD0B97BB9 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  13. I got burned out on prop aircraft so it was time to build some Jets for a while. I decided to start with the awesome 1982 issues of the Monogram F-105F . I have the Sam Slayer and Furball decals . Not sure what markings i will go with. I started with the landing gear first . I drilled a 1/4 depth hole in the main struts then super glued a stell pin so the gear wont bow or snap off. The nose strut the kunbs that hold the wheel on has been cut off and drill out that way the wheels can be painted and installed last with a steel pin . 7958B318-8D75-427C-9281-FC315F8DA8BD by b007scott, on Fli
  14. Back to model after vacation . Decided to got for Capt Dean Hartley Jr's markings instead of Pappy's . Spent the night working oon various parts. For the engine was i used the Tamiya Panel Libne Accent Black Wash . The engine crank is a mix of Tamiya LP INJ Grey and Mr color Bright Blue . Next few days will be gluinga bunch of partsd on 8DB5A493-C135-45D5-A790-F57CA353B24A by b007scott, on Flickr 7C35AA88-665C-467F-A5C2-2F9649303FBC by b007scott, on Flickr 366845B0-4CAE-4EF3-9A53-73B084BCF1A7 by b007scott, on Flickr E7F911A3-2E8F-423C-96E3-185ED2A31A64 by b007scott, on F
  15. Making some great progress on the Hellcat. Main airframe assembled . Spent about a hour on the brass strututs getting thenm cleaned up. buffed and cleaned with some alcohol . They glued on real easy with super glue. Not to thrilled with the three piece cowling . Took some cleaning up. got the eduard Brassin resin wheels cleaned and ready for primer . Next to get the gun barrels glued on . 38523FF2-3B1E-4603-912A-0DD76F1E3158 by b007scott, on Flickr 9E737E99-6A8F-4D18-B291-5266B0BE5612 by b007scott, on Flickr 24D9F336-53A8-4EF6-A1F3-7A375F7E4235 by b007scott, on Flickr 280BE
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