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  1. Now that Fundekals has released a decals sheets of the first F-4's flown by USAF . Time to start on my second Tamiya Phantom. So while USAF was waiting for C model to be produced McDonnell made a Few F-4B's and painted them in USAF markings so the air force could start trining the pilots. Plus the F-110A's also did numeruous testing . Missiles , nose and main gear basys pirmered with mrbase white 1000. The intakes was sprayed with mrbase white 1000 once gone sprayed with Tamiya Lacquer LP-2 Gloss White Here is some preogress pics . I am really hooked on using the Tamiya LP Lacquer paints . Th
  2. Finally started getting paint on the Tamiya F-4B VF-21 . Really love how the Tamiya LP-2 Gloss White sprays thinned with Mr Color Leveling thinner . 3D2C2C28-75E7-42B2-97D2-1AA216236EA0 by b007scott, on Flickr 36457392-98E1-4C0B-B1BC-5FF536A65D3E by b007scott, on Flickr 479E3102-6F50-4A2D-AF03-CFAC6EFA6769 by b007scott, on Flickr 1A5E523B-B2EA-44B4-8759-E82E20A74B97 by b007scott, on Flickr 286E151F-318B-44A7-BB99-D73F9B4CD5A1 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  3. Great looking Grumman Hellcat !!
  4. The painting hasd commenced . Models primed with Mrbase White 100 primer. Nose cone sprayed with Tamiya Lacquer LP-5 Semi Gloss Black with a few drops of Mr color red. Ares nexr to windshield sprayed with Tamiya cockpit black/Nato black mix. Missiles sprayed with Ak Real colors and the war head area tamiya sky grey. They tired been reapainted, I sed Ak White for hubs and Mr color tire black. Next gloss coat and wash. Flaperons are also painted ready for gloss coat and decals . Decided to got with the VF-21 Freelancers markings CF417696-AC3F-4AA5-B2A5-765BFDBD2AEE by b007scott, on Flick
  5. Duncan that Su-35 is really looking great. Really liking how the hot section is turning out. Look forward to the the final pics after mask removed
  6. Got the ASK mask applied to the windsheild. My tak e on them is they are pretty musch the same as the eduard mask set. Bake window installed just using vallejo masking fluid since mine will be displyed with the windows open . Instaks are masked off with tamiya tape and A/C weather insullation . Windsheild frame sprayed with tamiya cockpit black. Now time to start spraying primer 4C0BF99D-D300-4401-9ECF-68C587766BE7 by b007scott, on Flickr 64EB4DD2-C97D-4464-B596-3B257E5578A0 by b007scott, on Flickr 2A40C1D7-3B88-4979-81DD-2C550C148A44 by b007scott, on Flickr ADDB4377-FE64-
  7. Finally got the last of the HUD parts installed and painted. Next to install the windshield and start the masking. I waited to start masking thr model not a fan of the kit provided mask . Spruebrothers started carrying a new lne of mask by the name of ASK which gives You intrior and exterior mask or clear parts and wheels . Also need to decide on scheme. So many choices 665D2858-D5D1-4B80-9CA9-C90E2AA9410A by b007scott, on Flickr 9CF54E99-0EC6-4FF4-9360-393034E35C41 by b007scott, on Flickr 38A0F5B5-EED0-4BDE-B75C-02E163D22385 by b007scott, on Flickr C6AA9496-EE63-4C39-9C
  8. spent the last few days glue the airframe together. The kit fits really great and the shape is pretty dead on . I changed my mind on markings and will be going for the William Tell scheme . Got the Royal Resin wheel cleaned up and test fitted 336F628C-302A-45FE-B6FC-63F28E3938D1 by b007scott, on Flickr B56B5CE5-9E09-4306-B560-B2DFE78C3F1C by b007scott, on Flickr 4707E147-66F0-4A22-897D-3F96A08B15D7 by b007scott, on Flickr F889C9CD-0B2F-46E0-A524-6646C58CF9F0 by b007scott, on Flickr 7DEC293C-5D93-46C5-B13F-DDBB5247F840 by b007scott, on Flickr 086EBC09-1648-45EF-AD
  9. Fianlly new update. Coaming installed . Did some dry brush weathering to the sill and coaming . Spent the last few days gluing the fuel tanks , flaperons , Sparrows and Side Winders togther . Wheels painted and weatherd. Stencils applied to the struts and main doors. Next whill be gloss coat and wash . 73D2F479-44BE-40C9-BDC2-A35E1F7ED368 by b007scott, on Flickr 00BAB48C-4644-4BFE-BCA7-25674DDC460F by b007scott, on Flickr EE4242B6-3A2B-491A-B575-07E53A3525A0 by b007scott, on Flickr FF7B3CF8-E009-4D28-9B44-3A52E84789BB by b007scott, on Flickr E3744F56-61B8-4A98-9135-0
  10. Finally a update on the Convair Dart. I ended up reapinting the cockpit as i had some issues i didnt like. I used the 3/4 of the instrument decals on thr IP .The hot sections was painted MRP Metal paints. I modified the nose gear section to install the nose strut last as the kit wants it in stalled while you build the rest of the model. 0C809259-F753-4A0B-A07A-F2BD078FDA3B by b007scott, on Flickr 15FA0810-24BE-4911-8FBC-BC3889E98020 by b007scott, on Flickr 2473751D-F63B-413E-B966-C6D633ADF01D by b007scott, on Flickr B108B2E2-714F-4DF0-9350-4ABBFD6C8481 by b007scott, on Fl
  11. While working on the Tamiya F-4B i decided to srart messing with the Trumpeter Dart. I have both of the Fundekals decals . Not sure on markings yet. I hae a spare Balck Box Ejection seat i am using. I added some plastic to the back og the cockpit to hlp alighn the ejection seat once installed. I was not impressed with the control stick or throttle . So i replaced them with spares from the monogram kits i had. I spraey the mr back black on the cockpit then mixed mine own cockpit from tamiya to match pics of the interior greay used at the time by Conviar . Preview Master by b007scott, on
  12. Finally got the air intakes painted and the air intakes /trunks assembled .The fitt was really great on the model. Aslo got various other parts and the window sill painted and installed . I was getting close to breaking two of the verticale tall probas off . So iI decided to break tehm off and reaplace them with metal pins. They arent perfect but it works for me 1B97AD2F-8BA1-4C2E-9F4A-0A29B69F9EEC by b007scott, on Flickr B497D535-2A88-4F8B-B54E-44CBFBEC1ACD by b007scott, on Flickr 1F10F349-93D9-4C7E-A1D4-337A3BE2E8B1 by b007scott, on Flickr B34153E6-0349-467D-BB15-CA55A9
  13. Spent the night spraying the air intakes with mr base white 1000. Once dry i mskes off the parts that stayed white and sprasyed the AK light gull grey. Now to let the paint dry and mabye tomorrow night assemble the air intakes annd trunks B511D7F3-A16E-4AB7-954B-2E6DA39A49F9 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
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