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  1. I no longer have an excuse not to be able to advance with Pe-2. Finally Eduard's material arrived for this model in addition to some paints I was needing. Regards ajcmac
  2. More advances. As I can do little more (I still await the arrival of the PE and the mask) I advanced the engine. Already with the engine crib. The support serves to hold the engine to the wing. And in his place without being stuck. Regards ajcmac
  3. Thanks Grunhertz and Michelle . It's getting a longer setup because I have not yet received Eduard PE. Some more finished pieces. The exhaust pipes. Frontal machine guns already glued to the fuselage. Central machine gun. Regards ajcmac
  4. Fuselage with clear gloss and a wash. I applied clear mate. Detail of a gunner's instrument panel. The wheels. Rear landing gear complete. Front landing gear. The wheels will only be glued near the end of the assembly. Regards ajcmac
  5. I'm using Gunze's colors that look more like the Brett Green model. I also tried that they were the most similar to the indicated Humbroll colors. Gunze Wells landing gear, landing gear, doors ... - Dark Grey H-333 Interiors - Light gray H-305 Seats and some interior parts Green - H-422 Tamiya Pilot's seat Tan - XF-52 Regards ajcmac
  6. Wheels already painted. Landing gears wells and doors and bomb bay doors. Some parts of the interiors. Seats. Engine. The two halves of the fuselage have already been painted with lights and shadows. And, that's all. Regards ajcmac
  7. Slow but it will. I painted the inside of the fuselage. The engine. Motor tubes. And still missing some already painted but in the sprues. Seats. Engine mounts. Regards ajcmac
  8. This seems a bit complicated. A lot of small pieces that we need to cut, clean and glue and everything always with fitting tests. I read Brett Green's review and it's his advice. Small pieces that almost always use two colors. I started painting the engine. Wheels. Landing gear wells. Bay of the bombs. Regards ajcmac
  9. I really enjoy seeing these WWI model constructions especially on 1/32. Work on simulating the wood pieces, the propellers and finally all those cables on the wings. Good job. Congratulations. Regards ajcmac
  10. A fit test and, for now, everything seems perfect. The sprue only with the engine parts. And there are still a few left. I still do not have PE and Mask (Eduard) I decided to start with the engine. Some small parts require some care. Gluing the pieces requires some care and some fittings test . Regards ajcmac
  11. And one more for the bench. This time a model of a Russian airplane, the Petlyakov PE-2 from Zvezda 1/48. The box. Sprues. Transparencies. Decals. Regards ajcmac
  12. Thanks to everyone who commented or followed this topic. To all my thanks. And it came to an end. Best regards ajcmac
  13. Thanks . I finished the landing gear. Rocket launchers and bombs. I applied matt varnish. Regards ajcmac
  14. Thanks for following and for your words . And it's almost done. And after the stencils marathon, a layer of glossed cote and applied wash. Following is the mate cote. Now start pasting the remaining pieces that are already ready. Doors and landing gear, engine and propeller assembly, antenna cable ... Regards ajcmac
  15. Thanks . The decals already placed with the individual marks of Lieutenant Torres. Now there are only about eighty decals missing and all very small . Regards ajcmac
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