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  1. Next show in the North of England will be on:- Sunday 2nd June, Time - 9:30 - 4:30 Parks Sports Centre, Howden Road, North Shields. For your Sat Nav, the Post Code is NE29 6TL The show is well established, this is it's 32nd year, entry charges are Adults £4, Concession £2, Children free. For further information contact - robsullivannms@gmail.com Facebook - IPMS Tyneside scale model group North Riding and the Coastal Command SIG will be there....will you?
  2. There you have it, the voice of experience......
  3. phoenix54

    No aircraft

    Steve, just keep the memory..........you wouldn't recognise 'em now, as, like Wagon Wheels.....they've shrunk
  4. Hmm, with your seeming predeliction for all things Russian and the planform looking vaguely VC10esq, one of these?
  5. Gorby, I think they may have thought? the CO2 from the pop (Irn-Bru) would help it fly....... Can't be all bad, Trump's banned it from Turnberry
  6. phoenix54

    Black Dragon

    Great build @skwonk just glad I'm not paying for his dental treatment! Paul
  7. Ahh, but what he hasn't told you about is the rucksack full of Jaffa cakes....
  8. That be the Lady.........so, I see you've already done a recce, pre invasion
  9. Gorby, fear not, ALL bats are protected in this country, you've just got to catch one. Lovely little creatures, will cling to a wall for days, though you might have to turn down a bit with the expletives....them likes it quiet.....🦇
  10. Don't worry Richard, just means you'll have to bring forward your invasion! There's a Mirage IV alive and well and residing at the Elvington museum, just outside of York, only one outside La Belle France.
  11. Not on your nellie.....or as we're North of the border, should that be Nessie?!! They may be allowed to have a wee smell of the still but they'll never be allowed more....have you any idea how difficult it is to age a haggis? I'm not getting done for corrupting a minor with alcohol.....'cos it's ALL mine!!!
  12. Cor, you lot up there! you don't half go on..........it's a bloody puddle!
  13. River.......RIVER??? You live in Scotland....that's just run off!! I mean, when you get complaints from the local Hagii? Haggis? Haggis's? I'm a Sassenach, don't you know! that their suffering from foot rot.........then I might grant you, you have a wee Burn........ For the overseas members, NO Hagii? Haggis? Haggis's? were injured or hurt in any way.......you NEED a twelve bore for the little sods!
  14. Playing 'Devil's advocate' here. I can see it from the individual members point of view, as in, "I have these kits, books, mags, resin and PE that no longer hold any interest, where would be the best place to move 'em on?....Oh, I know, the next show I attend" From the traders point of view, "WHAT the *$*^$??? I'm trying to make a living and put a crust or two on the table for the family, and here's you, pinching my business, and not paying a penny for it." Now, many of the shows within the UK are becoming or have become victims of their own success, to whit, they either carry on in similar vein and risk imploding, because the venue is just too small, or, as Bolton and Milton Keynes have done, 'bite the bullet' and move to much larger premises. This year, the Driffield show (IPMS Bridlington & Wolds) have taken the decision to terminate under table sales, on safety grounds. Something I applaude, trying to move between modellers standing talking, taking photo's, trying to attract someones attention etc. and trying not to step on fingers, hands, legs and the obligitory rucksack of those rooting through the various items stuck under the table fronts is a nightmare, and yes, I know, it's at the rooters risk. However, your bumbling along, not a care in the World and the next step you take is onto someone's hand / leg, automatically the appendage is or tries to be removed from under your size 10 making you unstable. You start to fall, where do you put your hands to save yourself? on the tables where the models are? grab a cloth, and take everything down with you? or do you fall and risk your Ankle, Knee, Hip, Wrist, Forearm, or other, possibly worse, soft tissue injury? Answers please, on a post card, addressed to the dark side of the Moon! Maybe an option, if the venue has available space, not necessarily in the main show hall, is to set up tables for members to sell off their excess for a hourly charge per table? That at least would take the sting out for the traders. Another might be to amalgamate some shows where dates and venues are close? taking some of the pressure off those individuals who do the lions share of the work, and because, with the added manpower and cash to hire a larger venue the crush might just become a thing of the past? Yes, I know it would be a reduction in the number of shows, however, does everybody buy from every show? It might just be a push for a few enterprising individuals to risk their arm with a bricks and mortar LMS? Over to you............
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