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  1. Warren, I'd say either see a hypnotist or move EVERYTHING to find 'em! The Tyrrell would be the P34 car, banned by the F1A after either two or three? GP's, as it held the track too well! unfair advantage, don't you know! The 1/12th kit fetches VERY silly prices, if you can find one. The JPS would be either the Lotus 72D, or the Lotus 78, JPS Mk.III. which still go for North of £150 (approx $190) Built the JPS Mk.1 as a sprog, amazing what you can do on a wet Wednesday afternoon (quite a few really) in Tamworth! Dad, bless him, accidentally 'cleared' the shelf the Mk.1 sat on, may still have th
  2. Possibly easi line Bob, if you got it from John. Paul
  3. Andy, guessing here, but are the white backgrounds to give colour density to the Hinomaru? Also, have a look at option 7 on the painting guide, Hinomaru with a white outer ring, get your micrometer outand check if they are all the same size. Paul
  4. For a man of your caliber and build rate......even allowing for you getting rusty other that when your at home! I reacon you could have them all built in about five years or less. We were working it out at the club, some of us are going to be reet funny osities of about 450 if we survive that long, to get our stashes down!
  5. Now.............are we talking in multiples of ten or hundreds..............
  6. Thanks for sharing Ian, love the Grumman Goose.
  7. Yup! Something to do with the turret traverse, that, and the trompe l'oeil caused by the front and rear track covers, and they STILL used a pop gun*! This was according to my Dad, who, amongst others, drove Churchills and hated the Crocodile.
  8. @skwonk, there CAN be mud! Depends which way you go, Easingwold's about a mile and a half from the Southbound A19, approximately 12 miles from York. If you go the back way, you get the best of both mud, Heartbeat, Sutton Bank and Chop Yat!
  9. @skwonk.......go on........you KNOW you want to!
  10. Hi all, just passing this along, I only found out about it Sunday. Show information:- What:- White Rose Figure World North. Where:- Galtres Centre, Easingwold, North Yorkshire, YO61 3AE When:- 11th June 2022 As well as figures and busts they also have a number of Warhammer and fantasy modellers. Oh, and they also do armour, vignettes and dioramas! All the best, Paul
  11. @Gorby, with Tamiya acrylics you need to thin far more than you think, as a minimum 60 - 40 thinners to paint. Paul
  12. Andy, @Tolvcat one thing to consider, the Panzer II's that first went to North Africa would have been in Panzer grey, with the dunkelgelb applied after they arrived. Add to that the conditions they operated in would have been something like they'd been shot blasted! with most / all corners and large vertical areas showing as grey rather than sand.
  13. @Jessie_C 'C' wing. Grant that it was more normal to fit either 4x20mm or 2x20mm, plus the 4x.303 (.50 came later) but as the old adage goes, "if you got it, flaunt it!" As for either the Vokes and 'Aboukir' filters, enough aircraft went to the Med and North Africa without, I'd not sweat it. If you have a spare +/- 3.2 million $Can in change laying about, I'm sure they would consider selling.......
  14. .....as long as you keep it away from @skwonk's neck of the woods! You know what he's like over a Jazz, but a Routemaster??......bikini atoll would appear as a damp squib in comparison!
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