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  1. .......so Steve, it'll be 24 hours to spoke each wheel then...
  2. Very polite Darren! @Miggers the famed Blue Circle radar was associated with the F.2 rather than the in-service F.3. XX897 flew with RRE with full, but interim AI 24 fitted, fyi, she retired in '93.
  3. XX897 is alive and living in Eire, Shannon to be exact. Her history is, err, varied! Lot's of photos out there. @Miggers she does indeed carry a Tonka ADV nose, she was used for proving trials for the Foxhunter radar.
  4. To quote me Granddad....."tha' knows where tap and kettle is lad, and I'll have one as well!"
  5. phoenix54

    Wish lists

    @Gorby Sláinte mhaith! as you seem to like the distillation from the Emerald Isle.
  6. to add to Darby's @skwonk comments.....here ya go @beowulf https://www.pilotweb.aero/features/flight-tests/miles-magister-1-1973861
  7. Silly! It's @RWG686 giving the heads up......got to be 72nd
  8. In all honesty @Swb too ruddy much! Latest thing in build is the Eduard 48th Bf 108, nice kit BUT! that being the motor is made up of 18 - 19 pieces and won't be seen, while the cabin plus rear bulkhead is 9. Main problem is I start many and finish........err, not a lot*. Paul *=0
  9. For those that don't know, Alistair (used to trade as Alley-Cat) has released (at Telford) a 48th resin conversion for the Hawker Hunter T.7 with either RAF or RN markings.............. T.8M to follow! https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-7-conversion-early-rn-for-airfix-kit
  10. Here you go Ladies and Gents, for those (most) not lucky enough to have an Antics shop nearby https://anticsonline.uk/ On-line offers run from the 25th November (today) until 18th December, in store up to Christmas Eve. Offers will change at 5pm each day (except Sundays) and be valid until 5pm the following day. Up to 50% off manufacturers' suggested retail prices. Have fun! Paul
  11. NO chance.........with the sea frets you get...........you'd hit yer fingers with the mallet!
  12. Ahh well, something to keep you out of mischief on those cold, wet and foggy Cornwall-land nights...... Well.......come on........what ELSE could he possibly do????
  13. @beowulf, if I could make a suggestion? My thinking would be to use ground pastels, as the over-riding 'colour' would be dust. Possibly a mixture of a light fawn / beige with a degree of dirty white and a little grey. Just a thought.... Paul
  14. Nah, sorry my mate, just a 48th Gannet and Vulcan, 32nd Buccaneer and F-4K / M, Oh, and a 72nd VC-10......
  15. @RWG686 the 32nd Buccaneer is rumour no longer, has been available for a week or two now, you will need to contact Alan at Icelandic Fine Arts, email is:- alanwilson042000@yahoo.co.uk From what I've seen and read it's NOT a 'shake and bake' there ARE more than a few modelling skills required. Alan himself as said the cockpit is 'basic' i.e. no seat offset, and the cockpit / panels could be classed as 'workman like'. You can have either the 'flat' or the bulged bomb bay doors. You then have an aluminium re-enforced resin beast to play with, just think of the enjoyment when the snow really starts to come down....should keep you suitably engrossed for a few months, depending on the size of your spares box(es), Oh, and the number of boxes containing uisce beatha........Slàinte!! Paul
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