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  1. BUT......wear a mask and a nose clip, 'cos it STINKS!
  2. @skwonk Think it's fair to say the photo will have been colourised. The artist(s) did have a good eye though.
  3. Be even better if she plays the pipes
  4. Just to give your memory a nudge Che, you evidently forgot the old PE trick. Get a length of wide (3") clear sellotape (others brands available!) on both sides of the sprue, you can cut through the tape without (hopefully) the part going into a low earth orbit. We're (you, anyway) modellers and NEVER happy with anything we build! For me, great build, great finish and your on to finish the Skyvan, RESULT!
  5. He, he, he, you and me, both. I'm starting to resemble Uncle It!
  6. Here ya go Paul @Paul Brown https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/G-BVVK
  7. @Che Guava are you referring to the Loganair DHC 6 G-BVVK with the tartan tail? Easy for a man of your calibre! The tartan is 'flat'. Now if you really want a challenge, try one of Cayman airlines fleet.........do take it you've got a decent head of hair........!
  8. @RWG686 if no one has beaten me to it, could I take the rulers, please? Paul
  9. @Che Guava me owd fruit, if you haven't already, run a thin bead of PVA around the windscreen, applied with the end of a cocktail stick (eat cherry or olive FIRST!) Sorted! With your olio, drill then gently abrade with a fine triangular file. Paul
  10. Err, excuse me?! I'll have you know, I'm as mad as a bucket of Frogs 🐸 Rivvet!
  11. Yer a BIG kid! Hope you bought another for the Memsahib..........or there WILL be trouble at mill!
  12. Ratch as hissen in that case. Happy with his lot......NOT!
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