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  1. Not too shabby, owd lad! Can understand your liking for 'Yellow Wings'
  2. Probably because the photos posted where caught up in the great "Photobucket" cash grab.
  3. Bloody WAFU's, Fishheads, Bubbleheads, Met etc.!!
  4. Nice to see the Union flag on his backpack Mac, rather than the stars and stripes.
  5. 'Cor, every days a school day, never knew the Japanese flew Cayley's Kites
  6. DC3's idea is a good one Gorby, he may not be Yorkshire, but close enough! Here ya go, UK distributer:-https://hobby.uk.com/ Melting pots and casting is the section you want. Some years ago you could get "Prince August" mould your own sets of figures, the important thing being you got a couple of metal ingots and a ladle, if you could find any?? you can have a go and see how it comes out. HTH Paul
  7. phoenix54

    EDUARD 1/48 SE5a

    So my mate, never mind about the 'suck and blow' jet thingy whatsit, next build should be a 'Chopper', to keep @RWG686 company. You've earned your spurs with the rigging, how difficult can a Helo be......... Oh, CA accelerator, get liquid rather than aerosol you can control it easier. Paul
  8. Great modelling John, don't worry about the paint on the track guard, they used to rip 'em off on the full size vehicles, country roads were never built for tanks! Me Dad would be glad the compo rations weren't 'Bully', he would eat many thing but not lamb or corned beef (bully). Paul
  9. Ooh, Duncan's getting a bit posh and profaning in Waloon! Come on Duncan, REALLY? you blame the Dog? BULLY!!!
  10. Now, there's silly, look you......
  11. Hey, Ian, @Ian Campbell Darren gave him an in.....and he took it!
  12. Darren, it might be because he likes the under dog, they DID loose after all........
  13. I'll be there, Friday through Monday with North Riding, the Coastal SIG and the Northern England Airfields SIG......just don't know where!
  14. Roll and bacon? You mad, impulsive fool, you! 👍
  15. ** NEWS FLASH ** From your on the scene reporter....... Confirmed yesterday, to the collective at the Driffield show, Duncan Black, @BlackMike Models, has finally admitted Steve is his child. Steve, having been needlessly trumatised, both from this admission AND having his favorite food forcibly removed, is in need. Therefore a 'Just Givin' page is in development to maintain Steve with Jaffa Cakes until psychiatric help can be assured. In the meantime all donations can be made to the "Jaffa's for Steve, c/o Paul Brown North Riding IPMS" Oh, how's the toothache Duncan??
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