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  1. Duncan, @BlackMike Models aircraft ID's PA3, PA28, PA31 and PA33 are NMF with fabric covered control surfaces, this includes the rudder. These surfaces would have been finished in silver dope. There were different 'colours' within the airframe noticeable in B&W photos, the one most easily seen is between the 'dog kennel' and the forward edge of the fin approximately equidistant from the top and bottom of the fuselage. The aircraft had a 'wet' wing, it leaked like a sieve! so don't forget to show it. You could put a twist on it, half of the Swedish order was taken over by the USAAC as the P35A, a number were delivered to the Hawaiian Islands still in Swedish markings and were available December 7th 1941. HTH Paul
  2. Well Duncan, don't ya know everybody forgot to pack their pitchforks, it kept raining so the pyres kept going out, and thank you for the compliment...........now, who DID cut your hair................ Another success for IPMS Tyneside, thanks to ALL the team Paul
  3. @Walrus, you'll be pleased to know Roden are due to release one this year....downside....it'll be in 72nd. Paul
  4. .......'Ere, Walrus, DON'T underestimate 'Erks' and AC plonks......NOTHING is beyond them
  5. Yup Jessie......about as true as Thunderbirds being real
  6. .....unless your operating in dry desert conditions, that stuff will scour paint, never mind mud! Alternatively, 'in service' with either the Royal Armoured Corps or Royal Tank Regiment.......they may go back to barracks or Laager muddy.......until the hose pipes are deployed, part of SOP, NEVER cross your RSM!
  7. Ahh, but Duncan @BlackMike Models, will it be far enough?!!!
  8. They have MOT's in Africa's bottom?!!!!!
  9. 'ere moy luvver, if'n yome called a grokkle, you be in Devonshire.....if'n yome be in Cornwall-land yume be called 'n emmit! Those that serve Her Majesty's Senior Service, and are lucky enough to pull shore duty at HMS Seahawk (used to) have a window sticker for their vernacular transportation, which states........"I'm NOT an Emmit". I have it on good authority the traffic wardens leave well alone!
  10. Nah, @Grunhertz this is classed as perfectly normal and acceptable! You've got most of the gang of six here, sans Gorby, who's otherwise engaged, but a number of RWG's mates are taking up the slack. We're just fine in the sandpit, comes with age!
  11. Aye, me too. Got to be remembered IPMS through the changes in English and Welsh law have had to change over time, and are at the dictat of TIC and they, in turn, to the call of their insurance company. Understandable with the 'footfall' at Telford, big place and the chance of an accident increases exponentially with the number of bodies. Sad thing is, I remember, and attended the first 'Nationals' at Stoneleigh..........no marquees!..........things were far simpler back then!
  12. Steve, here's another, you can make your own chocky bikkies by using carob as a subsitute for chocolate, and it's lower in satruated fat. Smell is different but pleasant.......oh, and hide 'em 'cos the rest of the family will eat them in preference!
  13. Afternoon @Miggers, two solutions I can see, 1. Have a look through the decal sheets that contain Donald as nose art, rather than specific to the DH Vampire. 2. Contact a specialist decal manufacturer and have a set made. Paul
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