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  1. ........and you would have to go a long way to find a bigger load on nutters! I know quite a few over there.........just watch out for 'Radish'..........
  2. To add to Steve's @Mad Steve original post, there are also two other sites that just might be of interest, for those that are slightly 'off the wall'! @Gorby can put you in touch with a dedicated whiffer not too far distant from home.....could it be something to do with Coventry water???? https://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php and http://beyondthesprues.com/Forum/index.php prepare to be astounded or revolted, just keep an open mind. Oh, and you think thread drift is bad here! Paul
  3. @RWG686 Mike would have LOVED to see you anybody build a Scimitar in junior service colours! @Gorby, Mike was a leading light within the 'What if' group generally and the 'What If' SIG particularly. ANYTHING goes, should be right up your street, just think, you could fit wings to a tank..... (it HAS been done ) Also, as well as pootling about in one of Hawkers finest he also had a spell flying the Canadair built RAF Sabres...... also, according to Mike, his Daughter is the best thing in RAF ATC!
  4. These any good @janpitor More photos available here:- https://www.google.com/search?q=images+of+BL755&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=AOaemvJnfntWTzWzb3-TdxGzDjXbc6mIjQ:1638620430094&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjb06DlkMr0AhXMTcAKHe_xBnQQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=927&dpr=1
  5. @RWG686 go on your favourite used car site and have a look......Oh, and make sure your sat down, think you may get a shock!
  6. Err, Width 580mm.......be confused no more @Col.
  7. @Che Guava me owd fruit, what @RWG686 DIDN'T say was which Christmas.......
  8. @BlackMike Models, Duncan, if concrete posts aren't an option I'd seriously consider using 'metapost' spikes, the 750mm ones. Over time they will fail, but if you check them yearly........couple of suggestions, keep the post holder above the ground and heavily grease the inside of the post holder, it'll give the post a longer life, as will a good dose of creosote, know it stinks, but it does work. Know using a spike adds expense, but as the spike stays put and should you get a rouge post, it's a simpler job to slack a couple of bolts and swop the post out. Last thing, use screws for fixing, ra
  9. Your panels strike me as being custom made, the rear tie bars are rather thick! If you get to speak with the fencer, might be worth asking if you can get concrete posts that will accept your panels. Word to the wise, if you do pick concrete, for a 6' fence they'll tell you 7' posts, with the lie of your land I'd go belt, braces AND a piece of string! 8' posts for a 6' fence line.....Oh, and watch that drain cover, worth finding out what runs in and out, you don't want some 'erbert with a mechanical auger going through the pipe(s).
  10. Gareth, @goon have a look here, it might help. https://shepwaymilitarymodelling.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/104test5.jpg I'd say the colour of the ammo boxes was the same as Cadbury's milk chocolate! with yellow stencils. Nearest FS number I can find is either 16160 or 33105, neither is a match, but both are close.
  11. @BlackMike Models Duncan, would suggest it might be worth using either metal ground spikes (Metapost) if the panels are alright? as to me, it looks as if it's the posts that have failed / rotted out. Alternatively, concrete posts. If you go for the latter, with your abode and the surrounding land seeming to be wide open, North, South, East and West, think carefully about the fence height.
  12. .....and should it be required @azureglo, as I spent three months with cellar services, I can tell you when it's beyond it's use by! Part of my experience runs to 8x 22gallons (yup, you read it right, 176 gallons, or if you prefer 1408 pints) of Guinness down the pub sump......it stunk!
  13. Probably the same moulds used @Gorby, think I'm right? that a lot of the old 'Airfix' (who purchased from another company) OO/HO scale items were sold to Darpol, with the exception of the control tower.
  14. @Gorby you could turn that into a BR mechanical Horse:- Or this Scarab:-
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