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  1. Hills? around Cov? @Gorby I'll grant you you've got a few Mole hills.........but Hills? Think that you may be safer at Warwick Castle! Joking apart, the reason that Airfix don't / won't address the Q.C. problem is down to us, the customer! Why do you think, in the UK, that shops like Poundland, B&M and others of like ilk are rising like a homesick Angel? That the high street is in meltdown / closedown? that old, 1880 - 1890 founded companies are closing down thick and fast in the UK? Simple, WE are the cause. If you want to provoke an outpouring of vitriol, tell the GBP that ABC or XYZ is going up in price by twopence, three farthing........ Gone are the days of a 'fair days work for a fair days pay' and Heaven forefend taking a pride in the work that's done, yes, I'm THAT old! But we expect someone, with NO interest in what's coming off the machines to identify, bring the problem to the attention of the management and then rectify the problem? Best of British! Granted everybody likes a bargain, that's a given. However, the Great British Public (GBP) are now of a mind set that anybody that's in retail can always give a 70% discount and then for them being a bit cheeky give you a further 35%*, 'cos as your selling the product you get it for peanut prices so can afford to discount..................... Well, here's the news people, NOT A CHANCE! For such as the big H they buy direct from Hornby, discount over RRP** is between 60 & 70%, bearing in mind the minimum order used to be £5000.00 (five thousand pounds) to set up an account. For a sole trader who can only dream of that sort of free cash they will more than likely be buying from a wholesaler, where the discount over RRP is more like 15%, so you can see that a couple of quid off the price may well mean the retailer makes not a bean, if not a loss, BUT, the GBP aren't interested, they want, no sorry, demand discounts. This in turn, along with business rates if their lucky enough to have a real, bricks and mortar, shop plus heating, lighting, water, wages, vehicle, running costs of same, time taken, hire at price per table, hotel / guest house expenses, time away from family means they have to factor in these and many other variables, THAT'S why many are lothed to even talk discounts. 'Bucking the trend', there is one UK 'trader' (term used VERY loosely) who always promises a minimum 30% discount, yeah, RIGHT! Check out the price over two or three other retailers, the prices displayed are 'loaded' beforehand. The ONLY retail sector that makes money is prepared food, here the mark up is minimum 600%, or their doing it WRONG. While I go along with some of what's been said, worth, from time to time, to look at the other side of the coin. Paul To long in retail and FAR too long in sales! *Yes, I know 70 and 35 = 105! used as an example ** RRP - Recommended Retail Price
  2. @RWG686 that's NOT Newcastle! Got to be a Friday night in Whitley Bay.......
  3. Is it just me? First thought was Ducks in a line..........!
  4. Not too bad, thats £4 a shot £8 a double As always Miggers, you get what you pay for...........though for those of us with Rolls-Royce taste with ginger beer money......NOT good!
  5. @Mad Steve, original M4 return rollers were welded steel, replaced on the production line from 1943 with cast steel, these were retrofitted when the tank underwent maintenance, no rubber involved with the rollers. Bearings, roller ball, two types, both prone to leaking grease! While on the production line the rollers would have been sprayed the same colour as the rest of the tank. It soon wore off as steel track and steel wheels with muck between........
  6. Nah @Jessie_C, it was to comply with the licencing laws over here, the only spirits that were covered being Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whisky with a maximum ABV of 40%. While other spirits were available with a higher ABV, the main sellers were the four above. Started with Gin in the 1700, as it was cheaper than beer, Hogarths 'Gin Lane' being current with the time, but this duty caused riots! The licencing over here was implemented in 1914 under the "Protection of the Realm" act, as it was thought uncontrolled drinking would affect the war effort. Only took until the major reform of 2005 to sort things out. Spare a thought for Wales, they passed a law in 1881 stating that ALL public houses closed for the whole of Sunday!
  7. ......PLUS, check the ABV.....it's 61%!! Worth remembering that blended is 40% or less. @RWG686 That works out at a little over 7.14 per 25ml measure, not bad considering one of my old publicans used to have a Whisky drinking club and he had one that sold for £8 plus for a 1/6th of a Gill, back in 1990!
  8. See, that's why you fell off and finished up in Cornwall-Land you was distracted......
  9. ALL RIGHT.....you 'orrible shower! back on topic please..... and off the booze.... Hope this answers the question Steve, you can blow the photo up, as it's quite sharp. But the picture shows to my eyes, steel return rollers, so unless it's been stood for a time, agree with @Jessie_C, it'll be steel, bit of rust and muck. http://data3.primeportal.net/tanks/robert_de_craecker/m4a4_sherman_vc_17pdr/images/m4a4_sherman_vc_17pdr_08_of_14.jpg
  10. phoenix54


    Ahh, but @RWG686, YOU had control. With the electric machines, THEY have a programme, something along the lines of 'first take human around and around floor' then it becomes 'KILL human!'
  11. Don't be sad @RWG686, Duncan may have been 'Crab Air' but at least got to play with the Dark Blue version of the Phantom
  12. Paul if you are able to locate more information on HMS Wren u28 in camouflage that really would be helpful, thank you, Dave


  13. phoenix54

    Group Builds

    NO! Should the question have been rhetorical, as I think it was, well, the answers STILL.........NO! Ref: post 6
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    Group Builds

    Only one thing to say to you @Gorby and that's
  15. phoenix54

    Group Builds

    As long as I can have.........Ooohh, five years?!!! YES, I have got that many.
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