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  1. Err, TSR2? According to Mr. Snowden, he could have been 'knocked over by a feather' when his then boss gave him both go ahead and budget and told to get it done. The new Vulcan had 'help' from Trevor Snowden, (Mr. Airfix) was told this on the Airfix stand at SMW2019. 24th Me 262? same place as the 24th bomber nose Mosquito.......though in the case of the latter the parts for both fighter and bomber were created at the same time, along with single and two stage Merlins............Trevor's STILL spitting nails!
  2. SNSMS 2021 at Perth will not now go ahead. Advisory received today 11/01/2021 at 16:21. Paul
  3. It can also kill a conversation in a nanosecond.................
  4. .........and they say the car colour with the lowest resale value is yellow!
  5. Now, here was me thinking that window was a probably a short shot...........!
  6. Oh, Oh, visions of Brummigums 'finest'................er, I give you the Austin (British Leyland) All agro err, sorry, Allegro You will note, of course, this was the way most were seen, when in the wild.........
  7. Ayup @Che Guava me owd fruit! Risking a 'train wreck' here, but, it's my considered! opinion that if somebody is trying to do nasty things to you, with things that a.) HURT or b.) go BOOM! close enough is good enough. Don't care how many official rules there are, if somebody is chucking bullets, bombs or shells in your general direction, grey's grey and blues blue, end of. Regarding your billious yellow, (great name, get it registered and sell the rights to games workshop!) my brain tells me (don't take too much notice, it lies!) Chromate Yellow and Chromate Green came into being from the late 1920's, early 1930's when U.S. aircraft production switched from primarily timber to duralamin, though I don't think the likes of the DC.1 and 2 used anything to 'protect' the metalwork. Know that some companies favored yellow over green and vice versa. Republic used both! at least on the P-47. Talking of heaving what are your thoughts of the true colour of Olive drab.....................
  8. Richard, when they left the factory, the wheel wells were painted in aluminium laquer. Depending on time and manpower and how many times it got 'bent' it may have been repainted to match the undersides, you takes your choice! Paul
  9. phoenix54

    AIRFIX 2021

    Far as I know Darren, the answers is no.
  10. phoenix54

    AIRFIX 2021

    Steve, far as I know the Katy is one of the first new kits in 35th. The due to be released Cromwell is an Airfix 35th new tool and from what I've read, it's a starter for IKEA flatpack, but it works!
  11. phoenix54

    Airfix Live

    Err, I can answer that! Trevor Snowden.............but all he really wants is Airfix to put the already made parts into production and do the bomber version.....in 1/24th....
  12. ....................and if you listen VERY carefully, that's the sound of a collective sigh, this being made by every 'Scooter' still in existance
  13. Within HMRC? There aren't any, they've been leaving that sinking ship for over a decade........... !!!!
  14. Wait until you see the price of a replacement battery.................. WHAT?? Not a Holden.........(proper one, rather than the GM ***** !)
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