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  1. Hi Ken, @Kpnuts, another question! How did you get the used / aged look for the fuel tank and the impeller and housing, is it paint or do you use some other superduper method? Paul
  2. You haven't upset the missus AGAIN, have you?!! Darren, HLJ are showing a few still in stock.............................! @Gorby got to be option B, the Caunter scheme, THAT'LL get you better with an 'airy stick!
  3. @skwonk think I'm right in saying that all 200 prefix RAF sqadrons were originally RNAS.
  4. Now yer talkin @Gorby, with you with the underdog, love the Karmann Ghia, Yeti.....Meh.....not so much! 'ere, at least it ain't a BMW Mind, I'll take a Beaufighter over a Mosquito every time, Hurricane over the Spitfire, P-47 in preference to the P-51.......Mmm, seems to be something going on.......
  5. @RWG686, as I often tell some of the 'cats' I herd, "What you do in your own time, is up to you!"
  6. Matilda....................armour up to the eyeballs, incredibly slow and armed with a 2lb pop gun! Well that was me Dad's opinion, and as he drove 'em in the Western Desert................
  7. Sorry to hear that Doc. Health first and above everything else. Hmm, NOW you get to look at all the other builds and sillyness.....and NO pressure! Take care, Paul
  8. They even have the Tamiya 1/12th Vailliant Porche over here at Hiroboy.....Just sayin.........
  9. Hi Steve, @Mad Steve you probably already know, but you can get "Zero"TM or "Hiroboy"TM items a little closer to you, from:- Pegasus Hobby Supplies Pegasus Hobby Supplies Unit 5 Loeries Lane, Aureole Manor Northgate Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa 2169 Phone: +27 82 432 8181 Email: Garry@pegasushobbysupplies.co.za Give yer posh Toyota a make over........now she's finished! BUT looks good to my eyes..........AND I've got the right glasses on!
  10. Duncan, bet you now wished you'd ordered another case
  11. phoenix54

    No aircraft

    Look forward to it Ian
  12. phoenix54

    No aircraft

    Oh, goody.......that reduces it to SIX! ☺️
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