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  1. Hawkt1

    LF - BSG -Etch

    Guys im currently building 2 BSG (revell kits) and want to make the 2nd a different battle star, so im looking for the names / reg for any of the cloumbia class battlestars so either, atlantia, athena, columbia, triton, rycon, solaria, prometheous, acropolis so.... has anyone got part of this etch sheet, or even just part of the decal sheet they can help me out with, ill oviously make a reinbursment, but i cant see the point in buying a whole sheet as ill never use it thanks Mark
  2. very nice i didnt realise they did egg ships
  3. guys im saving to get a 1/32 tamiya mustang, so a cull is in order, prices inclused UK postage 1/350 USS New Jersey - Premium Kit, including several a4 sheets of photoetch, wooden decking and turned metal barrels - got this on a whim £60http://www.scalemodellingnow.com/hnmaritimekits-revell-us-new-jersey-bb621/144 Landing ship medium - again on a whim £25 http://s13.zetaboards.com/RevellAtions/topic/7466733/1/#new1/24 airfix fw190 (new boxing) £301/48 revell super cobra £151/32 Ju88 A-1 (included 4 sets of PE for internals and externals) £401/35 revell Dingo 2 GE A3.3 PatSi £121/32 revell UH-72A Lakota £151/48 hobbyboss f4u-4 corsair (early) £201/72 revell lancaster mk1/3 £15
  4. i dont think that scheme has ever been done in decals
  5. Hawkt1

    Shackleton AEW

    HI guys newbie here, this is my rendition of the Revell kit, after my aborted attempt at the airfix one i had to redeem myself, and well this kit is lovely, the few mistakes are entirely my own. my only criticism would be the decals they are bad and crumble hope you like her, she will be on display at Newark Air Museum for there 40th anniversary of the Shackleton arriving there
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