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  1. That has turned out really well Steve. I think it's more satisfying to complete something that I don't usually build, especially if it's caused a few headaches, so well done on finishing it, Cheers Andy
  2. That's turning out rather nice Darren. Small pieces has always been the problem with building ships, trying to remove them and then cleaning up any mismatch, but you soon get used to building using a microscope, you'll soon be fully converted to floatie things, Cheers Andy
  3. It looks really good Gorbs. Some great problem solving going on. From where I am sat, about 250 miles away, the detail looks perfect, 👀
  4. It looks really good Steve. No-one will notice the missing gun barrels, they will all be admiring the rigging. I think it's good to try a different type of model now and again, you learn different skills and techniques, and a group build like this means you get a load of encouragement and ok a bit of pi$$ take, but it's all good fun. Cheers Andy
  5. Thanks Paul, I will give it a try once I get settled in to the new house. Despite the fact that I service colour printers and copiers, I struggle to work out how to create colours using paint mixtures, like an artist does, I always end up with a brown/black mess, 😵 I think that might be the reason why I dislike painting the models that I build, Cheers Andy
  6. I agree with Richard, I am certainly learning a lot from this build Gorbs. Gorbs, why does your dog take it's toy round to Darren's house, is it because you are too busy to play or go walkies?
  7. My attempt at a "Male" Mk1 Tank is complete. I have enjoyed building this little tank, it's been good to build something different for a change, in fact I'll have to look at building another tank some time. Thanks for all your comments and "likes" Cheers Andy
  8. I like the weathering Paul, it's not over the top, just about right. I'd like to try a bit of weathering but I'm not sure how to go about it. Cheers Andy
  9. Excellent work Gorbs. It's possible the "Cheese Grater" is the same as the "Conservatory" on the British tank, to stop grenades damaging the paintwork. Seeing as most Germans lived in Flats rather than houses they probabley were not used to having a Conservatory attached to their property.
  10. With some of the rubbish on TV these days I've started watching without wearing my Spectacles, the programmes are so much better all blurry. I just need to go a bit more deaf now, so I can't hear them either. I am going partly deaf anyway or selective hearing as the wife calls it.
  11. It's looking good Duncan, those P.E. guns have turned out really well, Cheers Andy
  12. Looks good Steve, I've thought about getting this kit on a few occasions,
  13. That's brilliant Darren, even though WnW kits are good quality, it still takes real skill to produce such a stunning model, Cheers Andy
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