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  1. Invictaag

    Finished Builds

    It looks really good Duncan, Cheers Andy
  2. Invictaag

    S.M.S. Emden, 1:250 Paper Ship, HMV Models

    That is stunning, and so hard to believe it's made from card. Well done on the award, Cheers Andy
  3. It's looking like it will soon be ready to launch your ship Paul, have you got a slipway into your indoor water float testing tank ready, you know that thing that un-educated non model building people call a bath 🛁 Cheers Andy
  4. Invictaag

    A kind of pictorial cv

    A nice collection of aircraft
  5. Invictaag

    Fokker Eindecker E.II (Airfix 1/72)

    That looks really good, the rigging is well done especially in this scale. Cheers Andy
  6. Invictaag

    USS Akron

    I had a look at the link you posted and I'm tempted to download one and have a go at building one.
  7. Invictaag

    Huddersfield/Halifax Model Show Sunday 10th Feb

    There used to be a nice Fish and Chip shop in Skipton by the canal, you could sit outside and watch the canal boats. My Parents had friends that lived by the canal and had a boat we used to go on, it was my job to sit at the pointy end, jump onto the towpath and open several low bridges. That's a nice scenic drive up the A6 through Seattle and Kirby Longsdale, oh wait I forget it would have been dark so you will have missed the great views.🔦
  8. Invictaag

    MK1 "Male" Tank, Masterbox 1:72 Scale

    There is a lot of detail and it doesn't look over scale to me (what would I know about tanks). You mean I have to follow the instructions Duncan, you high lighting it means I'll be under pressure to get it right, so I'll probably end up glueing them on upside down as well.
  9. Invictaag

    Steam train restoration yard

    Funny enough I was looking at this kit on Ebay earlier, so I'll be watching your build Ken.
  10. Invictaag

    USS Akron

    It looks really good, I think this is the first Airship model I've seen, Cheers Andy
  11. Invictaag

    British Airways L1011 TriStar - Negus & Negus Livery

    It looks really good, especially with the landscape below it, Cheers Andy
  12. Invictaag

    MK1 "Male" Tank, Masterbox 1:72 Scale

    I had heard mentioned that were also known as Landships Paul. I did wonder about the reason for the trolley because I have seen later MK1 tanks without them. I thought they might be to carry a Picnic Hamper for the regiment's officers once the men had strolled over and captured the German trenches. Cheers Andy
  13. Invictaag

    Eduard Roland C.II (Gorby's one)

    The guns look really good Gorbs. Isn't half an Anna an "An" 😏 Cheers Andy
  14. I had planned to build a DH2 but I don't want it to get damaged during a house move so I thought I would try something totally different and build a Tank. I choose the MK1 Somme Battle "Male" tank from Masterbox, it's 1:72 scale so not too big and not too many parts, it also has some Photoetch as well although there is no mention of it on the box. Despite it being in a collapsible bax the contents were undamage. I decided to start with the small Trolley that the Tank tows. I started by making the frame from 2 pieces and then the 4 parts for the wheels were glued together. These needed a bit of cleaning up first of all and were a little bit fragile. Once the wheels were fitted I then glued on the hub caps. This just leaves a piece of P.E. to fit to the plate over the axle. Cheers Andy
  15. Invictaag


    It's looking good Steve. I always dread glueing the Cockpit and Fuselage together on aircraft. Happy Birthday !!!!!