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  1. I decided to dry fit the front Cockpit glass (greenhouse) just to make it fits ok before I get on with the painting. It wouldn't fit, there was a gap of a couple of millimetres. This had me well and truely stumped, was it the correct part for this kit I asked myself. Then I had another look and noticed that I had the Instrument Panel in the wrong place, a bit of careful work with a knife saw the Panel removed, cleaned up and fitted correctly. The greenhouse now fits perfectly. The 2 "Fins" that fit underneath the Tail Boom were made from the spare Under Carriage doors from the Vampire kit and glued into place. I am now already to start on the paint work. Now the more observent of you will have noticed that the greenhouse at the front and the air conditioning unit that fits on top just behing the Pilots are missing, I am going to paint them off the aircraft. Cheers Andy
  2. It looks like all the missing parts had been neatly cut from the sprues, possibly for one of your classic , take a basic kit and produce something that has more detail than the real thing, builds ☺️. I am enjoying building this, what I thought was a fairly straight forward build has left me having to think about what I need to do next, and what bits and pieces I have laying about and how I can use them. The trouble is I am starting to get a "midlands" accent which is leaving me in a bit of a mard, something to do with me being caggy-handed.
  3. When I went to fit the Tail Rotor I noticed that the mounting piece was missing from one of the Fuselage side parts. I managed to glue the Tail Rotor in place and fit it's end piece. I looked at the instructions and there are 3 small mounting brackets and an end piece. Turning to the Vampire kit I was able to use the wheels up Under Carriage Doors, there are flat and quite thin. 3 pieces were soon made up and the disc was cut from a piece of round sprue. At this rate I am going to have to change my name to one beginning with a G and move to Coventry . So anyway onwards and in this case forwards, I next fitted the 2 Side Doors and the upper Cockpit Panel. I had masked the Side Doors but had run the tape over the side of the Doors, a brief image of Jim Morrison covered in tape, so off came the tape. I decided to fit the Rotor Drive Shaft without the Rotor Blades because the fit wasn't too good, and then fitted the 2 Tail Winglet thingies. I've just noticed that the 2 small fins that fit under the Tail Boom are also missing so it's going to be back to my donor aircraft, this is rapidly becoming a Gazpire or may be Vampzelle aircraft. Cheers Andy
  4. I'm assuming that's Boris after John Entwhistle "picked a book up off the floor." Great work Richard, I'm impressed as ever by your attention to detail.
  5. I studied numerous photos of Gazelle helicoptors and finally decided to fit make up the Seat Belts using Tamiya masking tape in the way shown in the pictures below. Now before anyone says anything, they may not be totally accurate and perhaps a bit oversized but my aim is to have a helicoptor that people will be able to say "that's a Gazelle" so 100% accurate is not important to me. I fitted the glass to both Fuselage sides and then fitted the Cockpit assembly into the Fuselage, the fit was good with no gaps, just a little bit of smoothing down was required. Before I could fit the Engine I discovered that the Compressor area of the Engine was also missing so I therefore needed to make a replacement part. This had me stumped for quite a while. What I needed was some "Gorby" type imagination when I noticed that the under Wing Fuel Tanks that I'm not going to fit to my Vampire were the right sort of shape. A quick check and I soon had the Compressor area made up. Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks Bob, I they might be "lap" belts like you have on commercial aircraft.
  7. I had a long think about how to make the second Pilot's Seat, I don't have any Plasticard but I did find some thinnish plastic sprue which would be enough to make 1 seat. After some careful (?) trimming, filing and guesswork I ended up with this, see below. I'm not going to tell you which one is which. On the kit seat there is a bit of thin edging on the lower part of the seat, This had me stumped for a while, I thought about using some paper and then I noticed the Rotor Head had a lot of flash on it, that is thin and there was enough for both sides of the seat, ideal. Ok so they're not totally identical but once I fit the greenhouse to the front, put it at the back of my display cabinet and look at it from the other end of the room it will be fine . Before I fitted the nigh on identical seats it made the handbrake lever and the gear change lever, well that's what they look like. The seats were then fitted. I was then going to make some Seat Belts so I had a look at some pictures online and noticed my aircraft needed foot pedals and control sticks. I bent up some brass wire to create the control sticks and used some cut out sprue for the foot pedals. I now need to make some Seat Belts, does anyone have any pictures of the Rear Seat Belts I can only find front Seat Belts, Cheers Andy
  8. I finally got the "Money Box" finished, I didn't use the decals supplied with the kit, I tried one and it fell apart so this purely a tank used to train new recruits. A great little kit and it's been good to build something a bit different. As always thanks to everyone for their comments, "likes" and support. Cheers Andy
  9. It's not a problem Richard, I'm grateful that you sent me this kit. I'm guessing you used the parts on another of your "little" projects because they have been neatly cut from the sprues. Thanks for the tip about making 2, trouble is I don't have any plasticard so it's going to be a cut up plastic tub or something similar. I toyed with depicting a helicoptor flown by one of the Squadron's C.O's who was such a bad pilot that no one would get in the aircraft with him so they used the spare seat when another seat got damaged. 😉
  10. I found a photograph of a Gazelle in Woodvale Park which is at the top of the Shankill Road in West Belfast. Every summer there was a local community event in the park and a Gazelle was landed, the locals shown round it and the children got to sit in the Cockpit. I am going to use this photo for the markings of the aircraft. The first thing was to mask up all the glass, or what looks like a greenhouse in this case. It's not something I like doing so I thought I would get it out of the way first so the build doesn't stall later. Next up was to start on the Cockpit and I soon realised that there are some parts missing, namely the Control Sticks and one of the Pilot's Seats so this is going to turn into a bit of a Gorby (Mark) scratchbuild. There is a bit of flash on some of the parts which will need cleaning up and when that is done I'll attempt to make another Seat. Cheers Andy
  11. I decided to use the scenic base so it was going to need a bit of painting. I used Tamiya green but not properly mixed so I got a nice uneven finish. I then used brown for the tank track marks and dark grey for the girders. The final thing that needed doing was to rig the Bridge lift mechanism. I used thread from one of my ship builds. This proved to be one of the hardest parts of this build, the lines had to be a certain length and the Blocks at set distances and central. I just need to paint the rigging and that should be it all finished. Chers Andy
  12. The detail is amazing, there are times I'm not sure if it's pictures of the real thing. I know a couple of pictures are the real car but some of the others could easily be as well.
  13. Are you suggesting Richard is involved in some form of Stakhanov type production.
  14. I like your idea Paul but not sure how to go about it. 25p for a kit, maybe 40 years ago, in fact I'm not sure what you can get for 25p now. 😀 Cheers Mark, it has a lot of detail which fortunately is not being hidden by all the paint I'm slapping on it. I hope things work out for you Darren when all this crisis is over.
  15. Before going any further I realised that I would have to fit the Tracks. These are in one piece and were not long enough the fit all the way round. Fortunately the top part is covered over so no one can see the gap. I just could not get the tracks to stick to the Tank, I tried C.A. Contact, and PVA, all to no avail. In the end I decided to fit them using a home made metal Staple C.A. glued in place. One side piece was then glued onto the main body of the Tank and then it was time to add some weight. The instructions suggest 20g but I always add a bit extra. I had a think about what to use, What normally goes in tanks, well I have an oil tank in the back garden, a water tank in the attic, I see petrol tankers and milk tankers out on the road, but any liquid is going to leak out. In the end I found that 5p pieces would fit and 5 of them weighs 25g, plus some Bluetac to hold them in place, the trouble is that's 2 weeks Pocket Money used up. I then added all the extra bits, like Hatch Covers, Lights and Towing Brackets and it's all ready to head to the paint shop. Cheers Andy
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