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  1. Invictaag

    75mm Lifeboat Master Korabel 1:72 scale

    The 8 front Frames, 4 each side were removed and filed to match the marks on the planking side. These were then dry fitted to the Frame Holder making sure that they could be easily removed later. Wood glue was then put on the top of these 8 Frames to keep them together but away from the Frame Holder. The rest of the frames were then dry fitted again making sure they were able to be removed later. The Keel was then glued to the bottom of the rear 6 Frames, below the laser mark. Cheers Andy
  2. A few months ago I received a "massive" Income Tax Rebate and spent a few days trying to decide what to do was this huge windfall. Should I buy Stocks and Share, Property, Gold, blow it on Fast Women and Loose Cars, but Shares can down as well as up, Property needs looking after, Gold needs polishing, and the price of petrol is through the roof. I needed something that would keep me out of trouble for a few weeks/months, so I worked out that I had enough hard cash to buy this model kit from an Ebay seller in Russia, pay the postage and still have enough left over to buy a bottle of beer and a big bag of crisps to help with the build. All the instructions are in Russian, so I went to my local Library to borrow a copy of "Fluent Russian in 1 Week" book but someone else had borrowed it and it was unavailable for several months. I emailed Master Korabel and they replied with a set of English instructions the same day, I am impressed by their customer service. The first step is to assemble the 2 parts that hold all the Frames in place, these were glued together using wood glue and left overnight. The Keel was next, the Stem Post was glued to the Keel after I had removed the laser char from all the edges. The 2 small plank termination pieces had a bevel filed on one edge and then they were glued to the Keel. Cheers Andy
  3. Invictaag

    Finished builds

    Thanks Darren, I broke the Cockpit Canopy in half whilst masking it up but fortunately you can't see the join. Cheers Andy
  4. Invictaag

    Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    It's hard to believe that all the small detail work is in card, Cheers Andy
  5. Invictaag

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Nice looking ship Jamie, I have enjoyed watching you build this. The seascape certainly brings it to life, Cheers Andy
  6. Invictaag

    Finished builds

    Hurricane Mk1 Airfix 1:72, Cheers Andy
  7. Looking good Paul, it's building up like a real ship, lots of sub assemblies all fitted together, Cheers Andy
  8. Invictaag

    Blenheim Mk1 Airfix 1:72

    Looks really good Nige, Cheers Andy
  9. Invictaag

    Finished builds

    Thanks to both of you
  10. Invictaag

    Finished builds

    Red Arrows Hawk T1 Airfix 1:72 scale with Eduard Photoetch. Cheers Andy
  11. Invictaag

    Revell 1/48 Messerschmitt Me 163B-1a

    Great looking aircraft Brad, I like the finish and the little extra bits like the grass growing through cracks in the concrete slabs, Cheers Andy
  12. Invictaag

    Revell 1/32 LS 8t

    Looks good. I built one a few years ago and it's a nice little kit. Cheers Andy
  13. Thanks Darren, you were right about the Actuators. It was probably the hardest bit of decal work I have had to do, I don't know how a newcomer to the hobby would manage it especially without decal softening and setting agents, Cheers Andy
  14. The Undercarriage Doors are about 2mm too wide. Had I realised earlier I could have adjusted the gap on the lower Wing but I had already glued the Wing to the Fuselage, not to worry though. I have had some real fun and games with the decals on the underneath this weekend. I took notice of Darren's warning about the Wing Flap Actuators and sprayed the underneath white and then masked off the Flaps and Actuators before spraying the red. On hindsight I would have been better leaving the 2 inboard Actuators off of both Wings, spraying the red, and fitting the decal white arrow,and then fitting the inboard Actuators that were painted before being fitted. The fact that I have the Undercarriage lowered also added to the problems. A combination of cut up white decal and hand brushed white paint, and numerous hours over the weekend has resulted in a half decent looking white arrow, I still need to touch up the red paint in a couple of places, fortunately apart from the picture below, no one else will see the underneath. Cheers Andy
  15. Paul, I am not bored by all the pictures or discriptions. I learnt by watching and copying craftsmen at work and I'm learning a lot now by watching a craftsman at work. I will be starting my imm, emm, soon to be started wooden boat build soon, I have a couple of strange winged things to finish first, Cheers Andy