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  1. I will also be sad to see you finish this Paul because I have learnt so much and it's been an interesting build, but I am pleased for you that you have stuck with it and that you have almost finished it. I know how frustrating it can be building ship models when you have done X number of fiddly things and you still have X times Y fiddly things left to do.
  2. Invictaag

    Italeri Ju86E

    Nice one Darbs
  3. I like the idea of your Ice Breaker diorama and would love to see you post your work on here when you start it. Strangely enough I have been reading Michael Palin's book about HMS Erebus and Franklin's ill fated expedition to discover the North West Passage above Canada, both HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, the other ship in the expedition, were early Ice Breakers.
  4. This has always been a problem with rigging on any type of ship, I have seen ship models where the modeller has made their own "rope" but you still don't get the correct "hang" that you get on the real thing. This could lead to an interesting discussion on why we build models and why we choose the models we build. Is it just to "show off" our "skills," a subject we are interested in, or something that was cheap in the shop/online. I have built in 1/700 and have got to the stage where I am having trouble seeing some of the parts even with an Optivisor, if I can't see things will anyone else see them, and if they can't why fit them. My eye sight has deteriorated in the last few years, partly though age, according to Mark (Gorby) I was born before 1066, but mainly due to all the "fine" detail work I do on my models according to my Optician. I look forward to seeing your adventures in 1/700 scale,
  5. Nice one Ken. Cutty Sark's lower Hull should be covered in copper tiles but the colour of the wood against the black does look a copper colour.
  6. That would explain the 2 RAF Typhoons being scrambled and flying supersonic the other night. The plane is looking good Darbs
  7. You're most welcome to "pop in" anytime Richard, let me know when and I'll stick the kettle on for a brew. ☕
  8. I saw this on Ebay for £5 and thought it would make a nice little build. I will admit that I always thought Viscounts were choccie biscuits but I have been doing some research on this aircraft which has been very interesting. I am also aware that the front end of this kit is not correct so I have been collecting pictures of the nose area and will have to find a way of adjusting the nose, a bit of plastic surgery me thinks. I have also decided to try a different paint scheme from the one included with the kit. I had thought of covering it in either green or orange foil thus giving me the mint or orange Viscounts that I remember but I have now gone for the British Midland flavour instead. I started with the 2 Fuselage pieces and added some weight to the front end. The 2 halves were then glued together and masking tape used to hold the 2 halves together whilst the glue dried. The fit of the Fuselage is actually very good. Cheers Andy
  9. Looks good Mark, not only ace scratch builder but now Gent's tailor and Milliner. I know who to call on when I next need a suit and hat, although I won't need part of my rear end removed ouch,
  10. That's turned out really well Warren.
  11. Nice work Darbs, you are certainly producing some great builds.
  12. Nice one Warren, not seen one built before,
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