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  1. Thanks Chaps. I will post a photo for you, but you should be able to work out the size from the photos in the Gallery. Pauses to start music. In the photos you will see that the Lunar Lander is almost the same size as the Earth, which as we all know is 7917.5 miles in diameter, give or take half an inch. Now you may be thinking Wow that's big, and how big is his house to be able to fit that model in it. The spherical Thermo Nuclear object in the garage that provides heat and light to this house is another clue, and I had started to wonder why it was taking a while to go from the Living Room to the Bedroom each evening. But wait the Earth is in the background and again as we all know the distance from the Moon to the Earth is 238855 miles, so using this information we can work out the size of this model, which according to my steel ruler is 2.36 inches square by 2,36 inches high. Cheers Andy
  2. The 4 legs were again a little bit fiddly, but it was just a case of making sure everything lined up. The hardest part was bending the attachment tabs over without bending the legs. This left me with the 4 parts that looked like being the hardest in the entire kit, making the 4 direction boosters. 4 cones had to be rolled and then the whole thing attached, each one from a single piece of metal etch. So that's me finished with this. I have enjoyed building this, it's been frustrating at times but overall I'm pleased with the outcome. Cheers Andy
  3. Nice work Steve. I see you have gone with painting both pilots like Laa-Laa from the Teletubbies 😜 I have a shed in bits in my garage that needs painting, can I send it over to your place for you to paint 🖌️
  4. Looking good Darren. If you called it Humphrey it would need to be painted red and white stripes. Cheers Andy
  5. I have now reached the most critical part of this build and that is fitting the upper and lower body together. There are 3 "tabs" that need to fit in 3 slots and there is no room for error. I made sure the radio had Planet Rock turned up loud and then with a little bit of adjustments and some "loud encouragement" in a certain foreign language that I seem to be fluent in, I somehow managed to get the 2 parts fitted together. The main problem was trying to hold both body pieces without damaging anything else. It was then a case of folding the numerous angled supports. Cheers Andy
  6. For someone that doesn't build cars, that's turned out really well Darren.
  7. I agree with Darren, your membership of Photo Etch Annonimouse might need to be reviewed. But seriously you have shown some great skills, especially with the painting, on this build Paul, Cheers Andy
  8. Thanks Chaps. I think my problem is that I am aiming for perfection and it's nigh on impossible to achieve so I get frustrated by this at times. We are all our own worst critic at times and I can see something that doesn't look right, something no-one else can see. Thanks for the encouragement Paul, Cheers Andy
  9. Really nice paintwork Paul, it's bringing it to life now
  10. Nice start Steve, which of the 2 Teletubbies are going to be the pilots? and seeing as it flies in space will there be any Clangers?
  11. The next part of this build turned into a bit of a nightmare. I had to fold over and bend in 3 places a covering that fits behind an aerial dish mount. The instructions were not that clear as to how this covering fits, there is a tab that goes into a small slot, but it wasn't clear which way the tab fits into the slot. After a few goes at trying to get it to fit I ended up breaking the cover off. This meant it was a case of using C.A. glue to fix it in place. I have been using B&Q's own brand C.A. glue lately which has not caused me any problems, however it didn't want to stick this metal, after several attempts I managed to get it to glue in place, having covered my fingers in large amounts of glue. I then left it for a couple of days before going anywhere near it. I am not happy with the outcome but as I mentioned earlier, this Lunar Module landed on the dark side of the Moon. Fitting the side pieces also proved a bit difficult, you have to make several bends and get things lined up before trying to get the parts into place, but at least it get the whole thing into the correct shape. Once this was done I then made the rocket nozzle and fitted it to it's base to go on the underneath. I fitted a walkway to the outer frame and then fitted this frame to the Module body. The upper body of the Module was then put to one side and I started work on the lower body, the bit that stayed on the Moon. The rocket nozzle was the first thing to be made, no real problems here, I used the shank of a drill bit to roll the nozzle into the correct shape and it fitted to the base easily. The outer frame was then fitted. I then removed the 2 body parts and fitted them to the frame. Cheers Andy
  12. A great looking car with a nice finish to it.
  13. Nice looking aircraft Brian
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