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  1. The "Hedgehog" looks really good Paul. I don't like building 2 of something, knowing the second one has to be exactly the same as the first puts me under more pressure to get it right. Cheers Andy
  2. Invictaag

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    Thanks, my breathing is fine but I have an annoying habit of releasing my grip on parts being held in tweezers just as I am about to fit them, I think it's me subconsciously not wanting to damage the part with the tweezers. I've had a couple of parts go "ping" but I've managed to find them on the tiled floor. I am fortunate that despite having to wear spectacles all the time now I can still spot that tiny mouse in the undergrowth whilst circling hundreds of feet above it.🔍 Cheers Andy
  3. Invictaag

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    Thanks Andrew, I also find a dot of PVA on the end of a cocktail stick is great for lifting and positioning small pieces of P.E. Cheers Andy
  4. It's a pity the engine is going to be covered up, it's a great little model on it's own. Cheers Andy
  5. Invictaag

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    If you have been following Warren's excellent HMS Rodney build you will have seen him building an 8 barrelled Pom Pom gun, what follows is my attempt to build a 4 barrelled 2 pounder Pom Pom gun. I started by removing the base and then holding it in a pair of tweezers carefully removed any burrs with a small needle file. I then folded the 2 small platforms at the rear of the base using a P.E. bending tool for the first bend and then a pair of tweezers for the second bend. The gun support bracket was then removed from the fret and any burrs cleaned up. It was folded and then glued in place on the base using a dot of PVA to give me time to position it correctly and then C.A. applied with a pin to secure it. The 4 barrels are on 1 piece of P.E. they were carefully removed and after cleaning up were folded into a box and dry fitted to the support bracket so that I could make fine adjustments needed to the support bracket. Once I was happy with the fit the barrels were glued in place again using PVA and then C.A. There are 4 magazines for this gun, each one was removed, and folded into a rectangular box and then carefully glued into place, it took a while to get each one lined up correctly, making sure the looked right both vertically and horizontally. The gun sights were carefully removed, they are very flimsy and needed gentle handling to get burrs removed, I always cut about 1 mm away from the item so that I don't damage the part, I also use a scapel that is not sharp taking several cuts to remove the part. I'm not allowed sharp blades unless I'm supervised by a responsible adult and finding one round here is difficult😉. The sights were then bent 90 degrees to the frame. The sights were then glued to the gun assembly making sure they were both central and at the correct angle. There are 4 sets of railings still to fit but I will fit them once the Pom Pom gun is fitted to the ship later in the build. Cheers Andy
  6. I finished fitting the Seat Belts, the instructions show the shoulder straps hooked on the side of the head rest of the seat but when I tried this the Belts didn't seem to hang right so I have left them hanging down with the ends on the seat. I fitted the Control Sticks and then painted them. I am surprised that the Throttle Levers are not part of the P.E. set so I will have a go at making them from left over P.E. scratch building now as well. The 2 Instrument Panels needed some thought, the backing parts have to be stuck to the kit's plastic parts, which then need to be modified before the front part is fitted. It took a while to get it done but the end result is worth it. These Instrument Panels have now been fitted. Cheers Andy
  7. Invictaag

    Le Mans Corvette C6-R Timed challenge

    A great build, I've enjoyed reading about it. You still have over 1 hour left, you could push the car into the garage and then bring it out to complete the last lap, at least you wouldn't get a DNF, Cheers Andy
  8. Invictaag

    Bon Retour, A/L

    Thanks Darbs, Have you made a start on your wooden ship build yet? Cheers Andy
  9. Invictaag

    Le Mans Corvette C6-R Timed challenge

    Looking good, it's a good job both your cars haven't collided on the first corner of the first minute of 24 hours Cheers Andy
  10. Invictaag

    1/72 HMS Vanguard 1787

    This should keep you busy for a year or three. A great review, it's good to see a wooden ship kit review especially one that's of such high quality, just a pity about the gun carriages, Cheers Andy
  11. I have continued adding more detail to the Cockpit area, some of the P.E. is pre-glued, it was a bit of a pain cutting it from the fret and cleaning up the edges, kept sticking to the back of the metal rule that I cut things on and then to the tweezers that I use to hold the part whilst removing any burrs, the one thing it wouldn't stick to is the painted plastic on the Cockpit . Cheers Andy
  12. Invictaag

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    It's looking good Duncan, all that hard work is paying off, Cheers Andy
  13. The first thing I realised when I started this is the quality of the moulding is not very good. Both Ejector Seats had holes in the Head Rest area, and there was some mis-moulding and flash present as well. I cleaned up the Seats and then put some C.A. gel in the holes. I left it for a week and then filed them down and once painted they both look fine. Both Seats were then glued to the Cockpit Floor and the whole thing painted a light grey. Once dry I then painted both Seats dark grey as per the instructions. I first fitted the P.E. Rudder Pedal bases and then added the backs which needed folding and a curve lip making. I have spent the rest of this afternoon fitting more P.E. parts to both Seats. Cheers Andy
  14. Invictaag

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    Cheers Darren, no Archie has been my assistant for a couple of years now, got him from a local shelter, he was inspecting our new lad's room, Cheers Andy
  15. Invictaag

    Trumpeter 1/200 USS Arizona

    Another great looking ship Warren, it's good to see more of your work on here, Cheers Andy