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  1. I read Michael Palin's book and found it really interesting. I find it helps sometimes to build the small ship's boats or "deck" furniture if I start to get "bogged" down with a build but as you say these types of ships are long term projects.
  2. Thanks Mish. Any sign of HMS Terror setting sail yet? the North Western Passage will be covered in ice soon 😉
  3. If you want to pop over I'll donate it for your "model free" lounge 🙂
  4. Put me down for HMS Glowworm please
  5. This has been an interesting build for me, it has been a bit of a challenge being single planked and the not very detailed instructions but it has meant I've been able to try out a few things. I've searched the Internet but I've not been able to find any information about the real Bosphorous Cutters which is a pity as I do like to read up about the things that I build. As always many thanks for all the "likes" and comments. Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks, I also really like the blue which is Azure, it's a "tester" pot that you can buy in DIY shops for a couple of Pounds (Dollars, Sheckels, Peanuts, depends which currency you use) I've spent the last couple of weekd tying myself in knots and asking myself the age old question... why does C.A. glue stick to things you don't want it to stick to and not stick the things that you want stuck together. The Bowsprit, Mast, Gaff and Boom are already tapered but the mast needed to be turned down a bit more to get the Gaff Jaws to fit. To make things easier I tie all the Blocks and rigging li
  7. The parts to attach the Rudder to the Hull are made from 3D printed plastic, because I had covered the Rudder and Sternpost in thin planks it meant the 3D parts needed modifying, and you guessed it I managed to not only break one part but also lose the broken part which must have been claimed by the Carpet Monster ( Monsterus Carpetium to give it it's Zoological name.) I decided to make the Rudder Hinges the same way that they were on my Nisha Fishing Boat and Lady Eleanor Fifie. I glued two small blocks to the Rudder and then used some cut down planking strip on the Rudder sides and on the Hu
  8. Thanks, I had to look up the meaning of meticulous, you don't normally see such big words on this forum 😉, I am using this build to try out different things such as adding extra details and I've also slowed things down, not rushing to get things done and thinking about each part and planning ahead. The 4 Shrouds that support the Mast are attached to the Hull using Lanyards run through Deadeyes which are fastened to the Hull using Chainplates, these are fitted to the Channels which are the flat piece of wood that is attached at 90 degrees to the Hull just above the Rubbing Strakes. The Cha
  9. That's where I first saw this Cutter, what was good was that I could download the instructions before I got it. The inner sides of the Bulwarks are also planked with the Deck planking strips. I had 2 Mahogany strips left and decided to use them to plank the lower edge of the Bulwarks and at the Bow, I like the contrast between the 2 different coloured woods. I still haven't decided whether to paint the Hull or leave it bare wood. I can't find any pictures of these Cutters and I'm not sure what colours they would have been. Ships would have had the wood painte
  10. Now that I have finished with the Hull it was time to remove the Bulkhead tops so that I can plank the Deck and inside the Bulwarks. The Bulkhead "ears" were cut near the false Deck and a pair of Pliers used to break them off, the rough edges were then sanded down to be level with the false Deck. Before planking the Deck I decided to fit the Hatch Cover and Mast Step. The Mast Step is just a piece of Plywood so I covered it with some Mahogany strip first. I then decided to run a border around the Mast Step and Cabin rather than having the planking butt up against th
  11. There is a Rubbing Strake that needed to be fitted to the Hull, this is 1.5mm square strip and the highly detailed plans give the measurements for the placement of the afore mentioned Strake. The front end of the strip was chamfered to fit against the Stem and then the Strip was glued a couple of inches at a time towards the Stern.
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