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  1. Dan

    Hawker Hurricane Mk.IId 1/32

    Great write up. That's a tempting kit is that.
  2. Dan

    Foiling for Beginners

    Great stuff! One thing I might recommend is Schlag leaf. I've not used it myself but I have a little experience with gilding and if it's anything like the real stuff it will be extremely thin and will not have that grain you're seeing on the cheap foil. Look up Wrights of Lymm they sell all sorts, from the schlag leaf which is basically very thin aluminum right the way up to genuine platinum leaf... If you're feeling flush lol http://www.stonehouses.co.uk/index.php/ Also, not knowing what that Microscale Metal Foil Adhesive is like I'd recommend getting some quality Japanese gold size. And they do a variegated leaf which might be of use on jet nozzles or anodized bits. Be warned though! Gilding is a dark art!! And bloody well frustrating for the most part
  3. Dan

    Tegermeet Mirage 2000C and RF-4E

    No way that Mirage should have spent any time in the bin!! Blimey. It looks good, very good. They both do.
  4. Dan

    Polish Hind Paint?

    Akan 73016 looks another good match for the blue. Where from though? Seems they're almost impossible to find over here!
  5. Dan

    Polish Hind Paint?

    Thanks for chipping in Rob, definitely appreciate the fact colours may not be correct when viewed on any pc monitor. For the grey they say it's 80% Sand, matt 16 + 20% Steingrau, matt 76 - Maybe they got it the wrong way round and it's 20% sand? Because that for sure looks grey to me, like a warm kinda grey, definitely not sand coloured anyway. Grey with a hint of sand perhaps. The green they say is 80% Dunkelgrun, matt 39 + 20% Gelb, matt 15 - Could be right could be wrong. Who knows? In any case I'd rather not mix if possible. And the blue they say is Hellblau, matt 49 - Isn't that their match for RLM65, definitely wrong if it is. Far too light. I've a load of them little revell starter pots somewhere, never used them, I'll try and find them for a test if I can. For now I'm thinking Humbrol 47 looks the best match for the blue. And Gunze H309 looks ok for the green. It's just the grey now... I'll eyeball it
  6. Dan

    Polish Hind Paint?

    Hi Col, thanks for your reply, unfortunately all three are way off. Here's a photo of the aircraft I've gone for. And a quick test of the paints you mentioned. Why is this information so damn hard to find out?! I've literally spent hours and days searching! It's like the Hind is some obscure subject or something... So few builds to find online. And none which look like this below! It's only one of two schemes... You know, out of the box! LOL I like Revell kits but I dread their paint call outs and bizarre mixtures! The blue, I think, is the same as on the underside of Su-25's, as for the top colours who knows! I think the mk.I eyeball will need to be relied upon here
  7. Dan

    Polish Hind Paint?

    Hello all, much searching and still none the wiser! Can anyone tell me the right paint colours for an old style polish Hind? Doesn't have to be perfect but as close as possible would be good. It's the grey and green camo version I'm building with bright blue underside. I've found a few pictures of the aircraft (457) online and Revell's recommended mixture looks nothing like. Gunze and Tamiya are my preferred brands. Thanks a lot!
  8. Dan

    My Mojo has returned (thanks to you guys)

    In the same boat myself, feels like about 18 months since I last build a model! Probably is around that! Anyway, had a good sniff of the good stuff today (tamiya extra thin) and set to
  9. Dan

    How do you keep motivated?

    My mojo returned to me today after a very long time away... I knocked up a quick half hour DIY extractor, cleaned up some parts, serviced my airbrush and set about spraying. And enjoyed it thoroughly! Last in first out, so it's a 1/48 Revell Hind... If I can finish it I'll go a searchin' for my stash, which is stashed. I think mojo's come and go but can never be truly lost.
  10. Great subject and you're doing a grand job of it. Should be quite something special.
  11. @Walrus The first two are Tamiya, the second two Airfix. All four are 1/48. Thank you for commenting. Here's another pairing, much more dogfight double, this time in 72nd
  12. Hard to see fault with that chap. You've a talent for figure painting and no doubt.
  13. A couple of Spits and a couple Messers Open for critique, I was quite pleased with them but I feel they could have been better. I think a satin varnish on the next one will be better than matt. Where can I improve? Exhaust staining I missed as well as the E-4's cannons.
  14. Looks an excellent kit that, great review. Interesting aircraft. Smooth sailing with the build.