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  1. Ordered metal foil late Thursday afternoon (21st). Opted for free Royal Mail delivery. Arrived this morning (26th). Four working days, only three discounting today. No complaints.
  2. Jag Mate

    Silver MiGs

    Which one are you basing that on then?
  3. Jag Mate

    Silver MiGs

    Both mirrors turned up and eyepatch (strike pilots for the use of) on and look down closing the other eye. You could time the flash from weapon release to within a couple of seconds. Then it was a question of running from the blast wave. It would be moving at about 660kts and after release we would be pushing it up to around 580 so it only had about an 80kts overtake on us. We would be just under 5nm away at the time of detonation.
  4. Jag Mate

    Silver MiGs

    Unless you're doing a laydown in a Jaguar at 200ft and 550knots
  5. Jag Mate

    Silver MiGs

    As per all Lightnings until they started getting painted in ghastly camouflage which ruined them. An F3 which features a lot in one of my logbooks from my time on 29(F) Sqn. Pretty as a picture.
  6. Who wants to join the Pocher Club?
  7. Are you going to coat it in matt varnish ?
  8. There are no conservatory blinds because it would be a hassle moving them all up and down; there are eight long ones and eight short side ones. Like yours, ours is large. We can both live with it the way it is but next year we might replace the triple poly roof and employ the white version instead. Unlike yours, ours did not come with the house because we bought it new and added the conservatory two years later after we had returned from Saudi.
  9. On the other hand it's warm in the winter. If need be it also has central heating.
  10. You lot with a "man room" should consider yourselves lucky. In my wheelchair I can only use the conservatory. Fortunately it has French doors and a big ceiling fan. It faces NW but there are times in the afternoons when I have to move out for a couple of hours.
  11. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day - it just looks like it was.
  12. Rattlecans. My brand new unused Badger is still in its' box. It's probably useful that Steve has a good sense of humour.
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