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  1. The blocks and tackle assemblies look convincing and, I imagine it's a welcome change of pace to have a more brief update; although, I have spent hours on seemingly simpler and less noticeable details before (as I assume many modellers have). Regards Richard
  2. Mulder1966

    KK138,No 1 PTS

    Great job Miggers, nice build Cheers Richard
  3. A nice, charming little model. Looks great. Cheers Richard.
  4. Sorry I have to say it, it's a Doyouthinkhesaurus. On a more serious note, the ship is just a thing of beauty. It is very difficult to see foresee how much more detail can be achieved as the bar has been set so high. I love to watch this progress, a real treat. Regards(and I'll get my coat) Richard
  5. Yes, it does look an involved build; not that it shows with the standard achieved. A lovely build Nigel, very nice indeed. Cheers Richard
  6. Looks like a very interesting/promising project; can't wait to see what you do with this. Cheers Richard.
  7. Looks great Ken, love the subject and diorama. Richard.
  8. That looks great, very clean build. Richard.
  9. Looks great Darbs, very well done. Richard
  10. Great Job, well done. Regards Richard
  11. Could you use some clock parts? Places like cousins uk may have something suitable, unless you are determined to make them yourself. Nice job on the gear though, it looks superb. Regards Richard
  12. Hi Paul, Looks like all is progressing very well and, like the other folk above, I have to agree; A thoroughly entertaining and educational build. It has been great to see the transformation of this kit into a model par excellence. Cheers Richard
  13. Looks great, nice build. Regards Richard
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