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  1. Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    Beautifully neat as always, looking really good. Cheers Richard
  2. HobbyBoss 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat (rescued from the waste bin)

    What a great result, truly rescued and renovated. It's been a pleasure to see you bring this back from the dead and to a very decent standard. She's a beaut, well done!. Cheers Rich
  3. Alclad primer problems

    Hi Miggers, Yes, They are pretty close to me, can't hurt to ask them. When it comes to models, What primer do you use?. Cheers Rich.
  4. Alclad primer problems

    Hello, Miggers, Thanks for the response, I have had this problem before and did exactly as you have suggested, added a bit of laquer thinner. It was a cheap bottle of wilko cellulose and I do not know how different this is to decent automotive stuff. I am tempted to have a look at the primer that you've mentioned, any idea as to the best place to obtain this from? I may try to strain it also. Alclad do not mention thinning it specifically as it is supposed to spray from the bottle. Paul, Agreed, it is superb stuff when it's working, trouble is I have had two lots in a row that haven't. I have got some levelling thinner so will also give that a go. I have also got both 1500 and 1200 Mr surfacer but have not been impressed with their adhesion tbh, nothing sticks quite as well as the Alclad imo and experience. Thank you both for taking the time to respond, I will let you know how I get on. Cheers Rich
  5. Alclad primer problems

    A while ago I bought some Alclad primer/microfiller in grey and black. I had a great deal of difficulty in spraying either of them, getting very intermittent paint flow. I tried pressures from 15 psi up to 30psi with similar results. I contacted Alclad about this after chatting to others about this problem. No other paint showed the same reluctance to spray. Alclad were good enough to send me some replacements at the end of January/early Feb this year which I have just been attempting to use with pretty much the same results...sigh. I had to increase psi to 30 to get it to move, I have never had problems with this primer before these last occasions. I love its high adhesion and it has always been my go to primer. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have tried different air brushes with same result: Badger 155 with 0.7 needle and H&S infinity with 0.4 needle. Air supply Silair AS15D at various pressures. Thanks for any suggestions. Richard
  6. Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    Looking good. Your new approach as regards the assembly seems to be working.
  7. F-86F-40 in 1/32 from Kinetic

    Looks great, not seen too many dressed like that, good job. Cheers Richard
  8. Bon Retour 1/25 scale Artesania Latina

    Hi Andy, You're doing a great job, she will be a nice looking boat. Cheers Richard.
  9. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Looking better with each update, very nice.
  10. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Hi Duncan, Thanks for the detailed reply, I had thought of trying the Gx clear by Gunze but am not sure how compatible it would be over Tamiya acrylics and an Alclad base, Which is my preferred method. Once again very well done with saving the model and so skillfully turning her around. Cheers Richard
  11. Airfix 1/32 humber snipe

    Coming on well, like the colour. Regards Richard
  12. Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    The other models turned out beautifully, you know what you're doing. Regards Richard
  13. BF-109 G-2 Finland

    Hello Drewe, A very tidy build, nice restrained weathering. Cheers Richard
  14. 1/48 I-153 Winter version

    That does look nice, a very tidy build
  15. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Hi Duncan, A great save, well done. Did you use the same gloss coat this time? Anyone tried the gunze gx range of clears for this type of thing? Regards Richard