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  1. Hi, Great to see that you are still working on this, some fantastic work to be sure. Regards Richard.
  2. Yes, nice subtle figure painting, looks convincing. Well done. Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Duncan, was the lacquer based clear the Gunze GX UV cut stuff ? Cheers Richard
  4. That looks the business Paul, really very good. Regards Richard
  5. Looking good Duncan. Cheers Richard
  6. Very nice, not seen that paint scheme before. Very impressive build, well done. Cheers Richard
  7. That looks very nice, love some of the Games Workshop stuff. Nice bit of painting, it looks a massive and imposing model. Cheers Richard
  8. Looks great, very even finish. Cheers Richard
  9. Very nice, some great weathering skills on that! Well done. Cheers Richard
  10. Hi Miggers, My mistake, I meant to say, does he regularly visit this place? Cheers Richard
  11. Thanks Miggers, does the gent in question regularly visit 'the other place'? It might be worth my while just getting an informed opinion. How might I get in touch with him? Cheers Richard
  12. Thanks for taking a look, I admit that it doesn't seem to be a simple fix. Jessie_C, I would need to take a cast of the outer surface and perhaps a stretch- form or plunge mold. The piece has to be like a canopy as there is a detailed head underneath that won't allow a solid clear part to be used; a plunge mold type may be the way to go. Miggers, I don't know "perdu" from over there, what did you have in mind, if I may ask? Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Miggers, Great pics, the motorcycle reminds me of an old Britains toys BMW I once owned and the sidearms of the brilliant LS gun models. Thanks for sharing Richard
  14. I have this model and, all was going well (too well?) until I dropped the clear head carapace/dome and cracked it....******** I need to make a new one as a replacement is unlikely in the extreme: Suggestions welcome. Regards Richard
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