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  1. Shame about the accident but, I can't think of a model that I have built that didn't have at least one teeth gnashing calamity. Great work so far, really good. Cheers Richard
  2. I know I'm a bit late to the party but, what a stunning model! Beautiful work and presentation, gorgeous model. Cheers Richard
  3. Mulder1966

    No aircraft

    Some great photos there, thanks for sharing. Cheers Richard
  4. Hello Paul, Thought that I would pop by to check on your progress; amazing as per usual. This really is on another level for detail. All the best. Richard
  5. Looks great Brad, good job. Cheers Richard
  6. Very nice. Good choice of colour. Cheers Richard
  7. Hi Paul, You have indeed come a long way with this project, it's a very involved build. It is looking superb though. Cheers Richard
  8. Very nice builds, lovely paintwork.
  9. Hi Paul, She is taking on a whole new life with the paint on . Looks fantastic. Cheers Richard
  10. Sorry @ Mad Steve , only just seen your reply. Next time I'm able, I will pick up some to try out ( my LHS doesn't stock Tamiya at all and only Gunze aqueous) Thanks for the detailed reply ( albeit belatedly) Kind Regards Richard
  11. That does look good, a very nice build, very convincing window decals. Well done indeed. Cheers Richard
  12. HI Darren, yes, I have to agree; that looks like a poor fit for a recent tooling. I am sure it can be made good though. Cheers Richard
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