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  1. That's looking great Ken. Richard
  2. Thanks for looking in. Darren: Ok thanks but, won't likely use it now given other alternatives(Mr Color laquer) Duncan: I ordered the Mr Color version and will likely go this route as it is a satin paint. I may try the flat base with the Hobby color gloss and, will get back to you. clifft: I always use a laquer thinner. Thanks again. Richard
  3. I have some Gunze Mr Hobby color H339 (FS16081 Engine Gray). This is a gloss paint and, I have read, will take a lot longer to cure. Some have suggested adding some flat base to accelerate drying. Any thoughts on this? Cheers Richard
  4. Very nice, a convincing build; really looks authentic. Regards Richard
  5. Thanks Paul, I will have a look. What I am actually after is the white " NAVY" markings for a Grey/Green 1-350 Seaknight. I am unsure how tall these letters would be in real life. The GMM set that I mentioned has them in 48 and 36 inch sizes; I think that the 48" will be too big, not sure if I want 36" or even smaller. Regards Richard
  6. Thanks Bob, I will try that if all else fails. Richard
  7. You've managed to wrestle it into a decent model though Ken, well done. Richard.
  8. Very nice Duncan great paintwork and excellent finish; love it. Cheers Richard
  9. Looking for the 1-350 WW2 aircraft set in 1/350 scale. I can't seem to find a UK supplier for these ( Not even Hannants) even though they still seem to be available. Any suggestions? Cheers Richard
  10. That looks superb Paul, fantastic build and lovely paintwork. Cheers Richard.
  11. Great job Mish. Regards Richard.
  12. Thanks Richard, the marines ones were the Field Green FS 34097 that you mentioned earlier. I don't know if the navy had them in these colours; definite for the Engine Grey though( as Jessie pointed out ) Thanks again. Richard
  13. Thanks again Jessie, I have all but one of the colours in both acrylic and enamels, I will just have to pickup some Field Green if I want a Marines CH-46. It looks like a good set otherwise though. Richard.
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