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  1. Very impressive, nice work. Regards Richard
  2. Nice build, looks good to me. Regards Richard
  3. Hello Paul, Funny really, I would not think of you and "lazy" in the same sentence TBH, certainly with regard to your model making. It's good to be able to set limits and stick to them, all things considered ( Regarding you club commitments/Obligations). Anyway, it's always good to see the next step in this ongoing masterclass and, perhaps lend some moral support. All the best Richard.
  4. Thank you Muttley, I have only just seen this. Paul (Phoenix54) has spoken with him and offered to do the same. I appreciate all the offers of help. Cheers Richard
  5. That's coming along very well Andy, great work. Richard
  6. Thank you Paul, much appreciated. Richard
  7. Yes, very nice indeed. Richard
  8. Ok, Reviving an old thread; I have tried the suggested route with no luck, so, if anyone personally knows said gentleman and, can point him in my general direction, I would be very grateful. Thanks Richard
  9. Looks good. A less frequent seen depiction, well done. Richard.
  10. I continue to be somewhat mesmerised by the detail of this build; so very good Paul. Richard
  11. Looks good, nice build. Richard.
  12. Some great looking models there; thanks for sharing. Richard
  13. That looks mental, what a model. Fantastic. Cheers Richard
  14. The blocks and tackle assemblies look convincing and, I imagine it's a welcome change of pace to have a more brief update; although, I have spent hours on seemingly simpler and less noticeable details before (as I assume many modellers have). Regards Richard
  15. Looks good, nice model. Cheers Richard
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