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  1. Mulder1966

    Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

    Looking good.
  2. Mulder1966

    1/48 Tamiya P-47C 334FS 4TH FG

    That's looking very nice, coming along well. Cheers Richard
  3. Mulder1966

    Bandai x-wing canopy

    Hi, I am looking for a canopy for my 1-72 x-wing, has anyone got a spare one that they would be willing to sell me? It is clear part A8. Thanks for looking Richard
  4. Mulder1966

    Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    Absolutely superb.
  5. So much detail and so well done. I think that your approach to the etch, soldering it, is the way to go. This kind of upgrade is not for the faint hearted for sure, I would imagine it's easy to "burn out" on a project so involved. She's coming on so well and will be a remarkable model when finished. Cheers Richard
  6. Mulder1966

    Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    Those tiresome details are what makes builds like this that little extra and you will be doubly happy when they are done as it was worth the effort. Really lovely work. Cheers Richard
  7. Mulder1966

    Need helping looking for a kit

    Hi Madhatter mk2, N scale is between 1/148 -1/160 depending on who manufactures it. It's common for railways. Cheers Richard
  8. Mulder1966

    Piasecki H-21B RCAF

    Looks like a very presentable build, nice colour scheme and good scale finish. Nice build, good job. Cheers Richard
  9. Looks interesting, thanks for the guide. It will also make a difference with the thickness of paint(to be chipped off) applied as well as time after application. Heavier and glossier coats will not give as gradual/small chips. I could not say how long you should leave enamel based paints before trying this but, certainly less than recoat times. Some modellers have used white glue as a chipping medium, might be worth a try. Cheers Richard
  10. Mulder1966

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    Hi Andy, Wow, seriously small detail. Looking great. Cheers Richard
  11. Mulder1966

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Hi Warren, What an amazing build you have here, very impressive. Cheers Richard
  12. Mulder1966

    Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    My admiration of these types of models just continues to grow, fantastic work. Cheers
  13. Mulder1966


    I have to echo what has already been said, it looks great in spite of any misgivings you may have about the final result. Very well done on a nice looking build. Cheers Richard
  14. Mulder1966

    Botswana Strikemasters

    Ha ha Brilliant, love it.
  15. Mulder1966

    Zero Interest

    Hello Dean, Great job on the Zero, a pleasing looking build, very nice. Congratulations on your retirement. Cheers Richard