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  1. Very nice Duncan, love the colours. Regards Richard
  2. Well saved Paul. I am personally a big fan of the approach that fixes a problem with the least amount of effort/heart ache. Well done on a good job. See you soon and have a pleasant weekend. Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Paul, It's nice to be back, thank you. I would have been a little surprised to see the etch primer pull away so easily, it sticks well if your prep and application follow the instructions. Will you strip it and etch primer it? I know that this Precision paint primer likes at least 48 hours at +18 c to do its best work; not an easy temperature to maintain at this time of year. All the best Richard
  4. Mulder1966


    Nice one Darren. cheers Richard
  5. Looks great, did not think it was 1/72. Cheers Richard
  6. Good job, well done Ken. Regards Richard
  7. Very nice build, great job. Cheers Richard
  8. Hello Paul, Thank you for your inquiry regarding my well being , it is very much appreciated. I have been very busy with my girlfriends new puppy and have been generally feeling a little run down and preoccupied. Is that a problem with the etch primer, what exactly happened? She is looking great all the same. Best wishes Richard
  9. I stand in awe at the dedication shown on this build, much respect Paul. Regards Richard
  10. Very convincing (and smaller than expected) Cheers Richard
  11. A good result and a clean build. Cheers Richard
  12. Looks great in the black. Which paints did you use? it came out very high gloss. Cheers Richard
  13. Nice build, it does have a certain charm for sure. Cheers Richard
  14. Coming on well Andy, good luck with the move. Cheers Richard
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