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  1. Colour Instrument Panels (Jan – Feb 2018)

    The detail is very impressive and the background colour better than Edaurds. Good review, thanks. Cheers Richard
  2. Starbug

    Very nice job, it looks great. Cheers Richard
  3. Imai Macross Destroid Phalanx (1:00)

    Looks like a very interesting subject, It will be a great opportunity for your chosen weathering techniques. Great start, good luck. Cheers Richard
  4. Pocher 1/4 Ducati

    A great looking build, well done. Cheers Richard
  5. Corvette K-165 "Battleford" Paper model

    A beautiful clean build. Regards Richard
  6. E-100 Jagdpanzer

    Very nice build, the figure is very well painted. Good job. Regards Richard
  7. AV-8S Matador

    Very nice, Don't see many in that scheme. Well done. Richard
  8. Revell Dambuster

    Good job, nicely done.
  9. Eduard Mk. VIII Spitfire "Lonesome Polecat" - 1/48

    A very nice build, lovely paintwork.
  10. 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.1

    I have to agree, Airfix have produced an impressive looking model. Good review.
  11. 1/72 Planet Models SR/A.1

    A very nice build and display, good job.
  12. A very tidy build, beautiful. Very well done.
  13. Bon Retour 1/25 scale Artesania Latina

    Great work Andy, The caulking looks good and the deck work lovely and neat. Will be watching with great interest. Regards Richard.
  14. 1:43 Millennium Falcon, with extras

    Looks really good, can't wait to see more.
  15. Strip wood UK

    Thanks Harriet, will have a look.