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  1. She is coming along nicely Kevin. Regards Richard
  2. A pretty good interpretation of the artwork IMO; also ,nice to see something "Upcycled" rather than binned. Well done! Richard.
  3. Yes true, a very nice model to be sure. Topgun has also served me well for some period relevant CVN_65 details too.
  4. Lovely build Andrew, nice figure painting as well. Regards Richard
  5. Looking good Miggers, also a good trick from Jessie with regard to the handles. Cheers Richard.
  6. Hello and Happy New Year, A pity about the set backs, they can be disheartening at the best of times. Still, the work that you're doing is of a very high standard. I hope that you can continue with this at some point. Regards Richard.
  7. Very nice, another great build. Cheers Richard
  8. But how much flak have we each copped pointing out that the "Migs" aren't Migs and, that there has not ever been a Mig 28?
  9. Lovely model but, Jessie is confused with a Mig 28 I think.
  10. No idea how difficult this was to build but, a lovely job all the same. Regards Richard.
  11. What a haul, have fun Ken; they are lovely kits. Regards Richard.
  12. Yes, what a blast from the past. Nice to see this build Steve. Cheers Rchard
  13. Looks great, very nice build. Regards Richard.
  14. Hi Paul, Well done on completing such a magnificent build, so truly enthralling. So glad that I took the time to watch this progress; worth every minute. Well done indeed. Richard
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