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  1. Pffft. I get paid to play with my 1:1 scale set. Bet Rod doesn’t get to spend his days filling in forms for this and that and getting calls from the delays clerks.
  2. An early finish today saw me visit Monks Bar Model Shop again and leave with a Revell 1/48 Tornado F3 and Tamiya Swordfish Mk.II and some glues. Thankfully tomorrow is a full day of course stuff and I’ve already plundered their shelves of things that interested me.
  3. That was on this afternoons mission list. I walked out with 3 1/48 Tamiya kits, He162 Salamander, RAF Mustang III which I’m thinking I will look in to making an RAF Recon version if I can gather the info on them and a F4U-1D. Both shops were easy to find as both are located near hotels I’ve been put in whilst on other courses here in York so walked past them both on my way to and from the Hotel to the Training Centre down by the train station. 2 more days here so each may get another visit. Then back here in January for my final course.
  4. In York for the week on training courses with work. Nice early finish today enabled me to walk up the city to Monk Bar model shop. Walked all the way back to the Hotel with an Eduard 1/48 Profipack Bf110C and weekend edition Hellcat Mk.II. I really do like that shop. Must be disciplined for the rest of the week now though and stay away lest I spend all my pennies.
  5. Pulled my head out of my rear and found some Begemot decals and stencil data. Should be good to go when the time comes for the Mig now.
  6. Well I tried some GWH decals from my MiG-29 that I wasn't going to be using. I have the '9-13' boxing and was wanting to do the box top scheme so used some of the decals from the other marking option. I went about my test in the same manner I'd normally decal up a subject. Paint, gloss coat, decal, setting solutions I tried all I have, Micro set/sol and the Mr Mark setter and softer and none worked. The decal just didn't want to bed down and conform to any panel lines or details. I tried a warm damp towel with some pressure too to no avail. The decals despite looking quite thin on the sheet are also on the thick side once applied. So I'm on the lookout for some new decals for this kit. It would seem I got a hold of the wrong version as everything bar stencil data for the 9-13 is long sold out and out of production whereas 9-12 versions are fairly easy to come by. I shall have to search at Telford for something it seems.
  7. Sourced an alternative. Came across them when looking for something else, as is usually the way when looking for things, never find what you went in looking for but leave with something else. Found a sheet by Blackbird models with a nice Pink Spitfire on it. Added to the get lost for Telford.
  8. Kit is bagged and complete. Comes with the HGW wet transfers for the box schemes, Eduard etch belts and HGW fabric ones so both preferences covered there, etch v fabric. There’s also a mishmash of Gun barrels I found in the spares box. There’s a set of 20mm ones for the wings and 2 for the fuselage mounted machine guns, of which this sub type only carried one so there’s a spare. You’ll only need to source the wing machine guns which Amber make I think. No swaps at the moment as I’m still mid conversion to 1/48. Payment by PayPal friends and family or PayPal gift please. Shipping is extra, contact me and I’ll get a quote, probably under £5 in the UK £10 for the EU if past experience is anything. £50.
  9. Well I've been dithering on going or not for the past week or so. Idle hands this morning placed a couple of orders for picking up at the show, so I guess I'm going for the Saturday. Picked out a years worth of kits from the stash (at my pace 6 kits, and that's being optimistic) and a shopping/hitlist is being compiled for bits and pieces needed for those.
  10. Thanks all. I've ordered some decals for the F-15, I'll give some spare decals from the Mig a test at some point. That build is a long way off anyway.
  11. No worries. It's a loooooong term project anyway. Just in the early stages. Eduard Mk.IX purchased, Airfix clear sprue for the PR.XIX sourced for the camera ports, MRP PRU Pink paint on the way.
  12. Yeah, that would be the route I'd go if nobody chipped in with a yes or no on them. They look ok on the sheet to be fair.
  13. That would be at a push but pond with the help of autocorrect.
  14. My continuing 1/48 stash building adventures continue at a pace. Today a couple of GWH kits arrived on the doorstep. Namely the 1/48 F-15E and the Mig-29 '9-13'. Now I've never built anything from GWH before so I have a question regarding their decals. I quite like the box top scheme for the Mig and the F-15E was always going to be a Lakenheath bird, which the kit decals provide but there is the Twobobs sheet. So for anyone who has experience with GWH kits and their decals, generally how do they behave? Is it a Trumpeteresque situation where aftermarket decals are a requirement or are the GWH perfectly ok to use? Any help welcome. Have to say, the Mig-29 is a stunning looking kit and the Missiles are a work of art.
  15. Hello Ladies and Gents. I’m looking for the Barracudacals Spitfire IX sheet that had the FR.IX decals. Yep, there’s a Pink Spitfire in my future. This sheet is long out of production so a long shot. Rarer than Hens teeth in a pile of rocking horse pooh it would seem. At a push there’s the decals from the Italeri kit. Or, if someone has the sheet but isn’t willing to part with it (understandable) then maybe some measurements. I can cobble together stencils and whatnot and maybe make up some masks for everything else so measurements for roundel sizes, the size (width and height)of the tail markings and serial numbers and the fuselage code letter X dimensions should suffice. The markings seem to not be of the standard dimensions. Thanks.
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