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  1. I'd love to come to Telford, unfortunately I reside in Canada. But I will bring it to a local show! and post pictures here once complete!
  2. Thank you! I will certainly follow your suggestion! looking forward to getting home to mine soon!
  3. I wish I could help, unfortunately I'm doing exactly the same bird... I just got to figure how much to enlarge the drawings for the camo... Absolutely stunning model I think though. Well done sir!
  4. This Gem! I'm totally in love with the B-52 and this is as big as it gets, even IF it's only the cockpit... I wanted the 48th version, but it's simply too much room and ay too much money, too much resin and too much fiberglass... Cheers H.
  5. I'm a TLAR builder, it stands for "That Looks About Right" and have hauled in some noble metals at local comp's mostly because the judges were good enough to accept my doughnut bribes... I personally hate overdone dirt on aircraft, and self proclaimed experts. But it also rankles me when someone claims to be a Master Modeler, then proceeds to put fictional schemes on a well known aircraft, and call it real, and "you prove me wrong", but that is just my opinion. IPMS Rules is nothing about accuracy anyway, all about technique in assembly and finishing, so that should really be good enough. But alas I digress...
  6. Yes Miggers! Exactly! Planning on making the one from Culdrose, as I have actually been there, and my dad learned his Observer trade there.
  7. the FLY instructions indicate Humbrol 157 Azure Blue Matt, and 153 Insignia Red Matt OR AK Interactive that I can't find the namess for. 5004 and740, but it does not make sense on the apps. RAF Blue Grey BS81C.633 RAF Blue Grey and BS381C.538 BS Cherry Red... I Normally use Vallejo Model Air, but can't find the equivalences close enough, but Hataka is not readily available in Winnipeg, Canada, but I imagine I can fiddle with them and get a close enough faded color.. Cheers for the assistance though guys!
  8. Ah, so it IS blue... Perhaps I'll have to see about that Hataka set... Cheers Harald
  9. So, got the FLY kit, and all aftermarket I could find for it. Now my dilemma is, what is the proper colour? I'm planning to build the HU5 from Culdrose, the red and grey, or red and blue... The instructions say AZURE Blue, but any film/image I see online shows more of a Dark Sea Grey?? Anyone care to chime in? Cheers Harald
  10. I wish I had a picture of the box but I'm at work... But I have the A(wful)Model MI-6, can't wait to throw that Abomination together. the Russians/Ukrainians?Soviets sure can build ugly helicopters! I'd love to fly an MI-6 once. Most hideous thing I've ever seen... So ugly it's cool.
  11. Well they certainly seem a tad grey for that bus...
  12. No pictures, as I am still at work, but I got the FGR2 Phantom, and a Hellcat from Airfix the other week, and a Special Hobby Tempest Mk.5 and some paint masks th'other day from Hannants and Florida! And I get to go home and fondle tomorrow!
  13. Something off about that shadow... (Being a joker) But the Phantom.... gorgeous!
  14. Nice production line! Missing the 707 and the 717... lol Canadian North any of them perhaps? May have to look at Canadian tire for the glazing putty... Cheers, Harald/Winnipeg (Winterpeg)
  15. Nah, the stencils make the job! It is a bit of a stuggle to see them all on the sheet, but 1 at a time, they come on, the sheet gets smaller, and eventually they are all on! Worst part was that they were impossible to see on the EDSG, until I put the plat coat on! And thanks!
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