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  1. No pictures, as I am still at work, but I got the FGR2 Phantom, and a Hellcat from Airfix the other week, and a Special Hobby Tempest Mk.5 and some paint masks th'other day from Hannants and Florida! And I get to go home and fondle tomorrow!
  2. Something off about that shadow... (Being a joker) But the Phantom.... gorgeous!
  3. Nice production line! Missing the 707 and the 717... lol Canadian North any of them perhaps? May have to look at Canadian tire for the glazing putty... Cheers, Harald/Winnipeg (Winterpeg)
  4. Nah, the stencils make the job! It is a bit of a stuggle to see them all on the sheet, but 1 at a time, they come on, the sheet gets smaller, and eventually they are all on! Worst part was that they were impossible to see on the EDSG, until I put the plat coat on! And thanks!
  5. Thank you sir! Actually it seems that is exactly where i got the RAF font... I use Inkscape for drawing the vectors. Cheers Harald
  6. Posted this question on the "other" board, but no reply. I just got the Revell Lynx HAS.3, which I now plan to build to the HMS Endurance scheme. I planned on making my own masks, which I have now done, I just need to verify the sizes of lettering, roundels etc. Obviously I will use the basic decals, they seem ok, but I have a stencil cutter now (actually the wife does, but she allows me a cut or 2 now and again) and wanted to play! The "ROYAL NAVY" lettering should be 200mm tall in full scale, the roundel 300mm, side number (434) 200mm, the reg is 100mm, color Dark Sea Grey. the only font I have been able to scrounge up is an "RAFSTD" which is a true type font, but I am not certain it is correct, even if it looks close. My original question was which font to use, no replies to be had, didn't find anything (for free anyway) for the RN, but I DID find the RAFSTD, which seems appropriate? Also with regards to the kit, I'd be interested to learn things needed to be modified, other than the tail rotor driveshaft cover. anything to remove in the cabin? is the 6 seater metal/canvas seat ok, or does it need to be an inflatable one (which I don't believe exist in 32nd, and I wouldn't be able to scratch anyway). Anyway, any help is appreiated! Regards Harald
  7. Thanks chaps and chapesses! Lovely to hear positive words indeed. I shall post more finished build when I get home then! @skwonk, I recon I spent a good 8 hours on decals alone, if we say 6 sides, so left and right fuse + main markings, left wing top, right wing top, left and right wing bottom... towards the end it was quite fun to see that huge sheet disappear into nothing but leftovers! As stated, the best looking Phantom scheme out there. Possibly the Royal jubilee ones look even better, remember doing that in a Matchbox one I believe...
  8. OOB, I did one! It was a bit of suffering to get it together, but it looks good from far, but far from good. I do realize the goof on the serials... I was thinking about it and telling myself not to for hours, but still goofed...
  9. Wow, Lovely build. I Have the Tempest on my list of to buy when the economy thawes up again (mine that is...)
  10. If it is of help, the Wildcat used a a long rod from the tail to the wingtip to rest it. It is in the Airfix kit I believe, and also in the Trumpy 1/32nd kit. Lovely work, I aspire to do as well, but even after modeling for about 20 years, my skills are nowhere close. Best Regards Harald
  11. I like this a lot! I hope I can do mine as well as you did yours! Well done sir!
  12. I just got a bunch of goodies from Barracudacast for my 2 Airfix 72nd Lightnings, and also Whirlybird bits for my Sea King! Lovely stuff indeed.
  13. When I saw the stubby Merlin nose I thought Danish. then it was confirmed! Nice shots!
  14. Well... I'm waiting for the future to dry so I can slap some stickers on? The other kit has a tiny bit of filler drying... And I can't sand until dry. The others on the doom-shelf are sitting there waiting. for a better day. Oh and in my closet are the others, all of which I want to start right now...
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