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  1. Jessie_C

    CoopAir Aviation resumes production

    More progress. The aerodynamics department reported that after wind tunnel testing many improvements could be made by filling in the large gaps around the windows. With that aim in mind, the production department applied glazing putty. After drying, the putty will be smoothed down to achieve a properly aerodynamic glass-like finish.
  2. Jessie_C

    3 Big Boeings in 1/200 - Hasegawa Love Liner 200 series

    It looks like it, but in actuality it's incredibly simple. Just roll up a snake of Milliput, squish it into the windows from the inside until it sticks out the other side, smooth it off with a wet fingertip and Robert's your father's brother.
  3. I'm going to have to find my 1/200 WIP post that I stashed around here somewhere. I've got Boeings, Lockheeds and Airbice to build
  4. That turned out very well indeed!
  5. Jessie_C

    Who's up for weekend in a weekend 2

    The only way I'd be able to play is if I could do the oil paint wood grain parts ahead of time since the only weekend kits I have at the moment are all Great War subjects.
  6. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1/72 Mig-15 (a82011)

    That's a refreshingly different kind of display. Perhaps you could add some evidence that the birds have visited?
  7. Jessie_C

    Tamiya Brewster F2A-2 Buffalo VF-3 USS Saratoga

    That's an excellent result from such an ancient kit. And also that glass case looks very familiar...
  8. (Borrowing this image from Aviation Megastore because I haven't got the camera handy right now) One of these followed me home the other day.
  9. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk Vb

    I like 3M Glazing and Spot Putty (or the Canadian Tire generic equivalent). It's very similar to Squadron Green Stuff but much, much less expensive. IT sands very well and doesn't collect too terribly many air bubbles when it's applied.
  10. Jessie_C

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    That's not actually that surprising. If it's just come out of major servicing the new section colours may not have been painted at the time the picture was taken. Alternatively, they may have had to rob that cowling off another aircraft in order to get that one into the air ASAP.
  11. Jessie_C

    Paper Ship: SMS Emden (1910), 1:250

    Speaking as a sailor type, I'm pretty certain that those gratings would be closed over the hawsepipes unless the ship was engaged in anchoring. The last thing you want to do is to lose one of your crew to the maw of the cable locker.
  12. Watch out for the sink marks surrounding the rear fuselage right in the middle of the fabric. It's a real bear to fill and sand each little facet.
  13. Jessie_C

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Well let's not forget that this kit was first released in 1974. I challenge you to find a similar kit from 1974 with fewer fit issues. I mean Tamiya had to learn from somewhere, didn't they? You can't expect a mid-20th Century model to be a 21st Century shake-the-box model
  14. Jessie_C

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Sometimes 'newer' isn't better.