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  1. Was it one of those newfangled turboprop ones, or did it have the proper round engines?
  2. Try dipping them in almost-boiling water and putting a heavy weight on?
  3. Those wings remind me of the old Revell DC-8. It's a pity that the Doyusha kit isn't readily available; it goes together much better than this one.
  4. Placeholder. I'll come back and edit this when the final paint touching up is complete
  5. Done Ohhhh! Patchy paint! I think I'll need to do a bit of touching up before I take the gallery pics.
  6. Judging from the way the fore-and-aft sails are moulded, the ship is on the starboard tack, which means that the spars wouldn't be exactly at 90 degrees to the keel. They'd be trimmed to catch the breeze which is coming in over the starboard quarter. The starboard ends would be ahead of the beam and the port ends abaft the beam, probably between 30 and 45 degrees to the keel.
  7. Back in the '80s, my local library had the Lancaster at War books which I would look at for hours. Volume 2 has a large section devoted to the Mk. II. Even then it was something of an unknown. I don't recall the exact wording, but there's a section quoting a crew member who said that people called him a liar when he talked about flying a radial engine Lanc.
  8. Bonus opportunity for genuinely authentic weathering!
  9. Black, but not too black. One coat of NATO black is on and drying. Kipper submarines have the most boring paint job imaginable.
  10. And a well-stocked hobby shop for when that tinlet of Humbrol 33 decides to dry up the day before you need it. I mean we have to have one of those or the deal's off.
  11. I've done several. Think of 1980s vintage KP and you're in the ballpark. The details are fairly basic, but the shapes are very nice and you need a fair bit of some modelling skills required to do a good job.
  12. And just like that, construction is done. Only paint and messing about with that resin screw to go
  13. I did that one last year. It's a good kit, needing the usual modelling skills that Mikro-Mir kits require. It does need a replacement screw, so luckily there's one available. The flash shows where I need to blow just a tiny bit more paint on.
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