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  1. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1:72 Hurricane Mk1

    Definitely a large step up from those older kits
  2. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1:72 Hurricane Mk1

    Not to mention that it was easier to repair and easier to build, meaning that throughout the Battle of Britain Hurricanes always outnumbered Spitfires. They also shot down more German aircraft, especially the bombers. The Spitfire may have got the publicity and the glamour, but the Hurricane got the job done. On to the model. It looks very good on the sprues, and far better detailed than the mid-60s and -70s Airfix Hurricanes that I grew up on. I'm looking forward to your build
  3. Jessie_C

    1/72nd Airfix Supermarine Swift FR5

    Well obviously the poor pilot flew through the time vortex from The Final Countdown and now he's wondering how he can get home again.
  4. Jessie_C

    1/72nd Airfix Supermarine Swift FR5

    Try a screen shot of Google maps in "satellite mode"?
  5. Jessie_C

    HobbyBoss Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat Early VF-41, USS Ranger

    By that time, wasn't the "metal" finish actually paint? I love those bright USN "Yellow wings" markings. Your Wildcat looks great
  6. Jessie_C

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    And here I thought I had problems with the canopy of my SMER Walrus!
  7. Jessie_C

    'I'm not going first...

    Greebo. Vampires have risen from the dead, the grave and the crypt, but have never managed it from the cat. In fact, the mere act of opening the box will determine the state of the cat, although in this case there were three determinate states the cat could be in: these being Alive, Dead, and Bloody Furious. - T. Pratchett Think of the kind of cat who does this:
  8. Jessie_C

    'I'm not going first...

    Strange; he's the wrong colour to be Greebo.
  9. Jessie_C

    Avia S-199 (KP 1/72)

    Was that the '70s vintage kit, or the more recent one? Whichever it is, nice Mezek!
  10. Jessie_C

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Take photos of the contents to post on your website. Then at night get the tablet out and drool over the pictures where she can't see you...
  11. Jessie_C

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    ...and then you go off for several hours and wait for your eyes to uncross. Headache tablets completely optional. That's some quite definitely heroic modelling there, Warrren. It's going to look fantabulous!
  12. Jessie_C

    Hurricane IIc Trop

    That so deserves to be displayed under bright desert sunlight.
  13. Jessie_C

    Finished builds

  14. Jessie_C

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    But you are
  15. Jessie_C

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Towards the end of the war the dear old Rodnol was getting pretty worn out. Perhaps a heavily-weathered deck with only the remains of the camouflage paint on it?