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  1. Sand off enough of the outside, and it won't be oversized anymore...
  2. It would be interesting to see a random panel here and there completely masked off so it doesn't get the primer, and when all the sanding down is done looks a trifle dished in when compared to the other ones dishing out. You wouldn't want to overdo it though. Perhaps only 2 or 3 spread over the whole of the model.
  3. Aftermarket Parts noun: Very expensive fiddly bits you never even knew that your model absolutely cannot be built without.
  4. Super Glue (AKA Cyanoacrylate) noun A high-tech chemical adhesive designed to glue fingers to other fingers.
  5. Would one of these count? Or does it have to be painted in that other green and be driven by squaddies?
  6. Jessie_C

    Revell F86D

    That one is the 'late version'. The tell is the squared-off parachute fairing below the base of the fin. The Early version, which as far as I can tell was only ever offered in the 'Monogram Pro-Modeler' box, had a curved fairing below the fin. Here's a piccie: https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/graser86dc.jpg
  7. My problem with this concept is that the vast majority of my weekend kits are Great War subjects. Doing the wood with oils takes much longer than a weekend to dry and someone was very pedantic about not allowing me to get a head start on the painting.
  8. Alumilite is pretty good for flexibility. It's nicely solid without being unfeasibly rigid.
  9. Changing he subject entirely, what did you do to achieve that lovely chipping on the leading edge?
  10. Has that wag ever seen a rivet after it's been exposed to salt air for a while?
  11. Jessie_C

    A helicopter.

    Now all it needs are big UN letters...
  12. I must say, that does look pretty special.
  13. The absolutely most expensive kit I've ever bought was the Amodel "Amonster" IL-20, which cost me C$250.- And then during a move, it got broken...
  14. They look a bit top-heavy. Do they stand up well on their own, or do they need to be fastened down to keep from tipping over?
  15. Jessie_C

    A helicopter.

    Honestly, knowing what I do about helicopter seats I thought the hole was part of the way the seat is shaped (Lightness is an important consideration in helicopters when it's the engine doing all the lifting.) If you hadn't told us, we'd never have thought twice about it.
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