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  1. So they've reinvented Matchbox kits? And They have the gall to claim no filler required then show us this?
  2. Do it halfway through the day it was painted, the painters having broken off for lunch.
  3. Problem solved. And I'll even volunteer to take care of the redundant chocolate.
  4. Oh, I thought they used Run Through the Jungle.
  5. I think that the truth is a good enough story on its own.
  6. If they got trolley service during that flight it would have been entertaining. That was a test flight aircraft and the interior was filled with test instrumentation which would have gotten in the trolley's way.
  7. "Keep looking guys. I know that contact lens is around here somewhere."
  8. There's their problem. They do quality control, not quality assurance.
  9. This picture clearly shows that it was painted in shades of black and grey.
  10. Let's be fair. I had a bit more than twice the space to work in there
  11. That looks very tasty, if a bit blasphemous in the markings. It's getting harder and harder to resist heading out to the hobby shop...
  12. Other moral of the story. Create your own backstory. Soviets found that muzzle flash of monster gun was blinding pilot, so they covered offending window with paint. Another glorious triumph of Soviet workers!
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