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  1. Jessie_C

    British Airways Negus & Negus 737-200X

    If it's not too late, the fin is far too diamond-shaped in cross-section. It needs to have the stealth facet sanded out to make the fin a smooth curve from front to back.
  2. Jessie_C

    USS Akron

    I used a base coat of flat white, masked the side stripes, then Testors spray can silver. Everything else is decals, except for a bit of touch-up on the rudder stripes.
  3. Jessie_C

    Monogram 1/48 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

    Given that very little (if any) of the cockpit may be seen aft of the pilots' seats, most people who've done this beast have stripped out all the detail and crammed in the weight up front.
  4. Jessie_C

    S.M.S. Emden, 1:250 Paper Ship, HMV Models

    Well deserved award. I was missing this one, so I'm glad to know it's finally done
  5. Jessie_C

    Eduard Roland C.II (Gorby's one)

    I thought the googly eyes were part of the whole 'fish' thing which went on mit der walfisch.
  6. Jessie_C

    USS Akron

    520/72=7.22222222222 Enlarge everything 7.222222222 times and Robert's your father's brother. I leave the methodology as an exercise for the student. In 1/72, Akron is 332 cm long, and Hindenburg is 340. The extension to your house needed to display them properly will also be left up to the student.
  7. Last time I looked, the UK was part of the Empire, so that's totally legit.
  8. Jessie_C

    A kind of pictorial cv

    That's some nice work there
  9. Jessie_C

    Antonov An-22A

    Wikipedia says that the Russian Air Force still has 6 (3 flying), and Antonov Airlines has one as of two months ago. The Russian air forces plans to keep them flying until 2033, which is quite amazing.
  10. As soon as Transport Wings releases that conversion it's going onto my Airways Brit. I can always get the Mach 2 kit for the Canadian Pacific decals...
  11. Ooooooo! wouldn't that look spectacular with the red and while lightning bolt? Maybe a big Argus radome under the nose? Or do you think an IL-38 upside down mushroom would look better?
  12. Jessie_C

    Xtrakit Sea Vixen

    It may be a dog of a kit, but that's certainly not a dog of a model and that's all that's important.
  13. I'll leave the BEA to you Kipper folks. Air Canada and TCA for me
  14. I've got one of these coming!
  15. Jessie_C

    USS Akron

    They've even got the Cardington airship sheds and Montreal mooring mast for the truly masochistic dedicated modeller.