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  1. Not to worry; I'm prevented from buying a Gorby by the shipping costs anyway.
  2. Wow, it's got the glide ratio of a greased anvil. Nobody's going to be setting flight duration records in one of those, are they?
  3. This one's water damaged, but it's going for an absolutely silly price and may actually be all there...
  4. /me pointing vaguely in the direction of your shelves: Build that one. Yes, that right there.
  5. Are you willing to consider a transatlantic transaction? I missed this when it was available and I'm willing to offer a decent price for you.
  6. Well how else did he expect those hundreds of kits end up on the shelf? It's self-evident, right? They don't get there by themselves.
  7. It's very simple. You leave the hundreds of kits on the shelf, go down to the hobby shop and buy the newest wunderkit fresh off the boat.
  8. The best Tutor kit I've found is the Astra vac kit. Good luck finding one these days...
  9. Hobbycrap? The landing gear are moulded as if it's in flight. You need to chop them way down to get the proper sit.
  10. In fact, that's one of the most easily-built biplane models in the world. You really have to work at it to mess it up.
  11. Okay, that's boaring But where on Earth do you put it? Do they keep it somewhere and give the winner a piglet which fits better on the mantelpiece?
  12. I thought I might, but sadly my decal stash is deficient. I do have lots of Harmed Farces/Formed Arses (At least I think they ought to say that) and "Canada" titles which go on either side of the roundel if you're interested in doing one slightly later on in the timeline.
  13. 403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL /proxy/rA8qg7KuClUziS96He2w2hlGhsC-8AWgi_UBj9On4ktHjyo_JuDGDIsu3jwAvPfZtwI7pzNBApvLAMfaVP6Oizvow5qvhk3dbuGUNg from this server.
  14. Now you'll need to break out the trained spider to do all the rigging.
  15. The name is false advertising. That doesn't look boaring at all.
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