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  1. Jessie_C

    Piasecki H-21B RCAF

    IIRC, the Vertol 44s which were used for the Mid-Canada line construction project (the Civvy ones in those photos) were subsequently taken on strength with the RCAF and the H-21As in service were then brought up to Vertol 44 standard at the Arnprior factory. About the only way to tell them apart afterward was the faired (or unfaired) main landing gear legs. In the photo above, 610 was originally an H-21A and 591 started life as a Vertol 44.
  2. Jessie_C

    So let's take stock

    I'm still waiting for my 1/72 Argus, but according to the market research people, the most popular option is the Messerspitstang.
  3. Jessie_C


    Does the kit give you the ever-fashionable Dackelbauch fuel tank?
  4. Jessie_C

    Piasecki H-21B RCAF

    This site will show you that the faired struts may also have been used My Dad's squadron was involved in this salvage operation. I have a whole sequence of photos, of which this is only one. If I can ever make a convincing representation of turning rotors, I want to build this scene.
  5. Jessie_C

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    Or maybe worked at Martin?
  6. Jessie_C

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    Oh yes, there's just a trifle of difference between the two designs there.
  7. Jessie_C

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    Possibly you're thinking of the Sea Otter?
  8. Jessie_C

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Given that ILM used Tamiya tank parts (among many other interesting and useful greeblies) on the original filming models I'm pretty certain they're in good company
  9. Jessie_C

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Money cannot buy happiness. But it can buy a puppy and that's pretty much the same thing.
  10. Jessie_C

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    I have a few Walrus photos stored on the home computer. Once I finish work I'll offer to send them to you if you'll be so kind as to PM me an e-mail address. There's also my build of the SMER Walrus which can be found here. I did this to the insides. In 1/72th, you can probably get away with this much detail since the clear parts can be kindly described as coke-bottle thickness.
  11. Jessie_C

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    I wasn't aware that Star Destroyers had torpedo tubes on the bridge Those are for the very rare surface Navy engagements?
  12. Jessie_C

    HobbyBoss F4F-4 Grumman Wildcat VF-6 USS Enterprise

    You deserve a medal for making that look so easy. Your results for both are truly spectacular.
  13. Jessie_C

    1:72 Walrus / SeaFox Detail Parts

    There used to be this really excellent cottage industry called Aeroclub... John was active over at the Other Place and still selling some/most(delete whichever is inapplicable) of his product line when last I was there.
  14. Jessie_C

    Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog

    The Revell Germany issue (04553) was the first to have it. Then Revell USA (O5844): These both appear to be out of production.
  15. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Okay, now that you've posted the reference pictures, where's the model?