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  1. Non-update update. I thought I would get some paint on it today, but I can't find where I cleverly packed away my box of airbrush thinner. I had put it in a very safe place. Painting will have to wait until tomorrow when the hobby shop is open.
  2. Oh, does he have allergies? I'm sorry.
  3. Here's an almost-P-35 for inspiration:
  4. Does anyone else think that this would be a proper opponent for Toolmaker's Imperial Knight? Or perhaps a pack of Ewoks?
  5. Jessie_C


    If the hole to fill the fuel tank is in the left-hand window you didn't get them backwards.
  6. Jessie_C


    {Pedant} It's a Tomahawk :P Kittyhawks were the P-40-E and later variants. The -B through -D were Tomahawks. And mistakes or not, that's a very pretty model.
  7. Now you can get the Airfix kit and recreate this scene in 1/600. Much more portable.
  8. Oh, the build was quick. it's the finishing that's taking so long. Remember, the first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time. and the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time.
  9. Stickies on the DC-8. These are Draw Decals "Digital Silk" and love to curl up on themselves just as soon as they leave the decal paper. They also don't respond well to setting solutions so I'm going to have to resort to the boiling water to get them to stay down..
  10. When a model goes together this quickly I keep thinking that I've missed something...
  11. This thing goes together quickly! Cockpit in place: Front bit glued on: And lastly, an attempt to look in the top. Pity the lighting wasn't very good:
  12. Photos as promised, proving that some actual building has happened. First, pull up a comfy chair: Then, some confusing sidewalls. On the sprue, they're moulded base to base, so the tops are on the outsides of the image: All those bits have to fit inside this little ping-pong ball (also, continuing with the strange foreign currency as a size indicator)
  13. Either those crew members are aliens, or the Borg escaped from the Star Trek Universe.
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