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  1. And there'd better be 1/72 snorkers in the wardroom!
  2. Have you got a museum lined up to put that where people can see it?
  3. Jessie_C

    Italeri Ju86E

    That's turned out well for such a beastly old kit. (I still think that the airliner version looks better because it doesn't have all the built-in drag cluttering it up)
  4. Antibionics? This means that you can't be a six million dollar man?
  5. AIM 72 has a pretty simple conversion kit for the Mach 2 monstrosity...
  6. Bonjour. On peut l'acheter ici :)
  7. But you know it's there, and that's all that matters
  8. Jessie_C

    Wish lists

    A new dwelling that actually belongs to us. Which has a pretty good chance of actually happening...
  9. Jessie_C

    Italeri Ju86E

    I haven't done this particular version, but in years long past I did the airliner version (not my model, but it serves to show what you get in the box). It went quite well together with my L3M1 Nippon Go (once again, this one's not mine) . Bob, don't click the links
  10. Back during the late 1980s and 1990s, Boeing's copyright lawyers went overboard 'defending' their brand so any aircraft made by Boeing could not have that name anywhere on the box. more recently, Revell's reissue of Cousteau's Calypso couldn't have his name or the name of the ship, so it's an "Ocean Exploration Vessel" operated by a "Famous Oceanographer" and none of Caypso's markings are on the decal sheet. You have to resort to black market decals to get the correct markings.
  11. I wonder if that's because it being experimental, it kept changing as they added things and removed things which didn't work?
  12. Jessie_C


    The Thunderball Vulcan was a Mk.1, so you'll need a conversion kit.
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