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  1. I wonder where on the aircraft they measure altitude from? If it's at 29995 feet, the tip of the fin could actually be at 30 043 ft, 3 inches.
  2. That's turned out very well indeed. Trumpeter always seems to get Russian subjects pretty accurate.
  3. Why re-invent the wheel (or pedal)? Yes, it could, and quite well, according to reports. It was no more underpowered than any other piston helicopter of the day. Certainly better than the infamous Skeeter.
  4. There are indeed. First the old BK-117 style tail rotor, then about 3 or so years ago they updated the design with the H-135 style Fenestron. As for paint, what about a WIP model still in the factory before painting, looking something like this?
  5. Jessie_C


    It seems that someone is a student of meteorology.
  6. The Airfix kit's covered in huge rivets, fit is pretty much just as bad, and the elevators are entirely incorrect. The MPM, with all its warts, is simply better.
  7. Mixing paint isn't supposed to be rocket science. Well, not most days, anyway
  8. I thought that the name is only supposed to describe the colour, not the behaviour.
  9. Well, now your model's well and truly screwed.
  10. Helicopter cyclics don't help given how bendy they generally are.
  11. Oh dear, that's simply unsatisfactory all around. Perhaps you can soak them off with a little vinegar?
  12. That just shows to go you how unfeasibly large the Be-12 is!
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