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  1. Enough of these namby-pamby little rally cars. Here's a real racing machine First, the box top. The parts breakdown is about as simple as Tamiya San could make it. Note that the tire markings are already printed, Steve. First things first. That horrid chrome has to go, to be replaced a bit later by some sensible Alclad.
  2. Notice that there wasn't a 717 in that lot? That's because this is what a real 717 looks like: But Boeing's marketing department would have you believe that this is a 717.
  3. Those springs look much better than the already nice Tamiya springs.
  4. You can often resort to painted decal film if the frames are straight enough.
  5. It looks like paper strips cut from a nice luxuriously thick piece of paper from one of those fancy-dancy stationery shops. It might even be artisanal paper.
  6. Au contraire. The DC-6 and Constellation were right in their time. The problem is their time ended too soon.
  7. Complete engine failure during a low level high-alpha manoeuvre. Since the aircraft was pretty much airborne on thrust alone, the right engine shutting down caused the unbalanced thrust from the left engine to rotate the nose down for a rapid rendezvous with Mother Earth. The pilot decided to get out and walk home.
  8. That's a different angle. Most places usually publish this one, which is in the attitude the aircraft was in relative to the ground. I suspect that it was rotated to make it look more dramatic or something, as if the original wasn't dramatic enough. A half second later...
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