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  1. About a year ago I posted a little filk and teased about the subject. Well, now I've got some actual progress made. Here's the fuselage with its Bra.Z nose and tail parts: The heart of the conversion. Trympeter's duckbill nose replaced by the Bear A nose from Bra.Z: And a test fit, with wings and tailplanes held in place by friction and bloody-mindedness. I have to say that I'm less than impressed by the fit of the trumpeter parts. The detail is very nice,but it's going to be obliterated by all the filler I'm going to need to use. Look at the horrible fit of the engine nacelles to the wings. In retrospect, I ought to have tracked down a Revell Bear, even though the conversion would have been more difficult with all the radomes I would have needed to remove from the fuselage and tailplanes. I'm also not very impressed by that ridiculously thick leading edge, The real Bear's leading edge was much more aerodynamic.
  2. Das Walfisch is zehr gut, mein Herr. Und jetzt brauchen Sie viel Bier.
  3. ...said every builder of a Mach 2 kit ever.
  4. If it's important to you, the airbrakes drooped when they were out. look closely at the bottom leg; there's a little groove where you need to trim it so the brake sits properly. Lovely finish and choice of markings
  5. That's how real ships get painted. I remind you that painting a ship has no beginning and no end. It just is.
  6. A bit of makeup sponge will do the trick quite handily.
  7. Yes, indeed it should have been. I think it would have also looked pretty snappy in the current Chatham Dockyard scheme.
  8. Do the sharpie before rolling, so you don't have to worry about pulling it loose.
  9. Well it's definitely pretty. Every woman ought to have one.
  10. How about a casual "Wow! Look at this one!"
  11. Ooooh! A Vicky Ten! Did any actually make it into the Landor scheme, or is this an exercise in speculation?
  12. But how else do you marinade them? It has to be started while they're still alive or else they'll be too tough to eat. Even after being boiled for hours.
  13. There being a distinct lack of highlands in Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Island simply doesn't count), I strongly doubt that they were brought over deliberately. I suspect that they clung to the bottom of the vessels as they crossed the Atlantic. My ancestry is somewhat vague, due to the local oversupply of rum in the smuggling ports up and down the coast
  14. Well you must remember that I'm a Canadian Mongrel, and much of my ancestry came to Nova Scotia from Veteris Scotia back in the day. But we also celebrate Gung Haggis Fat Choi hereabouts so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask about all things Haggis if you wish to learn only the orthodox Haggisology.
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