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  1. Revell 1/48 Typhoon

    Wow; I thought the Italeri had horrid fit and was so disappointed that I hadn't waited to buy a Revell kit.
  2. Pegasus Hobbies T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaurs

    Rexy's new tongue position reminds me of
  3. Finished builds

    Victor B.2 of 100 Squadron, approximately 1961-2 time-frame. It's not my best work, especially that dusty paintwork, but it did burst a two year building drought.
  4. Thunderbirds are go!

    Okay, it's finished. Shown here sitting with a friend. More pics in the gallery.
  5. Airfix Lightning F2A in 1/72

    Way back in ancient history, somewhere around the dawn of time the rec.models.scale newsgroup had the "rules of modelling". One of them was "Just after you've finished your scratch conversion, someone will release a conversion kit."
  6. 1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    And on a related note, you can always tell the tall people in the ship because of the dents on their foreheads.
  7. Kinetic's wonderful Mirage III as an E! 1/48

    For sheer aesthetics I like the mid-size tanks such as on this model. Does the kit give you choice of tanks?
  8. Thunderbirds are go!

    The tips bent down a trifle, but not nearly as much or as dramatically as the unaltered kit wings did. Compare: There was a noticeable bend right at the dog-tooth which made the wings look like an RB-57F until I squashed them flat under a pile of books.
  9. Revell / Monogram 1/48 F-86D 'Sabre Dog"

    You get that scheme in the kit, so I suspect they may be although there was a Cutting Edge aftermarket sheet made for it. Way back when it first came out there was talk about the red being the wrong shade, but who cares? It looks fantastic. Here's the box:
  10. Kinetic's wonderful Mirage III as an E! 1/48

    Those tanks look almost comically large. If I didn't know better I'd suspect a scale incompatibility. It's not likely that it could get past Mach 1 with those on I like the contrast between the camouflage and the bare metal tanks as well. It really catches the eye.
  11. Thunderbirds are go!

    Decals on A whole lot of dust got stuck in the paintwork. It's obvious that this will be a "back of the top shelf" model. I couldn't resist the grrl power image of the pink skull and crossbones 100 squadron badge
  12. 1/48 Tamiya P-47C 334FS 4TH FG

    Well that one's going together a lot more easily than this one did:
  13. Revell / Monogram 1/48 F-86D 'Sabre Dog"

    Lovely finish and decals. It looks properly used and not showroom polish. There's one minor nitpick though; the Sabre's air brakes didn't stick straight out like doors, they drooped and swiveled slightly so the bottom edge was tilted forward. There's a cut line on the bottom support strut which you're supposed to trim short to get them to sit properly. It's really easy to miss the bit in the instructions which tells you do trim it off. It ought to be easy to pop them off and quickly snip off the offending strut From the side (This is a Canadiair Sabre 6, but the mechanism was unchanged in the -D (Pictures from a thread on Hyperscale): From the rear:
  14. Not shown: The moment in about 5 seconds when the shark finds out the diver is too bony, spits him out and goes off to find a nice, soft, chewy seal.
  15. Well there you go. You've made your sacrifice for the betterment of modellers the world over.