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  1. Now I'm wondering how a Swedish style splinter camouflage in those colours would look.
  2. That's possible, but likely to be a pretty large drag penalty, plus the risk of fouling either the landing gear or the radiator, not to mention FOD damage on takeoff and landing. Or ground-looping, catching a tree on approach, tall rabbits, gopher mounds, random ground crew absentmindedly walking into the silly thing... Once confronted by the constraints, there weren't a lot of good design choices available and BP obviously chose the least worse.
  3. Well, having been stuck with that ruddy great turret right where the antenna ought logically to go (see Spitfire, Hurricane et al), they didn't have much other choice. Putting it anywhere else risks the gunner shooting it off. And you can't really blame BP for the turret, that was baked right into the specification.
  4. The third looks like an uncuffed Hamilton Standard. They were more common post-war.
  5. One of these (images courtesy of Zvezda's website) And one of these They'll appear shortly in reviews on another modelling site near you. Later on, one of these is due to arrive:
  6. Aftermarket wheels which are far too small.
  7. Like the RCAF's 3 colourbird CF-104s which ended up in the same situation in Lahr during the late '80s
  8. Jessie_C

    Just amazing.

    Take care not to spend too much time there. You eventually get to the point of 'incredible image fatigue' and and up just clicking past going 'oh yeah, another beautiful shot".
  9. So in other words, it didn't get opened all that much...
  10. C'est tellement bizarre because it was working this afternoon. It's supposed to be a picture of Learstang.
  11. Jessie_C

    Airfix 1/72 Daffy

    Tasty! And the light box appears to work very well too.
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