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    So let's take stock

    There was someone making one a few years ago on another place. Can't quite remember their name though........... Seriously (call me weird if you like), I've been hoping that Airfix would revisit the good old Auster Antarctic like they have with the Tiger Moth,Bf109,Fw190,Bf110,B-17,Lancaster ,Dak et al.
  2. Miggers

    In The Loop

    "Book a floater ASAP Dad" said my boy," and let me know when,we're going for a day out" So,doing as I was told,a floater(floating day's holiday)was duly booked for yesterday,01/10. I let him know,"Ok"said he,"Bring your camera,scanner,warm clothing and eats". He picked me up at 6am yesterday and off we set,destination: The Mach Loop,Cad. West to be exact. After one and half hour's "press on" driving in the boy's company Bimmer through Wrexham,Llangollen then stopping here in Corwen: https://rhug.co.uk/shop for a wee-wee,coffee and a bacon and egg sarnie,we blast off again on track for the Loop. Aiming through Bala(lovely lake)and heading for Dolgellau,Cadair Idris begins to loom large in the windscreen. Eventually we get to here: http://www.crossfoxes.co.uk/ and the boy hooks a right turn onto the A487,another 20 minutes "rapid"(dunno where he gets it from๐Ÿค”)progress,we pull into the little car park at the foot of Cadair Idris. To our left is Cad.East,to the right is Cad.West,so after togging up and getting our gear into our shooting buckets(swivel seats fitted on top), (for those who don't or have never shot,a pretty handy bit of kit):https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202054410973 we commence a 20 minute climb to reach a spot to sit and stop at about halfway up(Dad is fagged out): Scanner on,select Valley and the Low Level frequency banks and wait(they're as quiet as a Church mouse on a Sunday). After two hours waiting,I heard "Ascot 1250,C-130,into The Loop North",we were rewarded with this boy(if only I'd switched the camera to "burst" instead of "single shot"๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ž Once over the near end of the lake(Tal-y-Llyn I believe),it stood up on it's left wing tip and pulled a 90* left into the gap(Corris Corner) that you can just make out. Another two hour wait and Valley started to transmit,the Hawks were awake(at last) Another hour and the scanner burst into life with "Triplex 3,single Typhoon into The Loop East(he's come in from the Shawbury side),this was his second lap around and pass(camera on "burst"this time): (Our lad's 'ead got on too). The noise and vibration in my chest was awsome,once again over the lake he pulled hard left into the gap and hit the power,plenty of echo from the valley walls. More waiting brought us "Ninja 1,single Hawk into The Loop North from Bala". At last,one of the "locals",a 4 Sqn Hawk T.2 from Valley,this boy was really trotting along: Not great results from a long day of waiting,but on the whole a very enjoyable Dad n Lad(he's 35) day out with "Our Rob"and thouroughly recommended to any of our "mob" who're up in Wales. More info(and some superb pics)from Cad West on this site: https://machloop.co.uk/ Usual caveats apply,if you want mine as screen savers or WHY,do copy away.
  3. Miggers

    In The Loop

    Cheers mate. Yeah, the Tonka's haven't got long left. Laddo was back in the Loop last week and had two run through the Cad.
  4. Miggers

    Kits at Home Bargains

    Revell 1/48 PV-1 Ventura for ยฃ9.99 This one>>>>>https://www.scalemates.com/kits/102463-revell-85-5531-lockheed-pv-1-ventura
  5. Miggers

    In The Loop

    Cheers Debs. Yep,I did think "If that was Debs poling,the sheepies would've had a neat "zzzzzzzzt"haircut right down their backs!!" Those "J" Alberts are so quiet though,no prop thrum or smoke trails. Ok for sneaking up on "unfriendlies",but no good for us sorts perched halfway up a mountain with a camera to "mount,aim and fire"๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Miggers

    Wingnut wings Lancaster

    I'd expect very severe pointy footware to posterior contact from Mrs M if I sauntered in with this beauty tucked casually "under arm" I'm afraid. I reckon it's up to Black Mike Duncan to build us a "testing the stock" model...................๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. Miggers

    Airfix 2019

    Great Scott!!!!!!! ๐Ÿคค,Ho boy,I have got to get me one or two of these,mmmmmmm,mmm(rubbing his sticky mitts in glee๐Ÿ‘Œ). I hope Airfix give us the big-big rudder and slightly shorter fin option too(thinking FR.XVIII with a bit of work on the wing). Old Col will be widdling himself when he clocks this beauty.
  8. Miggers

    A few from Valley last month

    Just a few I'm afraid owing to the aforementioned scanner going bosom up just before we went to the 'drome...... bit closer? Our taxes going up in smoke... Scenery shot,copy and use at will.. New EC-135 or 145,not sure which being shown it's new home,either way,it's the Squirrel replacement.I believe there's four of'em detached at Valley at the moment. Valley's swanky new gate guardian,Hawk T.1 XX156
  9. I shall have to have a word with "The Authorities" about bagging one meself,I have the RAF boxing in the stash too.
  10. WOOO,the FAA boxing of the Tiger is out eh.
  11. Aye,might be worth a prod Col,that's what I heard(sure it was Bill Gunston)the story with the III-O was.
  12. Near enough Col,Bill Gunston reckoned it was because the early model Mirage III was the "A",they couldn't use A for the Australian version,so they used "O" for "Orstralia"๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Aha,but who knows what the "O" stands for eh?
  14. Miggers

    Mustang iii interior

    Is that link to the sale of Ferocious Frankie(I know er's a "D") not any good mukka? https://www.aircraftrestorationcompany.com/ferocious-frankie
  15. Like the Tortoise,looks like a souped Jagdpanther(now there's a tank alright),but the Cruiser could have been built for the Russians. They'd love all that boiler plate and big rivets Big Beau looks very fruity,I wish Stephen Grey would say "Stuff flying it myself,I'll find some foo,er,nice bloke to do it"and get the beast finished and onto the show circuit.
  16. Miggers

    HobbyBoss F4F-4 Grumman Wildcat VF-6 USS Enterprise

    I use the airbrush(just air going through it obviously)turned down on pressure and a very soft brush to keep mine dusted.
  17. Miggers

    HobbyBoss F4F-4 Grumman Wildcat VF-6 USS Enterprise

    Grand job Dunc. Neither are really my bag(I prefer Martlet flavour),but they both look great.
  18. Miggers

    1:72 Walrus / SeaFox Detail Parts

    'Tis indeed a lovely little kit(built it meself eons ago) and quite accurate too I believe. MB's Shagbat was also very well received when it came out(around 1973/74 IIRC)and was mooted for it's accuracy and finesse. I remember "Scale Models" featured it back then and reckoned it was light years better than the old Airfix kit,it certainly looks impressive even now fully rigged up. That 8 page ref.was the only(and I really mean only)thing I could find with interior photo's of the 'Fox. Glad it's of use to 'Eee.
  19. Miggers

    1:72 Walrus / SeaFox Detail Parts

    Have a gander at this doc: http://s197.photobucket.com/user/JJELLIS_PHOTO/library/Fairey Seafox?sort=3&page=1 Cockpit placards,dunno if they're still available but possibly print and cut out a la old Airfix stylee? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1005371-plusmodel-c-064-fairey-seafox Not sure how accurate his internal detail is: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32333 but he does mention this: Scale Models Vol 6 nr 72 and reckons it was a good article with plans too. Who do you know that has a good stock of old Scale Models mags?,nowt on E-Bay or out there in thinternet land.
  20. Bung 'em on E-Bay Ken,there's always a healthy market on there for part/fully built models.
  21. No he's not,the tw*ts around here see it's a silver bullet 3 series Bimmer(indicators flashing or not)and think "F/U monkey,not letting some tw*t in a BMW out๐Ÿ–•", good job I have twaction control and aren't afraid to"spur the horses" at times,tight bahstuds Looks like downtown Chernobyl there Mr Brahn,like the T'Birds BTW,a scale "Tracy Island"to suit in the offing soon?
  22. Miggers

    Hobby Boss 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat with a twist

    Very nice indeedy Duncster. "Bulldog" eh,that could go down in a report TBH,though did I mention I have a 1/48th Spit 16 that I need some lettering and serial number masks making up for............................. Just saying like.........๐Ÿ˜‰
  23. Ear,ear,don't you lump that "Four Sprung Duck" crowd in with us indicator-less Bimmer Boys you wicked barskit you!!!!!. I could arrange for a gang of us Bimmer Boys to come a-parping our highly superior "gerrout the way" Germanic horns at you outside Grunhertz Towers you know and grass you up to your Audi pilot neighbours as to why this was happening๐Ÿ˜›
  24. Miggers

    Revell 1:72 Eurofighter Typhoon (03952)

    Wish the Germans would have sent this over for a few displays with GiNA when she was up and about,they'd have looked great together. Nice work John,I like the 71 "tulips"on the canards,a nice nod to Bubi Hartmann.
  25. Miggers

    Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Very neat Deano,very neat.