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  1. Owned a de-restricted RG125 Gamma that was great fun(the 12 bhp restricted boys never realised)and never owned a 250 Gamma but a mate did have a 350 YamaGamma that was an absolute riot.
  2. You need to suss out what he's into Dunc and then brandish some thrillers under his nose
  3. Good lad Dunc,in like Flynn...................
  4. Miggers

    Here comes the chopper

    There ya go y'see. Lots more "Boiler plate and big rivets",the Russians sure can make 'em big,beefy and ugly,no wonder they have big rotors and big old smoky engines,it takes a lot of waft to maul all that boiler plate and big rivets off the ground y'know. Keep the Wessex pics coming please Richard.
  5. I think if Mrs M thought I'd pulled a stunt like that,she'd have me on the business end of one of my own 12 bores. At the least she'd ruin the barrels by belting me over the noggin with 'em
  6. Miggers

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Yes Martin,use both seats and the table. The seat nearest the cockpit is the Navigator's seat,the one to the rear is the Wireless Operator's seat. Both were still in the Dams Lancs. If you paint from the back edge of the cockpit to the very front of the fuselage black,you'll be good. Across the rear of the cockpit between the pilot/flight engineer and the Nav's station was a black canvas curtain (not surprisingly known as the "blackout curtain")to shield the navigator from the glare of searchlights,exploding flak and so on. Also on the rear edge of the cockpit opening was the "head bash pad".As that suggests,the rear edge of the cockpit was completely covered by padding to stop any crew members from injuring themselves on the bare metal structure of the fuselage.The leather covering was either brown or green,the choice is yours. Something in the cockpit that is also not represented is the Flight Engineer's folding "dicky seat", this was on the right of the pilot's seat on the cockpit wall. Although normally folded up,(the F/E spent 90% of his time looking outside the cockpit)it is quite visible if you're doing yours without any crew aboard. Which aircraft are you doing Martin?(I suppose it'll be Mickey Martin's ED909/P-Popsie though will it)
  7. Miggers

    USS Akron

    Can we have a "How to re-size"(to 1/72nd scale)please Jess??? Those two look fabulous.
  8. Miggers

    Steam train restoration yard

    There's a few of those Bullieds that have had their casings restored. B.R rebuilt some them(Merchant Navy,Battle of Britain and West Country classes)in the 50's and took off the airsmooth casings.. Biggin Hill was classed as a "Light Pacific"(West Country class too): http://www.southern-locomotives.co.uk/Class_Details/Bulleid_Light_Pacifics.html Merchant Navies were a bigger more powerful beast built from 1941 to 1945 and once again re-built during the 1950's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SR_Merchant_Navy_class Sadly,most of all the classes met the gas-axe in the late 60's,Biggin Hill was withdrawn in 1967,but it seems her fate isn't documented.
  9. Miggers

    Tamiya 1/48 Douglas skyraider

    Looks to be coming along well Ken. They're a dirty great big brute of a thing and built like one too. That French pilot demonstrated that fact at Dux. a few years back when he mid-aired with that P-51. Poor old Rob Davies had to jump for it and his old 'Stang went in with a thump,the SPAD landed with a big lump of it's st'bd wing missing.
  10. Miggers

    A kind of pictorial cv

    Like that Belgie F-16,the one at Cosford last year gave a great(noisy)display. Is that Draken the old Airfix one at all?
  11. Miggers

    Smer 1/72 Hawker Tempest

    We have a bod on here (Muttley) that is involved with the project to get a Typhoon rebuilt and back in the air. Great work Dan on a good replica of the Me262's most dangerous opponent,the Hawker Tempest.
  12. Miggers

    Xtrakit Sea Vixen

    Had my stickies on one and flogged it but before I cloned it's interior for my Frog/Revell release. Nice work on a pig Dan.
  13. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    That RNethAF Neptune and the Astor look to be photographed at a familiar West Midlands airfield not a million miles from me Mr Campbell!!
  14. Miggers

    Nostalgic Modelling

    That name "Brian Sherrif"seems to ring a bell somehow. My "local" was Dean's post office in Congleton. Run by two brothers(Norman and Peter),they flogged bikes,prams,pre-school toys,normal toys,model railways and had a whopping model section,one of Peter's sons also raced RC cars so they also had a good selection of Tamiya RC. Out back,Peter built and repaired push bikes and motorbikes(Norman loved old Velocettes and BSA big singles). They shut down in the late Naughties,the brothers had retired and the internet boom was well and truly underway. Another was Alsager Toys and Models. That lasted from the mid Naughties up until a few years ago,another victim of a retiring owner and the internet.
  15. Air Canada?,gerroff with yer,get it done in BEA red square girl. You know you want to Jessicarh. Only pulling thee leg,it looks a great kit and will look great in any of the liveries it wore in service.
  16. Not going on that Chop are you?
  17. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Plenty of "Boiler plate and big rivets"on show there. That two-pew MiG 15(I think)want's a visit from the local Tyre and Battery to sort out it's flats I reckon.
  18. New job. Made redundant yesterday,starting new job on Monday(back at a firm I left 4 years ago). Skilled wet painters & powder coaters are in somewhat short supply it seems. My old Boss said"Thank god you've turned up,when can you start?"
  19. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Looks like someone lifted that paintjob from their old RC10's body I reckon Daz.
  20. Miggers

    The Stash.

    Didn't he get one in the ear'ole at a rate of knots from one of his "henchmen"at a show notsalongback???
  21. Miggers

    The Stash.

    As Basil would say "Boom-boom" See what happen's Richard? these ruffians go skiing "off-piste" without a moments notice.
  22. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Ooh aye,those 28 pot R-4360's just do belch it out.
  23. Miggers

    The Stash.

    Yeh,he keeps 'em "under the counter"...............................
  24. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    All fabulous,my favorites are the old b & w shots of stuff at Prestwick. I can just remember Connies,DC-6/7's,Airspeed Ambassador's(very smokey Centaurus start ups) and the odd Dak at Manchester in the mid/late 60's when my dear Dad used to take me spotting "on the top"(of the old terminal and piers),plus numerous BEA Viscounts,Vanguards, Comets(and Dan-Dare ones in the 70's),111's,Tridents and of course,the lovely BOAC 707's and VC10's. Another favorite "spot" was the old Derby airport with it's all grass runways,Derby Airways Daks and the very occasional Argonaut. the odd Dak could produce a "good start up"too,plenty of smoke and a spit and bang from one of their P&W's.