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  1. Bloody hell Daz,don't start putting spokes in his wheel,he's only just dared own up to wanting to do it Where's our Richy(Spadegrip)when you want him,he'll know. I'll see what I can find out for 222 Sqn. Bader/222 isn't really one of my favorites from the period,I'm a 92 Sqn sort.
  2. So!!!,you were one of those "tear-arses" that RWG used to pursue about the landscape are you? Good job he'd not got one of these: The V8 Interceptor Pursuit Special.600 bhp's worth of whistling,snarling 351 Cleveland power.
  3. I like the "grubbiness"of the old girl,these desert kites were very dusty and faded,that's getting there nicely Docteur.
  4. Advertising "Amphibious Holidays" or was it more like this? My Uncle had one once,his name was "Fivus" Nice work on the PBY too Pete.
  5. Spadegrip is my cousin Mac. We used to spend a lot of time as kids and used to holiday in and around Tenby in South Wales. There's three range complexes around the coast,Cardigan Bay to the North West,Pendine and Castle Martin on the South side. The Brawdy TWU Hunters used to go feet wet at Tenby and then run down to Pendine Ranges. Tenby harbour has a couple of huts on the quayside,they were "RAF Tenby",they had an ASRL/RSL based in the harbour just in case a Hunter pilot banged out.
  6. I've seen this before,Woodson's were the fore runners of the "shop window" models seen in many travel agents during the 50's,60's and early 70's. Woodson's were superb craftsmen.
  7. Right Duncster,the stage is yours,we await the impending WIP excitedly with very baited breath.
  8. Grand shots Al,I like the RAF Squadron/Station "zap" on the port door. This is the closest "civvy" version,the Cessna 170. This one has your name all over it Al: https://www.airteamimages.com/cessna-170_G-AORB_-private_89837.html Add some spats: https://www.airteamimages.com/cessna-170_G-MDAY_-private_23546.html Well polished and posing as a Luscombe Silvaire maybe? https://www.airteamimages.com/cessna-170_N1424D_-private_298333.html
  9. Yep. P/O Fuller-Shyte must be buying the pints tonight,he's left the flaps down.He must've fried the Merlin when he taxied in. His engine fitter and Chiefy must be well piffed off with him. Pilot's Notes do state that flaps must be "up" immediately after landing. As Edgar says,it depends on the the factory,Spits in general had door stencils both ways,Seafires one way read from the side,the thing there is "in general". Westland's for example, built both Spits and Sea's,AST built Sea's,converted Spits to Sea's and repaired Spits,so either way,it's 50-50 right/wrong. No one without absolute conclusive proof of the airframe and factory is going to say "Ere mate,your door stenciling is wrong". Give me the serial number you're building and I'll tell you where it was built,with what engine and pretty much where it went,how it went,to whom and probably it's fate,but not about the door stenciling. Unless someone can produce concrete evidence that Castle Brom.did this,Aldermaston did that, Phillips and Powis did the other,Southampton did the third thing........ You see where I'm coming from?we know a hell of a lot,there's also a hell of a lot we don't or at least, can't prove conclusively.
  10. Pretty close Mike. I know this and should have mentioned it properly as I have access to Edgar's notes Thus: Fittings, for crowbars, were installed, on the I & II, from February, 1941, and the crowbars, themselves, were factory­ fitted from January, 1942 (mods 320 & 483 apply.) I read (somewhere!) that the positioning of the stencils depended on the factory, and the Pilot's notes seem to bear this out, with Spitfires generally having two stencils readable up or down, with Seafires having a single stencil readable from the side. At a model show, many years ago, a man (obviously an ex­pilot) commented to me "All these lovely Spitfire models, but, you know, all the time that I was flying I never saw a red crowbar; green, black, or silver, never red." So,no clips on the cockpit door itself even on a B of B Mk1/1a.
  11. That's just it though,it doesn't and is very reliable. Bristol's copied it for the Centaurus.
  12. True. I'd be ok. Most farmer's I know have a shotgun cert. JD certainly make some fair tractors. The farm where I shoot has JD's and Fendt's, big ones too .
  13. Bit of a palava to get the thing going though: Far less faff with a Marshall:
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