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  1. Miggers


    My Vulcan B.Mk.2 is up on my loft airfield done as one of the original kit options(no not as '558 or '607)in the DG/DSG/LAG(I think) scheme
  2. Miggers


    But at least the intakes and jet pipes are separate,so if Hairfix don't come up with an S.1,the aftermarket boys surely will sort it out
  3. Miggers


    A Scimitar would've been great,but no,it's a new Vulcan(nowt up with the old one,well my old one at least) I reckon they'll add a bulged bombay door and do a Gulf War S.2B. IIRC,the Gulf War Buccs had their S.2 tips swapped for S.1 "small" tips,something to do with a better ride at low level over the desert.
  4. Some dimensional info: Obviously,I can't vouch for the accuracy of these drawings,but they may help Richard in giving us a run down on the kit's(and the Britavia one) accuracy. This bit of kit maybe of assistance: http://www.scalemodelersworld.com/online-scale-converter-tool.html For example,if those dimensions above are correct,then from the tail rotor shaft center to the main rotor shaft center is given as 28' 10"/8790mm,this converts to a shade over 123 mm in 1/72.
  5. Oh it's having 'em,SNEBs too. It's chuff is now sorted to take the airbrake assembly.
  6. I fixed the top halves together first. Be aware that the bottom halves have the sprue gates extended onto the mating surfaces............. Fettling the old rear fuse to take the new back end now.
  7. Nearly as good as mine....................................................................NOT If that's in his attic,then just how big is his bloody attic Ours(railway layout that is)is about 8' by 2' 6",so just a tad smaller than Rodders' creation.
  8. Grab the bull by the horns and get weaving man,get weaving
  9. Miggers

    Hisso SE

    Cheers yoof,with it now. Wasn't one engine a developement of the other?
  10. Nice bag Darren. The Bucker looks a beauty,I've always liked them and have the Heller 1/72 Jungmeister in the stash-tiny model it'll sit well with the L&S Pitts S.2 I have. Can't wait for a look-see at the Delta and our Richie reckon's that Airfix Fury is right up there with the 1/48 Lightning,the Bucc and the Spit 22/24/Seafire 46/47 kits. He's done a couple,they certainly look the part. Your Boss'll do a great job on those figures. That Flanker will look great Paul,big fan of that aeroplane and the Viggen kit should be nice too.
  11. Miggers

    Hisso SE

    Looks good Darbs,is it an SE.5 variant?(you can tell it's not got a Merlin/Griffon up front,he's asking what it is)
  12. I did notice the broken A/B section,is there also a bit missing in the middle?
  13. XV869 is one of the S.2B's offered in the original release of the 80's Bucc,I used those decals to do her in 809 guise,but overpainted the underwings in white. She's been taken down from RNAS Whitehill/HMS Loft-on-House this afternoon and has just had her original airbrakes removed preparatory to having the open set supplied by our agent in the far South-West fitted into the now gaping rear fuse. The old girl doesn't really warrant a hell of a lot of work save for the 'brakes,slippers,ally foil heat shields and maybe the SNEB's fitting and then a bit of a rub down, a mask out and a blow over with a fresh squirt of EDSG. Rummage in the spare decals for some stencils and other bits and bobs,the new 809 stuff and hey-ho,back to being parked with her Ark stablemate. I'll have a think Mr G.
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