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  1. Tex must've had lessons from Alex Henshaw,he used to roll Lancasters.
  2. I dare you to tell him his nosewheel door's off centre DC.
  3. Miggers


    It even combatted itself(IAF-RAF post war). Correct,it was produced pre-war,for the duration and post war,plus it was operated in many second line units( low hour Spit XVI's Packard 266 powered ) by the RAF well into the 1950's long after the RAuxAF units exchanged their 22/24's for jets. Doubled engine power(1030hp MIII's in early Mk1's to 2050hp G65's in XVIII's),100 mph faster and an over double increase in ROC(2150 FPM for a Mk1 to just under 5000 FPM for an XVIII). The above two were the first and last operated Service front line true fighter variants with the "original" B
  4. Miggers


    But then he'll have to come and shoot you with his "Wall-wallah" gun DC. Bloody fun sponge eradicators,they're a nuisance.
  5. Including this in here because the military vehicle converters/builder will like what's on show. A belly landed Hurricane IIc is dismantled and recovered in Burma. Look out for the free lunch(a bird)and if you've ever wondered how the 20mm cannons are removed from a Hurricane's wing,watch and you'll find out. An RAF Repair and Salvage Unit recovers a crashed Hawker Hurricane fighter-bomber near Sagaing, Burma. Full description A jeep and a lorry drive along a road passing bullock carts on the verges. An articulated flatbed lorry follows. The vehicles arrive at a crashe
  6. Just dropped by and saw your thread on a Dams Lanc,so here's my takes Flaps down on the ground when it's been parked for a while,like a P-51,the pressure "creeps" away. That's the radiator cooling shutters,they were put onto "automatic" so that as the engine cools down,the rad shutters close so that the ground crew,if they have to do any engine test runs,can roughly gauge the engine temps. All to do with engine priming,a hot or warm engine doesn't need any(the priming stations on a Lanc are up inside the wheel wells) If that's the case then GG is a ghost. I'd
  7. You know the navy's philosophy Dunkin: Build 'em big,build ,em strong,with plenty of power to go subsonic all day long.
  8. Don't mention that I've got guns either,I don't want her coming pestering me for a shooting iron to give you a barrel of buckshot up the *ss with..........
  9. That's two people I know then
  10. Keep going with it mac,B-25's are one of my favorites,a Gentleman's Aeroplane I've heard them described as. I hope you smacked yon cooking fat's ass for it. No chance of us ever having a muddy bloggy,Mrs M ain't a fan of and I'd imagine our Dachshund wouldn't be either.
  11. Smart indeed Gorbs. As for a bigger one,you could always get yer mitts on one of these and gussy it up
  12. Looks good Stavros,those JB Models are great little kits. BTW,I know a man who's got the FWC Landy ambulance kit in it's box.
  13. That's a corker mac. As to your silvering problem,have you(or the Mrs)got any Kleer(or similar)liquid floor polish such as this? Take a keen blade(such as a scalpel)and LIGHTLY slice right across the decal,put a spot of polish on the slice and let it "wick" under the decal,the silvering will disappear. Finally another light blow over with matt varnish will cover any glossy spots.
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