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  1. Oh right,so the goods in the Revell G-6 are actually the Hase stuff then Daz?
  2. Superb Dunc,I like the slightly "shop worn" look on RR and the mint clean BBD. Though I guess with BBD being the Colonel's personal steed,the groundies kept her up to scratch. Do another as a Red Tails chariot now. Pete Teichman will supply the pictures to work from.
  3. Tell your groundies to get it prepped,I want to take it for a spin. Top notch mate,very well done indeed. As you say,one of the most done 'Stangs,but as our Murrican chums would say, "She's a doozy"
  4. Well nice Mac. A great job on the faded O.D. When I did my Dak I gave her many,many light coats in varyingly lighter shades to get there,but it still doesn't look as well faded as that Fort.
  5. Lovely Brad,one of my favorite American twins. I did the Airfix one many years ago as the famous "Fire Eaters" one from the film "Always"
  6. Coupla pics. As you see,wings on and fettled,tailplanes and struts fitted: Ready for a lick of blue.
  7. Here's Molders explaining how the 109's simply fell apart in the sky as the Spitfires approached them, no guns needed. The tail issue wasn't addressed until 4 aircraft crashed in early 1941 and the investigation found that a resonant frequency from certain engine RPM setting were sheering the rivets in the tail structure causing the failure and that is when they decided to add the stiffeners. Bob Tuck demonstrating how it happened: Mr Tuck said very simply "NNyyoowwwn,Plonk" That's sorted that out for you eh boyos.
  8. PT462 is Anthony Hodgson's old TR.IX,he kept it on his farm strip at Rhuallt near St Asaph in North Wales for years. It was a regular in the skies of North Wales,Shropshire and Cheshire. Excellent stuff Jase,good choice of music too,Nimrod from Edward Elgar's Enigma variations. I'll try and catch up with you if you're at Cosford next year(if the show comes off of course).
  9. You know what happens next don't you Duncan? Bathroom,soap,mouth washed out. AGAIN.
  10. Isn't it elevator/rudder or elevator/aileron?,there's two,one behind the other.
  11. "Major" was his BBMF nickname,as in a majorday
  12. Probably made it a stiffer wing,the early series were known to suffer failures in a "hard" pullout from a fast dive.
  13. I think it would have been a better counter to the "Spitfire Menace",the G series ended up too flabby with not enough power,especially once the Griffon Spits came along when they then really met their match. Darren or Duncan are the 109-Tifosi.
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