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  1. Somefink you can rev the bag off,dump the clutch and pull a dirty great wheelie with
  2. Fabulous models and a cracking museum(love the Tatra 603). Many thanks for the photos Milan.
  3. The great sadly missed Benny Hill once mentioned a "theatrical magazine" named "Arts and Farces" in one of his comedy sketches many years ago. I'll have a shufty in my measly decal bank for you Huntsman.
  4. So it's actually a good-egg plane yes?,no yolk is it that.(you get back to your bogey hole you Miggers and carry on concocting things.) Got to be the aircrew,some of 'em have a very "devil may care" attitude when they're allowed to borrow other people's aeroplanes.
  5. That really is lovely Bobster. There is an airworthy one,it was over here in 2014,listen to that prop rasp:
  6. Right,so what mark of Anson?
  7. Didn't Airfix do a boxing of theirs with a EDSG/SG/W opton in a few years ago? I know the original was a Dutch crewed CC option in DE/DG/Sky
  8. That's what the man "next door" alluded to,way too many bits for what it was,but it looked the dog's doofers when built and painted.
  9. I know,it looks a real doozy. I have the Mick Bell drawings of it(to 1/76th though)and passed them onto out resident 3D printerer at The Lost Cosmodrome.................. Here's the ACE one: https://www.super-hobby.cz/products/FV-651-Mk.6-Crash-Tender-Salamander.html Someone "next door" did one and reckoned it was highly detailed but very,very fiddly to build.
  10. It's strongly fancied that the S&M one is actually the JB. I know about Ace's and their Salamander,they're supposed to ridiculously detailed and very,very fiddly to build. The Salamander retails for £25-£28 over here,bit stiff for such a small model TBH.(don't forget,I'm in the Laird's camp here)
  11. JB kits are great little models. I've done the Landy LWB soft top,the Bedford Tactical helicopter/Harrier refueller and also have a Landy FWC ambulance in the starsh. One I did miss out on some years ago(about 15 IIRC) was an Alvis Stalwart. At South Cheshire Militaire a bloke must've had about 25 boxes of 'em on a stall,muggins here didn't buy one and I've never ever seen one since. Apparently there's those who say it was on the stocks but never done,but there the kit was that day. It must be a very,very,very rare bird indeed.
  12. Je suis d'accord avec toi mon ami. If my schoolboy French is correct,Andy said that it's really great,and I've said that I agree with him.
  13. If the good Dr scrolls down this 'ere page,to just below the blue rectangle that says "full history"on it, he will see a slightly smaller green rectangle that says "download" on it,that is the PDF of the intructions. This 'ere page: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-2624-oh-58a-kiowa--151972 I would have thought that His Grace wouldn't have had the 1/72 Kiowa,but the 206 Jet Ranger instead. Note the "Glasgow" spelling on option B:
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