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  1. Miggers


    Dunno,you tell us !!!!!
  2. Guy Martin builds a WW1 tank: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=guy+martin+ww1+tank+full+programme+
  3. What Airfix Lidared: https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/TA639 Still showing it's TA639 serial,but painted to represent a B.XVI.
  4. How does Gerry go around corners? MMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW
  5. New Fs2004 'Schmitt 109E-1,Artur Beese's 9./JG.26 steed. Steady Darren........ http://www.sim-outhouse.com/soh_ftp/uploads/imageuploads/211116623105457542.jpg (highlight,right click,open in new windae) Not had go yet,I need to get some virtual display practice in. Should make a nice display pair with Rob Sanderson's lovely Hurri Mk1.
  6. The(no laughing or swearing now you lot)Airfix one was quite liked BITD too. I thought it looked priddy fair when I built it yonks ago. Interesting read about flying the -29: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/air-space-magazine/truth-about-mig-29-180952403/
  7. Probably "Arrrrrgos",also known for selling lots ae "Pirate Chandlery" such as big hats,shoulder parrots, Swashbuckler swords,Pieces of Eight(usually said by the shoulder parrots),peg-legs,Ha-Harrrrr,Me Hearties, plank walking planks and many other items of "stock-in" Pirate gear. Is that Mad Steve doing the,er,"test driving" there too?
  8. You ought to see the other picture of Ms Quimby(call me Seonaid) that I was illicitly shown(fully clothed of course),but very highly racy. Needless to say a certain "Scottish Lady"would have much to say about the quality of such photographic research....... Naturally,The Thread Owner will not be liable for loss or damage to any Ms Quimby or other property or damage or injury to any person or for the prevention of ingress to or egress from gawping at Ms Quimby's undercarriage caused by unauthorised use of gawping at said undercarriage. So there.
  9. Send Ms Quimby to investigate and get Security to keep an eye open.
  10. Ooh I dunno about not in use: http://www.castlekennedyairfield.co.uk/
  11. Very nice Jens,quite like a Catalina. RAF Cosford's is a nice ex-Danish 6A:
  12. Ah,he sounds like Dan,Dan,the Door Knocker Man and his mate,Nicky Knocker,the Door Knocker Nicker. These pair are well known in the town of Winsford,Cheshire for similar nefarious goings on.
  13. Well hello my dear Ms Quimby(may I call you Seonaid) Might a fine upstanding tweedy country gentleman from the very fair Notland county of Cheshire be of any assistance in this matter at all? I just happen to be in the area and all that. We might go to "The Spiral Dive"(local inn)for sustenance if you require
  14. It almost killed Winkle Brown after he hit a submerged object on his landing run and it turned over.
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