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  1. Alclad primer problems

    Good old Humbrol 64.
  2. Alclad primer problems

    Hiya Rich, This is the stuff we use for a zinc base coat,we then put a filler coat(Macropoxy 922) and a top coat(MacropoxyC137V2) on too,I'm a time served industrial sprayer BTW: http://protectiveemea.sherwin-williams.com/Search/SearchProduct?productCode=K267&isHEARProduct=False It is an industry standard two pack epoxy based product(pretty heavy too)generally aimed at waterside applications for steel or cast iron, so I'm not sure I'd like to use it on a plastic model TBH. I see you're in Wellingborough,try these boys: http://www.intensepaint.co.uk/ Surely they'll flog you a pint of thinners.
  3. Alclad primer problems

    I'd go with decent cellulose too(prolly Max Meyer auto paint stuff).
  4. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    It's a big beast innit,have to agree wiv 'em all Al,yon cammo looks great,nice feather edges and all that. A 'Vark in any way shape or form is something that I've never had the urge for myself,though maybe if the RAFF had ended up with them........... (Debs might have been on'Varks instead of a Rimnod,Albert and Mighty Dom driver)
  5. Well smart and as Debs says,a Shiney Two kite to boot. You'd think though that when they sprayed 'em for real they'd have had the wings fully forward
  6. Sea Fury Mini Guide

    If anyone is building a Sea Fury then shoot me a PM,I might have something useful for you reference wise.
  7. Alclad primer problems

    Hi Rich, Not tried any Alclad filler/primer(only Alclad paints),but have you tried cutting it at all? Is it like Alclad paints?,thin I know,but if I had to cut them it'd be with a "hot"thinners that would flash off as you're spraying it. Do Alclad do a thinners per se?,do they recommend thinning the filler primer at all? I use a 2K zinc rich filler primer at work,that has to be cut at a ratio of 4:1(the activator knocks it back a fair bit) and even then it can be a bit of a mare using a Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite running at 35psi(bit high I know for a Compliant gun) with a 1.4 needle and matching fluid tip.
  8. One for the Jug buffs

    RAF Jugs in Burma and in colour: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060025281 Watch for 'em bombing up using the "Armstrong" method and the shades. No self respecting fighter jock should fly without his shades
  9. Me262 A-1a, Komamando Nowotny-Poilot, Major Walter Nowotny

    Nice job Pete,she looks just like you could jump in and go for a ride. How many hours on those engines??
  10. Oh no not again

    Gooo-on lad.
  11. BF-109 G-2 Finland

    One of my fave 109 variants. Good job on her Drewe,love the Finnish finish.
  12. Spitfire XII

    Well,that looks positively unbuildable Len. Good job,it looks every inch a Spit XII to me.
  13. Airfix 1:72 Tiger Moth

    I think Doc G and Len Thompson really ought to run a rigging service for us bods that want to add these classic DeH types to our collections
  14. Southern Expo 2018 picture report

    God's teeth!!!! I pity the poor soul who had to fly that,no wonder his visor's down. It makes you wonder if the SHar didn't go out of service because it knew what might be coming at it's next major.............
  15. Southern Expo 2018 picture report

    Welcome and that. Tell you what though,that "Berlin Brigade" cammo'd F/A.18 makes my eyes go funny. Did the Yank Navy really paint 'em like that or is it a whiffer? The shine on that Cobra and '500 Snake are fantastic.