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  1. No,but they're a retro fit on a/c's built before the Mod. was introduced,hence they're seen on the very early Mk.1,K9942 in the museum at Cosford. Those strakes were introduced in January 1942. Another way around your wishes is to use as early a moulding as possible of the original Airfix Spit Vb. I know it has raised panel lines and a lack of interior,but shape and dimensionally,it still is a very accurate rendition of the Spit Vb. If you do go down that route,I can fix you up with a cockpit and I think,a Vokes filter for it.
  2. Use the new Airfix Vc and modify the wings back to Vb standard. Forget your other choices.
  3. Z1000R Eddie Lawson Replica. I'd nab that in a flash. Always wanted a real one,but not at the prices they command nowadays.
  4. T7 yes,t'other two,mad fool you.
  5. airworthy Pop that word in between pristine and Black Paul. Saw her the one year she displayed at Cosford,she looked and sounded superb. Cliff Spink is a grand bloke and always has a bit of a twinkle in his eye. Not Black 6,but Black 8 in action.Watch the amount of aileron input and the rather slow roll.
  6. Listen to the lovely R-985 and that prop rasp. Non of yer whining turbine or humming electric malarky:
  7. Great picture is that. Seems like "Jim Crow" nearly had a contact with Sensenitch moment there
  8. Oh dear. "Hot"thinners would've been safer,but I suppose you only had caustic soda.......
  9. That's venturing into Duncan territory( X5 replaced by Quatshite,etc)
  10. With great big MOFO'ing V8's in 'em too.Mmmm-mmm
  11. And with their noddy engines they usually get in the way of Teutonic Chargers up at cruising altitude too.
  12. Don't egg him on,he'll be wanting to borrow one of mine and I don't think the Post Office will approve of posting one, even to the Polis.....
  13. No chance.You know what LOTUS means?,Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious See the above,he needs to send it to moi. And a big stick of gelignite hopefully? Oi,oi,I like to dabble with those. One of these days I'm gonna fly down there in my virtual Learjet with some big lads and get'em to box your ear'oles
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