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  1. ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    Yes brother!!,can't beat a Gooney and you really can't beat a Gooney's smokey engine start. Great work Mutt,I love it very much.
  2. Airfix 1:72 Tiger Moth

    John Adams(Mr Aeroclub)pioneered this tweak a couple of years back"over there",IIRC,he too identified the problem as being the two mounting lugs and the shape of the aft end of the cowl. A bit of judicious trimming hither and thither got it to fit properly. I know I taped the fuselage of mine together and tweaked things pretty sharply as I wasn't far off being shot down "over there" for coming over here.... Anyway,if you do still slink in undercover,a quiet search for it might pay dividends(if you really want to know that is). In fact drg_n,IIRC,it was you that posed the question.....
  3. Spitfire 21

    Grand work on a rarely seen beast there Len. Very nice.
  4. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS.1

    Nice rendition of Sharkey's bus there Gareth.
  5. My first completion of 2018!

    Yeah Duncy-boy,but don't forget that Debs gets hither and thither when she's either racing her cars,teaching air cadets how to play with shooty things or even better,comes on summer camp to an RAF Station near you. Whips out mobile phone,look at this Mrs Dunc("HE WROTE WHAT",DUNCAAAAAANN,GET YOURSELF HERE RIGHT NOW"!!) Ha-har,what sport that'd be
  6. 1:48 Mitsubishi F-1

    Good work John. I was going to ask if the same team that penned the Jag were borrowed by Mitsubishi.
  7. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    As I re-read Cliff's original post,yer maan at Eduard actually said and I quote: " Well, generaly, the accessories for Sword models are not very good sellers, I am afraid." So my deduction of that statement is that they've done stuff before but because Sword kits don't appeal as well or sell as many as the likes of Revell,Airfix,Hasegawa or WHY(other makes are available),so why tool up to make something that won't sell many units when you know that other brands are more popular and a good return can be made on the investment. So on that note Paul the Walrus with his above copied lines,has just about hit the nail on the head,the G.55 will no doubt be a very nice kit that makes a nice model but one that will never sell as much as a Ju87B-2.
  8. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    That Gannet AEW of mine certainly doesn't look a limited run kit either. Just looked,it doesn't actually say "Eduard"on the etch fret,but it does say "Made in Czech Republic",so it's a fair bet it's done by Eduard. But checking around t'internet,the kit is out of stock pretty much everywhere.......
  9. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Good point well made... I was questioning the accuracy of a particular Sword kit and so giving a possible reason for the O.P's opening statement. Let's look at it another way though. If you're a Fleet Air Arm fan and wanted to make a decent stab at a 60's/70's RN carrier air group,you'd need a Gannet AEW.3. For a good while,the only game in town was the Aeroclub conversion based on the ancient Frog Gannet. Suddenly a couple of years ago,a Gannet AEW.3 1/72nd injection moulded kit bursts onto the scene,done by,yes,Sword. Being primarily an FAA buff myself,I read the favorable reviews and snapped one up ASAP. http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/sword72088reviewmd_1.htm Very nice it is too,it fits the published "weights and measures"(the G.A's and leading particulars for those that don't get it)pretty much spot-on. It's a well moulded and appointed kit(bit of etch and a film for the I/P too),the only "banana skins" are the 849 "Bee"decals and the fact that the fuselage and wing strengthener straps are a little over done(better than under done)but can be reduced to look more like prototype. The question is this though,if there are that many FAA fans out there(look at the clamour to bag the new Afx Phantom FG.1),then how come there hasn't been a plethora of these sword AEW.3's "in progress"? Are Sword kits really that unpopular? and if so,why??
  10. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    I saw that review Paul when casting about for a suitable kit to work with and you know what? it almost sold it to me. It's just that I had an Afx 22 spare in the stash(with the intention of actually doing it as a 22)and knowing how good that Griffon fuselage is and could be combined with a c or e wing(I have plenty of Spit-bits),whichever fitted the 22's root fairings chord-wise the best and being naturally a little frugal,I thought I'd use the F/dog tail rather than buy another complete kit.
  11. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Correct Len. But you get the rear fuselage from F/dog from the transport joint aft complete with fin,rudder and tailplane roots (admitedly,it is sold as "for the Sword XIVe"). The rear fuselage bit is 1.5mm wider than the Afx 22's rear fuse,which also throws the cross section of the fin and rudder out, I know the 22 is very good,so it begs the question,how good is the Sword XIVe ?
  12. OK, so It's been asked before, but...

    Absolutely correct,I am a sprayer by trade and honestly,the more light(preferably as "white"as in LED white)as possible,the better. Also make sure that any electrical equipment(such as a midway fan) is explosion proof,you're drawing a highly volatile mist that's well mixed with oxygen and "fuel" down that exhaust,a spark(there's your source of ignition) from an unsheilded fan's motor.........
  13. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Ok,here's my take. I recently decided to add a Spit.XVIII to my collection,so looked around for a kit to use. A bit of Googling threw up the AZ kit(very hard to find)or the Sword XIVe with the RV fuselage(pricey at £12-£15). I have quite a few "Spit bits" knocking about,so went for a rummage and turned up a spare c wing to convert to the XVIII's e and an Airfix F.22 kit(known for it's accuracy) for the fuselage and all the the other bits. I needed a big rudder,so ordered one from Freightdog which was for the Sword XIVe kit. Now if that rudder and tail IS designed for the Sword kit,then it's about 1.5mm too wide at the transport joint to fit the Airfix 22's fuselage,so for me,Airfix F.22 accuracy ,Sword XIVe accuracy. I'm not saying that the Freightdog tail is innacurate,but unfortunately,the kit it's designed to be used with must be otherwise it would've fit the accurate width F.22 fuselage. Although I've not had "hands on" with any of the Eastern European 1/72 Spit kits,when a man I know spends £16 on an SH Seafire FR.47,then buys an Airfix Spit F.22 and hacks the u/c blisters off the SH wing,rebuilds the SH contra prop and just takes the big chin intake and the arrestor hook to fit those parts to the F.22 (he did a bit more to the F.22 too),then I'm a bit sceptical about Eastern Euro 1/72 Spit kits accuracy.......
  14. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    Thinking about it Paul,that's what I heard and it does make sense.
  15. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    That'pit looks the dogs alright. Can't help but think that Airfix missed the boat placard wise years ago with their big 1/24th Pony. Good work on the wing too,a lot seem to forget it was "laminar" and therefore as many joints were filled and smoothed before priming and painting as possible. Apparently it didn't take much to upset the laminar airflow and create drag(Debs could do with giving us a good rundown on it really).