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  1. So,er,you didnae go to any Tat shop where they played that little ditty then Dunc.
  2. Wojja mean confused Steve The Mad? That is the Scottish anthem isn't it?
  3. At the "Scottish Tattoo Shop" silly boy. You know the one,they all wear kilts and the Scottish National Anthem is playing:
  4. RHD are for the local yokels,LHD are for export over the border only and are marked as such. Naturally, what is flogged to the wild locals and what is sent for the far more lucrative export markets is very closely monitored and supervised.
  5. So,judging by the lack of useful replies, my plan is just "Donald Ducked"😁
  6. Theme from Dorrzitt aren't too bad either,speshly with a big wedge of apple cake for afters. Bung a jag in that Nissan jam jar and bring 'em down for us Dunkin. Birdie pies???,I can sort that out(bang-bang),can't beat a nice pheasant pie,.........
  7. I suppose he trained at Ringway too,No.1 PTS and dropped into Tatton Park.
  8. Now then,if you did one of the Rothmans cars,you could get one of the old ESCI Rothmans Escort BDA's to go with it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ITALERI-3650-Ford-Escort-MK-II-RS1800-Lombard-RAC-Rally-1-24-Car-Model-Kit/382952066752?epid=6024737323&hash=item5929b8cec0:g:r8EAAOSwU5lc2d6s Go on son,fill yer boots
  9. I've got the SH Sea Balliol and I must say it looks very crisp indeed, I'd imagine the fit should be very good. (Famous last words eh)
  10. Dunna worry mate,a lot of UK registered "works" cars were left hookers because they driven by European crews. She's looking good.
  11. Go for it Jase,she'll look great. I think I may have sussed why there was a difference between British and American paraDak jump equipment,the British strop apparently fixed to a runner in the floor,whereas the American used the more familiar "hook on the wire in the ceiling" set up,hence the different methods of covers and tape for the airframe.
  12. Rod Stewart has donated £10,000 to help sort things out and has asked a few other celebrity model railway enthusiasts to dig deep: https://more.talktalk.co.uk/news/2019/05/20/sir-rod-stewart-on-model-railway-exhibition-destruction-i-feel-their-pain
  13. You aren't kidding,he's very,very,very ,very brave indeed,in fact he's far braver than he thinks he is And him up there^^^,last post afore this,yes that Gorby sort
  14. Did you put it on side draughts too or retain the injection Daz?
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