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  1. Built the ex-MB Twotter ages ago,it's a nice little kit. I've got the Lanc book too,though mine is the "Ton-Up Lancs" version of it. There's some corkers in it,it'll make you think about doing a Ton-Up Lanc I tell you. My two favourites are ED611/Uncle Joe and ME812/Fair Fighter's Revenge.
  2. Not as long as the Yanks have though you nerk. Doesn't look too bad for a cheapo Japanese copy of the real thing TBH. Personally I'd have the real deal or at least bob the cheap Japanese copy and bung a decent set of pipes on it so that it at least sounded like a big inch V twin instead of a weedy vacuum cleaner humming and wheezing away.
  3. Hoo-hoo,a Z4 M4.0i,they're an absolute gas to drive. The CAD designer at work has an M140i with the paddle shift SMG 'box,it's a proper monster.
  4. Almost like they're going to have a crack at this:
  5. Is that the famous "Hullsh*t" moment after Charliewalks in?. As an aside,we used to have a very skilled hairdresser in town back then who was very adept at Mav's haircut at the time,I still have a pair of "pukka" Mav Ray-Bans..... These pair should look good Jase.
  6. Three of ours are that colour,Guardsman,Sovereign and Courier. Enterprise is in Desert Sand,the Governor is BR Rail Blue,Pioneer is Brunswick Green,Musketeer is Chromatic Blue. All full buffer beam details(three link coupler/hooks,air brake and train heating pipes)on the A end, a couple are similarly detailed on the B end too(Courier and the Governor IIRC). If you need to make air brake,vacuum brake(the big cylinder thing on the Baureihe)or train heating pipes,electric guitar strings are perfect for the job. If you fancy doing a British steamer,the old Airfix B.R
  7. That's the one Longy,cheers matey.
  8. Yeah but I don't know that much about steam locos compared to these beauties: That's a B.R (Western Region)Class 52 "Western" diesel hydraulic.Built at Swindon and Crewe between 1961 and 1964, that one is D1062,"Western Courier".She lives on the Severn Valley Railway.We have seven of 'em in our layout fleet. This is the only steamer we have: It's a re-built "Merchant Navy" class Bullied 4-6-2 express/heavy freight loco. Very good work on the Baureihe,it'd be roughly in the same class as the Merchant Navy.
  9. I've always wanted to go . Bit of useless,Maggie G-AFBS and Oxbox V3388 came from the Strathallan Collection,they were both flyers. G-AFBS was the subject originally on the Frog Maggie's decal sheet,her service serial is BB661 and she is actually a 1937 built Hawk III Trainer. Steven Grey's Beaufighter,I see they're having some progress with it but the major stumbling block was finding a nice pair of Big Bristols to power it and the fact that Mr Grey himself couldn't get insurance on hisself to fly it. Having seen a Blackbird in it's natural(Mildenhall late 80's),
  10. I'm thinking the strains of "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler"(you all know the rest eh?). Grand pics there Gorbers,judging from mud on wheels and tyres,it looks like some of 'em "gather dust"in more ways than one.
  11. Looks like they run with the cylinder drain cocks permanently open too. They're usually left open when the cylinders are cold to help stop the steam condensing and damaging the piston seals,so running hot cylinders with them open must lose a fair bit of power.
  12. And,being typical Japanese,is almost a blatant copy of a Harley Shovelhead or 1340 Evo motor. My man in Aus. has the latest 117c.i "Milwaukee Eight"in his new toy. Like the spokey wheeley dodge yoof.
  13. For any building scenery you fancy adding,it might be an idea to have a look here: https://www.faller.de/en/ Their stuff is all to 1/87 or HO scale and German or Austrian styles. There is also Woodland Scenics,their stuff is also to 1/87,but is mainly aimed at the Murrycan market. British stuff,such as Peco or Superquick do make some 1/87,but theirs are mainly aimed at the 1/76 scale or OO markets and tend to be British> Superquick:https://www.superquick.co.uk/model-kits Peco: https://peco-uk.com/pages/peco-products
  14. Ah!!!,you might be quite surprised there Sprockers my old fruit: http://www.modelrailwayclubs.co.uk/articles-and-guides/what-scale-is-oo--the-difference-between-ho-and-oo-scales
  15. Don't tell him Pike!!!!!
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