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  1. Just two pics two night: Been waiting for 30+ years for "Dad" to get that phoenix on my fin Slippers(I am 30+years old "Dad" reckons,so I'd like my slippers)SNEBs,undercart,aerials and other assorted bits,oh and a bit of weathering.
  2. In 2000 I paid £40 secondhand for one of these: Here's a few photos of it sitting on it's dispersal I took about 12 years ago of it; https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/resitech-1-72-bae-tsr-2-t6445.html I'll have to find it(tucked up in it's box),add the ground vehicles I built for it and take some modern pic's for ya'll's delectation.
  3. Ta Darbs. Shows yer what I know about "foreign"machinery aboard our carriers that hasn't got "ROYAL NAVY" scrawled all up the side of it I knew the one next to it is an A-7 Corsair(he likes those)but at least I got it's manufacturer right,Grumm'um
  4. You bet it is Paul. I like how the roof rats have hooked a Palouste upto that Grumman thingy(Erm,Prowler is it),sort of a "Watch THIS bit of apparatus start your engines squire"
  5. Hear,hear. Couldn't agree more with you there your Lairdinesship. A Scimitar would be lovely without having to pay an arm and leg for an Xtrakit one or two arms,a leg and your eye teeth for a CMR jobbie. Mine is a Contrail one,it looks the part(first vacform I ever tackled,and the only one I think),well,you can tell it's a Scimitar anyway.
  6. Bit like this rascal? It's a fairly local WW2 event we go to in the May bank holiday. More pics here:
  7. We're getting there Swashbuckle fans: This old Motorola cam is poor,I can't wait to get the Galaxy repaired.
  8. Elegant somehow,but I can't help but think a change to turbine power would have made it a far more capable machine(a la Whirlwind and Wessex) than it was on the power of those Leonides.
  9. How 'bout this me old Frostie scoffer: Skymaster Helijet from Thunderbirds
  10. Well,that percussion certainly makes my drumming seem pretty tame........
  11. And that bollard he "made contact" with?,I used to work for the firm that made'em Meanwhile here's a liddle tune for all you Helicopter GB participanters
  12. I think you'll find the basic airframe is Matchbox in origin Mr Brahn.
  13. Me too. I don't mind pulling aeros a bit not to the point of barf.
  14. Well fellow Swashbucklers, apart from the hood and SNEBs(when the SNEBs have been painted),all(most) stenciling has now been applied. Tomorrow night the fun part begins,national markings,serials,titling and unit markings. Pics the 'morrow.
  15. One of my late Dad's first "Trumpets"(he had a few as well as liking to pinch my Suzuki 185 and 750 Bonnie for a "quick blast" around the block)was the 350 3TA "21" with the full"bath tub" in the Light metallic Blue. He also had a 650 Thunderbird(with a matching "Watsonian" chair) and a 650 Trophy in the same colour.
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