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  1. Felt like that when we bowled into Lidl in Crewe this morning(Mrs M likes the wine). Didn't speak the local lingo(Romanian/Polish/WHY,other Eastern European languages are available). It sounded like we'd arrived in an Eastern European town rather than one less than ten miles from The Towers.
  2. What I want to know is,are you going to frame the boxtop painting as suggested Sprockers? Happy birthday Leo. Nice Spit Vb,Ian R "the Widge" Gleed's personal aircraft too(IR*G)
  3. Here you go your Grace,proper Klassic Kawasaki Z's Z1B 900,known as The Nasty Nine; Z650,also known as a Z6
  4. We've got two "Ernest's" at work,one is the driver,the other is a work shy lazy barstid. Not sure about relish though.
  5. He's looking for 1/72 Dragon Rapide decals,specifically the King's Flight ones from the Airfix issue of the Heller kit. It's the ones for G-ACTT on the above sheet. I have them for him,but the problem is that Royal Mail are requesting that customers refrain from sending letters/parcels overseas due to a cyber attack cocking up their system. Has anyone in the Northern U.S(specifically Canada)got a spare set that can be sent to him via U.S Mail/Canadian Post at all? I hate to let anyone down,but we here in UK are really struggling to send anything internationally.
  6. I for one have always had a thing for big inch Murrycan Muscle. A bod I knew in the 70's had a Formula 400 Pontiac big block in a T-Bucket on side pipes,sounded well. When Smokey and the Bandit was in vogue,there were a fair few 455 Trans-Am's knocking about too. The blue suits it well mate.
  7. Can't beat an old Kwacker Z series,go like stink,make a right racket and easily fixed.
  8. Miggers

    My January

    Love those two 'Arriers.
  9. That 409 ci with the dual quads(twin 4 barrel Holley carbs)knocked out a juicy 425 hp and a stonking 400 ft lbs of torque,not bad for 1962 eh. Here we have a 62 Bel Air with that 409 and 4 speed Muncie M21,many were specc'ed with the 4 speed Muncie, that lovely 409's 425 gee-gees get let out for a romp.Enjoy Sprockers.
  10. Herr Rittmeister would be impressed. Good trio there cocker.
  11. Miggers

    Tiger I

    'Tis indeed the jack. That looks like a Tiger Ausf E (Sd.Kfz 181),so would probably be fitted with the 20TL version,see below. https://www.panzerbasics.com/panzer/01_basics/03_Equipment/jack.htm
  12. Listen mate,I know you said you were thinking of a new bike,but you know,I mean,it's hardly a Yam R1 is it? That was the year it was first built,bin modified over the last few years a bit though. Hmm,I rather like Brazilian coffee you know.There's an awful lot in Brazil isn't there?
  13. Numerous Bestmenn 'ere; https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/search?type=Bucker+Bu.181+Bestmann&date_taken=&information=&tag_fields=[]
  14. Ja. Shamelessly pilfered from elsewhere: "The Bücker factory at Rangsdorf built most of the Bü 181's, but because of demand was forced to license the design to the Fokker Company in the Netherlands, who subsequently built 373 of the type for the Luftwaffe all of which were delivered by the end of 1943. Production of both the Bü 181B and the slightly modified Bü 181C was begun by Fokker in Amsterdam in 1942 and its total wartime production was 708 aircraft. The Bü 181 was also built by Zlin Aviation Works plant in Zlin, in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and after the Ger
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