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  1. Well,I've learned something there I must say. Thanks for the tutorial jess.
  2. Well,come on,get digging then old bean.
  3. I think so too,but with no mugshot,Al is going to be 50% right,50%wrong and someone's got to prove it either way with photographic edivence,of which,we're struggling to find ourselves.
  4. AS-14 is also quoted in Warpaint 23 as the temporary serial allocated whilst with Indonesia on loan from Fairey. It was first "AL-14" then re-numbered "AS-14". On it's return to Fairey,it reverted back to 'AYPO/WN365 but was earmarked for T.5 conversion and re-serialled XT752 as a "new"(converted)airframe. There is one picture of it in Warpaint 23 as WN365 in all over silver with yellow training bands,but carrying standard 4" titling and serials. I too would imagine the civil G-AYPO would be beneath or just ahead of the tailplanes but possibly in 8" or 12" script.
  5. Nice shots of a lovely classic DeH there Al,but it looks like you've scared it waving a lens at it,it's done a little poo-poo in it's kitty litter tray......
  6. If you want a nice simple scheme without all the farting about,try this Paul: Early production at a training school,turret 213,can't remember the unit number,though sPz-Abt 501 rings a bell. I've a few more pics of the brute if you fancy it mate.
  7. Nice job Brad,racing Mustangs tend to be a bit neglected. I remember some years ago taking a Mustang to an online air-race,all was going well(turn left,left,left)until the Merlin went BANG in my face,we were racing just off my deceased friend's virtual air ranch in Hawaii,I just manged to dead stick onto a slithery belly landing on his private beach.
  8. Miggers


    I mentioned to th'Laird in our backroom that "across the road" were also down,so they must be on the same servers as us. Good to know that it wasn't only our chips that were pee'd on over the weekend eh.
  9. Two motors,two gearboxes and a mixer for your ESC or work out a mechanical track brake set up linked to when Heinrich(typical Afrika Korps bloke name) turns the 'andlebars it brakes the inside track a bit..... Or filtch a gearbox/motors set up from a Tamiya 1/35 motorised tank (I bet you've got some of those eh)........
  10. Was that re-painting the ones in the Station Commander's garden then?
  11. Working suspension and tracks eh,not worked out how to r/c it yet then Steve?
  12. Someone was definitely having a go of something delivered by a young hooded gent on a scooter to produce a certain mind altering state when knocking up that there creature methinks.
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