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  1. Yep,you'll only need your gas-axe for that Allez-Oop.
  2. Lawnmowers. The cover is off another book he's found.
  3. Are you engineering a 1/5th scale Gypo Major for that Chippie Doc? That'd be really neat😘.
  4. Bet they'd run(well,slither down)rapido if someone turned up revving a chainsaw
  5. Need's it to shift all that boiler plate and big rivets............. 'Is Lairdship doesn't "mesh"about does he? Or in the words of the great Mr Oliver Hardy "Here's another fine mesh you've all gotten me into"
  6. Woof-woof as they say in Blackadder II. The Mil gets it from me too. Can't beat boilerplate and big rivets...
  7. Lovely job Saun. Got one in the stash myself,but it'll end up a bit grubbier than your shiney "Tremblers" version.
  8. With RG posing as Frank Beard(he's the drummer and he hasn't got one) But don't forget this is the Scottish tribute mob Jess, ZZ Torp.(Scottish accent,think Scottish accent Greedy Whopper...
  9. I used to wear mine to spray all kinds of paint,1k,2k,etch primers,all sorts,until the powers that be said we had to wear full face air fed jobs for 2k(it can be nasty stuff). Been wearing out and about whilst this virus is abroad,it get's some looks I tell ye from the girlie dust-mask togged sorts. In other news,I too have a P-40 to do,one of the Airfix Tomahawks(bought from Aldi as a starter set),I fancy a 1686 BDTF kite. Their P-40 were ex-112 Sqn DAF kites repainted into the TLS but they retained their Sharkmouths whilst with 1686 on "Bullseye" training based here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Hixon Thus: https://www.search.staffspasttrack.org.uk/Details.aspx?&ResourceID=2579&PageIndex=1&SearchType=2&ThemeID=352
  10. The very fellow. I've got one of those too,used it many,many times in my once professional life(out of the game now). I see you have the correct filter on it with the brown and grey stripes,they filter out all the VOC nasties.
  11. Steel wheeled mid production Tiger. Nice.
  12. Some people do so lower the tone.....😝 Yes Alex,as the "downstairs bog" set would say,don't go too far to town,build and enjoy.
  13. No boilerplate and no big rivets Comrade Jessski !!! what is world coming to.
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