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  1. Ferocious Frankie up for sale

    In the dicky seat silly. The Jack Russell will have to sit in her knee though.
  2. Ferocious Frankie up for sale

    Mrs M wanted to know what it'll do to the gallon when towing our touring caravan,I said just a tad less than the Bimmer does,but with 27 ltr under the bonnet,steep hills won't be a problem at all.......................................
  3. As above she's up for sale with ARCo as noticed on Key Forums. Click on the link for some decent shots of a well restored and maintained P51D's cockpit,but don't leave it too long before you look, she has been sold so not sure how long the pics will be on ARCo's site for. https://www.aircraftrestorationcompany.com/ferocious-frankie Note that pic 9 shows the "dicky seat" fitted in the rear tank position,something not oft pictured in Mustangs. Sad day to see her go,that'll leave just MH434 on the OFMC's books now. And if you really must know,it isn't me that's the happy buyer,I'd have to sell my treasured Bimmer and I'd struggle to get to work in Frankie, no where to land her you see............
  4. Airfix Beaufighter TF.10

    Think I'd have just run my razor saw thru those cowling gills,but other than that,yep,I like what I see. Tell you what,it makes you realise just how long the Hispano 20mm was.
  5. Airfix Skytrain

    Blimey Al,you've done in five minutes what took me 18 months. What are you going for? the D-Day paratroopship,the post war Arctic kite or something completely different? Para/cargo doors open or closed?
  6. Airfix Skytrain

    I didn't on the root fillet pieces,but did on the wing root joints and it's a bit of a mare to smooth out because the fuel tank vent fairings get in the way. BTW folks,I will put mine up in the gallery soon,the other bits to go with it are ticking over nicely.
  7. AMT 1/72 Ju88C-4

    Looks as though it'll go a lot faster you mean Darb,you know things painted black a lots faster than normal ones. Black Ju88's do look far better than the later Nachtjagd light blue/grey schemes.
  8. Revell 1/48 Bf110G-4 Nightfighter

    Very nice indeed Mike,can't fault a Luftwaffe nachtjager.
  9. Airfix Skytrain

    S'right. I just blew mine over in green,put the I/P decal on and left it at that. The paradoor is open on mine,but you can't see up inside it.
  10. Heller 1/72 Nord 2501 Noratlas

    Yep,it hits the spot for me too Al. I wonder how it compared to the C119G ?
  11. Sdkfz 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer "Elephant"

    Supposed to have been a bit of a beast I believe. A very competent AFV on the Porsche chassis. I like on the box lid how it's a bit of a "We haven't not got much zimmerit paste in stock lads,so we'll just put it on up as high as those short a*sed Russian squaddies can reach with a sticky mine"
  12. Academy 1/72 OV-10A Bronco

    Bit of inspiration for you Al:
  13. AMT 1/72 Ju88C-4

    Mm-mmmm,I've always like the Ju88 nightfighters.
  14. Airfix Beaufighter TF.10

    Same here Al. Go for it. Looking at the breakdown of parts,I'd say there's some earlier versions(sans big dorsal)in the offing from the 'Fix too.
  15. Airfix Skytrain

    Take your time with it Al,it's very tightly toleranced,so make sure all the mating surfaces are clear of paint. I found the upper fuse.joint to be fragile when handling it(mine isn't perfect),also watch the fit of the main spar,many(self included) found that it needs to be reduced in height slightly otherwise wing panel fit is a bit gappy. The fuselage root fairing inserts need to be fitted carefully too. The engine cowling fit is also fragile and the prop shafts are thinner than their mounting holes in the propellers. The extra torque link thingies on the undercart legs are a mare to fit too. Having said all that,it captures the look of the Dak like no other kit of the Dak does, I'd say it's nigh on the bog's dollox for looks.