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  1. Miggers

    Seafire III

    Yes,and from what I remember,she was in a pretty poor state when she came back from French use,at one time(some 30-odd years ago), she was actually considered beyond redemption and was only just about fit for static display.
  2. Miggers

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Part 4 Martin,the one with the armor. Lanc's were interior green up to the cockpit area and then black cockpit and bomb aimer's "hole". It's the square box that the seat fixes on to that needs moving forward and the kind of "box on a stick" part shown above behind the seat?, leave that out,Dams Lanc's didn't have that fitted. It's actually the navigator's H2S screen. The wheel wells can be black or green,but inside them is a representation of the wing structure,behind them are the ends of the fuel tanks,the fuel tanks were a dull brick red colour.
  3. Miggers

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Good point Paul. I left it alone on mine,having seen the BBMF Lanc up very close,I thought the outer panel dihedral wasn't too far off for an "unloaded"wing TBH.
  4. Miggers

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Hiya Martin. Anything you want to know just shout up. I have loads of information on Lancasters in general and a lot of it applies to the Dams aircraft too. There are some things in the cockpit area that Revel missed and needs adding,there are some things that need changing, and some things that need leaving out or off. For a start,the pilot's seat needs moving forward( I think about 4mm)so that it lines up with the sliding window, that's the one port side right behind the windscreen other wise the pilot needs very long legs to reach the rudder pedals for a start. As I say just shout up. Whose are those drawings you have there Martin?those radiators look like the enlarged ones fitted to the B.I(FE)or B.VII(FE) for better cooling in high temperature use in the Far East against the Japanese forces.
  5. No probs mate. I do shoot(shotguns though),so I know a bit about guns.
  6. And bawling "Get that thing out of my way Willie" as well as "Get those cowlings on and those step ladders out of the bloody way" AND puffing on the famous pipe. Anyway Jess,Gorby said no rivet counting......... BTW Jess,have you heard from Debs????
  7. Yeh and if it pee's on 'em they'll go rusty As I said to Steve t'other night,you'd have more than likely found me blithering on about Spitfires,Seafires,Lancasters and other such worthies in the WWII,WIP and RFI sections with the likes of Edgar Brookes,Graham Boak,Gingerbob,etc to whichever poor unfortunate had asked some obscure question.
  8. It's a bit of a thing when you can't go for a quiet cr*p without Adolf(or in this case his lookie-likee)staring at you I think. That bloke at the blackboard must be thinking"If I glue the upper wing panels on first that'll mean no filler"..... Him sitting on the back of the Opel having a sly fag will be on a fizzer if "Flight"(or whatever the Luftwaffe's equivalent rank was) spot's him. Great work fellow. BTW,"Spot the joke: Those machine guns in the first pic.on the table look 'orribly like Brownings.........
  9. I remember that from "elsewhere" Gorb,I like how "Douglas" is swinging the old tin legs to get to his Hurri. I can almost hear him bawling at the 'erks to get those cowlings on and those steps out of the way. Still looks good mate.
  10. Miggers

    Growler at Prestwick

    I thought it was going to be some blighter's Alsatian................
  11. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

  12. Miggers

    Show us your Tornadoes.

    I know what you mean,I too can remember the Fin coming into service,we were well excited about spying one.
  13. Miggers

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    About time someone did a new tool Vulcan............................................................ Some great shots there boys,the one of the Alien Hind is particularly interesting. And less of this naughty talk about Spiffires too,you'll have Col to answer to you know.
  14. Miggers

    MSG/BG SHar

    Cheers my maan,I'll have a shufty. The SHar is a little down the line yet but as they say in Tesco's,every little helps.
  15. Miggers

    Airfix 1:48 Bristol Blenheim

    It certainly does look pretty fair Nige,definitely close to the "real" one that was parked on the grass at Cosford last year. (Kept an ear and one eye on it displaying whilst gassing to Debs)