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  1. That's because MDC have got wind of "Spitstapo" raids by black hatted and coated types in a "commandeered" Black Mariah and scooping up "evidence",so they've shut the doors to such conversion kits to all but real die hard knowledgeable Spitfire enthusiasts,not some dubiously garbed 109 "Experten" Rumbled y'see you lot,rumbled.
  2. Here she is,deH's last fighter in her drone garb: the undercart bays need a bit of a touch-up,the IFR dummy and wing tips need black applying then it's the exciting bit,decalling her up and bringing her to life.
  3. It's Spitfire Night. Yes folks,Foxy and the Seafire 46 conversion can have a rest tonight. So girls and boys,interior colours. Everyone knows these early Eastleigh built Spits were "Apple Green" inside the cockpit and some for'rard fuselage areas don't they. Basically from Frame 5(the firewall) to Frame 11(the one that mounts the seat),for'rard and aft of that they were primered and then silver doped(pretty much Mk's I-V).After V's,things changed,especially with CBAF's,Westland's and Cunliffe-Owen(C-O mostly built/converted Seafires,Westland's late batch Mk.I
  4. If you want the modern F1 cars to sound like "proper" F1 cars,then yes,that's what they do.
  5. Not sure,it's not a major structural mod,they were introduced 19-7-42,merely external stiffeners added to V's that were pulling G's,but retro fitted to earlier marks in OTU/BDF in service,
  6. Correct. Don't put them on. The airframe is basically as refurbished by Medway a few years ago. They left the strips on.
  7. A grandad of an engine is that,the Ford "flathead"V8.
  8. Ideally your Lairdship,you could do with the early flat sided hood too(not got one I'm afraid)rather than the later "blown"type.
  9. Initial cockpit and internal paintwork started,pics tomorrow night. Foxy has again taken up the space(see her thread up in the aviation WIP).
  10. She's had her final coat of red and has been partially unmasked,this has revealed a few points where the tape has kindly removed the yellow and grey primer,touch up required before she shows herself.
  11. The best most honest review with constructional tips for ICM Spitfires: http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2000/spitfireixconstructionrs_1.htm I have the XVIe which is about 95% done(no not constructional but decals that are still holding it up), yes,it took some work,but it looks every inch a Spit XVI.
  12. Some preliminary work done. All B of B Spits parked and ready to scramble need possibly five things: The hood slid back, The door open, A parachute on the tailplane or wing, Stick forward and elevators down, The flaps UP. They also possibly need a trolley acc plugged in plus the fitter and rigger loafing in the sun nearby ready to help the pilot strap in(but we'll see where we get and what the spares boxes have to offer on that front) So,door removed ready for a thinner replacement; Elevators cut and deflected: She's underway
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