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  1. Ever wondered how they did the recovery bit with these wonderful beasts? Wonder no more,these are really interesting films: Enjoy.
  2. That's my usual wheeze too Paul. 100% no gaps every time.
  3. Ooof,that's some 'orrid gappage. Some have said that if your parts have got a bit of flash around some of the smaller mouldings(i.e cockpit parts),then you've got one of the very early pressings that escaped QC and the fit will be "dubious"to say the least. Mine seems to be one of the later pressings that has no flash on it,I've not started it yet,but have had the sprues out of the bag for a "leer" and to eye up the ease of conversion work for an FR,XVIII(pretty damn simples TBH)in 208's LSG/DE/MSG colours.
  4. Talk to Bill Perdu,you know who and where,he's a master at vacforming glass from kit canopies.
  5. As the rest of the Revolutionaries say,keep going,it does look good. As for airbrushing mixes,I only use enamels(not very ozone friendly is he). I mix at a 2:1 ratio(2 parts paint,1part thinners)and go at 12-15 psi. Two light coats around 10 mins apart usually do the trick.
  6. At least you've not done Ginger's. Nice one Chris.
  7. Wasn't the early G series visually pretty identical to the late F(F-4 was it?) though?
  8. Er,yes,that's the fellow Daz. I always wanted the "F" that 21st Century did,but it never seemed to appear in this country,well,not in "Home Bargains "anyway.
  9. Love it Chris,can I suggest you put a smidge of up elevator,left rudder and left aileron in?. That Griffon is swinging that big Rotol to the left,everything else is trying to go right,left rudder and aileron are mandatory in Griffon Spit's at low airspeed and high prop revs(Take off/landing)to counteract the powerful torque. How did it build? mine is next up to do and I've heard a few tales but others say they've had no problems at all.
  10. Spheres!!!!,I had that kit and gave it to my cousin. I do however(Darren will like this)still have the 109G-10..... Nice work Mac.
  11. Ah well,you would wouldn't you eh laddie "Post war, Rodders continued flying with renewed zeal, in his beloved new mount a Spitfire PRXIX named “Brunhilde” after his mother (the noted English countess Brunhilde Saxe-Tuborg Einspritz Doppelkupplungsgetriebe Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh Rodd )." Wasn't she the Great-great Aunt of the celebrated Sir Osmond Darling-Blackadder,Keeper of The Queen's Lawn Sprinkler? This fellow 'ere?: Good old Rodders BTW,boot down hard showing the bally Yank built Merlin what a good old grunty Griffon will do what-what??
  12. Well I certainly know what he meant,I'm not ex-navy but I do speak Fleet Air.
  13. Says they aren't going to get squadron markings because they're going to be moving around the squadrons. I'd say that's "speak" for really meaning " we can't afford many,so folks will have to share"
  14. Build a Spit and listen to this : Nice Defiant too Mr Mad. What is this "modern technique"you rabble on about?I use Humbrol enamels through my trusty Badger(airbrush that is,not a furry stripey animal),oil paints and a photograph to get where I want to go.
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