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  1. Miggers

    Getting it wrong all these years.... :-(

    Brilliant. You should've given me a shout Yorkie,I'm a professional industrial sprayer(blaster too). The trick is to use a glass mixing jar,pop in your paint first(use a pipette and count the drops)then the thinners and mix well. Once mixed,allow a drop to run down the inside of the jar,it should run fairly easily and leave a good tail of "colour". Adjust slowly either way(adding paint or thinners a drop at a time then mix and test again)to get it to where you want it to be. Decant into your cup and hook up your airbrush. Open the mat.screw(needle) fairly wide and give a test mule a squirt at about 10-15psi. Once you've got paint running through,close down the mat.screw until you get a just visible flow out of the nozzle. Anytime mate,anytime.
  2. Miggers

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Air rifle or 12 bore?
  3. Miggers

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Still light until 21-21:30 down here,but if that's the case "up there",you'd best get weaving wiv da MDF then laddie.
  4. Miggers

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Great Scott,the man's talents know no bounds. I suppose you've got to get up to something though to while away the time on those long winter's nights up there in the wilds...........๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  5. Miggers

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Phew,you bought a piece of MDF??,well I'll go to the foot of our stairs..........๐Ÿ˜
  6. Miggers

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Numerous very light coats Dunc.
  7. Miggers

    1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-10/T1

    Forgot about that Daz. I'm used to Flight Replicas FS2004 G-6
  8. Miggers

    1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-10/T1

    The taller tailwheel leg actually makes it a bit easier to see where you're going and gets the rudder into the airflow and firming up quicker and less time to lift the tail. Having said that (and spoken to real 109 display pilots),the best Flightsim 109's are a handful without a dirty great tinfish dangling underneath. Nice work Brad,the brute looks superb.
  9. Miggers

    1/72nd Airfix Supermarine Swift FR5

    Looks a nice kit Grant,if I see one I may well be tempted(I remember David Lean's "The Sound Barrier"fondly). I shall watch your build-up keenly.
  10. Miggers

    Tamiya 1/24 Mercedes SLR McLaren

    And that's the only time most of 'em go off road!! Our lad's boss has an L200 that never gets it's tyres dirty in anger. He borrowed it one weekend a couple of years ago and we went shooting in it. After we'd bagged a brace of pheasant and half a dozen woodies,our yoof took a photo of the "bag" in the back of said L200 and posted it to his boss(luckily he's pretty pally with him)saying that at last his L200 had been put to proper use๐Ÿ˜„.
  11. Miggers

    Tamiya 1/24 Mercedes SLR McLaren

    Cheeky yoof๐Ÿ˜
  12. Miggers

    Tamiya 1/24 Mercedes SLR McLaren

    Not a big lover of Merc's TBH(BMW owner you see),but I think the front end looks well mean.
  13. Miggers

    Airfix Cromwell

    I see zilch wrong with that Al. I've heard that it's a cracking little kit and you've proved that it makes a nice model. I have the old Scammell tank transporter kit somewhere in the stash and I reckon one would look great sat on the trailer with 'em both scrubbed up clean and trundling off to a military show somewhere.
  14. Can't wait to see it roaring off the runway in full re-heat(just reading "Lightning Boys" again).
  15. Miggers

    1/72 Mil MI-17 Helicopter, Iraqi Armed Forces...

    Dunno what it is about the MiL 17,it's ugly but good looking somehow,it seems the pinnacle of the old Soviet "boiler plate,big rivets and wheezy smoky engines" technology to me. Great work Brad,the brute looks every inch a MiL17.