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  1. Lancaster BII

    Errray,she's back in the game.
  2. I bet it doesn't say "Tw*tt at alldoes it.
  3. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    Col and Paul are just about spot on LBD. The big chin houses the extra long range oil tank(the engine will certainly be a Merlin 70 series)and coupled with the serial(PLxxx), smooth wing(the famous dedicated PR Spit"bowser wing",essentially a wet wing),round PR windscreen,all good pointers. Merlin 70 engined a/c were all tropical variants. PR.XI production ran from PL758 to PM160,yours is in the PLxxx range so PL758 to PL998. These are all PL serialled aircraft that were with ACSEA(Air Command South East Asia)and on the strength of 681 Squadron at various times and were used post 1945: Serial No. Date Struck Off Charge 768 29/2/47 769 9/5/46 773 13/6/46 778 31/1/46 780 27/2/47 863 31/10/46 889 27/2/47 897 11/7/46 898 27/2/47 907 11/6/47 909 30/5/46 920 13/6/46 924 28/2/46 951 28/8/47 982 11/7/46 988 27/2/47 The only thing I can't tie up is that letter "B"......... If you can clean up that photo anymore to give you a rough idea of the serial,it just might tie up with one of the above aircraft. Has the photo a date or location written on the back at all? ( guessing RAF Mingaladon,Burma)
  4. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    It's certainly a SEAC Spit. What's that below the exhausts on the cowling panel?is it some form of artwork or aircraft name? Could you get a bit clearer view on the serial number(just ahead to the tail plane and usually for PR units in 4"pale blue) LBD?
  5. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    Big rudder and opening cockpit door peg it as a Spit PR.XI(if it is a PR Spit),X's didn't have an opening door,they were fully pressurised. It's certainly Merlin powered. I'll dig deeper when I have chance later in the week LBD.
  6. Now that's just so wrong........ There's an Ulster born red'ead on here that you'd get on well with thinking like that wicked lad... 80 birds were shot by 15 Guns("I say Wodjah,jowwy good shot olwd boy"plus I got a nice "grace brace" from His Lordship). Tomorrow we're off to the Remembrance Sunday parade in Sandbach then out pigeon shooting with the lad in the afternoon for a few hours. I hope you 'orrid lot take lots of nice pitchers of stuff.
  7. Boot down Debra,boot down. Shoes???,nice pair of brogue dealer boots with a steel tipped heel are usually good fun for landing on some sandal wearing hippy sort's toes Nice part of the world is Shroppie. Think of moi tomoz,stomping about a muddy wood/field and thrashing about with a stick to get the pheasants a flying for The Guns..........
  8. 1/48 Tamiya A-1H VA-152 Black Spades

    You just can't beat a nice oily exhaust blast stained hairy rudder'd big piston. Nice one Brian. I know it's a Corsair,but listen out for a rumble and keep an eye in the back ground;
  9. Airfix 1:24 Hawker Siddeley Harrier AV-8A

    Good work John. I know I've still got the bulk of the airframe I built a long time ago in another galaxy far,far away up in our loft. Pretty sure I've still got the original instruction booklet somewhere up there too.
  10. Hoo-eh? Like those burner cans.
  11. 1/48 Seahawk

    I've seen it fly meself,she's displayed at Cosford a couple of times in the past 20 years. Like the mug shot change Darb,John the Measurer is one of my favorite English actors.
  12. Birthday prezies

    Nice one Ken. I usually get a box of cartridges and a few pairs of socks. Seen these done with micro RC,though that was rather eclipsed by the one that turned up at my local water about 20 years ago. It was hinged in the middle,stuffed in the back of a Bedford Rascal "Sooty and Sweep"van,was about 7 foot long and took 4 blokes to get it afloat. To say that it looked "the bog's dollox" once out on the lake was a bit of an understatement........
  13. 1/48 Seahawk

    One of the most aesthetic of Mr Camm's efforts I always think. Good work indeed Darb. I do wish someone would stump up to get the FAAHF's example repaired and flying again,the poor thing has been shoved away at Cosford for ages now.
  14. I did this one for fun: МиΓ е1.5

    I like Comrade Yessica,I like very moch. I no like to try fly dodgy looking contraption though,get some feelthy dirty James Bondy type Capitalist spy to do such deeds,sit in back of beeg blark Zil and watch from very safe distance,yes. Incidentally,I used to work with a guy whose Father had worked at Rolls in Derby back in the late Forties/early Fifties. Apparently they had a factory visit from a delegation of Soviet engine manufacturers,when shown around the machine shop,they asked about the metals being turned to make engine components but were not given any samples or chemical make up info about said alloys. A few months later,another Soviet engine mob turned up for a tour around the machine shop. This time they wore crepe soled shoes to collect fragments of swarf.............
  15. Revell Dambuster

    Er,you've put the H2S display unit(box on a stick) behind the drivers seat Al(the seat should be 4mm further fo'rrard too). Dams Lancs didn't have H2S fitted.......also,put the plug into the ventral turret position,but don't put any guns poking out from it,the turret was tested on the prototype Dams Lanc,but not fitted to any Upkeep aircraft.