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  1. Romper's Green

    1/72 Mil MI-17 Helicopter, Iraqi Armed Forces...

    Nice build. There's something ugly about wobblychopters for me, but the Soviets took that to the Nth degree!
  2. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    " Where have been? living under a rock?" No, in Fenland, which is probably about as bad to be fair!
  3. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    My late Father flew Spitfire XVIs in the early '50s, and previously the only kit available was the somewhat compromised Heller one from the late '70s. I managed to snag this to build as a tribute to him. I've never built an Eduard kit before (sure though I have used their etch for various products), so I am looking forward to this:
  4. Romper's Green

    F-104G x3 Hasegawa 1/72

    It's a pity there are no CF-104s left flying. I well remember IAT at Greenham Common (I think it was 1979) when a Transatlantic voice came over the tannoy: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sound of Freedom!" From behind the crowdline came 4x CF-104s at about nought foot six and doing warp factor snot. The entire crowdline ducked as they went over! :D
  5. Hiya,hows you doing☺,I was up in me loft sorting through the stash and I came across my stalled C-130,it made me think.of you,so have popped over here to see if you have progressed it at all?Any chance of an update?


    1. Romper's Green

      Romper's Green



      TBH I've got no further as yet. I've been to busy with Air Cadets.

      Now that we have the better weather I must get out in to the Conservatory and get Snoopy into paint.




  6. Romper's Green

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    I remember one of those coming in to RAF Finningley on a Saturday with turbines for the Drax power station (IIRC); it was rare for a trg airfield such as Finningley to be open on a W/E. The freightbay was so large you could set up a volleyball court in it! Over the W/E the crew went in to Doncaster and bought up (for some reason) what appeared to be every available bicycle. They departed IIRC on the Monday evening. The SID for R/W 20 (Standard Instrument Departure) had you turning right onto a westerly heading at 1.5 Nm / 1000ft so as to avoid Bawtry. Upon departure the Ukrainian crew were told to climb straight ahead to 1000ft before turning (which would have had them climbing in a straight line over Bawtry). Unfortunately they elected to follow the SID as published which had them turning over Bawtry at around 500ft. I can well remember the roar as the a/c flew over the MQ I shared with 2 other girls. Apparently the Police rexeived numerous 'phone calls that evening that a large a/c was crashing!
  7. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I had been the Jetstream Display Co-pilot when I went through METS at Finningly. So when I became a QFI I knew intimately how to Khe Sanh the Jetstream. The first time I did it at Cranditz, the Wg Cdr OC Flying called me into his office and told me: "You can't do that!" I'm not sure he liked my response of: "Yes I can Sir, I just did!" Every now and then I'd Khe Sanh the Jetstream just to piss him off.
  8. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    The props on the Astazou Jetstreams operated in the Beta Range above Flight Idle, that is to say that, unlike most turboprops that operate in the Alpha Range, you had direct control of the blade angle (except at high TAS or high altitude). Indeed, for normal operation you didn't set a Torque (like on, say a C-130), but a Blade Angle. The upshot of this is that setting 0 degrees blade in flight means that you now have effectively 2 great airbrakes on the wings. At Cranwell you could come over the threshold at 1000ft, select 0 blade, descend almost vertically, flare, land on the numbers, select max reverse, and turn off onto the secondary runway.
  9. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I'm pretty sure that the Jetstreams at Cranfield in the mid '80s were the Jetstream 31 model with the Garret turboprops and not the Astazous that were fitted to the Jetstream T1 and T2.
  10. Romper's Green

    Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    Very, very nice!
  11. Romper's Green

    Tornado GR1A - Italeri kit with lots of Paragon resin bits and scratch building

    Shiney Two! Very nice.
  12. Romper's Green

    Airfix 1:72 Tiger Moth

    I'm rather liking this!
  13. Romper's Green

    Spitfire XII

    Yup, like that. I've always liked the Mk XII Spits.
  14. Romper's Green

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    It was a Scorpion fitted with a modified Fox Turret (different smoke dischargers and domed crew hatches to increase headroom) and the Chieftain Thermal Imager.