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  1. A lot of these errors exist on the IDS & GR4 kits as well... ask me how I know!
  2. OOHHH! Sounds like fun. I have a Spitfire IX, VIII & a Mig 21. I think a Spitfire will get the nod.
  3. Don't worry, there will be plenty of 111 action to come!
  4. When I grow up I want weekends as long as Eduard's! Looking good!
  5. Built this for the Cold War vs Warsaw Pact 1970's Group Build in the other place, Groub Builds still being one of the few things that still function like they should! Built using the Hasegawa 1/48 FGR.2 kit. Humbrol Aerosol, Tamiya & Hataka paints, Eduard BigEd set, Flightpath ladders, Aires Resin avionics bay & wheels and a few other bits and bobs along the way. Loaded with RMP2's kind donation of BL755 Cluster Bombs, Matra Rocket Pods and a SUU-23 gun as well as 4x Sparrow for self defense (but really for CofG purposes!). Enjoy!
  6. Great project & very cool to be building for Westlands!
  7. Hi, I do. PM me your address & I'll post it free in exchange for good Karma.
  8. Just looking at the seam under the fuselage, that looks awful in pictures, not too bad in the flesh. Oh well...
  9. A Phantom I have always wanted to build again having done this one as a kid. My local Phantoms (being a Somerset lad) and in one of the best schemes. Such a shame that Eagle never got upgraded and saw embarked operation with these aircraft. Built using the Hasegawa kit, white metal seats from the Hi-Grade Hasegawa FGR.2 Alcock & Brown kit, Eduard etch for the cockpit, RAM Models 'Early British Phantoms' decals and a mix of XtraDecal and Kits World stencils. Hataka Falklands war set provided the Extra Dark Sea Grey. I went very very easy with the pre-shand
  10. Looks great. Love the tail art work!
  11. At Sea

    1/48 Jaguar OS

    Looking good! I have to be bothered to upload pictures to Photobucket...
  12. Looks lovely! Which Extra Dark Sea Grey did you use? I'm currently liking Hataka's Falklands war set with a very nice EDSG. My Profile pic is 002 with the RWR.
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