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  1. Camo on...It took a while: Paints used are Tamiya. Cheers
  2. Got one of these in the stash. Nice work
  3. Next build. Looks georgius! in the box. Also it has the nice berlin urban cammo in the box. Drroool DDDDDRRRRooool Droool.
  4. Vallejo Black primer. It's not great. You can't sand it. But its ok as a shadow coat. It's the same as their model air black. Best brush paint money can buy! Seriously, If you want to brush paint a model. use Vallejo model air!
  5. Well the build part is just about finished and ready for paint. Just a few tiny PE/styrene (mirrors, optics) parts to add after. I'll upload pics of where I am shortly. My phone battery died. Also had to rob one wheel off another leopard kit. Looked every where and I can't find it.
  6. Been doing a little on the AFV club Centurion. The kit didn't come with the added side armour for the Shot. So I built it using plasticard, bolts from Mengs bolt plastic set and some very thin brass rod. 1 day left. Hmmm oh well I think I had a good crack and will continue these builds elsewhere on the site Cheers for all the support Tim
  7. Dunno if i'll finish but thanks for helping me move things forward guys and gals!
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