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  1. Neither do I, the clones are perfectly good for what you pay for them. I bought a clone to test the theory that a trigger grip might be more comfortable to use for a long spraying session (it is, for me). Having proven the theory I forked out for a Grex and yes, it is a superior bit of kit, but difficult to measure just how superior. I still use the clone for some jobs and funnily enough it's never blown a seal, unlike the Grex.
  2. Several Modelcollect products were sub-titled Fist of War and the box art and presentation has the same feel as Modelcollect stuff, so I'd assume this is from the same outfit. Whoever is behind it, I want one!
  3. This particular kit was tooled by MACO and it looks rather good in the box. The build review on RevellAtions was very favourable (it wasn't me, one of the other guys reviewed it). The Revell 1/72 armour kits are generally very good, with few exceptions, in fact if you go to the 'On the Way' website their reviewers wax lyrical over most of the Revell Braille scale stuff. The only caveat would be if you don't like link and length tracks, I can tell you a lot of them are link and length.
  4. Paul Brown


    Quarantine is the pits, get well soon.
  5. Over the last few days I've been in receipt of some updates on new releases that should become available during the course of April/May, so here goes. First up the GTK Boxer in 1/35 Then we have the 1/76 Krupp Protze with 3.7PaK (Matchbox fans will be loving this) A 1/72 M1A1/M1A2 Abrams The 1/72 Panzerhaubittze A 1/35 Unimog 404s (I'm curiously drawn to this) The 1/144 Airbus Beluga - I want one of these to paint on the smiley Beluga face, even though it's the wrong airframe Finally a 1/48 Beechcraft Model 18 - no box art
  6. I'm not sure if this kit owes anything to previous releases, but it looks pretty swish.
  7. I used to use correction fluid pens extensively, but somehow got out of the habit, but they're brilliant for thin gaps and hairlines. I'm now off to eBay to order some! I'm actually a big fan of Mr Dissolved putty. Yes, there is an issue with shrinkage, but once you get used to it, it's a doddle and any stray filler can be removed with a swipe of a solvent dampened swab. Brilliant for doing shrinkage divots and ejection pin recesses.
  8. What an interesting and extensive post (and video), thanks for taking the trouble to put it up. I've long suspected that the biggest factor in respect of cost to the consumer is in the containers and dispensing in small quantities, I think this pretty much confirms it.
  9. I remember when Dean Large did a Canberra based whif. It was a tail sitter with two Merlin or Griffon engines. Some bloke came along convinced that he'd seen a real one, despite Dean being there and saying 'No, it's a figment of my imagination', or words to that effect.
  10. That's me sorted then, I'm off to buy a shedload of IBG Universal Carriers. Track links or fahzands of tiny decal stencils, love 'em to bits. Very therapeutic.
  11. Plasmo's Youtube build, worth a watch.
  12. OK, the rugby is finished (congratulations Ireland, commiserations Scotland) so back to the plot. There's never been a truly satisfactory kit issued of any P-39/P-400 variant (I've not handled an RS kit so can't comment), which is a pity seeing as it has some significance both as an innovative design and as an operational fighter. That is, up until now, I would hesitantly suggest. Hesitantly because the proof of the pudding is in the building and I haven't done that. Nevertheless, what's in the box really looks the part. The major components have the sort of weight and feel to them that sugges
  13. BTW, I’m old enough to remember Nana Mouskouri.
  14. Agreed, I was going to post critique/commentary but it was late when I posted, so it went out of the window. More later (after the rugby).
  15. Here is the Arma Hobby P-39Q in all it's splendiferousness. Yes, I think it's rather good, but no more ado here are the pics.
  16. So who wanted more Madness in the Streets? You got it!
  17. I've got one of the P-39's it looks fab on the sprue. When I get a mo I'll get some sprue shots to post. Expensive, yes, quality, yes.
  18. Monogram tooling dating back to mid-seventies.
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