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  1. Paul Brown

    1:32 Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Type 2 "Toryu"

    That looks mega.
  2. Paul Brown

    Telford. Who's going?

  3. Paul Brown

    1:48 Tempest Mk.V Series 1

    RRP is £38.80. I've got one ordered for £34 posted off of a Facebook group. Somebody mentioned elsewhere that the spinners seemed designed to lean you towards an aftermarket replacement. Personally I'm not fussed, the kit spinners can be fixed and it's not like the rest of the kit including the cockpit parts aren't actually fit for purpose. The biggest thing is that nobody else is currently doing a 1/48 Tempest (?), so if like me you're into Hawker fighters, it's like it, or lump it (or both, if you get my drift!).
  4. I'm sure the food supplied by TIC is good for something, but not for human consumption.
  5. Paul Brown

    1:48 Tempest Mk.V Series 1

    Brilliant to see the plastic, I have one on order already.
  6. Paul Brown

    Telford. Who's going?

    After a day getting hold of different folks I'm pleased to announce that it will be business as usual at the L & C tables this weekend, Dean Large (a.k.a. deanflyer) will be looking after everything, if you'd like to exhibit something but have no attachment to a branch or SIG, then please feel welcome to make use of the L & C tables.
  7. Paul Brown

    Telford. Who's going?

    Well, I was going, but now I'm not due to Mrs PB falling ill earlier this week and requiring an overnight stay in hospital. She is back home recovering, but I'm required to stay at home to make sure she's complying with doctor's orders. I'm trying to make some arrangements to ensure the L & C tables are up and running, I'll post up as soon as I know what's happening.
  8. Extracts from the Warpaint monograph. Note, the caption says Extra Dark Sea Grey, whereas the text refers to Dark Sea Grey, both are different shades of grey. Check out the photo here. As you mention, the Special Hobby instructions refer to Extra Dark Sea Grey. It's often attributed to being in a blue colour, but I would think it's the blue content in the grey paint becoming apparent as the paint weathered - that would very much be the case with EDSG which weathered into a quite distinct blue hue.
  9. Paul Brown

    1:35 Soviet Ball Tank ‘Sharotank’

    Having perused Tony's kit at our club meeting the other night I must say this is a another impressive release from Mini Art. A bit too off the wall for me personally to be persuaded to buy one.
  10. Paul Brown

    Telford. Who's going?

    I believe it's called progress, but don't quote me on that.
  11. Paul Brown

    Heinkel He 219 A something UHU

    Those HGW sets are the bees, I've got a couple lined up for future builds.
  12. Paul Brown

    Tempest Mk.V

    Cracking. I may raise mine to top of the to-do pile, after Telford.
  13. Paul Brown

    Mr Surfacer

    I wouldn't use Levelling Thinner for the above stated reason, there's cheaper stuff that removes it. If you do a quick swipe with a cloth or swab moistened with cellulose (or IPA) it will remove excess and evaporate fast enough not to damage the plastic surface. Cellulose is hotter and works more rapidly, but IPA is safer if you're in any doubt about ending up with crazed plastic..