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  1. Coastal Kits Display Bases

    I already have a few of their bases and will probably invest in some more.
  2. Not really a WIP but slow progress towards a restored mojo

    I find the amount of different paint media that is now available utterly bewildering. I'm not fond of acrylic unless it's lacquer based, which narrows the choice a bit. Everybody I speak to that's tried MRP lacquers swear by them, not tried them myself, as yet.
  3. Mikr-Mir Miles M.57 Aerovan

    I think the grey with splash of red sits rather well on the aircraft, I wouldn't have known any better and I like what I see here. So what if it's 'wrong'? You've still turned out a nice looking model.
  4. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    I'll be there hanging either the L & C or Rivenhall tables and possibly keeping an eye on things for the Splash SIG. L & C would be happy to accommodate anybody that'd like to exhibit their stuff. It's an anything goes year, but we will be reserving part of the table for Star Wars stuff seeing as it's a special anniversary year.
  5. Fly Bristol Freighter

    Sorry, just twigged, the main part of the article is elsewhere. I have a copy of the mag - somewhere.
  6. Fly Bristol Freighter

    It looks like 44AEW, but it's very indistinct. Finding the original paper copies could be bit challenging, but I can email the PDF doc.
  7. Mirror for display base

    A specialist glazier would be ideal, they'd do you a piece to the exact size specified, otherwise look in the ceramic tile/mirror section of your favourite DIY store. You might need appropriate tools to cut and polish to the size required.
  8. Wingnut Wings guide

    This may be of interest to Wingnut Wings fans: Facebook Website
  9. Old Warden Military Pageant

    My context is the Prom, which is a bit different from the other shows. Having said that, Bertie and Jeeves would be perfectly at home at any of the other shows and personally I thoroughly approve of posh food in wicker hampers.
  10. Old Warden Military Pageant

    No, but posh frocks for the ladies and a white Tux and red bow tie for the gents would be fun. If you're into posh frocks, feel free.
  11. Old Warden Military Pageant

    There was some humongous picnicking going on at the Flying Prom. Ours looked totally inadequate, must do better next time, maybe some smoked salmon and champers. We did at least have a good lunch in the cafe.
  12. Vickers Warwick ASR I Stage B

    Very nicely done. I have one the Contrail kits plus the additional wing set in the loft stash. Been too frit to break them out, but it's a project I'd still like to undertake some time.
  13. Old Warden Military Pageant

    Never been to Old Warden?! I'm speechless, lost for words. This must be corrected at the earliest opportunity! To be fair I don't get there nearly as often as I would like, but we did have a hoot at the Flying Prom last Saturday.
  14. Miggers, the Panther cost me the princely sum of a fiver! All the kits are minters, Monty's van was still sealed until I got it home. Duncan, I saw those 109 kits earlier and the mouse button was hovering close to 'buy'. Any chance of doing an in-box on one of them? Curious minds needs to know.
  15. Had a bit of a binge at the Avon show, the Heinkel was the star prize, I'm still on a mission to collect Matchbox AFVs/softskins and the Airfix were dirst cheap from Airfix - it would have been rude not to.