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  1. They did on the wings, but not on the tie between the struts. They are very small but should be enough to get a start with a micro drill, especially if you were to ream them out a bit with a needle point. There are tiny marks on the fuselage for the cabane cables, the rear upper attachments are integral with the strut locations, the front you are on your own but it's pretty clear from the guide where they need to go. The rudder cable runs emanate from moulded detail on the fuselage, although you might want to drill pilot holes. You are on your own with the elevator cables where they pass through the fuselage (they are well marked on the guide) and also you could do with an eyelet for the upper runs on the tailplanes. I'm thinking a tiny loop with a piece of fine Nitinol might do the trick.
  2. It depends how you look at it, both schemes have provenance to machines operating in the 40's. They're both sweet schemes.
  3. I recently acquired this kit, I've not seen much said about it so I thought I'd do a quick 'in-box'. Over the years a state-of-the-art 1/48 has been something akin to a search for the Holy Grail. There have been other kits, most notably John Adams' Aeroclub effort, but that is now scarcer than hen's teeth. I would suggest this kit more than fulfills the hopes of modellers looking for something that would really do the subject matter justice. The parts are beautifully moulded, very scaleish and delicate (in some cases too delicate, if you look carefully you can see a broken cabane in the pictures). Ribbing is perhaps a little over emphasised, but personally it suits me and should be fine under paint and decals. The decals are superb, even if I weren't a fan of the aircraft itself, the red and white checks are very seductive - the alternative scheme ain't half bad either. Print quality is as good as you'll find anywhere and the sheet includes tiny stencils and instrument faces. The instructions are comprehensive and include guidance for the rigging. Both decal options feature the spin strakes, so this is the first issue with more on the way, plus it looks like the decal aftermarket has already gone to town on this, fill yer boots. Looking at the box contents I'm finding it very difficult to find anything to dislike - except that broken cabane! Check out the box art, you'll be reaching for your wallet.
  4. East Anglia has disappeared off the UK! I'm only just on the map!
  5. I'm bored with this now, so it's finished.
  6. The Dora S55 span is 324mm.
  7. This arrived the other day, 'water damaged stock', no box but everything is good.
  8. Lot's of rivets! Concur with my learned friend, up until the advent of much more modern kits this had probably the best shapes, but oh, those rivets!
  9. For me, yes. I visited Duxford just after the IWM set up shop there and on display was a P-51D painted as BBD and it looked stunning. Only later when I became more interested in historical stuff did I learn of the significance of the original BBD with Duxford. So BBD is good with me, if I had that kit it would be a no brainer. As it happens I have an Airfix 1/48 P-51D with the Lou IV scheme and once I've cleared my bench a bit it will probably be the next project. Another one that's been done to death, but I like it.
  10. All but done. The nose cone is in the Tamiya Lacquer Paint red, blue is regular Tamiya Sky Blue and 'silvers' are Alclad. I used the kit stickers, trimmed tight to the characters, stuck down and layered with Klear. I tried the sanding down trick but it didn't work well so I knocked it on the head. I'll layer on some more Klear to mitigate against the thickness of the stickers and it should stop them from lifting. Stripes are decal, the blue was achieved by spraying with the Tamiya blue. I'm currently painting the stand, so perhaps some time over the weekend it will be all done and dusted. Before any Thunderbirds nerds mention it, the Thunderbird lettering is way too small, it should extend the length of the fuselage. It's all I had so that's what went on. I've been thinking of investing in a plotting cutter, it would have been ideal for this project.
  11. Hmmm, the transparencies with that look a bit clearer than the ones I got with a Mach 2 Dragonfly.
  12. I need to bone up on arachnid physiology. Bob was a bloke, cool. My daughter is working at home using the dining table as an office, the other day I bought in tea and there was a fairly large arachnid lurking on the ceiling. I said 'Did you know you've got company?', 'Yes', she replies. Her ex was into reptiles, so she's not easily phased by the odd creepy crawly.
  13. We had one like that that used to live under the settee, but only came out at night. About 100mm fore and aft as pictured below, I named it Bob, although I suspect 'he' was a 'she'. Mrs B wanted Bob evicted, but I declined to do the deed. I found Bob's body behind the settee one day, I suspect one of the cats did the dirty deed.
  14. It nearly went out of the window when I removed the canopy masking and found the adhesive had reacted with Klear! The only thing that stopped me was the fact it was so nearly complete.
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