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  1. I blame KitGuyJohn for this. After reading his Panzer III review I thought I'd get one to add to the stash, in searching for it on ebay came across this deal at Modelsforsale: Modelsforsale on ebay Less than twenty sovs for two excellent kits, plus two lots of Contacta cement - bargain. Still a few left, get in, don't forget to tell Vince he owes me a beer.
  2. Any chance of some sprue shots of the Cranberry Mish? Enquiring minds needs to know.
  3. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    What Gadfly said.
  4. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    The Gannet is listed as a future release on the Hannant's pages.
  5. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    The Sword Lightnings come with PE (by Eduard) and resin seats and pipes. Personally I wouldn't regard them as 'limited run', but YMMV. Availability is good across the range and they re-release periodically.
  6. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    If Eduard are not going to do PE sets for Griffon Spitfires, more's the pity, but until they themselves direct their attention to producing Griffon Spitfire kits (one can but hope), the Sword kits are probably optimum.
  7. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

  8. Oh no not again

    Personally I would disregard the photos, the print filtration looks all wrong, it has a distinct blue cast that could be down to a number of factors. Plus when you read this: The italics are mine. I realise that Dana Bell takes the view that the vets were suffering with faulty memory (years later), but my money is with the vets and this despite the fact that my heart wishes the P-51's really were blue. This reminds me of the 56th FG P-47M's that were supposedly painted with plum/dark purple uppers. I know someone with sufficient interest in the 56th to have co-authored a book about them. Over the years he has spoken with many vets, ground crews and pilots, when asked about the plum/dark purple theory they all came back with the same answer. The Jugs had black uppers.
  9. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    They say even rain or insect debris can cause enough turbulence to disturb laminar flow. From a practical point of view I think you'll find that during the WWII period and post war, laminar flow wings were theoretical rather than empirical. It's not until relatively recently that materials tech has evolved to the extent that laminar flow wings are a practical proposition. I remember reading articles about this stuff by Roy Braybrook in Air International (what a great mag that was!) years ago. Enough, we'll be in trouble for hijacking the thread!
  10. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    If the leading third of the wing isn't kept in pristine condition it's pretty much a waste of time, you won't get laminar flow.
  11. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    Apparently the tread head way of doing things is to stick everything together and be damned and paint the whole lot after it's all assembled. I've asked the questions to several tread heads and the answer has always been the same.
  12. Had to be done. No, there are no short shots.
  13. 1/48 Hondajet

    This is such a different and unusual subject that I though it would definitely worth be sharing. Hondajet kit preview My initial reaction was meh, but taking the time to check it out, it is something that looks really cool. Thanks to Tony Surridge for the heads up.
  14. 'Now discuss like adults or else'.

    skwonk was listening to Janis Joplin. I thought that was her favoured tipple?