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  1. Yeah. Legends was the only time we saw 6 airborne, but at least the airframe is now preserved for posterity.
  2. That really answers the question. Airfix may give the impression of being a big player - in fact their output and turnover probably puts them in that bracket - but actually, compared to the other big players it's a pretty modest set up. I'm no marketing guru, but it seems to me they play to what they consider to be their strength and only manufacture what they think will sell in sufficient quantity to make it worthwhile. Others with more resources can take a punt on stuff more left of field. What modellers need or want? That's a concept that have the marketing guys chewing the curtains. There's any number of kits that modellers said they wanted, manufacturers obliged, modellers said actually, no thanks. Plus Airfix are selling to a demographic that isn't particularly modeller-centric. Cast you eye over their latest catalogue and you will see that it leads with Quick Kits and that almost a third of it is devoted to Quick Kits, starter and gift sets before you get to regular model kits. It's where the bucks are and it's their No 1 priority - when Rich Linnell (Airfix Tribute Forum) asked the question that's what he was told. Notwithstanding that, they do pay attention to the suggestions, a new tool Vulcan was top of the recent polling, also the Javelin was much requested. Vintage Classics? By popular demand. Now where's that 1/24 Me 262...
  3. I agree with the sentiment, but the reality is they don't have limitless resources. The ship guys had nothing, the armour guys a very nice softskin but not a lot else, the car guys a couple of re-treads (no pun intended). Relatively speaking, aircraft guys should be happier than pigs in poo.
  4. They are, indeed.
  5. You can get a complete regulator and trap off of eBay for under a tenner posted.
  6. The Revell RAF figure sets are rare, that's why people are prepared to pay silly money for them. In a nutshell. The figures themselves are quality, but they don't appear to sell, I've seen them in sales and warehouse dumping at TK Maxx. Snap 'em up if you see them at a good price. Revell also have the Preiser tooled Luftwaffe set, also worth grabbing if they come up. This is one of those things that comes up on forums, modellers saying they want aircrew figure sets, but I suspect there's actually insufficient demand to make them a worthwhile proposition for manufacturers.
  7. I've not seen the Revell kit in the flesh, but images of the parts appear to show correct shapes. If it's like the Corsair which was released around the same period the parts will have a slightly agricultural feel to them, but the kits seem to go together OK. I don't have any of the Tamiya kits, Tamiya got the wing shape wrong by not understanding the elliptical geometry properly. The ellipse centres should be at the fuselage centre line, not the wing roots. To me their fuselage looks fat from the cockpit and aft-ward. There's something about the Italeri kits that I really don't like, without being able to put my finger on it. One thing is the overall softness and excessive radii at edges that should be sharper. You might be able to mix and match filter parts from the Italeri to add to a Revell kit, or wait for Airfix to do a Vb.
  8. You have seen the amount of space inside the cockpit?
  9. This 109 kit is an early offering after the Hornby takeover in an attempt to revamp the range. It's based on the 1965 tooled kit with a clean up and engraved panel lines and as you point out even replicates the peculiar saddle shape cannon bulge of the old kit. I bought this and the first issue because I liked the look of the decals and have an AZ 109G joy pack that comes without decals. I think Spink is fairly well known for his larking about. A former cadet that I knew as a CI was presented his wings at Cranwell by Spink, who during the ceremony was notably absent, but eventually turned up in a Spitfire to undertake the presentation. I thought I had a shot of him attired in the Pickelhaube, but can't find it. I certainly remember him taxying past and the announcer mentioning it.
  10. I was there! But I'd rather have a pristine Black 6 model. One of the funniest things I can recall from Legends is Cliff Spink flying a Buchon whilst wearing Pickelhaube.
  11. OK, I'm in, here's what I've got. Here's what I want to build. The kit has the Trop. filter plus I can use the national markings. I might use some foldy stuff for the cockpit that's already in the toolbox, or maybe find a suitable crew figure to fill out the space. The supplied figure is wearing a bone dome, you could argue he's flying the aircraft post restoration. I have the unit badges on an old ESCI sheet and a suitable size 'Black 6' on another sheet, but I put them in a safe place and need to find them. The Airfix G6 is less than optimum for any sort of 109, but I just want to have a hoot building something (I see it's going to be rereleased, they must sell by the shed load). No, the flaps won't be drooped. First job is to get rid of the ridiculous and curiously saddle configured gun bulges. One down, one to go, that's all so far.
  12. I actually put together a planning proposal for exactly this for a client thinking about adding extra accommodation to a young persons care home. It's very doable.
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