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  1. So am I, but I'll be looking around for an alternative to R @ B. I live fairly close to the old airfield at Bradwell Bay (more recently a nuclear power station, now de-commissioning), Tempests operated from there on anti-diver (V1) patrols and I think stripes might be an option.
  2. 1/72 Hawker Tempest V This has been out for some time and I've had one kicking around close to my desk for some weeks. In light of the KP Tempests I thought it might be an idea to get off my butt and have a close look at what Airfix have to offer so here goes. I like the box art, apart from the fact that it shows off a very predictable scheme. I get it, a Beamont scheme makes sense commercially and at least an alternative is offered. Lets dive straight into the frames, starting with Frame A. Everything is nicely moulded, no flash,
  3. In the old days it was a go-to product. Not now. I'm not mourning the passing of Humbrol enamel should it be permanent, neither would I mourn the passing of the acrylic. There's lots of completely superior options to choose from these days.
  4. I hope this doesn't scramble you any further, but if you think about it the links on the upside are also stationary. The only time they're in motion is when they go around the sprocket or return roller.
  5. It's 'arty', which is probably why it's popular. This seems to be the trend amongst the top end armour modellers - check out the Night Shift videos where artistic effects are to the fore. I'm OK with it personally, but obviously YMMV. The perceived wisdom with German armour is that the tracks don't go rusty due to the type of steel that was used, but when I did my E100 Waffentrager rusty suited the look of a Wehrmacht '46 tank in red-brown primer, so rusty it is. In fact when Bovington had their Tiger Hall special exhibition rust on the tracks was evident to a greater or lesser degree on all t
  6. Humbrol enamel is discontinued, there's no indication whether or not this is temporary or permanent. The issue is with an additive now recognised as a carcinogen.
  7. Nothing to worry about, he's already certified.
  8. The latest issue is here and features articles on Saburo Sakai, the S-199 in Israeli service, plus all the Eduard/Brassin updates arriving in the next couple of months. If you've never seen their newsletter before, it's well worth a look. Yes, it is showcasing Eduard products, but the accompanying articles are scholarly and the whole thing is a mine of information.
  9. If you have about 3-4mm depth of Extra Thin in the bottle and forget to replace the cap overnight, by next morning it will have all evaporated (no need to ask).
  10. That looks like Paramjit, as well as doing Airfix CAD design he's an extremely talented modeller (and a very nice bloke).
  11. Difficult choice, admittedly. If you're into coastal forces then both Lambert/Ross volumes are worth having, they are literally the Bible of small coastal craft - Volume I takes in Fairmiles and sub-chasers. They are works of art, the research, photo and graphical illustrations are second-to-none. Volume II gives you an understanding of what the ancient Revell 'RN Vosper MTB' actually represents. To be honest I don't think Conway have ever published anything that's not worth having, the 'Anatomy of a Ship (insert ship's name)' series are in the same vein. I've also reached (beyond?) peak libra
  12. It's been a while since I posted, mostly because Mrs B went down with bat flu and bench time went out of the window. She is mostly recovered, but is still suffering with fatigue. One upside is that she is now a lady of leisure having retired after fifty years nursing. It's possible that having her at home during the day time might drive me mad, but one day at a time, eh?! Back to the plot, the guns are now coated with the black shading coat and I also have loadsa liddle wheels, sprockets 'n stuff. Half the wheels are assembled, the other half awaiting gluing. One advantage of owning an un
  13. I already have a Fujimi Ford GT in the stash (the Revell is a re-box), but the Cobra is certainly tempting. If you're into coastal forces then the Lambert/Ross book Allied Coastal Forces of WWII, Volume II, Vosper MTBs and US Elcos is a must have for your library. Might be difficult and expensive to track down these days.
  14. Satin finish is good in my book, more appropriate than hi gloss.
  15. I've had a heads up from Revell Carerra, so here goes with a few images. More over on the RevellAtions release previews.
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