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  1. Paul Brown

    Just Jane at East Kirkby

    I thought birding was going to be a cheap hobby. Hahahahaha!!!
  2. Paul Brown

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    The catapults that come with the Hasegawa Alf and Jake kits are quite similar to those used by the RN, they might be a starting point.
  3. Paul Brown

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    Supermarine Seagull V: Supermarine Seagull:
  4. Paul Brown

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    I think you're referring to the post war Seagull. I'm referring to the Seagull V first delivered to the RAAF in 1935. For RAF/RN purposes it was renamed Walrus. The machine in Hendon was originally delivered to Australia as a Seagull V IIRC.
  5. Paul Brown

    Cutter/Mitre tool

    I'm thinking seriously about getting one of these. I don't do a great deal of scratch building, but there are occasions when cutting thin strip or rod in consistently accurate lengths would be Really Useful.
  6. Paul Brown

    HPH 1:32 Walrus Instructions

    There's a Walrus album (technically I think it's a Seagull) here
  7. Back on topic... It's been an expensive couple of weeks, the Tortoise was a very special offer (rude to refuse) and the Cruiser tank and Beaufighter were ordered months ago ahead of release.
  8. Paul Brown

    Airbrush Painting Clips Holder

    If I didn't already have a couple of dozen crocodile clips fastened to kebab skewers I'd be up for this set.
  9. Paul Brown

    On silver wings - Bristol Bulldog

    A little more progress with filling and cleaning up. The little triangular fairings were a bit of a mare, but it's done. To compound the pain one of the 'prongs' on the nose ring broke off and disappeared into the fifth dimension. I knuckled down and chopped up some sprue, glued it in-situ and scratched it into shape. Once the fin/rudder is set into place I'll start priming. It's a bit tricky because the fuselage has to be painted prior to fixing the lower wings, otherwise you're left with an impossible masking job to do the shiny forward fuselage. Still to go are the exhausts, these must be fixed to the collector prior to painting, otherwise they'll look stuck on. This is a challenging build, but that's what I was expecting. There's zero chance of a completion before the finish date, so I'll probably shift this thread to the aircraft in progress forum. I am pretty keen to see this one to the finish.
  10. To be fair, notwithstanding the Magnox blockhouses, the Blackwater Estuary is a very pretty place. One of the few things that's persuaded me to stay in Essex.
  11. I've been in one of them there blockhouses, in the reactor room, right creepy it was too when there were still nasty rods of uranium directly under your feet. It's a strange feeling standing on top of a nuclear pile. De-commissioned now, it should be perfectly safe in, oh, I don't know, 10,000 years time? The blockhouses are sited just to the north of what used to be RAF Bradwell Bay. I used to fly out that way on occasion, but you're not allowed to overfly the blockhouses, there's a 2 nmi exclusion zone IIRC. Tracey Island? Hmm... I'll be blaming you if I end up spending more money on Thunderbirds!
  12. The views are unparalleled!
  13. Harwich is infinitely preferable to Sarfend or Clackers, although the latter does have a nice art supplies shop that has a good range of plastic crack in stock.
  14. He's not kidding, out in the boondocks of Essex it is. Hillbilly territory doesn't come close, when you're out there you have a continuous tingling sensation between the shoulder blades. Just sayin'. Oh, I didn't mention all the talk about witches down Southminster way. A rum place is the Dengie Peninsula.