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  1. Alert from Tornado SIG. There are a number of issues relating to the instructions to this kit and the images below show a number of glitches that you need to be aware of if you're building one. The SIG have raised this with Revell, so hopefully the next time the kit is issued it will contain corrected instructions. I'm also advised that the wing slat numbers are reversed when choosing the flaps up option. I'd guess somebody at Revell will be up in front of the boss for a spanking.
  2. Tamiya 1/48 Me 109G-6

    From Spencer Pollard's Kit Box pages: link Also Spencer's video preview Brett Green's build preview I admit to thinking 'meh' when the kit was announced, but looking at what Tamiya have done it does look a bit special.
  3. Hmm, quite a conservative haul from SMW 17, but looking at recent additions that's no bad thing. The Matchbox items are in respect of my continuing quest to gather up all the armour kits. The Modelcollect kits are quite new and by a company new to the scene. I also bought some Zero paints for car projects I'd like to get under way. I'll post up an in-box of the Modelcollect kits in due course, I think we're going to see a lot more from this company in the future and as well as a series of modern armour and 'what-if' German armour projects currently available, they also have 1/72 B-52 and B-2 kits about to be released.
  4. Richard L. Ward RIP

    Those of you of a certain age will know of Dick Ward, who sadly passed away last Sunday. He was an aviation artist and the man behind the Modeltoys shop in Portsmouth. Modeltoys stocked all sorts of plastic exotica that was unobtainable elsewhere and did worldwide mail order. Then along came Modeldecals that were in their day the best researched and printed decals available on the market. The instruction sheets in themselves were mini references with drawings, photos and copious notes to provide a wealth of information for the modeller. Although printing and colour reproduction has improved no end since the mid sixties when Modeldecals first appeared, they are still a benchmark of how aftermarket decals should be produced and packaged. Dick became a decal consultant for Frog, Airfix and Revell and I think it would be fair to say he was responsible for kit manufacturers upping their game in respect of colour schemes and the decals supplied in their kits. He was also a copious illustrator and his research and artwork can be found in dozens, possibly hundreds of reference works published over the last fifty or sixty years. Amongst other things, Dick was a founder member of the IPMS. His contribution to the hobby has been immense and we can be grateful that this huge wealth of knowledge will be continued to be shared in the future. RIP Dick.
  5. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    Hi LBD, that is almost certainly a PR XI of 681 squadron that served in the SEAC theatre. The serial pre-fixed PL is the best indicator, but your close up pic of the nose also reveals the deepened profile required for the larger oil cooler. The rudder was likely swapped with a machine from another unit wearing camouflage. It would not be over painted or re-painted to avoid having to have it balanced. Overall colour would be PRU blue with dark/pale blue SEAC roundels. The rudder would be dark green/ocean grey. The small roundels indicate late 1944 through to August 1945, possibly post VJ day.
  6. Good job you had somebody to get it for you!
  7. Millennium Falcon (Revell/Fine Molds)

    I've started, so I'll finish (thinking about the pile of money that bought the kit). Hopefully much more advanced by the next Rivenhall meet.
  8. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    Running around in ever decreasing circles, disappear up own a**e. Check.
  9. Supposed to be done for SMW, but failed miserably, although I might show it as a WIP. Hull dry fitted, plus sub-assemblies. The kit is humungous, everything fits beautifully with little clean up required, but fahzands of little pieces that drive you nuts. Great for stress busting, although many of you will think I've lost the plot. Actually most of you think I lost the plot yonks ago. I'd like to have a peep at the Bandai kit, it's bound to be radically different as well as gorgeous, but I doubt I'll be handing over the required spons to acquire one. This Revell release is relatively Bargain Basement in comparison (although the wallet did go off in a sulk, even at a heavily discounted price) and it's a wonderful thing.
  10. Cool Phantom video

    I was directed towards this earlier, only watched the intro but some great footage.
  11. Mr Hobby Advice wanted

    Windex, you can get it off Amazon. I think UK manufactured Windowlene is now ammonia free (it contains other solvents and vinegar). Also do an ebay search for household ammonia.
  12. Mr Hobby Advice wanted

    If all else fails you can flush Klear with more Klear as it is solvent within itself. Follow immediately with a good flush with water. Ammonia based household cleaner will work and most window cleaners usually work if they have a vinegary base.
  13. Deleting posts

    Leave a full stop or some text eg. 'post edited' or 'all items sold' in the text editor and you should be able to save it.
  14. Mr Hobby Advice wanted

    Mr Surfacer neat, brushed on for gap filling. It can be sprayed if well thinned with levelling thinner and is a superb filler primer. Buff out with a cloth before top coats.