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  1. It's on my list of stuff to do. First look is very favourable, but it's a complex looking kit.
  2. Paul Brown

    Hisso SE

    Yes, the Viper was developed from the Hissy, but still sufficiently like the Hissy to warrant a licence to manufacture.
  3. At RIAT this year we witnessed the awe inspiring Flanker display. I was wondering how difficult it would be to create that scheme, then I discovered Foxbot decals and masks. They arrived whilst I was at Telford! I already have Flankers in the stash. Speaking of Telford here's my haul. Plus an offer to review - would be rude to say no!
  4. Hall layouts: Hall 1: Hall 2: Hall 3: I will be hanging out between L & C, Rivenhall etc. If you've no club affiliations you're more than welcome to exhibit stuff on the L & C table, Hall 1, Block 1F - square 3G on the layout. Rivenhall is Hall 1, Block 1D - square 5H. The image quality is rubbish on the forum page, click on the image, then zoom to see the layouts properly.
  5. I like Clave's Gold Leaf Typhoon 1b, also his white/yellow/blue Williams inspired Hawk.
  6. I'm being told rapid cure, with masking over gloss surfaces after 20 minutes possible and excellent durability.
  7. I'm going to give the Tamiya lacquer paints a whirl on the Jag Mk II. I have it on good authority these paints are the mutts. Anybody here used them? I'll report back if no.
  8. From the Brampton bash: The Puma is an addition to my expanding collection of Matchbox tooled 1/76 armour. The JP, just because. In addition I was bidding on a couple of items on a Facebook auction group with the intent of winning one, but ended up with them both! One of them will be for a build to present to the gentleman who organised our recent Goodwood Revival trip as a Christmas present, probably the Jaguar. Both kits have slightly damaged boxes, but are otherwise mint and cost rather less than current ebay prices generally.
  9. We had a chemistry teacher who was a dead ringer for Plug from the Bash Street Kids. I bet you can't guess what his nickname was... I will try and drag this thread back on topic tomorrow upon my return from St Ives.
  10. Thanks for posting, you've probably convinced me to get one. It's worth checking out the Airfix workbench pages for a couple of builds: Workbench link Drewe Manton did the 800 Sqdn option and has also posted up shots on Facebook
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