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  1. If creepy is your thing then Minibricks on Youtube delivers in spades. This is the latest, but it's worth checking out their vids page because there's lots of good stuff going on. The modelling isn't always technically brilliant, but the concepts are fab and some of the painting is worth looking at closely to pick up tips - check out how she does the settee on this vid, the faux leather looks really good.
  2. That is so elemental, no instruments to give you speed, altitude, VSI, just you and the feedback you're getting through the seat of your pants. I've been thinking about gliding as a way to getting back to flying, I would love to be able to do that.
  3. I saw it earlier, but not now. If it was hot-linked it may be that source doesn't like hot-linking.
  4. Blimey, £30 for a Bandai Y-Wing? Get them while you can!
  5. I'm advised by Carrera Revell UK that this is due for November release. They also sent the latest promo, I won't post all the pics because Spencer's build blows their own one into the weeds. Hannant's are quoting RRP at £59.99
  6. Arrived this morning, looks cracking in the box (like the Comet and Maus by Vespid).
  7. Update, I've just received an email that says November release. I can also publish these images from Spencer Pollard. If you want to see more of the model, please check out the December Issue (314) of Tamiya Model Magazine. Subscribe here.
  8. From the MAFVA page (Mike Starmer and Mike Cooper)
  9. That's utterly corking.
  10. ACE kits are broken down into fahzands and fahzands of parts.
  11. The ACE kits are worth a punt, the plastic is a little soapy, but they are highly detailed. That Salamander!
  12. I'm OK with the Revell re-pops, I have a few of them. In fact you're more likely to get a usable set of tracks with them.
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