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  1. Until I see some facts it's hearsay, not facts. What is the quality of the decals? How are the colours off?
  2. No decision has to be made until later this month, there are financial implications for an early cancellation. Personally I'd be amazed if it goes ahead. From what I'm picking up from a handful of other IPMS branches is that with one exception nobody is planning on exhibiting.
  3. I doubt anybody with long standing interest in German armour would have any use for it, but it's ideal for a dunce like myself - as i said in the OP.
  4. After meeting up with Tony Surridge for coffee at the Chelmsford Costa the other week we decided to check out what was in The Works, which is almost next door. Being something of a dunce when it comes to AFVs, but having a bit of a penchant for German WWII armour I came away with these two tomes. The Haynes Panther Tank is an excellent reference if you happen to be building a Panther with plenty of period photos plus modern walk arounds and various drawings and sketches. German Tanks of WWII is perfect for a dunce like me, it lists and provides a brief history of just about every German AFV, halftrack and SP artillery used by the Wehrmacht in WWII. There's also a 'Super Tank' chapter on projects that were started, but were too fanciful to get properly off the ground. So a couple of handy volumes to add to the bookshelf, but check out the prices, proper bargain basement. There were plenty of the various Haynes manuals on offer, all credit to Haynes for publishing these really useful books and for The Works to offer them at such low prices. The Works has plenty of other publications on sale that might be of use to the modeller and if you stroll into the art section you might find tools and finishing media that can be added to the toolbox. Check it out next time you take a trip into town.
  5. Drop the flaps and if anybody tries to pick up on it just say they're down for a walk around.
  6. Paul Brown


    Interesting, they've identified a gap in the market! It's not like they're new to the game, Hannant's are listing 19 Roden WWI aircraft, plus six standalone engines. Out of those, nine products are on backorder. I've got to be honest, I'm completely sceptical that this particular niche in the market is sustainable.
  7. I have sympathy, but in terms of generating revenue a Spitfire is likely to win hands down. The kit itself looks utterly delicious.
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