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  1. But why? I'll bet there's several of us here that blow rather more than £440 per annum on models/consumables. It's really no different sinking a large amount into a large model that's going to give you lots of £/hour modelling time.
  2. £200+ for the Revell/Fine Molds 1/72 Millennium Falcon. Still not finished!
  3. Nope. It actually has more in common with the original MPM derived Meteors, but even that is a tenuous connection. When I get the chance to take pics I'll post up.
  4. That's turned out reet neet. The canopy seam is a good thing, it means it was done in a two part mould and therefore (theoretically) correctly bulged. There's no way around it, unless you fancy a vac canopy. I've got a 1/48 bronze tiger on the to do pile, but finding it difficult to fit into my lackadaisical schedule.
  5. A couple of recent arrivals. Probably needless to say, but the Meteor eclipses the old Matchbox kit on every level.
  6. On another thread the topic was about tube bending, here's my take on it. I'm going to be using a stand for the TB-1 that's sourced from another kit and need a means of mounting model to stand. I also want it in a dynamic pose, so some brass tube is brought into play. The tube is 2mm o/d and before bending had the guitar string (bottom E if you're interested) inserted before bending around an old paint brush using brute force - my old gaffer in the joinery shop where I was an apprentice would be appalled, brute force was a big no, no. Anyhow it worked, no crushing or deformation of the tube. I drilled a hole in TB-1 at a suitable location, then glued in a larger piece of brass tube as a bush. The second hole is for a pin to hold the model at the desired angle. The stand is from the Aoshima TB-1+Launch Pad set, I wasn't planning on using it. You can see the brass tube and pin glued in place. Some final touch ups with primer and we're ready to add colour. A trial run of model and stand. I like it. More anon!
  7. QFT. I heard that this is a bone of contention with R & D, who were delighted when it was announced production was returning to the UK, dismayed when the decision was overturned shortly after a few of the kits were made here. I would posit that virtually 100% of the problems associated with Airfix is down to QC and poor quality materials being used at the factory in India. It would take a seismic shift in sales before they'll ever do anything about it.
  8. Speculating, but probably licencing issues with the original film production company and whoever now owns the rights, thereof.
  9. Paul Brown

    No aircraft

    You can get adapters that fit over the eyepiece, essentially a sleeve fitted with a lens mount. If you have a zooming eyepiece you need to rotate the zoom magnification to eliminate the circular effect (or crop it out in software). You need a very good tripod to eliminate camera shake, the slightest vibration will get the image jiggling all over the place. I've found using this sort of setup near impossible in bird hides because the floors are never solid enough. You'll find image quality is likely to be considerable poorer than with a camera lens unless you have a top end 'scope. If you're looking for a quick fix, get a phone attachment for digiscoping.
  10. Paul Brown

    Big Tiger 1

    Of course females are superior, to quote from The Witches of Eastwick 'you can make babies and feed them'. That is pretty cool. Mind you, male lions have it sussed, they let the females do all the hunting. I gave some advice to my daughter-in-law some time prior to the marriage....regard your husband as the oldest child in the family, you'll get along fine. That is an extremely cool Tigger Tank, although I have fond memories of 1/6 scale monsters crawling all over the floor at the now defunct Yeovilton shows.
  11. You're just upset because there's no Buchon.
  12. I remember seeing G-FIRE at a show, can't remember which one complete with illuminated 'gunfire'. The Scammells were mentioned on the leaked AMW page but they're not in the New for 2020 list on the Airfix website.
  13. Yeah, that's what I had in mind, especially round wound which should be a little less grippy than plain wire. If the tube is more than 2-3mm bore I'm not sure what you'd use. Maybe plastic rod/stretched sprue would work? All you need is something to fill the tube to stop it deforming.
  14. Paul Brown


    If the surface you're painting or spraying onto is very matt, then the first coat may appear not to make any difference. It may require multiple coats before you get a good gloss. Sometimes it helps to take the grain off matt surfaces by buffing with something slightly abrasive, a bit of old denim is ideal. If you're coating onto a smooth surface in a warm room with no excessive humidity and it's coming up matt, then I'm clean out of ideas.
  15. Back in the days of my yoof working on building sites I used to watch the plumbers doing pipe bending. They had flexible rods to fit inside the pipe bore before using their bending tools (ooh er missus), the pipe would therefore maintain its shape during the bending process and the rod was flexible enough to be removed. I was thinking about this myself the other day because I have some tube I want to bend without distortion, I was thinking of using some wire in the tube. It needs to be a snug fit for the tube to keep its shape, but not so snug as to make it difficult to remove after bending
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