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  1. This Seafire and the Mk XII have been absent from the catalogue for some time, evidence that not all Spitfire kits sell perhaps?
  2. That's the way to go in my book, any sort of white glue, although I have GS Hypo in the toolbox. I've been using it a lot recently for fixing transparencies, I find the ability to apply a micro bead Really Useful.
  3. Paul Brown

    No aircraft

    The first forty years are probably the worst.
  4. Paul Brown

    No aircraft

    25 years? Pah, beginners! Nice lighthouse.
  5. Downloadable here. Here's a spoiler - hint: you don't have to be grunherz to work it out.
  6. Yah boo sucks. I've been busily acquiring stuff, naughty, but it keeps me happy. Elsewhere I said a couple of minutes ago about being 'a certain age wearing rose tinted specs' in respect of 1/76 kits. That would be me! The Puma is a real peach of a kit, plus you get the groovy diorama base, what's not to like?
  7. I feel a purchase coming on. I've got a couple of the IBG Cruiser tanks and the moulding quality looks outstanding on the sprue. This looks equally as good, plus a large dollop of PE makes it look good VFM. The old Airfix 1/76 set was pretty good in it's day (the tooling still holds up fairly well), but this is way ahead. Funny thing, a lot of us consider 1/76 as anachronistic, but it must still have a significant fan base, otherwise Airfix wouldn't keep re-releasing them. Same with Revell and the Matchbox tooled 1/76 kits. Folks of a certain age with rose tinted specs I suspect.
  8. Post Image was down the other day, they may be experiencing ongoing issues.
  9. All present and correct this end.
  10. At the front it's held in place by cementing the fan front to parts 67 and 136 (there's a package in the post BTW). You have to make sure these parts sit correctly in the outer intake parts, otherwise misalignment with the variable thruster outlets is pretty much guaranteed (I wonder how I found that out?). The mounts for the thrust nozzles hold the engine in-situ within the fuselage, but there is also a little bulkhead with a pin matched to a hole in the engine at the rear and underneath. Trying to get everything to fit, cemented and closed up is, to be honest, a bit of a 'mare. If I did another one - there's a GR1 in the loft stash - and assuming the the opening top hatch will be fixed and not openable for displaying the engine, then I'd skip the engine itself and jury rig the fan and thrust nozzles.
  11. Full flap on a Spam Can is the brakes old boy! You usually have both feet hard down on the pedals to no apparent effect.
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