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  1. I’ve been following Spencer Pollard’s build on Facebook, interestingly he used the kit harness parts. People were asking if they were etch or fabric! To be fair Spencer has an advantage in that he’s a wizard at painting.
  2. Here is the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219492078916348&set=oa.2630476400307822&type=3&theater I'm not sure you can view the thread without creating an account. It's possible to link through the images, but it means interrogating each image to get the flickr URL they're hosted on, then copying and pasting here. If anybody that does Facebook is feeling kind and up for it, great, but there are 70+ images and to put it bluntly I don't have the time or wherewithal to do it myself.
  3. Paul Brown

    No aircraft

    During an outward bound channel crossing I was convinced the thing was going to break in two and sink. I had no idea that a moderate chop would give such a rough ride. Fortunately the return leg was a much smoother crossing, but it has to be said that the 'hover' in hovercraft is a misnomer. As a youngster I can remember visiting Pegwell Bay and after checking out the Viking longship was allowed to watch activity at the hoverport. One of the departures suffered a skirt failure, a segment came adrift and was flapping around like a mad thing. The crew aborted and the craft returned ignominiously back up the ramp.
  4. My unscientific research on the average Airfix consumer is that they don't actually give a shoot about PE or resin etc.
  5. I think you'll find that's where they actually stand in respect of product distribution and having metal amongst the components would probably limit the number of outlets they can distribute to.
  6. I've resisted so far and looking at the number of large scale kits I have stashed I'll probably continue to resist, but ignoring the subject matter and whether or not it floats your boat, it does look pretty fabulous. With regard to aftermarket style parts, I'd guess the suits at Airfix say this is not an Airfix thing due to how they perceive the people they're selling to, although Eduard are blazing a trail with Profipaks and Weekend editions. I personally can't see Airfix going down that route. Also I think there might be a difference between 'toy' and 'hobby product' when qualifying for CE regs and that might make a difference to their marketing options.
  7. Dark blue and roundels 'n bars? That will be damn cool.
  8. My instructor told me his favourite light aircraft was the Beagle Pup, not that much different from the Bulldog. Compared to the club Spam Cans I used to fly, the Grob is like driving a V8 with twin turbos. I nearly got a Chipmunk in my logbook, but the cadets used up all the slots on the day that I had the last chance to log it. Never did an AEF with Bulldogs, but there's quite a few in private hands.
  9. That brings back some memories of taking cadets to AEF. Cracking little aeroplanes to fly, if I win the lottery I'll buy one.
  10. I just thought I'd bring to everybody's attention that the second release (82122) is now available. It has an additional clear sprue with drop tanks and pylons. Clear plastic because the pylons on the originals were a perspex type material. Also it get s a new PE fret, without the fuselage fishplates, but including a radiator grille and associated fittings, also the wiring for RPs should you elect to do the version with them fitted. There's a large new and beautifully printed decal sheet with six options, although two of these are variations for Clostermann's NV994. To be be fair these are likely to be popular choices, but for me personally are little bit 'meh'. Here are the paint guides. I must admit I quite like the look of 'Zipp' Button's NV708 with the high speed silver and RP armament. Thinking out aloud, the two releases so far don't require the zero length launch rail RPs, so there must be at least one more in the offing, or maybe something in the forthcoming Royal Class issue. One mystery with this very detailed kit, a prominent feature, the annular shroud around the carburettor intake is missing. Barracuda do a resin replacement should you wish to fit one without recourse to scratch building. If you're building the version with the radiator grille it's quite likely nobody will notice anything amiss. You might also want to add some plumbing that would be visible through the tank pylons. Notwithstanding these relatively minor issues, this is a peach of a kit. How about some Griffon Spitfires Mr Eduard, pretty please?!
  11. I bought some aftermarket. There's actually enough on the PE fret to dress up the kit seat, so the resin one might get reserved for another project.
  12. If it's your thread you can take it anywhere you like as far as I'm concerned!
  13. Paul Brown

    No aircraft

    From a recent visit to RSPB Minsmere. Stonechat Bittern lurking in the reeds Marsh harrier on short finals Marsh harrier checking us out Mrs B got an outstanding shot of a bittern emerging from the reeds
  14. Leopard 2 A6/A6NL (03281) Confession time: I'm not a big fan of modern armour, but I'm glad I've been given the opportunity to have a look at this kit. This variant of the Leopard oozes menace and in real life it's pretty huge, a feature that is perhaps exacerbated by the elongated turret and long gun - even longer on the A6. Leopard tanks have been around for a while, but the A6 is a variant the appeared mid-noughties and has numerous upgrades over earlier versions. I have to admit it looks pretty cool. For the modeller the Leopard gives you options in respect of it having multiple users and the Hellenic Army (for instance) have their Leopards painted in a very striking scheme that might appeal over that offered in the kit option. Let's have a look at the box art that shows a Leopard emerging from a forest glade with apparent intent. This is a pretty big box (385x245x65mm) and it is crammed full of parts. Sprue A contains the hull sides and lower turret moulding. The kit is based on tooling first produced in 2012, but with additional parts. The mouldings are crisp and well defined as you might expect from a fairly recently developed product. Sprue B contains the hull top, bottom and transom (is that proper tanky jargon?), I've added a Mr Color jar to give a bit of scale. There is 2 x Sprue C containing the nicely moulded wheels and other bits of running. I've captured both sides of the sprues in the same images. Sprue E contains the massive turret components. The remaining plastic sprues are G, H, K and L. Sprue G is the gun and replaces J that is left over from a previous release. This is not referenced in the instructions, but on a seperate correction sheet. You get a bag full of vinyl parts that include tracks, cables and mudflaps. Personally I'm OK with vinyl tracks, the real tank has rubber block type tracks and these are reproduced perfectly adequately and are sharply moulded. They fit together well, with multiple pins and locating holes, although the pins go all the way through and you will need to ensure they're not in a visible place or are covered with some mud/gunge weathering. I'm not sure about the cables, I think replacement with braided wire would be a good thing. The mudflaps are probably pretty much in keeping with the real thing. To round things off you get a short piece of wire (taped to the instructions header), some acetate for cutting into pieces to fit the 'scopes and a nicely printed decal sheet. The instructions tell you to cut the wire into 75mm lengths for the antennae, heat the ends and plunge them into their plastic fittings. I'd rather drill out the fitting with a micro drill and use a dab of superglue. Link to instructions, but here is the header, paint list and paint/decal guide for your information. There are options for tanks in German or Dutch service. One thing I've noticed that not all the decals are referenced on the paint guide, so you might need to look out for them in the main body of the instructions. There's not a lot to choose between the two schemes as they use the same camo layout and there's not many decals to apply to make any real difference. The painting itself will require some skill to execute it effectively. The correction sheet refers to the aforementioned gun sprue and also to incorrect numbering of illustrated parts in Step 28. this is welcome because it suggests that more attention is being paid to proofreading! My overall impression of this kit is very favourable, it looks nicely moulded and crisp as you'd expect with relatively new tooling that has additional parts to render it as an A6/A6NL. A couple of minus points are the hatch m.g. that I feel could have had a little more detail on it, the turret stowage baskets that suffer from the limitations of injection moulding and the engine compartment vents that suffer in the same manner. There is however quite a lot of aftermarket available, including PE sets that address the issues of the baskets and vents, that would be a worthwhile investment to add to the kit. You can also get sets of individual track links if that is your thing. I've seen some nice builds of the original 2012 release on club tables at shows and given that this one is neither the most expensive, nor the cheapest, but somewhere in the middle ground I think it represents pretty good value for money and can be recommended to modern armour fans. Review sample courtesy Revell. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit: Revell Website Revell Facebook
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