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  1. I remember the first year that under the table was banned at SMW, there was a lot of moaning and groaning, but guess what? Hardly ever gets a mention now and everybody seems happy with the kit swap. Although it was seen as a response to trader feedback I was told by a then member of the hierarchy that it was a requirement of the venue insurance. Same with any trading during setup, it's not supposed to happen. I'd be happy for other show organisers to adopt similar policies and the idea of having chargeable space at shows is not at all unreasonable. It does already occasionally happen on an informal basis, I've been at a couple of shows where individuals or small groups have bought their own pitch for stash disposals.
  2. I think you'll find most show organisers do use traders as a cash cow and trader fees are used as a break even point to cover the venue/table hire (I'll stand to be corrected if there are shows that are not organised on this basis). As a club exhibitor I'm not especially keen on under table selling, especially when other club members bring stuff to sell, naff off to enjoy the show and leave me in charge of sales. I'm going to start charging a commission. But seriously, it's a slap in the face with a wet cod to traders paying for their pitch.
  3. I've read nothing to suggest that the perps came from a sink estate. I did read that the parents have offered financial recompense which would suggest to me they come from reasonably well off families. There's been far too much jumping to conclusions and far too many knee jerk reactions. Children and young people will respond to discipline, but it's something that has to be taught, you will never beat it into them.
  4. I'm using more and more GS finishing products, because you can be pretty certain they work as advertised. The only snag is availability, but it is getting better. What's the curing time on the UV Cut? I'm looking forward to trying the Tamiya lacquer paints, having seen a film demo.
  5. Plus this is a pretty big anniversary year.
  6. How about calling it Science Fact and Fiction? I'm eyeing up some of the Thunderbirds kits I've been accumulating over the last few months (if they're allowed!).
  7. Ah go on, go on, add me to the list. I've got quite a few kits that qualify. Just under 600. As with most forums only a small percentage are regular posters.
  8. For some time I've been eyeing up the Tamiya 1/48 armour kits, then this one came up on an auction in a Facebook group and my bid was the winner. It looks exquisite in the box and comes with a die-cast hull that gives the whole lot a nice amount of weight. I see more of these in my crystal ball.
  9. All 1/8:- BMW Polizei BMW R-75/5 Honda 750 Honda Road Racer Norton Commando Norton SS 1980 Suzuki Cyclone None are original Airfix tools, the Hondas and Suzuki are MPC, the rest Heller.
  10. Yes, used in anger, here are the results. I bought some grass specifically to use with it and as per Gorby's post bought different lengths. I managed to store it in a safe place, you know one of those places so safe you can't find the stuff again! Because the model was a Christmas gift I needed to use whatever was close at hand, in this case it was some Games Workshop grass. I already had some layering glue and the grass is mostly standing up on end. I'm hoping to give it another whirl soon after I recover the grass that was bought especially for the job...
  11. I have a self-imposed moratorium on acquiring 1/48 Luft 46. This review is not helping me achieve my goal!
  12. I think a Mk III is a near certainty given the number of unused parts and options on the sprues.
  13. The aileron actuators come on a PE fret. Somebody must have forgotten the DF loop, which is supplied as a resin piece. Here's a sample of the instructions, including the painting guides. I Decals. That's all folks!
  14. Somewhat eagerly awaited, here it is at last and I think it's been worth the wait. This is going to be picture heavy so I won't ramble on for too long, just a few salient points. This looks much improved over the Italeri effort, the panel lines are reasonably finely done and there's none of the Italeri style riveting - you get to add them yourself with your favoured rivet tool if you must have them. Without matching the components to references, everything looks pretty much as it should shape wise, although closer examination may pick up any anomalies, such as they might be. With a little refinement of some of the parts the interior should build up very nicely and look very complete. In fact a lot is going to disappear forever once the hull is closed up, unless you're intending to remove some panels. Eduard have some PE sets in the pipeline, although I'm sure some of the current sets could be adapted if you can't wait. Ditto with other accessories. The transparencies are well done, albeit some of the turrets were adrift in my sample, although they're separately packed in a sealed poly bag. The decals are beautifully printed by Cartograf with strong and dense looking colours. The instructions are in booklet format and printed on glossy paper and include full colour paint guides. The latter show exhaust staining on the wings and a dirty water line, is this a first?! I haven't done a parts count, but there are lots, including a plethora of tiny parts for building up the interior, plus guns and ASV antennae. With regard to the latter, they are not required for any of the versions in this kit and given the number of alternative and 'not for use' parts, additional editions/variants are an absolute given - hopefully at least one with Pegasus engines as an option. RRP is £43, but I got this one for under £40 posted, so shop around. Even at full RRP I'd say this looks like excellent value for money and Special Hobby are to be congratulated on producing a product that looks a bit special. So, onto the pictures (sprues in no particular order). That's all the main airframe components, the next post will feature the interior and ancillary parts.
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