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  1. Cheers, I'm feeling over the worst of it, although I suspect I might not get out of jail tomorrow. Yah, boo, sucks. In the meantime whilst everybody was out I've been able to rescue a few more tools and glue from my bench to assist this build. Sticky out bits added. I guess you might call them spars.
  2. I've been trying to figure out how you could generate enough energy to get it airborne, the idea of four blokes on a capstan just doesn't add up. I'm thinking a very long cable wound around a projection to the spindle and a glider winch. Da Vinci might have done it with a team of horses. Trouble is, the whole plot wuld probably fly apart with that much energy! Here's some progress, sub-assemblies then a trial fit. The parts appear to be cut precisely but it's quite tricky to assemble without any jig to hold it together, especially with slow setting white glue that doesn't have
  3. Earliest release is Monday if I test negative.
  4. Mrs B might be retired but she hasn't forgotten about barrier nursing! We're trying to make sure that neither she, nor our daughter catch it (again).
  5. Yes, everything you need is included, the fabric is loose in the instructions. One problem, the glue had dried up. Got permission to enter out of bounds and grab some white glue.
  6. I'm presuming to run this thread here, as it was a proposed aerial vehicle, even if the hardware never got beyond the modelling stage. Very apt. Seeing as I'm confined to covid jail until Monday at the very earliest and sitting in a room surrounded by stash items but no means to build any of them (the bench is out of bounds) I realised this was sitting amongst the pile of kits. I have a multi-purpose knife on my desk and the kit contains glue. Let's go for it.
  7. At the risk of providing TMI, I can remember my mother, who had been schooled in the 'Victorian tradition' being utterly outraged on a seaside trip when a kilted man emerged from a seafront pub. The outrage was triggered by him sauntering over to the sea wall, lifting the front of his kilt and proceeding to micturate. I'm pretty certain the wind was blowing offshore at the time. I hope this answers your enquiry.
  8. Did this slip in under the radar or was it just me? For more info follow this link
  9. Paul Brown


    It's a really safe option to launch what will hopefully be a new range of kits, as are the decal options. Those of us that would really like to have a Mk XIV will just have to remain patient.
  10. I have been picking up on Facebook that Jan Polc has passed away after an 'unfortunate accident' on 17th September. Jan was know for his aviation artwork and graphic design, being involved with some of the leading east European brands. More recently he was art editor for Scale Aircraft Modelling. RIP Jan.
  11. I think it's a Bristol Fairchild Bolingbroke.
  12. It's post Borden/Humbrol, I think Trev was referring to Hornby philosophy. Regardless of what hardcore modellers think they should be doing, if sales projections and targets add up I doubt anything will change.
  13. The panel lines are predicated on the idea that most of the kits that get built will be bristle brush painted. That piece of information was passed to me by Trevor Snowden several years ago and I suspect it still holds true. We were towards the end of the second day of a two day show and being near adjacent exhibitors had spent quite a long time chatting, as visitors were few and far between and we were both bored stiff. He also explained why the Valiant had been delayed.
  14. That's the first law of CAD, unless you're an engineer or land surveyor who insist on drawing everything in model space at 1/1000. Scaling in model space
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