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  1. I'm pleased for everybody that's been waiting for an AMX, but it's the MC 202 that has my attention.
  2. Mr Dissolved Putty is my go-to. Take a bit of getting used to.
  3. Airfix have launched a new range of Warbird tea and coffee! I can hear lots of you going 'why?'. Here's why: Find more info by clicking this link
  4. Since last posting on this thread I've failed miserable to get things properly up and running. There was a cold snap, Christmas then other issues to deal with. The cold snap is significant because my 'model factory' is a conservatory which means it's bladdy cold to work in. Now that I can go in there without fear of emasculation by freezing I will attempt to use the last remaining couple of weeks this is running to do something with the Escort. I've been having a go at tidying up the body shell and tub/under pan, which is quite tedious because whilst the shell is properly shiny there's lo
  5. Formaplane 1/72 (good luck finding one) Mikro Mir 1/144 (current) I don't know if Mel Bromley's S & M 1/72 resin kit ever saw the light of day.
  6. Ah right, thanks for that, quite a bit different to the 2019 kit in that case.
  7. I've just posted the first bunch of previews on the RevellAtions forum click here to check them out.
  8. I suppose taking a fellow club member who is currently pretty much housebound out on a trip to a model shop was never likely to end well in respect of GBH to the old debit card, but hey ho! As an aside, if you're ever in south west Suffolk, head into Long Melford and visit Model Behaviour, they're just off the main thoroughfare through the village (Little St Mary's) in St Catherine's Road. There's loads of tea shops in Long Melford, but we headed back to Sudbury and TTT Motorcycle Village to indulge our other passion. It's a warehouse type place with not only almost literally hundre
  9. I have just come across the very sad news that Rowan Broadbent, best known for Pheon decals and generally raising the awareness of WWI aircraft modelling, died peacefully last Saturday morning. Rowan had been fighting against multiple cancers and other illnesses. I had the pleasure of meeting Rowan a few times and having lengthy chats, he was genial and easy to get on with, although I always suspected he might not suffer fools gladly! Pheon decals are testament to his skill as both a researcher and graphic artist, if you've never perused any of the Pheon decals it's well worthwhile, just to sa
  10. An FR9 is an F8 fitted with a camera nose. The F8 kit was new tool last year and carries the same transparency frame as the FR9 - you got me checking mine and they're OK.
  11. This is not my bike, but same model/colour. If only Tamiya did a kit...
  12. Yeah, stashed in the garage and in need of TLC after a minor spill, now quite a long time ago.
  13. I was tempted to buy a 1:1 R1, but didn't. Probably won't now, although getting the Fireblade back on the road is still on the bucket list. I digress, I actually have one of these kits and made a start but fancied the metallic blue scheme, couldn't find the paint, so it went on to the SoD. You never know, one day I might actually finish a bike model.
  14. If you are feeling keen you can remove the LE slats and position them open. I think that's most prototypical for a parked HP42.
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