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  1. I bought a compact travel dryer for under a tenner posted. Primarily its purpose is to heat up stubborn decals that won't conform and to accelerate setting of Klear. Also handy for giving paints a hurry up. Worth having in the toolbox IMO (and avoids incurring the wrath of Mrs B by borrowing her dryer).
  2. The Airwaves seats (on the right) are actually quite good. The folded tub from the Whirlwind set (left), was too wide for the original tool fuselage. I removed the side walls and glued them to the fuselage halves, the idea was to trim the floor and front panel to fit, but I never made it that far and the whole thing was placed on the SoD. This thread is tempting me to go back to it.
  3. It could be worse, i.e. separate track links. There is no short cut to realistic looking tracks and link and length is probably the best compromise between realism and buildability. Then there's these: Straight lengths of track that you're instructed to bend around the running gear. The bloke at Revell said to immerse them in hot water (it doesn't say that on the instructions). Personally I'd opt to heating them gently with a hair dryer.
  4. That grouping of the weapons, a hit on anything must have been devastating. This was on the drawing board way before anybody thought of fitting heavy calibre guns to a Beaufighter or Mosquito. Teddy Petter was a complete genius.
  5. That's the collective in your pic, the cyclic has an 'S' shape.
  6. They are indeed, although that was twelve years ago as a starter set. I don't know how the tooling is holding up, but the kit is not bad, although the Special Hobby kits are optimum. The original Whirlwind was my first plastic kit. I bought a bubble pack old tool at Farnborough a few years ago in a fit of nostalgia. Started to build it, but it's currently a doomer.
  7. Click here for news and spectacular images of distant galaxies.
  8. Ever wonder what they are like? Wonder no more, this article gives us insight into what they're about.
  9. Okay everybody, after some discussion we decided to create a forum for space chat and here it is. The thread that started it all off is now unpinned from non-modelling chat and is a thread here, but you can start separate threads to your heart's delight.
  10. Watch out for the big 'gator.
  11. They were supposed to be here at the beginning of July. Yesterday I was looking at container ships queued up outside Felixstowe waiting to unload, maybe that's where they are?! I've got one reserved.
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