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  1. I think the manufacturer would concede that there are still limits to the technology. It wouldn't put me off buying any of the sets, in fact I did just that earlier, on the strength of Jamie's images.
  2. The one thing I thought when I first saw the Quinto stuff is that the printing looks a little 'soft', but there's no doubt that close up photos don't do it any favours. Having said that I don't often have open canopies, so it would probably suit me OK.
  3. Likewise I'm awaiting to see how the Quinto stuff works and looks. I don't have any Hind's in the stash, those sprue shots are teasing me.
  4. Heavily weathered finishes with bright and sparkly decals.
  5. The Vespid Comet looked so good in the box that I invested in a Maus as well.
  6. Technically I think you'd still refer to it as a trim, you're simply adjusting tail lift via incidence to set longitudinal pitch. I think the advantage is in reducing aerodynamic loading on the elevator.
  7. I know somebody who is in a Diamond DA40 group, cracking aeroplane he says.
  8. I think the idea is to stick them on to flat surfaces, setting solutions aren't in the frame.
  9. After several months of prevarication I finally splashed out on a plotting cutter. It's a Silhouette 4 which is supposed to be the best of the home/desktop cutters. You download Silhouette's own Studio software for creating designs and sending plots, although as I'm a daily Autocad user that is my preferred platform to work with. The software allows you to import dxf format files, which is a doddle to create in Autocad. I had to work out that if the dxf is saved full size then Studio will read it full size. So for instance if you wanted to create masks for a 1/72 model, then you need to draw the designs at 1/72, simples! One snag was that some objects were appearing as folded up and out of shape in Studio, but I correctly deduced the software was not sophisticated enough to read closed polylines (CAD dudes will get it) and after exploding them all was well. When it came to sending a plot I found the software less than intuitive, but got there in the end and after a first botched cut managed to produce a set of wheel masks for my Crusader build. My first attempts at cutting were somewhat farcical, but I succeeded in not throwing the machine out of the window. The Studio software is not intuitive, which is half the problem. The lack of clear instructions is the other half. I spent a fair bit of time Googling and watching vids, and finally the penny began to drop. Drawing designs is not a problem (that's my day job) and Studio reads dxf files so I can do stuff in Autocad. I needed some circles for masking tank wheels as mentioned above, which were very easy to draw, but I couldn't get a plot to send because the cutter was not 'reading' the registration marks on the cutting mat. Eventually I realised I wasn't positioning the media correctly and finally got a cut. Then I saw on a vid that is was a good idea to cut backed vinyl without a mat - using the mat as little as possible keeps it sticky for gripping media. First off I had probs loading the media, then after sending the plot it was trying to find non-existent registration marks. Then I thought 'what if you switch off the marks in the software?' It doesn't tell you that anywhere, but bingo, it worked. Now feeling more adventurous I replied to a request for masks on another forum, registration letters for a privately owned JP5. Easy peasy! Next!
  10. SNECMA Coleoptere. It didn't survive an attempt to transition from vertical to horizontal flight.
  11. Mine arrived without a box and photocopied instructions and I didn't get a reduction because I didn't mention the other place. Robbed. I'm pretty certain it would have been a terrifying ride, this model gives you a clue.
  12. That's a great idea, I might take advantage of that.
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