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  1. That's true, they're also designed such that ejection pin marks and sprue gates are hidden. The reason why I'm slightly (tongue-in-cheek) sceptical is because the bold claim 'no puttying or sanding required' invites hubris to do its work and Bandai seemingly go about their work without too much fanfare. I would certainly like to have a close look at this kit when it becomes available, because the images show that a lot of thought has gone into the engineering and detailing.
  2. To reiterate: To be fair the fuselage looks very trick. I wonder if they've remembered to do the top and bottom panel lines?
  3. I'll believe it when I see it, nevertheless an interesting proposition and I suppose if you're going to try something radical you might as well try it out on a 109... Anyhow, from the Hannant's pages, here's the blurb. Here's the phots.
  4. In reference to @davidwomby's thread in the for sale forum, he asked the question about formatted text. I assume this is in relation to being able to create a table or schedule in the text editor. The short answer is no you can't. The longer answer is it's possible using copy and paste from a Word or similar doc created by another app. The snag is that the appearance can be unpredictable and it's not possible to edit functions like cell size, format etc. A table can be copy and pasted from Word, with or without outlines depending whether or not they're switched on or off at the time of copying
  5. He seems to be pig ignorant not very well versed in the ways of paint media.
  6. Buckle up people, there's some awesome lookin' stuff here. More Bf 109s and P-51s I here you say. But an Eduard 109G in 1/72 is likely to blow even the fairly recently released Tamiya kit into the weeds. I can pass on the P-51, but the 1/48 109K...ooh er, missus, there's a stirring in me loins.
  7. From the Revell blurb: Very detailed 1:72 scale model kit of the Eurofighter Typhoon 130 precisely molded plastic parts for an authentic replica Additional PE parts for the finest detail and realism Exclusive illustrated book with exciting insights into the history and technology of the Eurofighter Typhoon Collector's card and stunning poster for your collection or display Lavish decal set for the distinctive Pacific livery Simple, easy-to-understand building instructions for modelling enthusiasts of all experience levels So it's not just a reg
  8. I've heard that there have been issues with some of the railway stuff, which is also made at the factory in India.
  9. Because they can. They will set prices according to what they think the market will bear, quality is irrelevant. If they sell a shedload they're quids in. If they're left with stock in the warehouse they'll clear it by some means or other, eg. Black Friday sale. I see the Lim-5 is a current giveaway on orders over £40 on the web shop, so they must have a bunch going spare. Same with the deal on the Tiger Moth. Either way they're quids in. I used to work for a fitted furniture company doing survey and design work. I once asked the governer if they'd ever done a cost analysis on manufacturi
  10. I love that they don't want their flagship product tarred with the Indian factory brush.
  11. That's modellers all over, in my experience. Possibly, but I would expect the price to be reflecting the demographic they're aiming for with a fairly small production run. Whenever I go to a show I see mostly older blokes walking around with premium type models that cost an eye watering amount of money. I'm not averse to pushing the boat out myself, I've just ordered a Gaspatch Me 163 and schlepper, plus the matching detail set. Admittedly they were doing a Black Friday special, but it still adds up to a tidy sum.
  12. Ah, the Nimrod saga. Every man and his dog said they would buy one. They didn't. One trader I know (no names, no pack drill) still bristles at the memory of it. He stocked up a pile of them, couldn't give them away.
  13. Define 'most of us'. If you mean forums like this and clubs/IPMS branches etc, probably yes. If you're taking the model purchasing demographic as a whole you might be in for a surprise. For the major players Spitfires, 109s, Tiger tanks and HMS Victory are bread and butter. They also pay for subject matter likely to interest the 15% - that's 'us'. At Scale Model World the man from Revell confirmed to me what I'd heard second hand from the man from Airfix - gift and starter sets are their most important products. Revell have also started to explore Lego style quick kits, go figure. Anothe
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