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  1. Paul Brown

    Future of modelling?

    Looking at the number of people posting on Facebook groups and the demographics thereof I have no particular worry about the future of the hobby. Looking at the same groups I don't think people are fazed by the extremely high standards achieved by some modellers, they are mostly building for themselves. We tend to see the same sort of people at shows because - and let's be honest - shows are organised by nerds, for nerds. My experience in running plastic model projects at Air Cadets is that young people are the same as they always were, they like to be creative and in building models they can express their creativity. If you want to help the cause, introduce a young person modelling by spending time with them building, but it means sacrificing some of your own time to help them along the way.
  2. Paul Brown

    Icm 2019

    Online catalogue
  3. Paul Brown

    Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017

    For a Tamiya kit, it's not too pricey. Anticsonline
  4. Paul Brown

    Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017

    Tamiya announced their kit a few weeks ago. First issue is a road car, but you'd think a track release would be in the pipeline.
  5. Paul Brown

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    We had a large arachnid that lived under the sofa (I named him Bob). Sadly, I recovered his corpse from behind the sofa one day, victim no doubt to one of the cats.
  6. Paul Brown

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Concur with the issue with EZ Line, also it is squarish in section and any twists are quite noticeable. I used it on my Fokker EIII, but wouldn't use it again on such a small model. I've since bought some of the UvdR thread and it looks much better on the models that I've seen where it's been used.
  7. Paul Brown


    Darren, stop dribbling over your keyboard. The problem with Fisherman's Friends is that they're not strong enough.
  8. Paul Brown

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    The Roland is a good choice for anybody who's bête noire is rigging.
  9. Of course. I'm sure you might be able to borrow it now and then. XGi? It looks similar to the Tritium but with the top air release instead of the pistol trigger. The only thing I don't like about my Grex is the needle cap, a magnetic fastening isn't really a brilliant idea and mine keeps going AWOL.
  10. Paul Brown

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Personally I think immediate post war use of WWI equipment is no problem, I'd be happy to run with it. Jessie's choice is a bit of an incitement to go out and get the 1/32 Special Hobby M1C, but seeing as the GB would permit some stash busting I might look to bashing out a couple of braille scalers.
  11. People will bitch as they're handing over the cash. Every man and his dog wants a new tool Vulcan in 1/72.
  12. Agreed, but it all depends on the condition of the extant tooling. If it's knackered it will get replaced, because it's quite plain that a 1/72 Vulcan is a massive money spinner. If they've LIDAR'ed a Vulcan, expect to see a new kit 2-3 years down the line from when it was measured.
  13. Paul Brown

    Sovereign Hobbies

    As well as alarms I'd also recommend getting some basic fire-fighting equipment for any household. We have a foam extinguisher and fire blanket, but in light of Jamie's experience I'm thinking a C02 extinguisher might be a good thing to have.
  14. Paul Brown

    Heinkel He 219 A something UHU

    ^^^Mostly this. Vince was doing them at 15.00 a pop a couple of years ago (Telford 2017?) IIRC.