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  1. About time I did another Group Build and I have plenty in the stash for this one so please add me to the list. Andrew
  2. Lovely to see an old kit like this being given the full works. Inspirational modelling at its best.
  3. Great start, never done any of these myself but I have just ordered a couple in 1/20 scale so hope to give one a go later in the year. Looking forward to seeing how you finish them.
  4. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for all the kind comments. If anyone else is going to build one of these it is actually quite a straightforward build. The only difficulty I had was with the top wings. Firstly just getting them attached to all 8 struts took several attempts, lots of swearing, some luck and lots of patience. The most important tip though is to make sure that the upper wing attachment points to the fuselage fit into the fuselage properly, if they do not and the top wings will be pushed slightly further apart than they should be which in turn push down the ends of the bottom wing and create a bowed effect in the centre section of the bottom wing. I haven't quite managed to avoid this but at least the effect is not too visible. The fishing line rigging makes the whole aircraft remarkable sturdy and is well worth the effort I think compared to elastic thread. My next non WIP build will be 3 BAC Jaguars (Hasegawa 1/72 - 2 single seat and a two seater). Andrew
  5. Well this has probably the worst WIP build ever but I have at last finished the build now so here are a few pictures. The figure is from Elan 13. Rigging and control wires are all from fishing line. Hopefully I will be able to get it to Telford in November for the Splash table.
  6. At last! Wingnut Wings have announced they will be releasing two versions of the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane next year. Early and late versions coming next year. Been waiting for this along time.
  7. Hi everyone, been rather quiet on the posting front of late but I have recently received something from Wingnut Wings (via Duncan - excellent service thank you) that has gone straight onto the bench so I thought I would post a few photos now and again to show my progress. The kit is Wingnut Wings Gotha UWD, an aircraft I had never even heard of until they announced its release. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing design and it certainly has something of the Dastardly and Muttley about it but the float version in particular just looks fantastic. Since the kit does not come with any sort of landing trolley I have decided to display the aircraft on a railway flatbed wagon as seen in a few of the photos in the instructions. MiniArt have recently released a 1/35 flatbed wagon with spoked wheels that should with some work fit the bill. It may be 1/35th instead of 1/32 but having measured everything up I think I will be able to use it straight from the box without having to try and make it bigger. First thoughts on examining the kit were a bit of a mixture. The engineering of the kit looks superb but the overall quality of the mouldings looks to be below usual WnW quality with some flash and seam lines in evidence. Nothing that cannot be cleaned up though. I have spent this week prepping all of the wooden cockpit parts. After undercoating with Halfords grey primer everything received a coat of Tamiya brown mix (XF60 & XF68) followed by a couple of coats of Klear and then Raw Umber oil paint. I will now have to leave everything to dry for a few days before starting to put the cockpit together. Meanwhile I shall move onto the engines.
  8. Thanks Duncan, but I agree that there were plenty of great models to pick from so I feel very lucky to be joint winner. Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to Mish and Darren for organising the GB.
  9. I will be there on the Splash Sig & Locate and Cement stands as usual.
  10. I think that part of the problem is that we have been rather spoilt over the last few years with so many great new releases in different scales and genres. Of course the manufacturers will never please all of us all the time and there will be plenty of modellers who will welcome these releases. For my part the new M-155 Sheridan and Scout Car from Tamiya look rather good and if the Mk1 Spitfire is a new tool then I could be tempted with that as well. The Lancasters from WnW were a big surprise and have come at the end of a week spent on holiday in Lincolnshire visiting the BBMF flight, the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and the Bomber Command Memorial. Knowing how good WnW kits are I have to say I am tempted but sense will probably prevail in the end and I will stick to the Tamiya 1/48th one I already have. Span wise it works out at just over 38 inches, bigger than any other kit I have, although its length at 26 inches is actually smaller than the Amodel 1/72 An-22 which scales out at 31.5 inches. The BBMF have a 1/24th Lancaster on display in their visitor centre, very impressive it is as well, I wonder if Airfix will be tempted one day to add one to their super kit series? Back to reality a new tool F-4E in 1/48th scale would be welcome. Not sure about new 109's or 190's but I am looking forward to the Eduard P-51's when they eventually make an appearance.
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments and politeness in not pointing out the rather glaring error I made with the elevator control cables. The error is now corrected and new photos taken and posted. Here is one I took before the correction. It may not be obvious at first glance but any pilot trying to take off with cables attached as above would find himself with his prop chewing up the grass as soon as he pulled back on the stick. Entirely my fault as the WnW diagrams are perfectly clear on the correct layout. Trying to do things too quickly, rather embarrassing as I do have an aeronautical engineering degree. Just as well I never made a living by designing aeroplanes!
  12. Bristol F.2b Fighter B1313 "The Maharajah of Bahabur" 39 Squadron RAF, 1918 1/32 Wingnut Wings
  13. All finished, what a great kit, the only thing I can fault it on is the simplified detail of the observers gun mount which would have benefited from some photoetch. The base is a bamboo chopping board purchased in a sale with a covering of static grass of mixed shades/lengths. I started this on 16th June which makes it 7 weeks from start to finish, much quicker than I had anticipated when I started the build but a testament to how enjoyable a build it has been.
  14. Almost there now. The rigging and control lines are all attached, just need to paint the elevator and rudder lines with Mr Metal stainless. The cowl is on. The bottom section went on with no problem at all but the top section as I suspected was not a good fit so I had to remove a couple of pieces of the engine and although it is still not perfect it is much better. I also came across the missing Lewis gun magazine when tidying up the modelling desk so I was able to fit that to the cockpit. All that is left to do today is finish off the weathering and attached the windshield, tops of the Holt lights and the rear gun assembly.
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