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  1. Looking good, nice job with the Zimmerit.
  2. Very well done. Nice touch with adding the figure.
  3. My final completion in June is the very recent release from Eduard of a Zlin Z-526 Akrobat. This is something a bit different to my normal subject but Eduard have released some rather interesting unusual subjects recently and I picked up boxings of their Z-526, Z-126 (Dual combo) and 1/72 Z-37A Cmelak (dual combo) at the Northern Model Show. I started this on June 11th as I sat down to watch the le Mans 24Hour. By the end of the race the following day I had everything assembled and all ready for painting. I did go to bed so it wasn't a straight through 24 hour build and I had no intenti
  4. My second build for June was the Hasegawa Ki-61, started on the 8th and finished on the 22nd. This kit was originally released back in 1993 but despite its age it is still a very nice kit that provides plenty of detail. The only issue I had was that the white on the decals had yellowed with age so I resorted to a replacement set from Techmod. The build was straight from the box with the addition of some seatbelts made from lead foil. Markings came from Techmod and I used a set of camo decals from HGW to do the rather complicated camouflage scheme which is certainly well beyond my airbr
  5. I had a very quiet month in June as far as posting anything here on the forum was concerned but my work bench on the other hand was a hive of activity. I decided that despite now being retired my output this year seemed to be no more than normal and I wanted to make amends. I therefore set myself a target of getting 4 kits built in the month and in the end I managed to complete 3 1/48th scale aircraft and make a good start on a fourth. The fourth build is a Hasegawa F-14 inspired by seeing the recent Top Gun movie, a rather more complicated build than the other 3 so it is not surprising that
  6. Great start. The eyes look fantastic.
  7. Yes, I have always fancied that long out of production boxing of the Mig-21. Some very nice colourful marking options to deliberate over. Fortunately I also have a standard Mig21 MF Profipack so I will be able to make two options, the one on the box top ( the only MF option) and one other.
  8. Had a great time at the Norther Model Show yesterday, here are a selection of the models that were on display. Thanks to IPMS Tyneside for organising the show and I look forward to another trip up the A1 from Sheffield for next years event.
  9. I was at the Northern Model Show yesterday as well and picked up these rather colourful additions to my stash.
  10. Looking forward to this. I will be going along with the Sheffield Modellers Group.
  11. Amazing work, weathered to perfection.
  12. Well I have finally finished this build, my lesson learned from this (yet again) is to read all of the instructions before building to avoid having to continually redo/add to already completed parts. Thankfully all seems to have come out well in the end.
  13. One of the first things I look for each month is their latest newsletter, always worth a read.
  14. Yesterday I went to a model show (Modelkraft 2022) and bought these:-
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