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  1. The camo was done freehand, something I very rarely do but I purchased a new airbrush a couple of years ago specifically to do fine work like freehand cam schemes so I thought I would give it a try.
  2. No not mine. Not sure who the 3d sculpter was. AIMS is based in Hungary and I think he used someone from there or maybe Czech.
  3. These are the latest additions. Firstly some figures from AIMS. A 75mm WW1 Black Watch Officer and secondly a couple of 1/48 1950's RAF/RN pilots. Both these figures were digitally sculpted originally then 3d printed so will be available in a number of different scales. Detail is lovely. The Black Watch officer will be on the bench in the next couple of months. And then today my order from Tiger Hobbies arrived. I made the RN Buccaneer last year and it is a lovely kit. This one will be done as Guinness Girl in Gulf War colours.
  4. Here is my first completion for the New Year, the vast majority built in 2020 but I did finish it off on January 1st so it will be the first on my list of 2021 completed kits. The most difficult part of the build was choosing which option to go for. This is one of those WnW kits that have a set of decal options that I would quite happily build all of them. Luckily I have two of this boxing (out of the 5 I purchased - thanks Duncan!) so will still be able to do one of the other options at a later date. This Camel was flown by AR Brown, 9 Squadron RNAS in Sept/Oct 1917, a few months later on
  5. Thats what I would call a successful weathering experiment. Looks fantastic.
  6. Horch 1a with 2cm Flak 38 1/35 modified Tamiya kit
  7. M3 Grant, 2/10 Armoured Regiment, 1st Australian Armoured Division 1/35 Takom kit with Black Dog resin stowage.
  8. All done. Tamiya XF86 Flat clear, some more weathering and then a final coat with Alclad Klear Kote Matte.
  9. All finished. A couple of coats of matt varnish and a tad more weathering in between.
  10. 2cm Flak 38 built and mounted and all ready for some primer. A coat of Tamiya XF60 and a mix of dark grey for the interior. Nearly there now, just need to get a matt coat on it and some final weathering.
  11. Quite a lot of progress since the last update. Firstly some milliput sand bags on the front and the canvas mantlet for the gun also from milliput A coat of Halfords black primer Followed by a light coat of Halfords grey primer Then a coat of #desert sand mixed from Tamiya paints. I mixed this up last year for a Crusader and cannot find the recipe I'm afraid, thankfully there was more than enough left for the Grant. The Khaki Green No.3 is also from Tamiya mixing 2 x XF62 (Olive Drab) + 3 x XF59 (Desert Yellow).
  12. You have one less now, just couldn't resist.
  13. I paid a visit to the small air museum at Budapest airport in 2016 before it was moved to its current site. Looks like the An-2 has had a spruce up in between times.
  14. Another quick start on this one in between doing sandbags on the Grant. I do like these old Tamiya kits (the ones without the rubber band tracks that is), as despite their lack of detail compared to more modern kits they go together quickly and still look good. And now onto the conversion to mount the gun on the rear. Very simple, firstly some supports added and the rear is just the right size to fit one of the weights I normally use into. The plate on top is plastic sheet with a steel tread pattern embossed. It says it is 1/87 scale but it is almost
  15. I have now added some milliput sandbags to the front of the Grant, just about happy with them but the shape could have been better. I have also added some foil straps to the stowage hanging off the side rails to make them look like they are actually hanging from the side of the Grant rather than just stuck on with glue. After making the last couple of sandbags this evening I had some leftover milliput so I have started to build up the canvas mantlet cover. The idea is that I can now overlay this shape with thin strips of keadatite (or similar). I have some on order which should hopefully ar
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