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  1. I've learned something today. That is, I should not try to "free hand" camo patterns. But that's part of modeling; trying things to see what can and cannot work. I don't mind it too much as it gives it more of an "in the field" paint job. I am kind of hesitant about adding the invasion stripes. And if I do, I'm wondering, should I do the top and bottom of the wing or just the bottom and a full fuselage wrap of a half? If I do them, I still want to paint brush them for a more "hands on" job Things to ponder. I know this is not my best work, maybe it's because I have a couple of things plagui
  2. This is 1/48 from Tamiya
  3. Thank you. It is all OOB. The instrument panel is actually a decal. There were some PE parts which were also supplied but nothing that would make a huge difference like something from eduard. Most of the work is obscured by the pilot. If I do this build again I will leave him out. It is my first British build and I recommend this kit. It's been a great build.
  4. Her are few progress pictures of this build.
  5. I recently bought the Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire MK I. It has been a well-engineered kit. All the parts just fit seamlessly with zero flash or seams to file down. The only sanding is from the pieces left from the tree and spots from the cement with tiny oozing points, but no biggie. This kit has a lot of great detail. I noticed so much pop out when I put a coat of Vallejo Sky Green on the bottom of the fuselage. I did suffer a couple of mishaps however, the antenna on the top of the tail is very delicate and snapped right off. I did manage to reattach it the best I could. I also tried t
  6. This is only a temporary base until I find some suitable material for rock debris. I have a clay brick that might work well.
  7. Thank you, Gorby.
  8. Thank you. I hope so. I've never done a desert so it will be a learning experience but a fun one.
  9. This is my little corner of the North African Theater implementing the progress builds with you along the way. This is a proposed look at how I might set this on the diorama. I used chalk pastels for the dust which I decided to leave a layer on the vehicles. You might be able to see some of it here and there. I wanted to try to give it a fresh from patrol look. I still have three tank crewmen to assemble and paint. Enjoy and please let me know if there is something I can do better on these builds, accessories, and figures. Thanks, Gary
  10. Thank you. I had fun painting them.
  11. Did a little weathering and decal placement today. I still need to cut around the 813 for it to fit on top and around the part.
  12. Thanks, but I cannot take all of the credit. That was actually unintentional . It happend from me handling while touching up. A happy accident
  13. Thank you. Unfortunately, it does not. It has the breech with some nice detail pieces, only to be barely seen through the doors. I'd like to find one with an interior and install a micro rice-light inside.
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