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  1. Yeah, I'm definitely going to do a tank after my next project... I'm going to build a 1967 Pontiac GTO as an exact replica to one my dad had for a Father's Day gift. So I won't get ahead of myself, I'm not going to work on more than one kit at a time, same for buying kits. It's gonna be fun!
  2. Looks great ! I'm going to try a tank this year, I've never done one before
  3. I thought I was done with filling/sanding, but primer application tells me I need to work on a couple more areas. I'm looking forward to laying down some of Vallejo's metallic paints. Of course, after purchasing Vallejo metallics, I heard that AK makes outstanding metallics. Since this isn't going to be my only Mustang build, I'll try them on the next one!
  4. I think I used to date a Jenny Curtis in high school :-D
  5. I'm not sure about spilt coffee, I'm pretty sure a lot of sailors needed a change of skivies!
  6. I seen that one...Free haircuts ! :-D When I was aboard the Eisenhower in my younger days, an EA-6B performed a similar low pass...The crew of 4 were ordered to Captain's Mast before they could even disembark the aircraft. Glad I wasn't one of those lads !
  7. I'm not really sure where I should post this, if it's in the wrong area, I apologize. I'm having a difficult time with using filler on my older 1/48 Revell P-51D Mustang kit. I saw the casting date on one of the elevators...1977. So, many of these parts fit together horribly so needless to say I need to use plastic filler. I used the Vallejo filler and I'm having a tough time getting it to sand level/smooth. I've used sanding sticks and bits of sandpaper so far. Does anyone have some advice on a smooth transition from ill-fitting parts before I bin the kit hahaha Thanks!
  8. Unfortunately, I don't recall ever seeing an He-162 at any airshow or even at any air museum here in the States... Any other suggestions ? I did see a couple Bf-109's at AirVenture last year.
  9. This fellow from EAA AirVenture (circa 2013) privately owns this British Aerospace Sea Harrier...My apologies if the photos aren't so good, it was before I got a good Canon DSLR camera/lens. As far as that Jenny, only one I have is a static display from the Denver Colorado airport. :-)
  10. I was only able to get SR-71 pics at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona USA...and the B-29 I was able to get some pics at EAA AirVenture...they actually have TWO in flying condition and you can even pay to get rides in them ! Its on my bucket list :-) As far as the P-61...unfortunately there are none in flying condition, but I believe they have one currently being restored.
  11. Sorry bout that, still kinda learning my way around in here :-) Actually, that P-51 was doing grass-mowing low passes...The pilot and Mustang were both lost the next year in a horrific crash. The pilot/owner's name was Vlado Lenoch, I'd met him several times at the EAA Airshow and my ladder truck partner bought a table saw from him a couple weeks before his accident. Super nice, down-to-earth fellow and he always gave phenomenal flight displays...he made it really easy for amateur photographers to get great shots. As far as this thread, would it be easier to just continue this as
  12. Airshow Photography has been a hobby of mine for the last 15 years or so, and only started taking it seriously about 8-10 years ago? I've been going to the EAA AirVenture air show since I was a little kid and look forward to staying the entire week in my camper-trailer on EAA's campgrounds. Since I literally have thousands upon thousands of static and action photos from my AirVenture weeks, I'd like to share some of them so others might enjoys them. Is there any particular aircraft you'd like me to post a picture of here ? Ask away ! Chances are I have a snapshot of it ! I
  13. OK...I think hand painting is becoming my least favorite part of building kits so far hahaha. Did a little weathering on the chromate interior bits, I found that I like making my own washes with oils and white spirit more than the pre-mixed stuff...Did a bit of hand-painting on the .50 cal ammunition belts. I didn't have any brass paint, so I mixed my own concoction with some yellow and copper, the effect didn't turn out too bad. I'm not going to display her with the gun compartment open, but I'll keep the panel removable.
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