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  1. I tend to agree with you on the Vallejo metallics...They seem to be good for hand painting and dry brushing. I got my AK Metallics in the mail last week and looking forward to trying them out. When I got back into building kits, it was my first time using airbrushes so it's taking some practice. I always used to hand paint everything and sometimes spraypaints.
  2. Thanks! I kinda figured as much, I think the run happened when I had my mac valve up too high. At least its fun!
  3. I just ordered about 8 different colors of that AK...I'm looking forward to trying them, should be on my doorstep tomorrow
  4. I just finally got around to starting paint on my 1/48 P-51D mustang and I noticed a sizeable paint run under the port elevator... You fellas have a good, beginner's way to smooth it over without having to start from scratch ? I used the Vallejo Metals aluminum color paint, un-thinned and I'm not real happy with it, I ordered the AK Metallics because I heard good things.
  5. Yeah, I'm definitely going to do a tank after my next project... I'm going to build a 1967 Pontiac GTO as an exact replica to one my dad had for a Father's Day gift. So I won't get ahead of myself, I'm not going to work on more than one kit at a time, same for buying kits. It's gonna be fun!
  6. Looks great ! I'm going to try a tank this year, I've never done one before
  7. I thought I was done with filling/sanding, but primer application tells me I need to work on a couple more areas. I'm looking forward to laying down some of Vallejo's metallic paints. Of course, after purchasing Vallejo metallics, I heard that AK makes outstanding metallics. Since this isn't going to be my only Mustang build, I'll try them on the next one!
  8. I think I used to date a Jenny Curtis in high school :-D
  9. I'm not sure about spilt coffee, I'm pretty sure a lot of sailors needed a change of skivies!
  10. I seen that one...Free haircuts ! :-D When I was aboard the Eisenhower in my younger days, an EA-6B performed a similar low pass...The crew of 4 were ordered to Captain's Mast before they could even disembark the aircraft. Glad I wasn't one of those lads !
  11. I'm not really sure where I should post this, if it's in the wrong area, I apologize. I'm having a difficult time with using filler on my older 1/48 Revell P-51D Mustang kit. I saw the casting date on one of the elevators...1977. So, many of these parts fit together horribly so needless to say I need to use plastic filler. I used the Vallejo filler and I'm having a tough time getting it to sand level/smooth. I've used sanding sticks and bits of sandpaper so far. Does anyone have some advice on a smooth transition from ill-fitting parts before I bin the kit hahaha Thanks!
  12. Unfortunately, I don't recall ever seeing an He-162 at any airshow or even at any air museum here in the States... Any other suggestions ? I did see a couple Bf-109's at AirVenture last year.
  13. This fellow from EAA AirVenture (circa 2013) privately owns this British Aerospace Sea Harrier...My apologies if the photos aren't so good, it was before I got a good Canon DSLR camera/lens. As far as that Jenny, only one I have is a static display from the Denver Colorado airport. :-)
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