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  1. I do a mix of scratch and aftermarket. Usually, I will buy in seats if the kit item is not good enough, but I don't do undercarriage bays etc. I have built about 9 Airfix 1/48 TSR2s, and I have another 8 in the stash. If I bought all the A/M stuff for all of them, I'd be bankrupt, lol. Plus, some of the stuff I need isn't even available, such as IFR probes, so these are scratchbuilt. Recently I did one as it would have appeared "in service" with all the known modifications needed, so I scratchbuilt both instrument panels.... 20200609_233347 by Paul Carter, on Flickr ....
  2. PaulC

    Gnat F1.

    I'm sure your missus won't be too happy when she sees what a mess you've made of her ceramic hob!
  3. Which forum would that be, I wonder?
  4. The "pylons" were just angle iron found in Station Workshops with an aerodynamic cap around the front, made of a piece of bent metal. The front end of the old tool ones are correct, but the rear end need redoing
  5. I love that they've got the pylon completely wrong for the ECM pod. They've used the photo of it being fitted in Ascension, but the undercarriage door is behind it so it looks like a pylon. 2023-09-14_06-24-20 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  6. We have a "portable" Air con unit, but the wife uses it in the kitchen when she's working (she's a cake decorator) so I end up with just a fan in my man-cave, which is West facing....
  7. Book of Boba Fett was a bit of a let down, but The Mandalorian I thought was a good series. Tbh though, I preferred the Razor Crest to this thing....How is he supposed to get his bounty back in that?
  8. I used very little filler on any of my Vulcans. No more than you would expect on a 40 year old kit.
  9. I remember the old Lindberg Vulcan and Victor. We used them (and a Lanc and Spitfire) as "house names" at primary school at RAF Digby in the 70's. Each was hung on a vertical rack each week, with the house with the most points at the top etc. Obviously not the best made models and painted in garish colours (Blue, Green, Yellow and Red iirc) I bought my first Airfix Vulcan in 1983 literally as soon as it appeared in the shop...Recently built my "last" old tool one, in exactly the same colour scheme (XM607), 1 of 5 I have built over the years....
  10. I've used a few Flightpath sets (and I have a 1/32 Bloodhound to build....). I used their corrected intakes for the Revell/Matchbox Victor and their B.2 conversion. Like you say, a lot of work, but worth it... 20160520_172553_zpssxjj5qe6 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  11. Hate to disappoint, but that's a B.1
  12. Worthy of the name, Jaaag!
  13. First actual print. A present for my best mate, as she always posts baby yoda memes on FB 2023-08-10_10-07-10 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
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