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  1. PaulC

    Tiger Tiger!

    A commission, done for a friend. 1/48 Italeri F-4J(UK). Built out of the box apart from replacing the seats with ones out of a Hasegawa F-4, fitting a periscope and replacing some of the decals. The kit decals fell apart, so some had to be replaced. So, for the experts amongst you, yes, it is the wrong colour. The reason being is it was painted to look like ZE363, which was pretty close to standard UK colours, as far as I could tell, but with the decal disaster, it got changed to ZE350, which was the bluey colour. Had I realised at the time, I would have done it 354, as that had a resp
  2. I decided to check out the registration on the DVLA. Despite Revell saying to paint it green, it is actually a BLUE Land Rover, lol
  3. One of my favourite cars! I do love anything with gull wings! I have to older AMT kit, but there are a couple of bits missing, so not sure I will be able to finish it. I also have the Revell SLS to go with it. Looks good in grey, but I'm more of a red man myself, lol
  4. A nice kit, but I personally think the chassis of the Italeri one is more realistic. However, it is the only SW kit available! Modelled in it's natural state....muddy!
  5. I finished it at the weekend, but before the reveal, here's the interior And the exterior I replaced the standard steering wheel, as I've never been a fan... And a sneak of the finished item...
  6. But when compared to the Italeri one it seems overdone
  7. I bought this recently, so thought I'd make a start Engine and chassis are first. It seems a nice representation of the 2.6l petrol straight six, but the chassis seems a bit over-bulky, especially the leaf springs. I'm no Landy expert, but they just seem that way to me... I found a couple of paints in my collection that seemed to match Land Rover's own colours.
  8. PaulC

    SWB Land Rover

    I wasn't sure whether to put this here of in AFV, but settled for here. Back in the day, when I was a young JT, fresh out of Cosfrord, I got posted onto the Bloodhound Missile Servicing Flight at RAF West Raynham. Our section vehicle was a series 3, 88" Landy hardtop. Last year I decided to bite the bullet and make a tribute to that poor over-stressed wagon.... I started with the Italeri 109" Fire engine, and after much research, checking of references, etc etc, I eventually figured out where to make the cuts..... Anyway, the end result is this.... I know current RAF vehi
  9. PaulC

    Harrier GR.3

    This is the Kinetic 1/48 Harrier GR.1/3 built as an early GR.3 (with pointy nose), on detachment to Belize. For those that haven't experienced Kinetic's Harriers, they are excellent kits, with a LOT of spare parts, as every iteration is based on the original Sea Harrier kit I love these markings, not just because of the sharkmouth, but because it demonstrates the changeover from grey undersides to wraparound. Also because I always get someone telling me it's not a GR.3, it's a GR.1, lol 20230305_123535 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20230305_123811 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  10. Well, I'm ex-RAF.....but I do love Navy planes, just for some reason not the Bucc. Prefer it in camo....
  11. I do apologise, as I'm not much of a photographer. I bought a lightbox but was still getting crappy shadowy pictures, so gave up on that. Anyway, excuses over, here is my most recent 1/48 Buccaneer, and my first of the new tool kits. It's ahuge improvement over the old tool old. But, being me, I couldn't do it Navy, so did it as an early RAF machine. I added resin NACA blanks and Eduard RBFs 20221126_222008 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20221126_221925 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20221126_221942 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20221126_221929 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20221126
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