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  1. @Mish, thank you.
  2. @Mad Steve, thank you. 🙂
  3. @Gorby, thanks, yes, odd is my favourite genre. I have looked at the other kits which come up occasionally on eBay, but they're either rather pricy, or have to be shipped from Japan.
  4. This is a fairly old build of mine, one of Bandai's quartet of kits depicting the character of Princess Nausicaa from Hayao Miyazaki's manga and early Ghibli anime film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the land is slowly being swallowed up by a growing fungoid 'Toxic Jungle', Nausicaa is a messiah-like figure whose actions in the story eventually determine mankind's future. An outdoorsy type, if she's not flitting around on her glider or pushing her agenda in a powerful gunship, she is riding her horseclaw Kai as depicted in this kit. The kit was
  5. Ah, you were referring to the model, my misunderstanding.
  6. @Gorby. Thanks. I'm not sure my hand is that steady. I tend to paint lines wide and whittle them down, which seems to work quite well.
  7. @Jessie_CBy the look of the costumes, the letters and badges are on patches rather than embroidered directly. So it's probably just a case of unpicking the E and sewing on a C.
  8. The second 1/16 ICM figure I tackled, was this colourful chap, one of the Yeoman Warders or 'Beefeaters' from the Tower of London in full State regalia, most recently seen during the funeral of the late Queen. Normally the warders wear a more workaday black and red number, as these fancy costumes cost quite a bit to manufacture from what I've read and considering the amount of gold thread involved I can believe it. As with all of these 'World's Guards' kits the assembly was very easy and filling and finishing was very light. The real fun was in the painting. Well, when I say fun, I should
  9. This spaceship, the Gataman-Zan appeared in a 1980s Japanese anime 'Space Runaway Ideon'. I can't claim to have ever seen the show, or even heard of it before building this kit, just one of several ships from the series. I bought this 1/2600 kit for a pittance from a bargain bin at Scale Model World in Telford in 2019, the last I attended before the pandemic spoilt our fun. The kit was quite simple, being obviously designed with kids in mind, but quite satisfying nevertheless. It was good too to paint a spaceship that wasn't white, or in several shades of grey-blue like most of the big na
  10. Wow, really nice work. The shots from below are very effective, it looks like the real thing.
  11. @GorbyWith that bloke's level of testosterone, I would imagine he has serious beard problems. 🧔
  12. @PaulT, no, I don't have all three. I wouldn't mind Judge Death, who looks suitably menacing, but the Anderson pose looks a bit naff. They do come up on eBay occasionally, but at rather ridiculous prices, I think.
  13. Thanks for your comments and kind remarks everyone. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was having an internet free day yesterday, so only caught up and read them in the wee small hours.
  14. A bit of a departure from military figures for me, but like my dad before me I like a bit o' the old sci fi. Dad grew up reading Eagle, I grew up with 2000AD, which initially tried to pass itself off as the successor comic, but soon went on its own much more visceral direction. The star of the show from Prog 2 onwards (and still going strong) was Judge Joe Dredd, a futuristic law enforcer patrolling the mean and often utterly bizarre streets of Mega City One, fighting criminals, stookie glanders, mutants, fatties, dinosaurs, werewolves, robots, Soviet Judges, aliens, plants and the undead. He'
  15. @Mish, thank you. 🙂
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