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  1. Now that I've completed the kit I think the pilot figure may be a little bigger than it should be but the scale on the box is still wrong. If the Outland was the same size as the standard fixed wing fighter, the scale is approximately 1:43. I have a 1:72 model of the standard fighter and based on dimensions from Wookieepedia the scale is accurate. If I multiply the dimensions of the 1:72 model by 72 and divide by 43 I get the dimensions of the Revell Outland model.
  2. I don't believe that the 1:65 scale is accurate based on the size of the figure. Assuming that the size of the figure is correct for the kit, the figure should be just under 3cm tall, based on a 182cm (6ft) pilot. The pilot figure is about 5.5cm which makes the scale of the kit approximately 1:33.
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