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  1. I was researching Hurricane IVs KZ191 and KZ321 . Both served with 6 Sqn but in Italy! Off now to try and find something else before I am forced to do 'Black 6'
  2. I disagree with the first two words..I'm a mediocre modeller. Off builds ...EVERY build!!
  3. All of my current projects have slowed to a crawl so I decided since its been ages since I built a helicopter that I'd better get on with one. I plan to do one similar to this This is a Sea King HAS2 of 819 NAS based at HMS Gannet, Prestwick. I will be using the 1/72 Revell Sea King Mk41 as the base. Old style rotors taken from yesterday's Italeri/Fujimi kit The six bladed tail rotor is from an old Airfix kit as are the sponsons which will replace the too small Revell ones. I made a start by filling in the windows which are not on the HAS 2. I will be leaving the big door open so will have to do some work on the inside. This will involve building the Radar and Sonar stations as well as shortening the floor and repositioning the rear bulkhead. Most of the fuselage work will be on the port side as you can see very little on the starboard. As usual I'll need to do a ceiling but that's all for later.
  4. This has cleaned up nicely and I am making new masks for the windscreen prior to spraying the overall white. I haven't decided whether to just use a rattlecan or wait until I solve the airbrush issue.
  5. Slow progress with this but the new windows are almost finished and ready for installing. I have decided that this is a candidate for spray painting. This will be the cause of some delay as I have a broken airbrush and an argument over the guarantee which still has a year to run.
  6. Slow progress on both of these but they are still alive!
  7. RWG686


    https://www.italeri.com/prodotto/2892 1/48 Hurricane Mk1. https://www.italeri.com/prodotto/2891 1/72 CR.42 Falco
  8. RWG686

    No aircraft

    There was at least a dozen bees on this bush so I decided to take a picture using the phone camera. Due to the sun I couldn't see the screen so just pointed and pressed. Stealth bees or else they didn't want their picture taken.
  9. Exactly. In 1967 as an ATC cadet on camp at RAF Watton I watched them mask a Canberra. Bog standard masking tape and brown paper. No feathering there. A Varsity was getting its serials and titles re-applied after painting and it too had the brown paper treatment. The letters had been cut out to make a stencil.
  10. Me?..surely not? 😇 I confess to a quick Google to check in case this was one of your wind ups though. Please send me your bank details and I will withdraw £10 and send you a translation by return. 🙂 The 'Jeely piece' is a sandwich of bread and jam. It was common practice for a mother to open the kitchen window of the tenement flat and throw it down to her children. In the sixties when they started building the monstrosity high rise flats the practice died out. Google 'The Jeely Piece' song if you want to be further confused. When I moved from Lossiemouth to Glasgow in 1969, I thought I had moved to another planet. I later realised that they had as much difficulty understanding my Doric style dialect as I had broad Glaswegian. @Che Guava initially acted as a translator.
  11. That is so last season! Dae ye nae ken that Glesga weans are weaned oan a poke o' fish n chips wi loads o' salt an' vinegar . It aw startit whin they bilt them shuge hooses and ye canna throw pieces oot o' a 20 storey flat.
  12. It was excellent. Crispy batter,succulent fish,beautifully cooked chips and not a bit of grease. He's ok. I think Rosemary will be happy that he's back in the shop. Three more of the old guard turned up and we had a right good socially distanced blether. Same with me and I'm really surprised at just how tired I am tonight. Motorway drivers were surprisingly well behaved despite the volume of traffic.
  13. Today I was in Glasgow for the first time in nearly five months. On my way to Scott's Models I pass Guido's Coronation Restaurant,home to ,in my opinion, the best fish supper around. It would have been rude not to.. That's the small portion too. I also picked up this It's a rebox of the original Fujimi kit at a shocking price! I won't be using those markings so PM me if you want them.
  14. Lovely rendition of 'The Mighty Walter' in a not too often seen colour scheme.
  15. RWG686

    DH89 Dominie.

    The paint strip went well and a new first coat has been applied. I'm using matt aluminium but I think that it is still too shiny. An important lesson when building any subject is to thoroughly research your chosen subject. Despite that I managed to miss the fact that my Dominie had two generators on the top wing. If I had noticed that I wouldn't be having to do this after the thing is nearly built. The starboard cut went well but the port one didn't. Two or three cuts and the plastic shattered leaving me with a ragged squareish hole rather than the U shaped one I was hoping for. I can only assume that this is because of the age of the kit, Heller's first issue whenever that was. Two cut down bombs have been glued in and once dry will be filed to the shape needed. Of course all of the fine struts I had made will all need to be redone too as they were too fragile for ham fisted fingers and the action of a razor saw.
  16. Just as well its after 2100 or we'd have to delete that post! I now can't get a hairy snow white picture out of my head 😄
  17. Yes..that's my dept. since Mrs had that seizure and can't stand too long. Years ago she told a friend who was crowing about her new dishwasher that she'd had a Rchard Mk1 for years. The woman said she had never heard of that make
  18. I really think you need to bin those brushes. They look perfect for water colours or oils. The two light coloured ones look as if they are made of horse hair. Far too rough for small scale stuff. There are plenty brushes available that won't break the bank. Some of the artist nylon ones for acrylics are very nice. https://createlet.com/best-acrylic-paint-brushes/ I have a set similar to set 9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Model-Painting-Brushes-Wargaming-modelling/dp/B016OM97KG I use this set. They work for enamels too. I've had them for a few years and once a month they all get washed with hot soapy water and left to dry naturally. (I do clean them after every use of course) What I like about your posts is that your models aren't the museum quality of the latest commission of some professional modeller but are a more truthful reflection of what the vast majority of as are like.
  19. That is very nice indeed @bonovox You've captured the big Sukhoi very well. I saw them at RAF Leuchars a few years ago. It was quite surreal seeing Russian Air Force personnel walking around a front line RAF fighter station. Mind you their flying display,whilst good, was tame to what they did when I saw them on their home turf at Monino and Zukovsky a few years later.
  20. Well get a move on and get the Harrier done. 👮‍♂️ I presume that the skills from the ship will be of use for your next project? PS Like @Col....I can see a Harrier not too far away. See what you've started?
  21. Did I read somewhere that they have stopped production or was that Modelmaster or even somebody else?
  22. By all means send money. It is free in modeling chat though.
  23. Its up shortly Didn't think photos of tons of filler and dust would be of interest
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