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  1. I would even build this Panther if there was a kit.
  2. Even less of an excuse since it's based down in deepest Notland.
  3. The strut from the coaming to the top of the windscreen will be an interesting task. I won't be doing too much inside as I'm not opening the canopy.
  4. Jumping to conclusions again. We chat regularly on my Tumblr Origami Groupchat. She tells me that she wishes they did more Spitfires and she may take up the hobby. Does that sound believable?
  5. No matter..some lovely shots of SAS Landrovers here anyway: https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/where-was-the-land-rover-pink-panther-actually-deployed/7045/11
  6. The old and new at Prestwick this afternoon. The KC-135R is the 'Boss bird' ,58-0100, from the 100 ARW at RAF Mildenhall. It first entered service in 1959 as a KC-135A. The KC-46A .18-46047 is from the 157 ARW, New Hampshire ANG . It entered service in 2020. Nice to see them starting to wear unit colours.
  7. This undated photo shows the now legendary explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Oman when he was in the SAS. No idea what colour the Landrover is but doesn't look like a pinkie.
  8. Threw some paint and glue around
  9. Photo of a photo in a book and a bit of slate grey on the model.
  10. Pilot climbs up on to undercarriage on port side then uses the kick in bits.
  11. More than I bargained for it seems as the S-11's have grown.
  12. Correct..I am not little. Sorry..no can do. OK..let's go. I have only seen one Fokker S11 and it is this one at Strathallan. Note the absence of a military serial so I can't possibly build that ..I've already finished one civvy this month. Fortunately G-BEPV was formerly E-31 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and even more fortunately, it then went to the Royal Netherlands Navy until it was retired in the early seventies. I'll be doing it in these markings. This is 'BEPV as it is preserved but the markings are near enough correct and it has the
  13. Later...much later. Need to restore my Whirlwind first.
  14. Point of order M'Lud. My learned friend makes that statement but I have absolutely no memory of such a promise. (May have been the two excellent coffees or the young lady in the tight dress which fried the neurons.) I ask the court to continue this for at least three weeks so that I can see how his dayglo turns out.
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