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  1. RWG686

    Airfix F-4 FG.1 Phantom 892 NAS

    It's not going to be shown upsides down and we won't tell Lovely model..thanks for showing it.
  2. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Having heard that there was a Canadian Aurora and a German P-3C at Prestwick,I took a run down. Arrived in time for the German's departure. If anybody's interested it used to be 311 of the Kon. Marine. The CP-140 was parked behind an RAF C-17 so didn't get a photo of it.
  3. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Theme for today..Not your average Civvy. 1. A King Air at Prestwick heading somewhere east. 2. Another on the same day. 3. Don't think this is one of Flybe's ! 4. Ex-Israeli A-4Ns en-route to Germany and a couple of the Flight Systems ones going back to USA. 5. Ultimate bowser. 6. Not your average bizjet.
  4. RWG686

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    I don't think you've got the legs for it Duncan See what I did there? Quickly diverted the thread away from all this WW1 stuff. (sorry @krow113) Why oh why did I agree to this madness ? Am I allowed to do an HMS Fulmar based Buccaneer which got caught in some sort of space / time thingy and ended up on the Western front?...thought not..
  5. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    I found the Scout easier to keep going where I wanted to! My company issue Landy was fun when responding to a 'blue light' call in deepest Argyll. Not sure if it or the Wessex affected my hearing. I'll scan the Scout details and post soon.
  6. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    The Scout was on a detachment with two others at Gairlochead Camp and one of them dropped into the local forestry commission offices. Needless to say I was there within seconds of its arrival to try and get my ATC cadets flying. Three days later,two Scouts arrived and flew the entire Squadron and some TA guys who were passing too. One of the most memorable flights I've ever had. More like a LandRover than a Citreon though. I have dozens of detail photos which I will scan and put on 'walkaround' if you like.
  7. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Week 3 and only one other member has posted. Guess nobody else has any photographs they're prepared to share. Today's post has an 'Army' theme. 1. Defender AL2 at Prestwick. It flew a mission prior to and during Donald Trump's visit. Total misnomer with the designation,given its job!. 2. Another Defender at Prestwick. Crew training from Aldergrove. 3. Lynx at Carlisle airport. 4. 3 Flight Gazelle leaving TA centre at Dunoon. 5. Scout at TA centre, Dunoon. 6. Wildcat AH.1 at Yeovil.
  8. RWG686

    MSG/BG SHar

    Personally I'd do it because it would bug me if I didn't because I know it's there. Because the MSG wraps around the leading edge of the wing,tailplane and intake l/e ,sitting on the ground your're still not going to see it but...... Drop me a PM re decals.
  9. RWG686

    Future of modelling?

    I don't think the hobby will die and re-inforce the point that we must be its ambassadors. That can be difficult in our strive for accuracy for example. A few years back I started a model club as part of my work. Some of the clients brought along their children and friends. For me it was quite difficult to watch the end result though. One of the girls did a really good job of building . She liked the idea of a pink Spitfire so I told her about the PR ones. She mixed her own pink paint and did a reasonable job of painting it. I missed the next week and on returning found she had added purple glitter 'camouflage' I bit my tongue because its not all about total accuracy is it? She had a great sense of actually building something and that's what is important. Unfortunately, the powers that be decided that they would not permit anyone under the age of 18 on the premises..instant loss of four boys and three girls. The wee club is still going with 6 members,all over 30 though. Some clubs do put people off because of their perceived superior attitude but for every one of them I'm sure there are a few which encourage the youngsters.
  10. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    The GR1 at Leuchars was taken with a Zenit with standard lens. Scanned from a print. GR3 at Lossiemouth scanned from a slide. I think I used my brother's Minolta. The rest of the Harriers were with an Olympus D500 with a zoom lens. 2 years ago I changed to a Nikon D7200 with a 135 zoom plus a 200 -500 zoom but as I got tired of the one armed wallpaper hanger act when subjects were too big for the 500 and needed the 135 and vice versa,I bought a second hand Nikon D5000 body. As I said I'm not a photographer by any manner or means..just a spotter with a camera!
  11. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Here's some Harriers taken at Leuchars,Lossiemouth,Machrihanish and Kinloss.
  12. RWG686

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Is that one of these ?
  13. RWG686

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Gorby..About 35 years ago I rigged a Matchbox Stranraer using my wife's hair. It was nearly four feet long so was ideal. She sleeps like a log so no problem with supplies. I just raided her hairbrush every couple of days. The model is still in a private collection in Oban and the rigging is intact. Use your own if you have long hair or if your wife has short hair,change to 1/72 scale
  14. RWG686

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    He's (or she) not imaginary ! Comes trotting along the floor most evenings,gives us a look then goes back from whence it came. Cat doesn't even bother with it now. I didn't post a picture in case I upset any arachnophobic persons The idea was stolen from a modeller at the Perth show a couple of years ago when I asked him how on earth he managed to rig his beautiful 1/144 scale model. The spider was his reply!
  15. RWG686

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Just let this fellow loose. (Imagine a picture of a big spider)