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  1. I've since noticed that the starboard ones should be the same as the port despite having only the one exhaust. Duly masked and painted. I've not been happy with the area around the canopy. This was my first go at a big vacuformed one. Flimsy sods aren't they! I have done a bit of masking/sanding/filling/smoothing/primer and paint so will see how it looks tomorrow.
  2. I've only seen 11 Crusaders,8 French and 3 US Navy. One day in the late seventies, I was pottering about in my garden in Oban when I heard some jets. Imagine my surprise when a formation of 10 A-7 Corsairs flew over. Even more of a surprise was the 2 F-8 Crusaders with them. I later learned that the Commanding Officer of US Navy Squadron VA-45 was a MacDougall and he had arranged for the flight to overfly Dunollie Castle,the ancient home of the clan. The Crusaders were photo birds. All were off the USS John F Kennedy. I later saw the carrier on the Forth and this is where I saw
  3. Two exhausts on one side of the engine and one on the other She is nowhere near the stage where I am ready to start the markings but hey..see me ?...nae willpower.
  4. Amazingly all five of her wheels touch the ground! Left to dry until tomorrow when I will clean up the undercarriage paintwork.
  5. Boeing 737-8, Polish Air Force, 36000 feet. Crow, Scottish, 36 feet.
  6. Not a lot done on this. Exhaust areas masked off and painted.
  7. " I must stop looking at pictures of the real aircraft" ..that should be my new mantra. I've sorted the winged fist which I thought I had sorted. I'm shocked that none of you have slagged me off for missing the obvious. A few bits and pieces worked on . The undercarriage was a pig to clean up and I broke one of the outrigger wheels. They are not great in any case so I'm hoping the doors will improve their looks. I had a look in the spares box for new ones and found 5 pairs...all in the retracted mode.
  8. Hopefully not as it makes a terrible backdrop to the military aircraft which usually park on the north side. It is bad enough with those brand new Norwegian things and now we have a Ryanair and a naked 737 to deal with. Despite being based at Prestwick for many years, believe it or not it was the first time I've seen it. It's really WB862 disguised as a civvy
  9. It arrived yesterday either for storage ,resale or scrap.
  10. RWG686

    No aircraft

    On the Clyde an hour ago
  11. I hope you haven't finished it before I get to show this pic
  12. What a relief, that saves me taking a pill 😧 (unless you need more scans) Jeremiah o Brian for me too.
  13. It was there again...that nagging wee voice that says something isn't right. Can you see what it is ? Ou Out with the scalpel, a bit of scraping, a quick repaint and a dig through the spare decal box gets me here..
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