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  1. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry on my Pucara and the transfers to dry on my Shackelton, I dusted down the Lancaster from the shelf of doom. Dug out the sheets of letters and numbers from the decal box to find that in the size I want they have not printed 'S' and '7'. All the other sizes up to 36" have them but not so for 48" I'm doing a postwar one, SW367. Quick look on a certain yellow headed website and found that the current issue is just the same sheet under a new manufacturer so no joy there. Surely adding the eight characters would not have blown the printing budget. Dear @Gorby..please write a tutorial on how you did the Mig 15 stencils please.
  2. The base coat for the camouflage has been brushed on. (Does anybody know why the phone downloads are different sizes? No matter..the smaller the pic the less you lot see of the burach !) I am depicting one of the first aircraft on the islands so it was camouflaged on site using whatever paint they could find and the design was made up as they went along. The above is my take using dozens of photos and guessing on the bits I couldn't see. There is the possibility that the ailerons were also left in metal,not just the rudder and horizontal stabiliser. More research after I have my coffee. I am not using the kit plans or any of the ones preserved here
  3. RWG686

    Testors T33

    Time for a change,you know how you love silver and dayglo!
  4. At the moment ,yes. It was registered in Namibia as V5-KBW before being sold to a UK owner and registered a N141WF. It will remain on the American register subject to these rules ; http://www.peter2000.co.uk/aviation/faa-nreg/index.html Basically it is cheaper especially from a maintenance point of view .
  5. A quiet hour at Prestwick with heat haze making photography difficult..not a complaint we hear up here too often. A nice KC-135R from Beale AFB. (She used to be based at Mildenhall with the 100ARW) Here's the nose art (from 940 ARW official site) Note the sash on fuselage too. Loganair SAAB, down from Dundee, crew training This Maule M-7-235 is a new resident.
  6. That is smart and I agree with @Jessie_C on the camouflage..it makes the beast really look he part.
  7. 2 books were R920. Postage R759.78 for SAPO International Parcel Service plus the non-Sterling transaction fee on the credit card. Works out to £49 per book. Still worth it though as nowhere else will you get such detailed and previously unknown coverage.
  8. This book finally arrived from South Africa. It is the second of three books in the series and there is also a 'Tribute' book with photographs of every aircraft they got. The postage makes them very expensive but I see that Aviation Megastore has started to stock them. I was surprised to learn, given that it is a British aircraft and a popular one, that they have had no luck in getting anyone over here to distribute it. Now I'll need to add a few more of the new Airfix one to the list.
  9. Undersides have had their first coat. The photo makes the wing look too many different shades but there are only two. The pale blue is a marking applied during the Falklands war.
  10. It would appear that they are going to get 'colours' Full story here: https://twitter.com/AOC_1_Group/status/1151220732422213632/photo/1 Can't help thinking it looked better here:
  11. Very nice indeed! Haiti one star for me.
  12. RWG686

    Testors T33

    Don't think you've wasted your transfer sheet..looks fine and will look better alongside your Hunter T8
  13. RWG686

    No aircraft

    This self propelled crane barge arrived at our wee ferry terminal today to install a new link span. Quite a piece of kit.
  14. Nearly all of it https://fromreconstructiontodeconstruction.blogspot.com/2015/05/caudron-renault-cr-714-cyclone-polish.html
  15. I thought the Finnish Caudron might have caught your eye. There's two Mig-21s
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