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  1. RWG686


    They're in the kit. Doubt if they'll do an S1. Maybe they'll do another Vulcan?
  2. RWG686


    Came about as a result of the fatal accident involving XV345 at Red Flag in 1980 when a wing came off due to fatigue. The original wing tips created unforeseen stresses. The short tips reduced the wing loading. Presume this also gave a better ride as you say.. You could use your old kit to do a Thunderball scene
  3. RWG686

    No aircraft

    This wee fella was spotting the spotters at Prestwick and this lot formated on the USAF C-21
  4. This Merlin stopped for a hot refuel. It has 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' on the nose
  5. Friday morning..Prestwick before dawn to catch a very rare US Army RO-6A. It eventually started up at the back of 12,taxied out then promptly went back to its parking spot as it had gone sick. 41/2 hours for this crap shot taken from a mile away! Lots of light aircraft about and some not so light This 'oldie' was being delivered from USA to Russia A rather nice USN C-130T arrived. Note the ice on the bottom of the underwing tank.
  6. It's all smoke and mirrors.. He makes us think he is building this: when he is actually doing this: The clue was given earlier when he said that you won't see much of the gears. Haven't a clue Gorby but I do like your dedication .
  7. Says he sounding like a stuck record (Whereby 686 gives a hint at his age because most of you haven't a clue what a record is) As an aside..I failed an exam at school because I ran out of time to finish it. The fact that a USAF EC-121H was flying circuits at HMS Fulmar (and clearly visible from the classroom) may have had some bearing on that.
  8. Before doing that try an experiment. Put a few coats of Klear or similar varnish over the whole lot and leave for the day. Cut individual marking out before wetting. It has worked for me in the past. Mind you,perhaps somebody here has the spare markings from the RS kit?
  9. Thanks..confirms what I suspected. Fortunately Royal Navy Buccaneers were seen more often without them.
  10. Says the man who was in flying training school with Pontius. Nice selection there Ian but ruined by that thing ( F-35) The Connie is a beauty.
  11. Here's the box and contents Immediately on opening the box I didn't like what I saw and thought that they had got the scale wrong. The plastic is typical short run but also has a sandpaper type surface which will need a good primer or polish before paint and markings. The fuselage looked too long and deep. I only have the Britavia model to compare it and I don't have drawings or dimensions. What follows is my opinion and may be completely wrong in that this kit is accurate and the Britavia one is wrong. Britavia one looks right..this one doesn't. The fuselage looked too long and deep. Britavia is 165mm long. LF about 185. (Britavia kit is assembled so easier to measure.LF kit not off the runners yet) Depth from top (at rotor head) to lower fuselage. Britavia 330 mm LF 400 mm. Both types of rotor blade are given. I haven't compared the early type. Briatvia 94mm long and chord of 5 mm. LF 87 mm and chord of 9mm. They really do look too short and too wide. The photo etch parts also look too big. The step especially being far to long and deep. The worst part is the glazing. The individual windows are very thick and not exactly clear. The nose bubble looks very wide. Britavia measures 15mm across the top frame. LF 19mm Good luck with trying to build this rotor head in 1/72 Note that you need to supply your own wire for part of this assembly and that of the winch. The decals give markings for a Culdrose based HAR 1 and HAR 5s based at Yeovilton and Lossiemouth. The instructions have these as at Gaydon and Turnouse but this was probably where they were photographed and not their base. The decal sheet is printed as one with the individual parts needing to be cut out before wetting. The instrument panel has a decal to sandwich between the plastic and PE. I think it is oversized though. Assuming I'm right, I just cannot see how an accurate kit of a Dragonfly helicopter can be made from this kit. At £23.40 it has turned out to be an expensive mistake.
  12. Today I took my wife and a friend to Glasgow. I went walkabout. Great buy in the Works for £7. Excellent reference for the 1/72 one I bought from @BlackMike Models Local model shop had this for me and this which I had forgotten I ordered because at the price I didn't think it worth it. See the review I've just written. This is turning out to be an expensive day as I've just had an e-mail from my friend in @Mad Steveland telling me that book 3 in the SAAF Buccaneer history is now out. I have just ordered it and made the mistake of converting the amount in Rands to Pounds. Postage is the killer. Should have just waited until the credit card bill came in.
  13. My car was in for a service today in Ayr and I felt duty bound to stop by Prestwick airporton the way home for no other reason than to continue winding up @Ian Campbell who unfortunately is on the wrong side of the wall to see any decent aircraft. I wasn't able to photograph the 2 USAF C-17s, C-12V, the ETPS RJ70, USN C-130T Defender or Atlas but here's some from the half hour I was there.
  14. That bit's just cracked but that's not the 'not what it seems' I was talking about. If it wasn't for the fact that the thought of drilling out another 38 holes puts me off.I'd reclaim the bits destined for @Che Guava With the size of the registration on XX885 / G-HHAA he'd be better off waiting for the 1/24th scale one Yet again the feeblest of excuses to show a Buccaneer Note the registration on the forward fin
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