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  1. RWG686

    Gnat F1.

    Some masking ready for the silver underneath.
  2. I was tempted to edit your title. Who would have thought we'd see a helicopter from the man down there in Africa's bottom ? We are seriously long overdue a new Whirlwind. Even a re-release of Italeri's H-19a and B would be nice.
  3. Always the same isn't it. You do realise of course that many like me went back to look at your photo because we never saw it first time round. T Bird is looking good. I think that was their best scheme.
  4. I think the term 'dispatched' means that somebody has packed your order and sent it to the post room rather than it actually being on its way. I've noticed on occasions when trying to track an order that the Royal Mail hadn't collected it .
  5. and to make it even more troublesome they had large areas of white on them.
  6. RWG686

    Silver MiGs

    Duncan does Leuchars stuff so most likely 23 Sqn eg XP760 / K.
  7. I still think he is in fact a robot (Been a while since that popped in eh Mac?)
  8. Despite the forecast I took a run down to Prestwick this afternoon. By the time I got there it was very windy and wet! Civvies out of the way first. The broken C-17 is now over near the terminal. It was well off the ground on its jacks yesterday but guess they were worried about the wind today. Note missing legs and wheels. It was towed from the north side like that. Very slowly with a fire engine escort. Phone camera shot through the fence so just a record shot. An Air Force Reserve C-17 The main reason for my trip was the 2 H
  9. A quick question @Leo What are those things in the last photo ( @Mad Steve is already sharpening the knife.) Any idea what the car is in that last photo?
  10. The two of you should write a 'how to do' bit in the 'Hints and Tips' section. I have been brush painting for 60 years and although I have an airbrush, I still prefer the satisfaction of a brush job. Despite that I am happy to learn your layered method.
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