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  1. Looks like I'm not getting to see her. She is planned Prestwick to Coventry at 1200 today and its doubtful if I would get there in time. Shame she's not there on Saturday.. Everything is now up in the air as there is supposed to be 12 on show. Only 4 there yesterday and none of the yet others en route. One planned Iceland to Dublin but this plan has been removed. The weather to the north and west isn't helping any either. Safety first for these old ladies is essential though.
  2. Glad you're paying attention at the back. It was the first photo that came up on google..sorry!
  3. Ignore @Miggers post. He's been fed the myth common to people over there. The 'export' market is indeed closely monitored but only to make sure we don't give them too much meat! Hold you hands out in front of you with the fingers pointing inwards. Place bridie in left hand with the straight edge at your finger tips. Hold in place with your thumb. Repeat with other hand so that you have a mirror image. Unfortunately I cannot divulge the secret of how you place the second bridie when your other hand is already occupied as this,like the secrets of catching wild haggis,cannot be divulged to colonials and people on the other side of the wall. Note that the method varies throughout the counties. Some,the horror of it,even use a knife and fork. There is an alternative though. Provided that you are not at a dining in night..just eat the damned thing
  4. This famous C-47 is just about to make landfall over Scotland. She is just to the south of Mull en route to Prestwick. I hope to attend the open day on Saturday so should have photographs of her for you.
  5. ??? The Herk was real Scroll back up and she's tagged on at the end of a Prestwick post on 06 May.
  6. At the Perth show my late friend Donnie's family bought three 'stash' tables. The cost was around £200 for the two days. This was a vastly cheaper rate than the traders' but still contributed towards the show costs. Perhaps 'club sales tables' could be considered and an appropriate amount charged? I would also not object to paying a wee bit more for an entry fee at the door but only at the bigger shows such as Perth and Glasgow but not everybody would agree with this I'm sure. We are not over burdened with shows on this side of the wall so I have no idea if it would work on the other side where you appear to have too many,as I've never been to a show there so can't comment on attendance etc.
  7. KC-130T 162311 /405 . Its from USN Test Squadron VX-30. I posted a photo of it in post of 06 May. I'm told it was working with the F-16s which were at Lossiemouth but nobody really knows what it is up to. It went back to USA via Lossie on Monday. You kept that visit quiet!!
  8. Prestwick today. A right mixed bag with a strange yellow thing in the sky (which along with the breeze made me look like this 😡 ) causing a bit of haze. One of two Minnesota ANG C-130Hs. Bulldog doing a wheelie! Regular Kuwait C-17. A sick KC-135R. (u/s since Sat.) and its a youngster in the fleet too. This Dauphin overflew. Quite a noisy beastie. USN C-40 'Clipper' Crew training Embraer. A couple of wee things. Dreamliner sans engines. This fella arrived then flew locally for a while. Possibly involved in an on going police operation in the area ? This Corporate Airbus A319-115 dropped in for fuel. His departure clearance was direct to Mumbai. That's 4650 miles. Made my 90 mile round trip pale into insignificance. and finally,the reason I was there.. This was a bonus as she diverted in last night from Wick due to the weather there. 12 more due this week.
  9. I obviously missed that then... It must have been cloaked I haven't decided yet but have an 'Angel Interceptor' and a 1/72 Shuttle. Millions of bits in spares boxes so might just produce the product of my (insert your own adjective) imagination.
  10. Does the subject have to be a product of a film/comic/book/TV series ? Can I just make it up ?
  11. RWG686


    I see it made the ITN news tonight. Hopefully ,having watched it,somebody will fire them in.
  12. A-522 or A-533 at the moment as they are both in the light scheme with blue undersides. I don't want to do bare metal undersides as it would involve far too much cleaning and polishing before the paint got near it. A bit of work this afternoon has the kit at the stage where you think the end is in sight..far from it though. I don't know if it is my lack of modelling skills or a poor issue of the SH kit but it seems that nothing fits and more than a fair share of filler has been used. In hindsight I should have made a wing spar as they are too bendy with just butt joints,even with the design of the lower wing/centre fuselage. The new panels on the fuselage are obvious. Flap actuation gear at the moment consists of little triangles of card. Once firmly set they will be filed to give a representation of the real thing. I found that the canopy is too narrow for the fuselage. About 2mm out so too much to fill. I'm going to cheat and have the canopy open as I reckon this will give me less work (Ha ha!) . Windscreen carefully sawed off and glued in place. Terrible fit but I can get away with filler here. Belly pylon constructed. Wing pylons made a bit deeper.The leading edge lights will be done later. Whole lot to be sanded and generally cleaned up. Metal pin inserted into tailplane and small hole drilled at its tip for a nav light. Also on other one not show. The 5 wheels come in 10 pieces. I dug out some from the spares box but decided to try the kit ones anyway. They clean up well (2 of them did anyway so far) so spares back in box.
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