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  1. I noticed that pre orders are through Ebay so perhaps there is some protection. I don't know as I have used it less than half a dozen times.
  2. Covers about the same ground space as a Douglas C-118 / DC-6. I saw 501 /64-PE go into Kinloss in 1968 so have to admit I'm tempted.
  3. Fancy a Breguet BR761/763/765 Deux - Ponts / Provence/ Sahara in 1/72 amd 1/48? $110 for the 1/72 scale one.
  4. If I ever decide to do another S-2E conversion, I won't be spending my money on a conversion kit. Something wasn't quite right around the rear of the canopy on the left and I realised that the resin insert was misshapen. Now whether this was a fault in the part or too much sanding on my part (probably !) is immaterial but it meant a filler fest. Tailplanes roughly shaped and promptly knocked off. I really should have pinned them despite the thinness of the part. So..more filler
  5. This will be a first for me. Not a grey aeroplane to be seen. Glasgow for half an hour this afternoon and heavily cropped because it was about 1/2 a mile away and the reason for my visit Hard to tell that it's a French Air Force one isn't it?
  6. I'll say the same about these as I do about Bentley and Aston- Martin SUVs. Why ? Certainly not for average modeller.
  7. A company called Ursus released the Airfix kit in 1969. It was either a copy or using Airfix moulds modified as there were slight differences. ( Sorry I can't remember what they were)
  8. I didn't go to town on the interior as the kit canopy is very thick. ( I had nothing in the spares to use for side windows) Enough to make it look busy though. The canopy was a worry. I used a dod of clearfix to fit the lower edge of the port side but had great difficulty getting the starboard side to match up. In the end I joined the two parts by using Tamiya extra thin (thus making sure @Mad Stevegets his dividend ) and I attached it by carefully letting capilliary action let the thin stuff do its work As you can see ..sod all visible through the
  9. AZModels in 1/72 and somebody called Simian Stuff did one in 1/48 resin about 7 years ago.. @mac1677 The kit still builds into a nice wee model.
  10. It's ok in places but I wonder if her lawyers chopped it about a bit. Some well known folk get slated though.
  11. So when do you want me to post up the Iranian ones ? I'll have a look to see if I have any decals left for the Alconbury based ones and get back to you. Seen this ? https://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=107968
  12. My poor EP-3A Orion...what have you done to her ? Seriously though, it is looking the biz. I've just remembered what you asked me to look for a week ago last Friday. Wheel search later.
  13. I realised that I had never shown the size of this so here is a shot with a 5p to give you an idea of the small size The way the wings fold is quite clever as they are too long to just fold straight so they angle..obviously just sat on here (the pencil might be a giveaway!) For the wing hinge I am using soft metal wire which will allow me some movement before the glue sets The real thing is much more complicated you may be surprised to learn so the rest of the detailing will have to be done near the end of the build. Checking the wing top surface on the re
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