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  1. @Che Guava and I have experience of this. When Airfix went bust/announced stopping production or whatever we went into a shop in Rutherglen and bought a shedload of kits. I didn't buy a lot because the main stock was biplane thingies. You all know that the company survived and put most of the kits back out. I believe that among the cobwebs of his stash,Alan has some Spads. Probably lots actually.
  2. Stash An antidote for OOP qv
  3. RWG686

    No aircraft

    The view from the boat at lunchtime as we left Dunoon. To all of you who read that and thought you were in for some peace and quiet...No chance..we came back at teatime.
  4. Too late! No chance! I only build aircraft I've seen. I've seen one, EK668 on the fire heap at Lossie. Ergo..need to buy the kit Simples
  5. It gets worse! Valom releasing a Firebrand TF 5. https://www.72news.eu/2019/08/valom-blackburn-firebrand-tf-mkv-boxart.html?m=0
  6. Yesterday, @Che Guava and I took a quick tour of Leuchars, Dundee and Perth. (I'll leave him to post the Cessnas,Pipers and Dornier 328.) I was moaning about the fact that RAF Leuchars is now an Army base but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Army have taken on the role of the Northern QRA. Possibly a world exclusive this photo:
  7. The Gate Guard at the former RAF Leuchars. Guard Commander kindly let me into the base to get better photos. If anyone knows the Mark number of this tank then let me know please and I'll edit heading.
  8. Two from the ex-RAF Leuchars this morning. It's Army name is Leuchars Station ..didn't see any trains.
  9. RWG686

    No aircraft

    My son leaves the house in the dark for commute to work and sometimes this is an advantage. This 'pirate' ship has been in the Holy Loch for a few days. and then he gets the dawn whilst crossing the Clyde.
  10. RWG686

    A helicopter.

    Another two hours disappear and you'd be hard pressed to see the work. The folding tray to enable the stretcher to be wheeled clear of the cabin has been added as has the winch hook and some hydraulic/electric cables. The sliding door added to port side. The front one will be added after I make two of these little sods: In the absence of any 1/72 scale loudspeakers,I'll have to make them. I got some plastic tube and gently heated the end. I then poked a cocktail stick inside and swirled it about to create the bell shape. Third attempt looked suitable but was going cross-eyed so abandoned for night. Here's how she looks now.
  11. No. It's an illness called 'Shiny Kit Syndrome' So far there is no known cure.
  12. My local bookshop continues to provide excellent service and drain my coffers. Ordered at 2 pm yesterday,arrived this morning.
  13. You'd be better off delaying the flattery until you have the box in your grubby hands. PS. We have a proper legal system up here..it takes two of us to fit you up.
  14. I had started it before the new 1/72 one came out so it was shelved. Due to its scale it is not welcome in the stash and has been getting moved further and further into the cobwebs. Fortunately it has been offered a new home and will be making its way over the wall into deepest Englandshire shortly. (that's a time measure..I have no idea how tall @DC3 is. ) I am being a bit hypocritical though as I do have some 1/48 kits as I made exceptions for the Wessex, Dragonfly,Buccaneer,Javelin,Wyvern, Sea Fury and Scimitar.
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