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  1. Luckily I learned how bad it was before I spent the cash That's one subject I would sell a few of the stash to fund should there ever be an injected 1/72 one. When it drains away let me know. I'll break open piggy and make you an offer 😁
  2. wonder why? 😁 In my case CMR Scimitar and later a wingfold set. Total incl postage just short of £100. Soon to be eclipsed by the Canadair Argus
  3. I think Microscale did them around 1980. The A-6 is from VA-34 and the A-7,VA-72 both on the John F Kennedy.
  4. Was that reaction to the size or the price tag ? I see too that a Boeing 777 has been done in 1/72. Who on earth has the room to show them? (except @Che Guava who is planning to evict his vintage car from the garage so that he can have a Brabazon)
  5. RWG686

    Merlin helicopter

    Have you tried getting decent stuff of late? last sheet I got was badly scuffed so got it replaced by one not so badly scuffed. Seems to be a softer type than used to be available too. Re being tight. Money saved there gets recycled into kits and books. Of course you have no idea what a kit is
  6. Go to the back of the class! Belvedere had 2 Napier Gazelles Of course if the Fleet Air Arm had got them you would have know that wouldn't you
  7. RWG686

    low level Pumas

    That's probably your answer. At least you're seeing stuff. The Merlin today was the first military thing I've seen this year.
  8. I know but I was giving folk a starting point. Your 'silver box' is a mesh grill covering the engine air intake so that couldn't be used. Anything in front would interfere with the airflow. Your guns will need to be scabbed on like a B-25. New solid gun nose? I suppose you could re-position the engines like those in the Chinook. Re the colour scheme..You would just need to add tan to give a Vietnam variation. Have you seen the mad prices for the kit on e-bay? Must sell one of mine
  9. RWG686

    low level Pumas

    Must just be routine training flights then Anything unusual and the jungle drums would be in overdrive.
  10. Obvious isn't it..he builds nice sheds 😁
  11. Back to microscopic numbers again and in place Other side tomorrow..deep joy! Yes they are white but after the exhaust soot covers them only those who haven't fallen asleep will know.
  12. What DC3 says or convert it to a Featherstone-Kite Mk.XXVIIb.
  13. RWG686

    low level Pumas

    Have a look in here. https://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/ Scroll down to the nearest military base to you and see if they visited.
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