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  1. For those who have no idea what we are on about:
  2. Did you ever meet John and Peter Stewart of Paisley Rocketeers fame ? They were the cause of me having a brief dalliance with rockets although I only had commercially available motors. My final launch got up to around 900 + feet. Unfortunately the wind up there was a different direction from ground level and I last saw the 'chute drifting away over the forest about 2 miles away. Did you visit the 'Festival of Flight' held at Kelburn Park,Largs in the early nineties (?) ?
  3. I'm just about finished 'Javelin Boys' (again) so haven't started it yet. I'll let you know.
  4. It's on its way. Which parts from the Britannia are you scrounging ? 😃
  5. Earlier this afternoon I e-mailed ' Belcher Bits' to see if there was a UK supplier of their Canadair Argus decals. Being Sunday I didn't expect a reply until Monday at earliest. There isn't, which is a bit strange given that the conversion kit is made in UK and sold by a well known firm along with the Britannia required for it. I now have a set coming from across the pond. All sorted in a couple of hours. Excellent service from Mike Belcher .
  6. Ye gods! Another one doing a @Gorby with the teasing bit. 😄
  7. I clearly remember my old uncle Ian taking me to a cliff near Dover.
  8. I've managed to find some rare pictures of the Royal Navy version. This one was taken at RNAS Abbotsinch during trials in 1961. I suspect that this was a disinformation exercise as when the real aircraft made its test flight there in 1962 it bore little resemblance to the earlier one. Perhaps a future project for @Lost Cosmonauts ? As an aside HMS Sanderling also produced these 'Vixettes' for the School of Aircraft Handling. They were converted from Sea Venoms.
  9. RWG686

    The Stash.

    Just kidding......
  10. Inside the Il-18! I'm jealous! They were doing repairs to the floor so we couldn't go in it. Thanks for showing your pics.
  11. This small display is adjacent to the airport. Very friendly and I was able to get inside the An-2, Li-2 and Tu-154. I seem to have forgotten to photograph the Tu-134 and Tu-154!
  12. RWG686

    The Stash.

    The whole system collapsed after Duncan transferred
  13. I do remember the rat about to have your feet for breakfast , that grumpy polis that threw us out of the terminal and the 0100 arrival of that Vanguard but I'm damned if remember a Luton Minor. Lightning in the rain, Norwegian F-5s in the static and of course 'WPH..Luton thingy.....nah! You should start a thread about our spotting adventures ..teaspoons at Pik...USS Saratoga at Greenock and that run through the station.
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