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  1. Very nice indeed. I really like the night shots. How long did that take you ?
  2. Some gubbins added to the bulkhead and a better photo of the dashboard.
  3. Did some work on the body by making an impression of the tool kit on the left hand side and started the instrument panel. Sorry about the photos. I really need to fix the phone camera but need a 7lb hammer and I only have a 5.
  4. 39 minutes ? What kept you ? Started building it yet ? Hope 3 questions doesn't delay you too much.
  5. These DC-8s were all at Prestwick. Not many of those airlines still on the go.
  6. It's not too bad from the box but I added a fair bit of stuff to the engine.
  7. Got to love the '8. Here's the only American military one and a NASA one. and a French Air Force one
  8. Engine on chassis,. Fuel tank with new mesh added. Rear axle with gubbins also attached.
  9. Been potterin' aboot with the engine. There are three different 'silvers' there but flash hid them! The studs on top need filing down a wee bit.
  10. Go for that one and convert her back to the Merchant Vessel Bethia. or are we doing this HMS Bounty ? https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/startrek/images/2/2d/KBoP_side.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20200126013253
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