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  1. A replica of the Deperussin Monocoque. I'll get back to you on the markings. Other than an experimental disc wing glider I have no idea. It has no placard and its not in the book on Monino. EDIT; It is a Sukhanov Discoplan
  2. Tell her that it is her new rotary clothes drier. I take it by your comments on the fine Russian engineering, that you have never had the pleasure of travelling in a product of Westland Cottage Industries? They made garage doors into helicopters
  3. She's in hibernation at the club. Don't know what's worse..1/72 rigging or individual spines.
  4. Since @Grunhertzhas let it be known that he has gone off Spitfires and really now likes helicopters, I thought I'd start this one with one of the most photogenic helicopters,the Mil V-12. but since size isn't everything.. He might even be persuaded to add this to his runabout collection (or perhaps better for @Miggers?) and the rest sans caption:
  5. Russia/Slovakia/Hungary and Poland Relax..I'll post a Spitfire or two for you in the aircraft thread. Meanwhile,can you help me out here. There's supposed to be a helicopter in this photo but I'm damned if I can see it!
  6. I now understand why modellers of WW1 aircraft do so in the larger scales. I photographed this to show you how small it is and forgot to put the size marker in..I'll put it down to age. The thicker stuff will become the drag wires. The thinner stuff is the elevator control cables recycled from my wife's hairbrush.
  7. There's always one Probably used red ink on his screen where I missed the comma (insert dunce emoji)
  8. Just pretend to put it outside as doing so usually kills them. They,like sharks and bats are much maligned creatures. PITA getting rid of the cobwebs though.
  9. The Camel got the bits where the struts had been sanded down,new holes drilled and a coat of paint. New struts ..yes I do remember saying earlier on that I didn't need to..marked out and ready for cutting. Didn't bother to photograph that lot. The Triplane got a start to its rigging. It looks better in the flesh,still not perfect but I can live with it. About 8 more wires to do in the rigging then I'll start on the control wires,only six of them. The sticky up bits on the starboard wing are replacement control thingies which will be cut down and will look like the one you can see on the top port wing.
  10. This quote from a forum was written 15 years ago and has stood the test of time I have heard that the quaility of Merlin kits varies. The Merlin kits I have had (which admittedly were not WWI) were the nearest you could get to scratch building I have seen in a kit. Why not carve your own?
  11. No Never built a tank with them Conversion set for Frog Avenger to post war version. May have been Magna as it was bloody awful Never built one Modeldecal for the Lightning I'm trying to forget. Anyone remember Merlin models Scimitar?
  12. They are quite effective too,as shown in this formation of F4EJs over Lake Biwa
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