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  1. An excuse in your current situation for you to leave house and visit your museum where they have a British one then.
  2. Careful now ! It has to be the lawn mower. See this http://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/TRANSPORT/mower/mower.htm
  3. Welcome aboard Gary. This may assist in your photo posting quest
  4. We were spoiled for choice for model shops back then. We had Argyle Models under 'The heilanman's umbrella' and Glassfords up in Cambridge Street. There were plenty of toy shops which sold models too. One in Rutherglen sold out of Harts and Spads the first time Airfix got in bother. Wonder who bought them ? Anyway. Tonight's effort started with the tail struts and rear cockpit gubbins made from copper wire. There was a slight interlude ( complete with Gaellic poetry) whilst I reattached the starboard tailplane .Its joint will be filled tomorrow. A couple of control columns, the
  5. I think we could include such beasties though..
  6. Here it is in real money https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SAC72016?result-token=m8ynk
  7. @Che Guava tells me he can't see the Clyde Model Dockyard photo so I'll try posting it another way.
  8. It was if this photo of you about to go in and buy it is genuine. Not sure when as the shop was there from 1798 to 1973.
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