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  1. Can't say I've noticed any issues. I quite often use the big H if I cannot get what I'm looking for in Wonderland. Last two orders were 3 - 5 days delivery. I'm quite happy with that.
  2. Hard to argue with that. I'm not bothered about its faults. It certainly cannot be mistaken for anything other than a TU-22 and, that works for me.!
  3. Modelsvit also do a 1/72 kit which, I believe is less detailed and, lacks some of the detail features of the Trumpy kit (bomb bay, things that go bang etc) but, is also a bit cheaper. It's been well recieved too.
  4. I'm saving up my pennies for the recent Trumpeter kit. I don't like N M finishes either but, I think it would look nice a four tone tactical camouflage instead.
  5. Yes, I'd drink to that. The 1/48 kit is very nice but, the price is unaffordable. A 1/72 multi option kit/kits covering all variants would be rather nice
  6. I no longer have an airbrush full stop!!. Any single over all colour , I use good old fashioned rattle cans!
  7. Totally agree. The inordinate amount of time faffing about with masking etc was one of the things that made me revert to brush painting. I've described already how I got round that.
  8. All very sensible and practical. I do despair sometimes at the number of comments along the lines of "but, I just can't brush paint. I need an airbrush etc,etc and so forth"! Nobody NEEDS an airbrush, it's a matter of choice and, there's no magic to brush painting. Like any skill it takes time to master and, therein I think lies the problem. Too many modellers now seem to lack the patience, give up and, seem to think the airbrush is a sort of panacea that will cure their woes! Of course, like any tool, it's only as good as its user. I had an airbrush once, even got quite proficient with i
  9. I've built the Italeri Sunderland and, while a bit tricky in places, I encountered no major issues. I did bin the included p/e parts though!. There was much discussion (where else??) over on the other channel about how "unbuildable " it was largely due to the heavy surface detail. Well, I don't really believe in the concept of the "unbuildable" kit and, I think (personally) that's a very flimsy excuse for not building a model but, that's their choice. I cannot comment on the Special Hobby Sunderland, never having bought one. I forgot about the ACE Stalwart kit. Thank you for reminding m
  10. A complete, still sealed (well, its not sealed any longer) 1/72 Italeri ME-323 Gigant at a reasonable price!! I paid £45. I haven't seen one recently at anything less than a ton, with some as high as £135 - £150. It's one moderately huge model and, I'm delighted to finally get one
  11. What would I really want to see? Hmmm! Well ; (1) I'd start with all manufacturers imposing at least a 10 year moratorium on production of every done to death, duplicated 100 times already WWII subject, ESPECIALLY Spitfires! (2) A permanent cure for rivet counting and J M N (Joyless Modelling Numpty) Syndrome. On the other hand, that might end all the endless hours of fun we get from laughing at "the other place"! (3) Airfix to finally reissue the Fokker F.27,Shorts Skyvan, B N Islander/Defender, F-2H Banshee, Super Mystere B.2 & F-84F Thunderstreak in the Vintage Classi
  12. With all due respect, I'd ignore "what you have heard" completely. The only way to properly judge is buy , or at least see the kits for yourself. You might be agreeably surprised to find that the Italeri Stirlings and Sunderlands are far superior to the ancient Airfix kits. Surface detailing is heavy but, I can live with that!. Also, if you can get one at a sensible price (it's LONG out of production), the Revell Halifax B.III is an excellent model. Certainly long overdue for reissue. That said, you have listed some good choices and, to your vehicle list,(I actually prefer 1/72) I'd ad
  13. I've now got four of them!!. What actually inspired me to buy originally was the numerous pages of rivet counting rubbishing this kit received over in the other place. I can only assume none of them ever actually built it because (a) they spent all their time counting the rivets and, (b) it was so "fundamentally flawed and unbuildable anyway"?
  14. A fair question. 1) I don't like vac forms and, I tend now to avoid them like the plague. That's based on previous experience 2) I simply do not have the skill nor inclination to attempt a full scratch build. It's something I'll never do so. I want modelling to be fun, not a chore! 😉😊
  15. I remember the Airmodel kits very well!. My first was the 1/72 Blackburn Firebrand ! They were in a "class" of their own!. Only reason I built it was there was nothing else available. They had an interesting range of items but, my experience with them and other vac forms put me off that type of kit for life! 😂 Well, that's a fair comment and, you're right but, if the work is within my skill set, I'll do it myself. If not, I'll leave be and build the kit anyway. I hate p/e parts with a passion though!! I've never bought any but, an increasing number of kits include them nowadays.
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