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  1. Couldn't agree more!. I'm still learning after 50+ years in the hobby!
  2. Just picked up on this thread. I always preferred the Hurricane to that boring sports car with wings - a k a Spitfire!!. I recently purchased two of these excellent kits. As the OP rightly points out ,the kit was extensively rubbished before it appeared - over in the other place (where else!). Nine pages of comments from the hexpurts and, keyboard warriors before somebody realised that maybe it wasn't so bad after all!! I once got a long winded and, disparaging response from one of the red line merchants basically telling me to shut up when I suggested that waiting to see an actual kit i
  3. Ah! That's interesting. I wasn't aware they had a Brazilian subsidiary . Thanks for the info.
  4. Nice aquisition!. I have both of these along with the Revell 1/32 FW-190D and, Typhoon 1B. All fairly typical of Revell kits of the period. I like them. Basic, simple and, a good canvas from which to work. I have no time for rivet counting and, whining about "accuracy" or otherwise! I just get on with it!. Enjoy!
  5. That's a very good buy!. I've been tempted by this kit but, space limitations are an issue!!. I'm kind of hoping Revell will reissue their lovely (2006 I think) 1/72 kits
  6. Trouble posting pics but , never mind. Local charity shop find - an original Italeri 1/72 "Project Aurora" combo!! Complete and, a very reasonable £20!!.
  7. Subject to that caveat, I'd agree it is a good product
  8. I try and minimise use of filler where possible. To that end, wherever practical, I often use strips of thin plastic rod/sheet fitted along a joint before gently trimming/sanding /filing flush. Gives a very neat finish with usually only a small amount of filler needed to finish off. I used this method, for example, on the 1983 Airfix Vulcan and, as a result, used very little filler overall. My "go to" fillers are usually Humbrol or, Revell Plasto. For long,narrow gaps, I use Tippex pens. For those unfamiliar, Tippex is typing correction fluid. It's water soluble so,any excess can b
  9. I guess that's always going to be an issue with such a small scale and, possible limitations of the I M process
  10. The MiG -19 kits are actually very good. I've built both.
  11. Tell me about it!. Over in the other place I raised such a point. Namely that they were getting agitated about a subject that never existed except inside someone's imagination or, computer programme. Then I was roundly condemned that I was not only totally wrong, but that STUDIO MODEL on which such and such was based (I think it was a Millenium Falcon clearly showed this shape, that piece and, a different angle etc etc......! They were bitching about a model of a model. I gave up at that point and just ended up shaking my head sadly. Actually, I'd love the big Zvezda Star Destroyer. It certa
  12. My thoughts exactly. If they aren't interested, fair enough. It's not difficult to just pass on by without commenting. Instead though, we get a whole series of whines that then degenerate into their own : " Why this when it should have been (insert chosen personal wish list!) type comments.. What really makes me laugh is that there are endless whinges about these sort of fictional WWII type subjects but, nobody complains about Imperial Star Destroyers, Constitution Class star ships, TIE fighters, AT-ATs and, a whole host of other fantasy / Sci-Fi items. The only thing wrong with these T
  13. Atlas is better looking though!
  14. This is a fictional design, am I right.? Not that I mind. Quite the opposite in fact. This is the sort of subject that really floats my boat, no pun intended!. Over in the other place, the Trumpeter 1/350 Peter Strasser and, (I think) Seydlitz were roundly rubbished by the whining , "I don't like fictional Nazi rubbish", rivet counter brigade. In a rare display of sense, even the site admin had to step in and tell the whingers to shut up and move on.
  15. I completed one recently. Not the easiest of builds but, I liked the kit. I doubt very much if we will get another, 1/72 kit unless Revell update the kit with new(er) parts where applicable. Personally, I'd like to have seen an option to build "dirty" wing configuration with everything hanging off it but, not to be!. I found the build relatively painless albeit a bit tricky in places. The sheer size of the model and,very flexible material didn't help. Summary of comments I'd like to make ; Canopy was a near perfect fit I didn't bother with any interior detail so, I buttoned eve
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