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  1. I managed to get hold of one of the Modelsvit 1/72 kits. Not built it yet but, surprisingly big aircraft. Dimensionally, it's the same size as a Short Stirling Allan
  2. Weird! On a similar note, loads of people rave about Tamiya Extra Thin liquid cement. I found it to be the worst, most ineffectual liquid cement I've used. I binned the two bottles I bought and , reverted to good old Humbrol Liquid Poly Ps. I mostly use tube cement which , in my experience is far superior to any liquid glue for general strength of bonding but, it's not suitable for every job.
  3. If your subject has side skirts, you could just fix the track ends to the track bogies and, nobody would be any the wiser. The obvious downside is that would only work on models so adorned! Otherwise, I just use C A gel. Seems to work fine. 😊
  4. I do mainly aircraft so, it would have to be a toss-up between Revell (Germany) and,Italeri. The former because of the combination of quality at reasonable prices and, the latter because of the very eclectic choice of subjects, especially WWII over the years. Allan
  5. Well done that man! I like your attitude. I cannot ever go into Wonderland and, come out with just "two tins of paint" 😉😂 Maybe three tins.......!
  6. Excellent job. I have one Stormtrooper figure and, intend to finish the battle armour in a scheme similar to British Army woodland pattern camouflage. I personally wouldn't be happy with gleaming white armour in the middle of a forest! 😉😂I I'd like to add a few more Stormtrooper/Clone trooper kits if they weren't so hideously expensive in the UK, especially the Scout and speeder bike! 😕
  7. Superb film and, a memorable performance from the late Bruno Ganz. A truly scary portrayal of Hitler. Definitely a scene that launched a thousand parodies!
  8. Use them all the time along with the Revell Aqua acrylics. In terms of colour density, adhesion and, durability, I think they're excellent. I don't use an airbrush but, they brush on easily to a nice smooth finish. The longer drying time for enamels is not an issue for me. Who's in a hurry anyway! 😂😔 Allan
  9. I'm not keen on buying dedicated weapon sets full stop! Kits are expensive enough now without having to fork out extra money for accessories. The kit itself does at least provide a decent load out though.
  10. A bit pricey I reckon at nearly £32 but, I managed to grab a pair for £10 off at my local shop! 😊 Not a fan of these "special" colour schemes but, that's easily rectified and, I've no doubt this will be reissued in standard colours. Agree with the comments about the instructions but, this is not an issue confined to Revell. Very pleased with this kit. My only real disappointment is the lack of the larger GBU series/JDAM type items carried by the F-15 but, that's personal opinion.
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