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  1. Thanks everybody!! I had a BLAST with this one.
  2. Commented on this elsewhere but it's most certainly worth commenting on again Simon. Beautiful ride with a very intriguing color.
  3. After 3 months I've finished this puppy up. I'm going to put together a small re-cap of the trouble points with this kit in my build thread for anyone that wants to build one of these. I will say that in the kit reviews that I watched along with what I read before starting on this build it says to build up the subframe up front separately and install it after the base chassis has been installed into the body (which was no small feat on this model-At several points I thought I was going to break something big trying to get the body and chassis together. I've had this model in the stash for ar
  4. You're right about that Tamiya Sparkling Silver being a good looking color. I'm gonna have to find me some of that stuff.
  5. Man oh man Steve. This is coming together so dang good. LOTS of details in these things.
  6. You've definitely got NO kick coming on that build. Classic bike that turned out VERY well.
  7. Here's after an hour and a half of wet sanding and polishing: And after two and a half weeks without any progress reports, I finally have something worth taking photos of. Here she is with the stance that I wanted and the wheel/ tire combo. All I can say is that this is one of the HARDEST car models to get the body over teh chassis that I've EVER dealt with. When I finally did manage to get it installed all the way into the body, the leading edge of the dash contacted the bottom of the windshield mounting tabs causing the whole front of the chassis to not seat properly. My fix
  8. Beautiful paint work on this one Ken. You continually amaze me with your skills bro.
  9. That engine detail and painting looks fantastic!!!
  10. Been a "minute" since I've been in here but have been busy at home and terribly busy at work. I see that you're up to your usual good work in here Steve. That engine looks frickin' GREAT man.
  11. A beautiful bike Steve. Despite the trouble you had with the decals and a few other tidbits this came out superb!!!
  12. Thanks folks!! Pic with cals and BMF applied.... and finally with gloss coat applied. She'll be drying like this:
  13. Another beauty of a bike build in action by you Steve. Looking forward to more.
  14. Thanks Steve. The lighting doesn't do the color justice as it's a much deeper red than what it looks like in photos. This is what looks like under the correct lighting.
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