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  1. I'm currently building an early Afrika Korps Tiger 1, colour is Afrika Braun, RAL 840R - 8020.
  2. Cheers Gorby. Wish I'd dusted the canopy before taking the pics though.
  3. Done - https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/31160-meng-148-fa-18e-super-hornet-top-gun-maverick/
  4. Morning all, I finished this a week or so ago but hadn't got round to posting the pics. Here she is.
  5. Morning guys. Got back onto this over the weekend. It's probably hard to see from the photo's but I've added a few streaks with oils. As mentioned above, I'm not wanting to dirty this up too much so it's all quite subtle. Once this was dry I went over with a matt coat. It's now pretty much ready for final assembly, I just have to paint some nav lights on and get a base sorted.
  6. Morning all. Did the first stage of weathering over the weekend, which consisted of a Grime clay wash. Most of it was taken off, just enough to highlight the detail and leave a slightly dusty, worn look over the airframe. The film is partly set at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, and the aircraft in this colour scheme is used for instruction, so looks to have been kept in generally very good condition. I also added a little black panel liner into the grilles. I'm going to follow this up with a little bit of localised oil streaking, but again this will be kept minimal i
  7. Morning all. I've spent the last few modelling sessions applying decals, ~243 of them. All done now, so will get everything glossed in preparation for weathering. I'm not going too heavy with this, the aircraft in the film were relatively clean.
  8. Cheers Gorby. I like the technique for grey aircraft. I'd normally put down less top coats for a more worn appearance, but the aircraft in the film didn't look that worn.
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