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  1. Adding an extension to the dock/bay:
  2. Dock/bay in place and weather a little.
  3. Detailing, from conduits, HVAC, Flood lights, Ac's, doorway, keypad, roofing and signs:
  4. I have been working on a 1/50scale diorama for a customer. It's a truck dock that will handle about 6 trucks. Docks for 4 full fledged truck and trailer and two single trucks without their trailers. Lots of fittings with bits and pieces of XPS to get things to fit perfectly or close. I Used lots of XPS to make the structure light but more sturdy. So far so good. The total dimension will be 60 x 100cm. I got an Ikea flat table board to use as a base for this diorama. I also have detailing on the roof, but have to do some painting first. Just commissioned a friend to do some 3D objects for me, f
  5. HAHAHA!!!!!! Good one. Thanks. You had me dying here.
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