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  1. So the line in between the roundel and Navy is shadow. Really? How amazing.
  2. I see lots that look 2 toned. This was 1983 at Portland Air show.
  3. Couldn't resist, the addiction has struck! I have 2 Fujimi F-4Es, one slatted wing with TISEO and long gun barrel and this one, F-4E hard wing and short gun barrel. Fujimi has Betty Lou decals BUT I opted for after market that are better colors and printing is much better. Why this plane, where else can you get your favorite Phantom with your initials as a tail code?
  4. I remember those at the Miles Shoe Stores back in the 60s.
  5. Thanks everyone, still a ways to go, touch up and searching for decals or spares to cob up something.
  6. The paint is almost done. I need to fix some over spray and paint the cockpit wind screen frames then decals.
  7. They looked like this coming out of Westover AFB.
  8. I lived a few miles from a B-52 base in my teens, 1966 to 1970 in MA. and watched the black bellied SEA camo B-52Ds headed to the "Far East". We went by the base taking my older brother to college and they flew right over us. Quite the sight! I think this kit was originally a B-52B, then modified as a B-52A which there were only 3 and one carried the X-15. The B and D were similar so I am calling this one a D. The decaling won't be too strenuous as there are only 2 decals.
  9. I am just about finished, I have the black, SAC bomber tan and SAC bomber green done and am about to mask for final color FS34079 forest green. This kit was originally molded by Revell in 1954, I was a bit young to build it at 1 year old so I decided gave it a try now.
  10. I have this side almost done, needs a few warning symbols, The other side is almost as close. These Microscale decals are performing much better than the ancient Monogram decals. Those were a night mare.
  11. I think there are a couple newer companies but rather pricey, Hasegawa is so far the best bang for your bucks in 72nd scale.
  12. Looking for the Airfix kit 8000 series kit with the Grand Slam ,Barnes Wallis, bomb unstarted. I had it before I retired and moved and now I don't. So I want to replace my lost one. Shipping to U S A.
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