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  1. This went dead about 6 months ago. I have the cockpit, fuselage and wings and then I just lost interest. Now I have some motivation and a few kits out of the way. Here is what I have done until now.
  2. I have the burner can painted burnt iron and installed, the landing gear doors painted and trimmed with red edges, the horizontal stabilizers painted and installed, and some decals and detail painting done. I still need to add the pitot tube, Aim 9D missiles, tail hook and landing light to the left gear door.
  3. Cool idea, maybe someday I can cross the pond and go there. My mothers family immagrated from Millbroke, Bedforshire, England. Is it close to that bar?
  4. I have the missile racks on, bombs on the wing pylons and the rear fuselage near the burner can painted. I need to paint the horizontal stabilizers, tail hook, pitot tube, burner can and red edges of the gear doors.
  5. Thanks, I did some painting on the Aim-9D Sidewinders. The forward area is a dark gray, not black. It's Humbrol 32 which I think I originally bought years ago for RLM 66. I don't think I used it as it looked too dark for RLM 66, gunship gray was closer to my eye.
  6. Thanks, back at it. I needed the stars and bars on the fuselage to add the missile rails so I did the wings also.
  7. This is a picture of the squadron I am decaling this plane as, VMF 232, USMC Red Devils in Da Nang Vietnam 1967. My version has the white nose. I will be away for a while to evacuate due to hurricane Ian. Hopefully will be back by the end of the week, I hope.
  8. Added wheels, masked and painted FS36440 gray. White was previously done.
  9. My next gem will be this one, one of the most accurate Crusaders in 1/72. It has the best shaped fuselage, cockpit and canopy. The Academy and Hasegawa are nice but if you look at a real Crusader you will see the canopy is way too wide on the Academy and Hasegawa as is the fuselage. Granted the Academy is nice but still far from the right shape. This one is currently this far along on the shelf of doom.
  10. Cool builds. My father had some rellys on that boat in 1620. My mom had some in 1637 on a boat called the "John Of London". Will be watching with interest, feel the urge to build one.
  11. One of my favorite subjects! Beautiful NMF! Now you need a U2R! Most excellent job!
  12. Yes it was, I loved the Spey Phantom in that scheme.
  13. Gull gray over white paint scheme done.
  14. Maybe it's in "reverse", check the PNDRL position?
  15. Just ordered this from a shop in Poland. I have bought from there before with no problems.
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