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  1. We do the same thing here in Canada, except we also donate our time and sit down with the vets at the legion and build with them. Most of us are also vets, so they are brothers to us.
  2. Beautiful work Bryan, very inspirational.
  3. There is a kit with those decals on the market.
  4. Is that plastic gloop a filler product or is it melted plastic from the join? Nice build progress.
  5. Agree, I recently purchased a Revell SR-71, It was missing its instructions and decals. I did find the instructions online and could of bought aftermarket decals, but I paid enough for he kit. I tried to contact Revell customer service. No idea if they were actioning my request as no communication was returned. Last weekend I noticed the shop had more SR-71 kits in, so I did the exchange. I took the new kit only to find the front fuselage cracked as it was floating around the box. There are cardboard tabs inside the box to prevent this although they were not utilized (they had not been po
  6. What will be the cost for Airfix to sort their QC out? Move production to a country that follows QC? No duff, we buy some medical pharmaceuticals from the same country and it constantly fails our acceptance checks. Speaking of cost, I find this kit very expensive in Canada. Not something I can’t afford, but it doesn’t seam to align itself in the same price point as other Airfix kits of the same tooling quality, scale, and arrival in the market. Is it expensive elsewhere around the globe?
  7. Nice build. I got you beat, I just revived a build of a CF-18 I started in 1999. In the time since, I served in two Hornet squadrons, a third child was born, I returned to school for five years, obtained a secondary degree, retired from the RCAF, started a new career. I also completed a lot of models over the years, this one was neglected. Looking at pictures over the years, I spot this kit in various photos of my model room, in the background as I am framing and developing a new basement model room, it travelled with me those 23 plus years. I’m determined to finish it. I r
  8. I get it, we’ve all witnessed conflict in our lifetimes, I even deployed a few times for various conflicts during my military career. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a war as brutal as this one, in that civilians are purposely being targeted, women, children, schools, hospitals, entire cities, non-military targets. And wars have started due to economics, oil, resources, etc. Not because one little man wants to relive his youth and a return of the Union he grew up in. Regardless, nice build.
  9. He did say he was going to leave the comment for the remainder of the day then he had to delete it. Even that freedom he was denied.
  10. I’ve always wondered where a Britmodeler member with the handle “Cop” went. To be honest, I’ve never witnessed a manufacturer alter their release schedule based on any of the conflicts I’ve witnessed in my time.
  11. Thanks for the welcome, I moved over from Britmodeler when they banned Tony O’Toole for a ridiculously minor thing.
  12. I read that but I’ve also read it is completely cancelled. It doesn’t effect me as I already have the Foxbox stencils and decals for my kit (same scheme), which I purchased a year ago.
  13. I think GWH was told not to produce the kit. They didn’t decide anything.
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