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  1. Looks great. I have one of these to build so following this build.
  2. Yep this old one.
  3. An old kit I had knocking about so thought I would put it together. Didn't realise how bad my eyes are and my hands are to big for 1/72 small aircraft ! Anyway here is the result with my own little twist on the scheme with the black spine and area around the cockpit. Thanks for looking.
  4. Very nice love the thud worked on one at RAF Croughton before they scrapped her 😔
  5. sub

    "Big Mother 64"

    Nice job on your chopper!
  6. It's the Osprey I just got 1/72 has a smoke smell and looks tobacco stained lol 😆
  7. One from evil Bay And one from a charity shop Might go for different type of scheme on the osprey something a bit different 🤔
  8. Does anyone have any hints and tips or ways to clean yellowed clear plastic? I picked up a second hand kit with a very yellowed cockpit glass and wondered if there is a way to restore it back to being clear? Thanks for any help.
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