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  1. sub

    Harrier GR.3

    Very nice πŸ‘Œ
  2. Love it Paul top job! πŸ‘Œ
  3. Lol I wish ! Its on top of the wife's car and its Deffo not a Mercedes although it is German lol
  4. Well where to start with this kit. Turned up in the post wrapped in a very thin bit of paper ripped and damaged. Opened the box to find lots of damage and bits broken. And the seller said it wasn't his fault and refused to refund. This is a couple of pics of the damage. So not off to the best start. Decided to buy another kit to replace all the damaged parts, but (also I have a plan for the spare kit) which I will complete later. So here is the finished kit still has a bit of damage but considering how bad it was I am pleased with the result.
  5. Another top job Steve, very nice πŸ‘
  6. oohhh love an American rig looking forwards to this build
  7. looking good gorbs like them alot
  8. That's amazing, stunning job πŸ‘
  9. Very nice πŸ‘Œ
  10. Well i can say without doubt it is all Gorbys fault ! After starting the thread 'out of your comfort zone' i find myself building car after car, (really need to go back to an aircraft at some point). So here is my next venture a fujimi 1/24 Ford GT40 MkII , always been a favourite car of mine and after seeing the film Lemans with Christian Bale it gave me the urge to build one, so here are afew (to many pics) of the finished kit. Nice kit shame it didnt have opening engine compartment and a full engine for that matter but it makes a nice kit and i enjoyed building it. So here is th
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