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  1. Little bit more done seat painted and fitted although the ejector seat handles were broken so might make some out of wire. And started applying some markings I had spare as the original ones broke up. Might have to realign the scoop on the exhaust as its a bit squiffy. 😆 Thanks for looking.
  2. New seat from quick boost. Was only a couple of quid. Don't think you will see most of it when fitted and the canopy on lol 😆
  3. Bit more done and painted. Waiting for the canopy to dry and the undercarriage. Might change the seat for a new one I've ordered.
  4. Leading edge flaps down now bit of filling to do tidy up and put panel lines back in. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks Jessie_C will get onto that next 👍
  6. Little bit more done. Wings fitted in the raised position And decided lower the flaps and also cut them to separate them to make it look a bit better Thanks for looking.
  7. Always liked this scheme I liked it so much I painted a full size one in the scheme a few years ago 😅 !!!
  8. After a bit of quiet time due to work being manic I decided to start a little one. An old esci kit, so I thought I would make a start and see how it goes. A little bit of progress a few of the pictures of it so far. Thanks for looking.
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