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  1. Very nice I have a 1\32 matchbox one to build, well I think it's the old matchbox one lol.
  2. sub

    Danny Trejo

    Great job 👏
  3. Thanks Mac took me a while to work out the masking and stars layout but I'm pleased how it turned out. I didn't want a grey one lol 😆. Good luck with your one when you do it.
  4. Well this kit was ermm fun..... Decided to have a go at this kit thinking it would be a quick build which turned into a long project (for me) with lots of issues poor fit spray gun nightmares and alot of other issues. A few things I could do differently and would (not start it lol), but overall I'm pleased with it, certainly makes a big kit. She is in the markings of the spirt of America with a twist as I thought it should represent America in all its glory with a air display version. So here we go here she is....
  5. sub

    1/175 B-52

    Very nice and such a clean build
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