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  1. Superb modelling, full of atmosphere!
  2. All credit to you, I'd be very proud to finish up with that result
  3. Hi all, thanks again for your very kind comments. Another week of 'bitty' but otherwise necessary activity. First off, the dreaded rigging! I had to wait for a delivery of micro-bore tubing through the post, then I had to acquaint myself with the finer points of cutting 1mm lengths of it! Then I had to learn how to feed 0.06mm fishing line through the 0.2mm bore - out and back! Trust me, threading a needle is like driving a bus through a tunnel compared to that! After one hour and a monster headache from viewing the world through a head-mounted magnifier, I managed this: I also made
  4. Thanks all, for your most kind comments More 'bits-n-pieces' progress over the past couple of days - mainly around the various items that will eventually constitute the office interior. Firstly, the number of as-yet loose wires emanating from the foot pedals was surpassed by the number hanging off the control yoke, which the instructions dictated should be that garish blue as used previously: This was then joined to the floor plate: A slight bit of tedium was then necessary in order to mask the gondola interior to allow the painting of the wooden framework:
  5. Looking nice so far
  6. Nice job on an interesting subject
  7. Thanks all, once again for your comments. Apologies for the gap since my last update, real life has not been over generous with opportunities to advance this particular venture, however what time I have had I think I've put to some good use. I made a start on the gondola and its associated parts, which show some very interesting detail particularly in the stressing of the 'skin' in places: The bits that are to be metallic were primed with NATO black: This was gone over with Flat Aluminium: I managed to get the PE belts primed and painted some sort of leather co
  8. Thanks all, for your comments. The EZ Line route ended up fighting me more than a little, as some of the 'leads' parted company at their attachment points. But, I got them all back on eventually with yet more CA and some Anglo Saxon incantations So, onward and... well onward at least. Having trawled YouTube for clips on how to paint plastic to look like plywood, I made a start on the crew floor-plate and the observer's perch. Firstly, a flat white primer: Armed with some yellow and red acrylic inks courtesy of Games Workshop and an old straggly paint brush, I set to having a g
  9. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. @skwonkI too would be interested in learning more about this jewellery wire - not for this engine necessarily as I've already done it with EZ Line: I have also done the propeller this afternoon as it's another convenient little piece of standalone work to allow me to get my eye in. As with the engine, the detail on the hubs, front and back, is very nice. Front: Back: I am aiming for a darker wood colour, so I primed with Tamiya NATO Brown: Then, having sprayed with clear acrylic sealer, I brushed on
  10. Thanks all, I am quite pleased with how the copper effect has come out. Today I applied a sepia wash using some old Games Workshop stuff: The short length of brass tube (part of my cunning plan for a rotating rotary engine) is now in place: Just one little bit to do now on this, is the electrical leads at the back - I feel some EZ Line action coming on
  11. Thanks all for your interest, yes there is some next-level detail on this kit which I am only now coming round to appreciating, such as the very thin trailing edges on the wing sections, and the stressed-linen effect on the fuselage and wings. I have made a little more progress today, with painting the engine. I primed it with black first, then sprayed it with Tamiya Metallic Grey XF-56. I was after a sort of steel effect and this colour seemed the closest fit to it: From reference photos of these types of engines, the centre cover (which conceals all the gears and other gubbin
  12. Thanks @dixieflyer for that link, I went there and tried to register before realising that I had already joined it about 3 years ago then promptly forgot all about it! There is one build in progress on there, so I have bookmarked that in the hope that I get some inspiration. For my own part, I spent an awful lot of time reading and re-reading the instructions looking for a way that I could actually make some progress. I think what is blocking me at the moment is the knowledge that I will need to paint quite a bit of it before assembly, which doesn't come naturally to me. So with that in m
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