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  1. Personally I'd use plastic card rather than cardboard. Fewer issues with water-based solvents. I tried using the Humbrol "enamel" special metallics, then applying rust effects with red-brown paint and a stippling brush (a worn-out old thing cut short and square across), and polishing irregularly. These metallics dry matt but can be polished up to a good sheen. In other words the finish is soft and delicate! But a coat of protective varnish, whether enamel or acrylic, ruined the metallic effect. So now I start with a reasonably shiny silver finish and then apply multiple washes of matt col
  2. Being mainly an aeroplane modeller, had I a spare corner for my stash I think I would go for the AC, I mean Shelby, Cobra and Ford GT 2017 re-releases. Absolute stunners.
  3. Yes. I'd love to see the official colour spec. All the colour photos of restored machines I have seen are distinctly lacking in red and some are noticeably green-tinged. This could be down to poor colour balance somewhere in the reproduction chain (in other walks of life, "azure" is indeed on the green side of blue) - but all of them?
  4. A month or so ago I knocked one of my models onto the floor and broke a wingtip off - after painting in custom-mixed colours which have now all gone off. I didn't notice the loss until the floor had been swept and an odd, unexplained flat scrap of painted plastic binned and sent to landfill. I scratched up a new wingtip and repaired it. I had laid down the first coat of the first remix when I knocked it off the table again in exactly the same way and broke the same wingtip again. This time the tip shattered into too many pieces to be worth recovering and another scratchbuild looms. The beast i
  5. Have to say, I have now painted my model in a dodgy "faded azure" (see original post above), and moved on. However I have no objection to being informed how bad a choice I made! And of course, a general spiel will surely be of wider interest to all.
  6. Tip for next time: if you are suspicious of your old decals, try laying a decent coat of varnish onto the sheet before cutting them out. It can be the thing that holds them together.
  7. Sequel to the Ride of the Valkyries; theme and variations. Known to Elgar fans as the Emetic Variations.
  8. Very nice. Be warned that Green Stuff shrinks slowly for some time afterwards; use a big blob of it and three months later there is a clearly-outlined dip showing where you used it. So does the Humbrol equivalent (Not sure about Revell, but it's vilely sticky stuff and has to be smoothed with a wet finger) Some modellers recommend fine surface filler used by the motor repair trade. At my age, I am content to take a prolonged afternoon nap, and work on another model of I get insomnia. Do you wear a mask when sanding?
  9. On 17 August 1943, Wing Commander Clive "Killer" Caldwell of the Royal Australian Air Force in his Spitfire Mk V shot down a Mitsubishi Ki-46 "Dinah" reconnaissance plane as it headed out across the Timor Sea for home, mission accomplished. What history does not record is that his machine was in fact a "Twinfire Mk VV" Pacific interceptor, cobbled together from two "written-off" airframes by deep repair depot ARD 14, based at Gorrie, far inland away from the action in the Northern Territory. Had he been in a standard Spit, he would not have had the speed or range to catch it. Even the iden
  10. As a mathematics pupil, I used to work it out on my slide rule. What's the problem?
  11. Yep, got no problem viewing them.
  12. 😲 😲 😲 Unbelievable! I watched it and I still don't believe it. One scratchbuilt Lambo in all its inner glory, with a handful of crummy oddments out of a Hasegawa kit. "All shall love me and despair!" Still, I am comforted that the P400 and the E-Type are among the maker's faves, and namedropping de Tomaso is OK by me, too. I wonder what he thinks of the old Citroen Traction Avant "Maigret car", a totally different kind of elegance. But the way all those tiny, complicated and perfectly-formed shiny metal parts kept appearing, were they CNC machined by a watchmaker or 3D printed or handcraf
  13. Darn, now I'll have to repaint every [Look away now, Steve] in my collection!
  14. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a tractor manufacturer who wanted to show his F-word compatriot a thing or two about supercars. He raked in famed stylist Bertone to clothe this stunning beauty. Yes you do need ear defenders, and you do need to start braking a long way before the Autostrada del Sole comes to an end. But all real supercars are unreliable prima donnas or they would not be pushing the tech hard enough. If you want to see one of the greatest acts of vandalism on film, watch the opening sequence of the original The Italian Job starring Michael Caine. They really did that to a Miura! Later
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