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  1. Tiger Hobbies will be importing at the end of October into the UK models by Magic Factory, We have included two new interesting additions. MAGIC-FACTORY-7503-1:35-ARMED-ROBOTS-DOG-AND-RQ-20-UAV-SET (tigerhobbies.co.uk) MAGIC FACTORY 2005 1/35 MRZR D4 ATVUT DUAL COMBO SET DUE LATE OCT 2023 £49.99 ATVUT ( All Terrain Vehicle Ultralight Tactical) INCLUDES MRZR D4 MRZR D4 ANTI DRONE CARGO TRAILER MF2003 NATO WEAPONS SET PLASTIC PARTS CLEAR PARTS ETCH PARTS DECALS RUBBER TYRES MAGIC FACTORY 7503 1/35 ARMED ROBOTS DOG AND RQ-20 UAV SET COMING OCT 202
  2. i Think some of this is down to Tamiya Fan folk, yes I am sure the model has issues, what kit doe not, but its getting a awful lot of unjustified stick. There are a lot of complaints about the price, thats fair if you are in the USA where they are paying close to $200 and in the EU where its Euro 150, but in the UK you are paying no where near this. Apart from the uninformed who purchased from oversea for a fortune only to find out If they had a little more patience, they would have got it for a lot less from our retail network in the UK , again i think this has caused trouble.
  3. GREAT WALL HOBBY L4828 1/48 F-14 TOMCAT NOW LANDED AND FOR SALE Great-Wall-Hobby-L4828-Grumman-F-14B-Tomcat-with-4-US-Navy-Unit-Markings (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Now its landed we can see why the rest of the world is selling this model upto 50% more expensive than Tiger Hobbies. (Tiger Hobbies did the deal to keep the RRP same as Tamiya in the UK. I will compare this model to the Tamiya version cue to the same price point as GWH in the UK of £99.99 TAMIYA
  4. We have just taken delivery of the latest Geclo/Classy/Vespid models. New releases 35GM0070S This is a Tiger Special of the K2 Ambulance with ATS Driver plus a set of Allied WW2 Casualties on Stretchers. RRP for both separate would be £57.99, buy as a combo for £52.99. (Note the WW2 Stretcher set with Casualties is inside the K2 Model in plastic bags. This will be offer to our trader customers. 35GM0085 1/35 Ram Kangaroo APC 35GM0090 1/35 LCA Landing Craft Assault US Army Rangers version. 35GM0079 1/35 Modern British Jerry Cans 35GM0049 1/35 Allie
  5. Once these Hasegawa models are sold out they will not be purchase by Tiger Hobbies again, so these are a great price, once they are gone they are gone. I will not go into why, but we have our reasons.
  6. Tiger Hobbies have put up on pre-order for October 2023 the following new models. KOTARE K32004 1/32 Spitfire MK I Early with three marking options. Tiger Hobbies RRP is £93.99 includes Vat and UK delivery and will be at Tiger Hobbies within 8 days of release from Kotare in early Oct 2023. ( Our retailers will also be getting it at the same time ( 48/72 hours) of landing. Tiger Hobbies received our K32601 Spitfire Brian Lane on the 20th of Jun 2023 and these were shipped to our retailers within 3 days. KOTARE-K32004-1:32-Spitfire-MK-I-Early-version-with-three-markings-due-
  7. I have confirmed the RRP for UK Distribution, before dealer discounts AHHQ006 US Army M10 Tank Destroyer £169.99 AHHQ007 British M10 Achilles £159.99
  8. What I was saying is if you were to buy a F-14 to convert better to spend £50.00, also we have about 60 of these and once gone they will never come again., but thanks for taking time to read and comment on the thread.
  9. Well you can always buy the Tamiya one and justify 100 Quid, better to justify 50 Quid. The actual Importers RRP is £89.99 on the Hasegawa F-14, so at £49.99 this is a giveaway.
  10. Tiger Hobbies are having an Hasegawa sale on FIVE line, Hasegawa-1:48-Scale-F-4J-Phantom-II-with-One-Piece-Canopy-Model-Kit-HAPT06 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Hasegawa SALE 1:48 F-4J Phantom II with One Piece Canopy Model Kit HAPT06 sale price £27.99 Hasegawa SALE 1:48 US Navy F-14A Tomcat Jet Fighter Model Kit HAPT46 sale price £49.99 Hasegawa SALE 1/48 USAF F-104C Starfighter HAPT19 sale price £21.99 Hasegawa SALE 1:48 JU87G-2 Stuka Anti-Tank Kanonenvogel Model Kit HAJT54 sale price £24.99 Hasegawa SALE 1:72 USA
  11. The Numbers are AHHQ-006 for the US M10 Version with 3 inch gun AHHQ-007 for the British M10 Achilles version with the QF 17 Pdr. Both these models are due Late October 2023. I will not be releasing our RRP until later in the month, but please take this into consideration. As a note AHHQ in the USA are offering these models for $149.99 but once the goods are landed at your doors the price will balloon from $149.99 to close to £187.99 Or $234.00, the maths below. Cost price from HHQ $149.99 Shipping to UK ( Big Box)
  12. Tiger Hobbies will do a limited pre-order for the New 1/48 Seaking for the next 7 days ending 31 Jul 2023. To get this pre-order please send an email to sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk attn Gary Please provide your paypal address if its not your normal email address. If you use the website this will be a notify in stock only not a pre-order. Tiger Hobbies
  13. Arma Hobby have announced a new version of the 1/48 Hawker Hurricane. the Hurricane MKIIc Trop. This will be released end of August 2023. RRP same as the last kit £45.99 Arma-Hobby-AH40005-1:48-Hawker-Hurricane-MK-IIc-Trop (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  14. Tiger Hobbies attended Flying Legends 2023, which this year due to not been able to find a venue, what held at the site of former RAF Church Fenton now Leeds East Airport. The event was held over the weekend of 15/16 Jul 2023. We managed to get a small booth in the concession village near the entrance, at a good price, so turn out the only seller doing pure models, there was a general flight store with a few and book seller with some older Corgi. He was selling them off for a £10.00 each. I snapped up two EE Lightnings and one chap got a Mustang certificate No 1. We took Hob
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