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  1. ZOUKIE MURA 1/32 BF109-G14 HARTMANN UK PRICE £89.99 PRE-ORDERS FROM 15TH UNTIL THE END OF FEB Well its possibly 15th already in Japan or close to it. Model in the UK May from Japan so about 8 weeks after that. ZOUKIE-MURA-1:32-Messerschmitt-BF-109G-14-Eric-Hartmann-SWS18 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) That is £40.00 under what the new Great Wall Hobby 1.32 P40 Similar sized aircraft £129.99 GREAT-WALL-HOBBY-1:32-Curtis-Hawk-81-A2-P40B-AVG-FLYING-TIGERS-L3201 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  2. As I stated they can still purchase off our website just not ebay Plus as we stated we still honored the orders I could have canceled the orders and refunded we did not we issued the models. It was a mistake/error on our system, but they no doubt rubbed their hands with glee at the chance of what seemed a deal, without one sending a message and thats all it would have taken. A simple message to Tiger Hobbies is all that is needed. They would have still got the models at the price thats not the problem. Once the first one contacted us to see if the price was real
  3. Yesterday their was a System Error between the platform that controls our Website and Ebay listing resulting in three very expensive kits been sold very very cheap, £73.99 down to £23.99 Those who purchased these items will get them, but your user name has been blocked form further purchase on ebay ( not our website but ebay site)
  4. VESPID Vespid-Models-1:72-German-Pz-Kpfw-V-Panzer-Ausf-G-w-FG1250-VS720008 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) GECKO DAIMLER GECKO-MODELS-1:35-Daimler-Armoured-Car-Mk-1-35GM0011 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  5. AIRFIX NEW RELEASE LIMITED PRE-ORDERS 1/24 SPITFIRE 1/48 ANSON AND BUCCANEER 1/24 SPITFIRE MK IXC £79.99 1/48 BUCCANEER £59.99 1/48 ANSON £39.99 Certain areas of the UK restricted, England Wales and Lowland Scotland free postage. Islands of Scotland, Highlands of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands plus other outer areas of the UK there will be extra shipping on the Larger Spitfire only Next 7 days no deposits taken. AIRFIX-1:48-Avro-Anson-Mk-I-A09191-LIMITED-PRE-ORDER (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Order to sales@tigerhobbie
  6. You are right its plain old piracy not really a crisis, but feels like a crisis, it not just the cost (£12,000) bad enough but the time in transit from 28 days to upwards of 75 days. We had 1 out of 5 pre-Christmas loads arrived in time to get the stock to the retailers so they had time to distribute. 1 load made it to our place but Xams Eve is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. We have kept this back until the new year so the traders can sell it and have time to settle their invoices without loosing almost 14 days over the Xmas period of dead stock. One company dumpe
  7. Yes shipping is the main problem, back end of 2020 a 20 foot container cost Tiger Hobbies about £2,000 now we are shelling out close to £12,000 and its taking twice as long in transit. We have stopped doing release dates and its a case of when it comes, also we will not move a container until its full to the brim even if it means hold back releases. BREXIT, COVID AND SHIPPING CRISIS, you could not make it up.
  8. We have just been informed that after the approx 10% increase in November 2021, there is another similar price rise just now. Revell have also increased their prices three times in 6 months. The Mandalorian Razor Crest £52.99 then £55.99 now £61.99 RRP What deep Joy.
  9. As the main UK Importer of the Zoukie Mura range we have already all the information on this release including price. The official release date as far a pre-orders goes is the 15th of Jan 2022, on that day we will release the information. Price wise all that i will say is compared to the Great Wall Hobby 1/32 P40 a similar sized aircraft this is good value and below the £100 RRP ( not £99.99 either) reasonably below that, including delivery in the UK. GWH 1/32 P40 is £129.99.
  10. We have a limited amount of Special Hobby 1/32 Westland Whirlwind MK I in stock £54.95 including UK Delivery Special-Hobby-1:32-Westland-Whirlwind-Mk-I-32047 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  11. Tiger Hobbies are doing limited imports of ARK MODELS. These are mainly ex Frog and we are importing subjects either not in other ranges or have expensive alternatives. There is also the 1/144 Soviet Space Shuttle Buran in stock. Ex Frog in stock Supermarine S6B, Gloster Whittle, Fairey Barracuda, Vultee Vengeance, Vickers Vimy and for a giggle the old Frog Shackleton, plus 1/415 Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Tiger. Price for ours is a little higher than buying from Russia but there is no postage more than the kit. Purchase over £30.00 is free shipping or under that £2.95
  12. Tiger Hobbies are the UK agent for Horizon Models, this is a small but very detailed range of kits from the very early US Space Program. Kits covered HMZ2001 HORIZON MODEL 1/72 CONVAIR SM-65D ATLAS ICBM STOCK HMZ2002 HORIZON MODEL 1/72 MERCURY ATLAS STOCK HMZ2003 HORIZON MODEL 1/72 MERCURY SPACECRAFT x 2 kits in a box STOCK HMZ2004 HORIZON 1/72 MERCURY-REDSTONE ROCKET OUT OF STOCK BUT COMING BACK SOON HMZ2005 HORIZON MODEL 1/72 REDSTONE LAUNCHE STOCK https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=horizon-models We only import about 3 or 4 t
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