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  1. ITALERI NEW 1/48 UK LIGHTNING FORCE F-35B LIGHTNING II HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH £69.99 including UK Delivery ITALERI-1:48-UK-Lightning-Force-F-35B-Lightning-II-Kit-IT2810 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  2. After a long delay not caused by either Gecko, Tiger Hobbies or even the shipping problems, but that did not help. the Gecko WW2 British Heavy Ambulance will arrive next week. Once landed and distributed I will let you know more details of why this has been delayed, the actual models should have arrived at least 2 months ago.
  3. GECKO-1:35-Normandy-Beach-Log-Ramps-Set-35GM0083 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  4. Eduard-Kit-1:72-scale-model-kit-Ltd-Edit-ADLERTAG-BF110-EDK2132 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  5. INFINITY-MODELS-1:32- DH-100-Vampire-FB-Mk-5-INF3204-DUE-LATE-JUL-2022 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) They will be at our retailers in the next 3 days Rgds Gary
  6. As I have already stated I think this sellers problems have nothing to do with the price of things. In a larger picture for the many good sellers out there this are the problems that are affecting prices in the UK. Most of the kits you buy come from China, and are purchased in USD, the GBP £ has in the last 2 months taken its biggest battering against the USD since the 1980s with exchange rate as low as 1.17 down from 1.40 Coupled with the rise in shipping prices and time on the high seas, so a container went from £2,500 to a high point of £12,000 now down a little to £10,000,
  7. Andy Hobby Headquarters will release October 2022 a brand new 1.16th tooling in alliance with Takom of a Sherman M4A3E8. At last a nice US Subject to go against all these large German Tanks At last we have a price and it is a very competitive £159.99 including UK delivery and all import dutys and Vat to most UK Areas (max of £10.00 Postage to other Areas, Look for it on our website www.tigerhobbies.co.uk under AHHQ001 Tiger Hobbies
  8. All hobby companies in the UK are feeling it at the moment esp with the rise in prices but as stated there is more to this than prices
  9. For those interested or those thinking of going into Business this is basic business ranking structure in the United Kingdom, this will tell you the pros and cons of each ranking. We will start with Joe, who thinks he wants to sell models. Joe is typical of many who enter the Hobby trade, he has been building models for some time and has good expertise and knowledge of models. Joe starts by selling off some of his stash, may be going to a model fair or car boot, and find he sells quite easily, in fact he is finding more selling models whom he thinks are selling too low. Joe starts
  10. I think with this company it may be not just business related, the clues are in the breakdown of liabilities. My heart goes out the the employees of Model Hobbies who have lost their job and been screwed over, again clues in the Breakdown of liabilities.
  11. Going under can happen to any business but if you are tight on your Admin and Asset checks you should be able to head off any problems or at the very least be able to payoff most of your debts before you go belly up. Tiger Hobbies hold a asset meeting every month with Me as the Managing Director and my Financial Director and our Operations Manger. The items that are looked at are the following Liabilities Monies we owe to suppliers, that is stock, and Services Monies we owe to HMRC Vat and Tax ( we know how much we owe approx at any time, either Vat Qtr or end of ye
  12. Some time ago there were strong indication that Model Hobbies was in trouble. Companies house has released information to the effect. If you wish to find out more then go to Companies House its in the Public Domaine. The basics are Assets to be dished out to the the poor sods who have lost money £12,800 Liabilities on the company i.e the money owed by Model Hobbies £730,000 A quick calculation shows the folks who are owed the £730,000 are basically screwed It makes sorry reading and I think there will be fallout among the Hobby Trade. The ow
  13. Thats in stock at our Euro supplier RRP £19.49 Check with your retailer first may be able to do a slightly better deal
  14. I have checked with the Euro distributor and they do Flyhawk So ask your retailer where you get Tiger Hobbies products through and ask them for a price on Flyhawk Products Example Flyhawk 1/72 King Tiger will be £29.99 RRP
  15. We are not looking for any further exposure from the far east at the moment, and I think this is the problem with other importers. Brands are coming out but they are not finding distributors. On the upside there is a good Euro distributor whom we deal with so we may be able to get these models
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