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  1. Tiger Hobbies will offer the new Eduard 1/48 Spitfires over Malta EDK11172 on pre-order for £56.99 including UK delivery Tiger Hobbies
  2. After a long delay we have at last received our shipment of Fine Molds models. These include IRIAF F-14 and F-4D plus restocks of the popular US Navy F-14 Tomcats Fine-Molds-FP44-1:72-U.S-Air-to-Air-60s~70s-Missile-Set-Plastic-model (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  3. Tiger Hobbies will import and distribute the X Plus 1/35 Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dr Malcom set Plastic Kit This is an detail plastic injection kit for a value £54.99 XPLUS-XP411-200130C-1:35-Jurassic-Park-Tyrannosaurus-Rex-and-Dr-Malcom-set-Plastic-Kit (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  4. Tiger Hobbies will distribute Custom Scale 1/35 Kits as of next week with our first import from Germany These are unusual subjects from the Germany Army in WW2 Custom-scale-VK35004-1:35-German-Bergehetzer-with-3cm-Flak-38 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Sabre 35A11 Hanomag RL20 Tractor 16.02 VK35001 5,5cm Flak (VG2) Gerät 58 16.02 VK35002 3cm Bordkanone MK103 16.02 VK35003 Ammo Boxes for 3cm MK103 and 3cm Flak 103/38 16.02 VK35004 Gergepanzer Hetzer mit 3cm Flak Bordkanone
  5. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS 1/16 TIGER 1 TANK AUSF E EARLY PRODUCTION NOW ARRIVED Tiger Hobbies will be distributing these models over the next few days to our retailers ANDYS-HOBBY-HEADQUATERS-AHHQ003-1:16-Tiger-1-Tank-Ausf-E-Early-Production (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  6. Vespid Models will issue a new tooled 1/72 Tiger 1 Tank www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for VS720018 HOBBY 2000 Just announced are a Condor Legion 1/32 BF109 and two 1/48 Mig 29 from German Air Forcer and Polish Air Force. www.igerhobbies.co.uk look for HOBBY 2000 NEW
  7. 25% OFF ALL NONE BANDAI REVELL REVELL-1:48-Eurofighter-Typhoon-RAF-Display-Aircraft-Black-Jack-03820 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  8. We have 25% off remaining Zvezda Stock The price reduction is great value as our stock was purchased before the recent importer increase in price Zvezda 1/72 Russian Foot Artillery 1812-1814 # 6809 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  9. Tiger Hobbies will import the new Amusing Hobby 35A047 1/35 KF51 Panther Generation 4 Tank. The model will arrive early summer 2023 Tiger Hobbies RRP will be £45.99 before any dealer discount Amusing-Hobby-35A047-1:35-KF51-Panther-4-Generation-Tank-German-Army (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  10. MK new models arrived 1/48 Mil Hip 17 and SIO Super detailed F-14 Tomcat There has been some small price reductions AMK88010 1/48 Mil Hip 17 £59.99 to £55.99 AMKK48003 1/48 Sio Super Detailed F-14 Tomcat £119.99 to £114.99 AMK88009 Restocks of the normal F-14D Tomcat now £67.99 AMK-Avantgarde-1:48-F-14D-Super-Tomcat-US-Navy-88009 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  11. Link to the Rubicon models arriving on Tuesday RUBICON MODELS 801002 - 25mm x 50mm Round Edge Bases- 1 Pack of 10 Bases (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Link to the Huey Rubicon-Models-280119-1:56-Bell-UH-1D-UH-1H-Huey-helicopter (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  12. Yes good point, we have about 20 of the Rubicon Huey arriving early next week, the detail is great for the size of the Helcopter.
  13. Tiger Hobbies are branching out in to the world of Brick Models ( don't say Lego) and the world of wargaming 1/56 Plastic kits. Cobi Toys are the world largest Brick Model company doing Military models in Building Bricks. These range from 150 parts for £9.99 to over 2000 IN THE 1/300 Battleship range. Remember with Brick Models, you can take them apart put them back in the box and flog them on at a reasonable price. As these are multi use plastics you will not have Greta Tunberg after you. Link to the range coming in late April to Tiger Hobbies COBI-TOP-Gun-Maverick-
  14. Tiger Hobbies will import a range of Amusing Hobby products due into the UK poss May 2023 www.tigerhobbies.co.uk please look for Amusing Hobby, whats listed is been imported, if its not on the list, it will not be imported at this time. Amusing-Hobby-35A023-1:35-German-Pz-Kpfw-VI-tiger-Porsche-With-resin-Figure (tigerhobbies.co.uk) RRP for interior models will be £69.99 and standard models about £49.99
  15. HOBBY 2000 H2K48019A 1/48 BAE HARRIER GR7/9 UPGRADED TIGER HOBBIES DIRECT ONLY HOBBY-2000-1:48-BAE-HARRIER-GR7-TIGER-HOBBIES-EXCLUSIVE-DUE-QTR-2-2022 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) This is for Tiger Hobbies Direct Sale and limited to 30 models, sorry this will not be distributed to our trade customer due to very limited numbers. The RRP is £44.99 but includes £14.99 worth of Eduard upgrade set Brassin set 648284, that includes updated ejection seats, wheels, Nozzles and Weapon Pods. Normal versions of this model are now going for over RRP £31.99 so these are good value. www.tig
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