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  1. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS 1/16 SHERMAN M4A3E8 UK RRP £159.99 NOW IN STOCK These will be sent to our retailers over the next 48 hours so all should be at sales points by Friday Tiger Hobbies
  2. Tiger Hobbies Limited are now an official Kotare Model Importer. We have set our RRP for this initial release at £99.99 (we booked some USD at a better rate than now some time ago) Our retail Net work will be given a reasonable retail margin to work with so there will be fair competition in the UK Market place as it should be. KOTARE-1:32-Supermarine-Spitfire-MK-I-Mid-Model-Kit-due-Late-Jan-2023-in-UK-K32001 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for K32001
  3. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS DISTRIBUTION TAKOM 1/16 US 1/4 TON TRUCK IN STOCK www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for TAK1016
  4. TIGER HOBBIES EXCLUSIVE HOBBY 2000 1/48 HARRIER GR7/8 NOW ARRIVED These will be at our approved retailers by about Wednesday Thursday next week, and good stocks for the nationals. www,tigerhobbies.co.uk look for H2K48019
  5. AIRFIX AVRO ANSON ARRIVES £39.99 INCLUDING UK DELIVERY ONLY 8 FOR SALE For those who sent an email to sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk your pre-order are over the 8 we have for sale, but we had only 2 takers. If you tried to book the pre-order via the website this was only interest, and you should get an email saying the model is in, AND YOU BUY DIRECT OFF THE SITE Check our website www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for AFX09191 Also, the Vintage 1/72 DH Beaver is also now in stock £12.95 plus shipping Look for AFX03017V
  6. NICE SURPRISE 1/35 BRITISH MASTIFF 6X6 FROM MENG MODELS DUE JAN 2023 Pre-order £69.99 Great Value www.tigerhobbies.co.uk MNGSS-012 MENG-MODELS-1:35-BRITISH-MASTIFF-2-6X6-PATROL-VEHICLE-MNGSS-012 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  7. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS 1/16 TIGER 1 TANK AUSF E EARLY PRODUCTION QTR 1 2023 Coming to Tiger Hobbies via our co-operation with Andys Hobby HQ and MBK is a great new addition for 1/16 modelers. This will be a massive improvement on the HOBBYBOSS version but well below price of the Tamiya version Tiger Hobbies The price quoted of £295.00 is for listing purpose, we expect the price to be lower and nearer £200.00
  8. Well 1/16th Sherman are like buses, there is the I LOVE KIT VERSION at RRP £239.99 LK61619 , Tiger Hobbies own import Andy Hobby HQ AHHQ001 RRP £159.99 with Metal Barrel, Tank Commander and photo etch. Tiger Hobbies There is another version from Creative models I LOVE KITS with out some of the extras at £129.99 LK61615 or Tiger Hobbies price £109.99, still comes with Metal Barrel Tiger Hobbies Takes your Pick www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for LK61615
  9. I have listed the P-51B AH70041 ARMA-HOBBY-1:72-NORTH-AMERICAN-P-51B-Mustang-USAAF-Fighter-AH70041 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) and P-39Q AH70055 on our site ARMA-HOBBY-1:72-P-39Q-AIRACOBRA-USAAC-USAAF-FIGHTER-AH70055 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) These are in transit from Arma Hobby so 7 days may be.
  10. ARMA HOBBY 1/72 Hawker Sea Hurricane MK Ib due early Nov 2022 RRP £26.99 Sea Hurricane Mk Ib kit includes: Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I injected plastic sprues 3D printed set with fuselage bottom, arrestor hook, exhausts (2 options), mirror, headrest, gun camera, oil collector ring, catapult spools and anti-glare exhaust shields. Decal with 5 marking options Painting masks for the canopy (kabuki paper) and for shortened flaps (vinyl) ARMA-HOBBY-1:72-Hawker-Sea-Hurricane-MK-Ib-with-3-D-Parts-AH70061 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  11. We have just been informed by our Euro Shipping Agent the Hobby 2000 1/48 Harrier GR7/9 is now in their hands. Hopefully this model will be at Tiger Hobbies in good time for the IPMS Nationals its official launch, but it will be at all our retailers in good time. Tiger Hobbies Limited
  12. AFV CLUB MODELS JUST LANDED AT TIGER BEACH GOOD VALUE Just landed a great selection of AFV Club models just landed at Tiger Hobbies Check out our website under AFV Club AFV-CLUB-1:48-Tiger-I-Ausfe-Late-Final-Version-Sd-Kfz-181-Pz-VI-Model-Kit-48001 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  13. The UK importer has confirmed the first import due end of year of the new Meng Models 1/48 Phantom F4G Wild Weasel at £74.99, that's the good news. The Bad news is the pre-order is very limited, they had only so much USD at a good rate in reserve to get the model to sell at £74.99. So Tiger Hobbies are offering this at a pre-order price of £69.99 including UK delivery, but the pre orders ends on Wednesday 19 Oct 2022, when we shall remove the listing from our website. Tiger Hobbies have to have our order to the UK Importer by early next week, order after that will come in early
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