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  1. Nice work with the springs πŸ‘, I've always liked the Bren carrier, but only built the Airfix 1/76 ones (with the 6-pdr gun), I shall watch with interest.
  2. I never built one either. The Hampden was an important part of the "other side" of the Battle of Britain i.e. Bomber Command's offensive against enemy airfields & supplies, and the invasion barges being massed against us - a shamefully neglected aspect of that campaign. Good on you for tackling this one, Paul!
  3. Lovely job, Tim, nice one πŸ‘
  4. Great tip, thanks for sharing πŸ‘. In my early working life I got through thousands of those rolls, never saw any looking like that, though
  5. Glad he got out OK, that was horrific
  6. Coming on nicely, Andy, nice work with the PE πŸ‘
  7. Thanks for posting that, Paul It looks very nice indeed, however, I shall resist temptation (for now ), as I have the Airfix 1/48 0ne in the stash, but, after that, well.....
  8. Yes - that's just exactly like the one I built, only much better - lovely job, Steve!
  9. I built this on my return to the hobby 4 years ago, and stuck to the colours given in the destructions - Humbrol 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey upper surfaces & 90 "Beige Green" (Sky) underneath - I don't have anything with Slate Grey on it (yet ) Hope this helps.
  10. Those are both great results - superb work!
  11. Another great job, Mac, and definitely one of the more unusual finishes I've seen!
  12. I have to admire your attention to small details like this, which I look upon as a grudgingly necessary bloody nuisance! Well done, mate πŸ‘
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