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  1. I didn't even know Airfix had made this kit - wow! Does anyone else produce one?
  2. Very nice, indeed, lovely work 👍. Looking at that layout, with the engine six inches behind you and those dirty great guns in your lap, that must have been a very noisy and distracting place to work - do health And Safety know about this?
  3. Nice work, Gaz, and good call with the tanks.
  4. Looking good, Tony - and very quickly done!
  5. Thanks for sharing these pics, Leo - there's NOTHING in there I don't like!
  6. Great progress, Tony, I look forward to seeing your brush-painting technique - so long since I did it I can hardly remember how
  7. Well, I'm going to be a predictable, unfashionable, stick-in-the-mud, and say Airfix. I'm as aware as everyone of the drawbacks but there are quite a few advantages, too. A wide range of subjects, a steady stream of new releases, superb availability (in the UK, at least), and prices which are still comparatively reasonable. I'm generally happy with what they produce, and the old favourites - of all genres - we grew up with are usually easy to get for a nostalgia fix (and sometimes a mojo re-boot!)
  8. Thanks for the tips, Tony - much appreciated I'm building mine as a Mk X, saving the Airfix one for the Coastal Command scheme. I'll be well chuffed if this one turns out even close to yours - great jobs, both of them!
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