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  1. Thanks, @Miggers, I'll give it a go, but doesn't that just shift the problem to the wingtips instead? I'll try it and see - thanks again.
  2. OK, seconds out, round two. I did get some priming and painting done, but forgot to take any piccies 🙄. Due to the less-than-perfect optical quality of the canopy, I didn't go overboard - a basic paint job, IP decal, masking tape harness, and Robert is your parent's sibling. Next, glued the fuselage halves together - Pegs used only to maintain contact, no forcing closed of gappy bits required. Went together very well, very little clean-up will be needed. You may recall the wings, also, had gone together quite canny, and I was now happy with how things were going. B
  3. I absolutely agree with @Grunhertz - your model, your choice.
  4. I find a couple of coats of matt (I use Galeria, too) takes it down enough for me. Remember, the underlying material is meant to be metal, so a small amount of reflectivity helps the illusion, and even doped fabric usually shines a little. That's my way of looking at it, anyway🙂. There is probably a product available that gives a dead flat finish, but I don't know it.
  5. I don't know what caused the problem, (I have no experience of DecalFix) but maybe the matt varnish hindered the clean up? A smooth gloss surface may have been easier to clean. I use Micro sol & Micro set, usually over a coat or two of Pledge floor polish (applied over the whole model, not just where decals are going to go) - no problems at all, so far - fingers crossed! If I want a matt finish, it goes on when I'm done. Were you able to rescue the Spitfire?
  6. Happy memories - thanks for the link, Kevin.
  7. When I was a kid I always wanted to see the sea battle they have at Peasholm Park in Scarborough, but didn't actually get there until about 5 years ago. Not what you would call historically accurate, but still good fun, even when you're not a kid any more! Watching the video Kevin posted a link to, I can see why that aspect of the hobby is so attractive. There's a boating lake a few miles from where I live, one day I might give it a go myself.
  8. I vote for the I-400, looks like a smart boat.
  9. That was very artful - nice spot & well done🙂
  10. Oh, this is a lovely kit, one of the best I've ever built - I look forward to seeing this one.
  11. The cab is excellent, and I do like that camouflage - unusual!
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