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  1. Looking great, Richard (takes me back to building one in ATC days, and watching PR films of them in "action" )
  2. That's a very nice job, I like the precision-made rigging-tight-holder-togetherer
  3. Brilliant job on the rigging, Kevin, the sails look a bit dodgy, though!
  4. New tool 1/72 Halifax, Stirling, Hampden, Battle Sunderland. I know the Stirling and Sunderland have been done recently but don't seem to be much better than the old Airfix ones, from what I have heard. A 1/35 Abbot SP Gun, Saracen armoured car, and Vickers Light Tank would be nice.
  5. I have that one in the stash, thanks for the tip about the book
  6. I feel your frustration, Richard - wish I could help
  7. I got these last week (thanks, Darren! ), hopefully they will help to kick-start a shelf-queen rescue - an Airfix Ju-87 which has been mostly built and part-painted for the last 3 years . They look very good, I look forward to using them. Incidentally, I won't be around for the next couple of weeks, as I'm off on hols tomorrow, and will be too far away for my phone's string to stretch. Don't get up to any mischief whilst I'm away, will you? Stay safe, all. Seems the string will stretch further than I expected (WiFi conditions permitting) so I can keep an eye o
  8. Looks good, Skwonk, very sharp
  9. Where's the "jealous" thingy? Haven't we got one? I'd love to get my hands on those kits, but the only ones I've seen are few & far between & are priced in the realms of "silly money". I look forward to this one, Steve ,
  10. Glad to be of service I like what I see so far, Coastal Command schemes always look smart to me - what kit is it?
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