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  1. Neither would I - it looks like something from Michael Bentine's Potty Time!
  2. I have to award 10 out of 10 for perseverance here - nil carborundum!
  3. Looks great - the camo is very well done.
  4. That looks pretty good to me, mate - nice one . I think I'll have a go at the "back to basics" approach, as a reminder of why I used to build kits once upon a time.
  5. It rings true to me, every word. Shame about the time machine....
  6. You've done a cracking job on that little kit, Andy - very nice indeed
  7. Yes - they sell really big cans of grey primer
  8. Superb job, very well done
  9. That's a corker! TBH, I wasn't all that struck on the colour scheme at first, but the finished article looks great
  10. I've always liked the Jaguar - the last one (Op Granby, I presume?) is my favourite in this group
  11. Despite your trials & tribulations, Peter - or, perhaps because of them - that looks damn good to me. Nice work, mate
  12. Great work, Richard, this is looking superb but- Really?
  13. Hutch6390


    Hope you're out of the Covid's grip soon, Skwonk - and the eyes and the "woadworks" look great!
  14. Great job on both of those, Gorby - got any more?
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