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  1. Ever helpful with his encyclopiedic knowledge of our hobby, Richard is a living reference source with his vast personal library of books 

  2. Yep, Thanks Che, Hannants are a great resource for us modellers for sure, my tiny gripe with them is their postage times are quite long and sometimes quite expensive But, it's brilliant that they exist, I've used them many times
  3. I 'think' I've bought from these guys before? they have a better price than Kingkit too, thanks again Richard Special Hobby? thinking about it, I have one of their kits in the stash, I have their 'prone Meteor Miko
  4. Perfect! Thanks Richard, I never considered anyone would make a 7.5? I have a couple of Revel repops of Matchbox NF meteors for the canopy Miko (Kingkit time!)
  5. This one is qualifies for my build criteria being a test aircraft, I even have the Combat Decals set for it So what kit would be a good starting point for this one, it appears to be a Mk7 with a Mk8 empennage? Miko
  6. The original Airfix Jag was a GR1 without LRMTS Miko (I have one for when I build the Jaguar prototype)
  7. That's what I was thinking, my preliminary search hasn't found it yet
  8. Very nice, hopefully I'll get there one day I'm interested in that Handley Page HP.88 model in the glass case, an old vacuform kit perhaps? Miko
  9. Get thee behind me kit temptress!! Ha! Ah, of course, I have some, and MCD too Really, in my day it was news, well, when I was six Ha! My history education stopped at the onset of the first world war, just when the world got more interesting Miko
  10. Well, this one zipped along quite quickly A few little touch ups, some detail painting then landing gear fitting Miko (speedy today)
  11. Cah! you're such a girl ! Ha! Do you think that's why it was described as 'Follands jet Spitfire'? Miko ( a pink Gnat? maybe?)
  12. Gnatastic! those brambles/blackberries would go nice in a crumble with a big Bramley apple What's a TET? I'd really like a Tu22! I just don't have the room! Miko (stash comprised of mostly British and Japanese subjects with a few Soviets [and a Viggen] )
  13. Nearly there with this one Richard Reminds me of the old Matchbox 92sqn F2a Miko
  14. Very nice in that finish Miko (looks like something Darth Vader might fly)
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