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  1. Yep, a port cannon only was my understanding too, Still, it leaves HobbyBoss more easily able to produce an RAF version by putting the alternate parts on a single sprue, the cannon muzzles a RWR vertical tail and the previously mentioned pitot probe, maybe a T2 was considered at some point Oh, another thing I forgot, the underwing fuel tanks in the kit are different from what I can find in photographic evidence, they are more cylindrical and less tapered and the ventral stabilizer fins have end plates? Miko (decided to go with 'medium sea grey' for the under
  2. Slight technical problem, I'm not sure if it's peculiar to the French 'E' version being not fitted with cannon but according to my references XX145 was, my problem is, the kit doesn't provide for cannon muzzles only a blanking piece, the part is on sprue 'F which also holds the vertical tail, so I'm assuming RAF versions of the kit would have an alternative 'F sprue complete with a RWR equipped vertical tail. So, my dillema is, do I attempt to modify the parts to appear to have cannon muzzles, ignore it and carry on regardless painting the blanking piece that weird purpley colour and except t
  3. Ouch! poor girl, probably illegal these days! Ha! Miko (assembling the cockpit)
  4. My move away from Humbrol enamels shall have to wait a little longer, when HobbyBoss instructions calls for 'interior green' in the wheel bays but my trusty Humbrol authentic matches well with my references. Looks remarkably similar in colour to Colmans English mustard! Miko (the aroma of Humbrol Authentic paints brings back memories of simpler times)
  5. Mmmm, cosy! Miko (not averse to the occasional Ashahi!)
  6. I realize I'm late to this one but I'm determined to complete the build in good time. My feline fancy is a Jaguar, specifically a T2 of the 'Empire Test Pilot School' XX145 circa 1994 in 'glorious' raspberry ripple! The kit is the HobbyBoss T2 in 1/72, I haven't built one of their kits previously so on opening the curiously tight fitting lid of the box I found. . . A well protected transparent sprue, which is nice! Interestingly, the box art shows the tandem canopies open but this isn't provided for in the kit w
  7. it's here! Miko (time to settle down and study the instructions and figure out how the 'Group Build' thing works)
  8. The Cosford collection Miko (resisting paying the ransom to photobucket!)
  9. Hey, you built W4041/G too! I thought it was just me!! Who else builds non flying ground test rigs? Although my research didn't show the ailerons weren't doped linen just the rudder, However, the heat sensitive paint stripe looks familiar! Miko (gotta love a prototype)
  10. Seaview! wow that takes me back!! It's the sonar pings that made it distinctive in my mind, and the fact that the bow of the vessel reminds me of those weird heads on a tube thingies in the fifties movie 'War of the Worlds' Miko (50's and 60's TV SciFi was cool!)
  11. Brilliant, simply awesome! Miko (been a while since I built my 25th anniversary edition of Airfix Apollo 11)
  12. I had the three Vettriano Bluebird works, then I met the current missus Miko, now I don't! His 'Singing Butler' causes her to become almost irrational with profound irritation?? I'm not over enamored with his portraits of sexual tension but that's just me Miko (preferred art movement is 'The Brotherhood of Pre Raphaelites, and 'Ukiyo e' naturally!)
  13. Thanks! However, the Amazon guy has just been, despite an email from the Prime people yesterday saying it will be here today, no Jag kit! Oh snap! I was looking forward to an evening frottering my latest purchase, I got everything ready for some 'me' time as the missus is out for the evening! Miko (colour me disappointed)
  14. Amen to that brother, both counts Miko (cat's, a mans second best friend)
  15. I meant specifically in regards to your fellow domestic residents and not the physical mechanics and aesthetic properties of your display Miko (covering all bases)
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