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  1. Rubber bump stop, all those bulkheads below decks cause no end of problems! Miko
  2. Any excuse to break out the under used pink paint seems good to me! Ha! Thanks for the tip! I'm a recent convert to airbrushing and would have used my fabulous collection of MrColor paint but I'm doing this one 'old skool' with vintage Humbrol Authentic colours as a part of my on going nostalgia self rediscovery ! Miko (nostalgia? not what it used to be!)
  3. Did MkI's always have the yellow leading edge to the outer 1/3 of their wings? Such a pain to paint with Humbrol's various Yellows ?? The answer I'm looking for is 'nah, it'll be fine without!' Ha! Miko
  4. I gave up on social media a while ago, I couldn't see the point of looking at photo's of people I know only superficially pouting at their cameras, being in compromising positions or what they are having for lunch. Social Media has it's place in youth culture and amongst those who enjoy the attention it brings, it's just not for me Miko (Facebook free for a few years now)
  5. Ooooooh, I miss having the eyesight to be able to do things like that! Great work!
  6. You need to be careful the ghosts of Fred and Blossom Miles don't file against you for a licence production contract for their transonic intellectual property! Ha!
  7. I can't hit the 'like' button on that one MS, there are some who may not talk to me again!?!? Ha!
  8. Hmmmm, I'm remembering that wing join now! Very tricky to get it filler free
  9. Weird! I have the large rouge one on right now!
  10. The mount of Roland Beamont, war hero test pilot and accomplished author, whadda guy!
  11. A donation from a workmate, needs no introduction, Airfix 1979 edition of Spitfire MkIa I'll knock this one out this weekend and present it back to my workmate on Monday Pilot Quote ''nevermind taking sodding photos just get on with it man!'' Have you ever noticed how Airfix RAF WWII pilots look like they are busting for a pee?
  12. It's not just a rubber bump stop is it? out there at the extremity of the rudder aligned with the lower rudder post hinge, where it would be if it was such a thing?
  13. Pretty isn't it? I'm still looking for my first bike kit, maybe this could be it? Miko (who knows Suzuki is the third most common family name in Japan after Kobayashi and Tanaka)
  14. Does anyone remember the Monty Python architect sketch where John Cleese , presents his model of a modern abattoir ? seeing those 'action man' carving knife individual prop blades when mounted on a hub reminds me of a line from that sketch! at about 00:01:10
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