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  1. I've just received Flying Leathernecks Decals AN/APR-25 RHAW antenna fin cap for my Tamiya F-4B. It's a really good piece.
  2. I've noticed many cases of bootleg decals on eBay. We have to be watchful. It seems pretty apparent that a company in Hong Kong hawking a Fightertown Decals sheet that has been sold out by Brian for a year, and claiming to have twenty on hand, is bogus. The guys making high quality decals and resin need our support. By the way, I'll "rat out" what looks fraudulent in a heart beat.
  3. Very well executed. I like the structure, and composition of your diorama. The figures are well done too. Bravo.
  4. I had a conversation with a USMC pilot a couple of years ago. His squadron was transitioning to the F35. His funniest comment was, "I'm now a WSO flying a video game."
  5. Groove Toad


    John Vasco, I ran into him a few time at a guitar forum. Quite a character - dry wit and very blunt.
  6. Fantastic. I look forward to seeing the end product.
  7. Looks very good. From what I saw of VMFAT-101 Hornets at the MCAS Miramar Air Show in 2019, their jets are really clean.
  8. Great thread. A fine bunch of Mad Hatters here.
  9. I got the new Meng 1/48 F/A-18F last week. It's a very nice kit.
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