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  1. I'm wondering how well the Italeri Ford Escort Mk.2 sells and why Airfix don't do one or a Capri. Then again I also wonder why Tamiya didn't do the CBR900RR or GSXR750/1100. I used to wonder why Airfix didn't do the Hawker Hunter F.4/5 wing and centre fuselage properly when the opportunity was there but that's likely something else we can blame on the bean-counters.
  2. A mouse. The wee bugger had a look at me from underneath the fridge yesterday so a short archaeological dig in the cupboard below the sink unearthed the humane trap (seriously, why kill something when I don't need to? ) and sure enough I had a new pet this morning. Took it for a cycle and dropped it off in the woods a few miles away. Apparently it needs to be at least two miles away otherwise the clever wee sods will simply return.
  3. Lovely work Dean. It really looks the part
  4. This is proper model-making. It makes my attempts to glue pre-formed bit of plastic together and moaning about minor issues with them look like Lego.
  5. Military Tradition - If it moves, paint it. And if it doesn't move? Well then it'll be easier to paint.
  6. Col.

    Another rescue.

    Only the RAF versions so far as I know sadly. Although it sounds as if the AZ kit is more correct in some areas such as the windscreen than the SH kit I've not seen one built yet so don't know how well they go together.
  7. Col.

    Another rescue.

    Seen debate centred upon, as well as a correction set for, the engine nacelles and spinners. Lovely subject choice Richard
  8. At least ZA180 looks a simple enough scheme to replicate. Or have I missed some fancy badges?
  9. Ooh, a Mach Poo, there'll be plenty filler in there already I'm guessing.
  10. Are the parts included for the funky upper one as well? What about decals for either?
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