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  1. Those fast dryng times are useful for prolific modellers such as you and I Duncan
  2. 1/72 spit mk.vb trop decals

    Will some out of a Tamiya Spit do you sir? Know they aren't the best but yours if you want them.
  3. 1/72 spit mk.vb trop decals

    Maybe. Will have a look later tonight once I get home but remind me about it as I've a rubbish memory
  4. By the time Seafire 47s were on the go its older brothers had made targets out of 109s They were MiG targets instead. Or should that be B-29 targets
  5. Polish Hind Paint?

    I'm going out on a limb here and as such none of what of what follows is certain but surely Russian-supplied aircraft in the Polish military would have been painted in Russian colours. So therefore the grey and green as well as the underside blue would be Russian shades. Digging about online didn't find me the paint plan for a Mil-24 with either Tamiya or Gunze colour codes but I did find an Eduard Su-25 which recommended H337 for the underside blue along with 304 for the green and 72 for the brown. No idea how accurate these are but it's my best offer for the moment.
  6. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Certainly counts as a damned sight more than I've done for the last few months. Hmm, where's that Eduard 109 you gave me...
  7. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Ah but you were the one who stated that AMS members finished models every week so it must be your turn this week
  8. How do you keep motivated?

    Right now motivation isn't a problem for me but time, on the other hand, is. In fact I'd love to get the time to finish a couple models that only require a few hours work then clear the bench to work on some of the older stalled projects. At the moment I've not had time to go rumaging in the stash or looking at inspiring photos to distract my attention. Perhaps the secret is to hide everything else that can distract you and think this is the only model in not only your stash but also the world? Remember when we were kids and didn't have a stash? Bought a model and got on with it, usually on the same day, didn't get another model 'til that one was finished. Could this be the way we need to start thinking again?
  9. Was walking past my local model shop (love being able to still say that) so thought I'd have a look in. Just a look you understand, not done any modelling for ages due to a lack of free time, got far too many model kits as it is, really need to save money and the stash is far too big... Revell's old boxing of the 72nd scale Eurofighter Typhoon Well it was only £13 while the new tool box resting atop it was £17 and that has no weapons and only a single decal option so made sense to me.
  10. Eduard weekend kits

    Was Duncan working on a Hellcat? He must have finished those Phantoms in that case. 'Cause he wouldn't start another project before finishing the pervious ones
  11. Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat 1/48

    Nice work Jamie
  12. 3 Tommy's War figures 1/32

    Stunning work on all three figures. The final one, however, caught my attention due to the football he is running past; a subtle but poignant item that I presume relates to the Chritmas truce match.
  13. Earliest known model aircraft

    Yes best not harp on about it