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  1. Col.

    'Top Gun' Tiger

    Five days of paintwork compressed into two photos A few touch-ups required and then the fading and weathering can begin.
  2. At the opposite side of the size range I see they are also working on a 72nd scale Bayraktar TB.2
  3. Same same. Great photos and how cool would affordable models of those bikes be!
  4. Pinky looks a bit like a Curtiss Wright CW-21 to me Although I've no idea when they were pulled from service and if one could have still been around by then.
  5. Looks like a broken B-25 to me.
  6. For a Fleet Air Arm machine you're looking at Extra Dark Sea Grey either overall or matched to white undersurfaces on an early one. So VAL71110 or H333 for EDSG. As an RAF machine it'll be Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey either wraparound or over Light Aircraft Grey undersurfaces for early ones. That's VAL71324 or H330 (although H361 is also mentioned), VAL70991 or H331, and another number I can't find at the moment or H332 I'm still looking for the Aeronavale colours. Keep in mind, however, I don't use either of these ranges so the codes are only my best estimates.
  7. If what I've read about their car kits is anything to judge by these should be good.
  8. The 900SS is still one of my all-time favourite bikes but I'd dearly love a go on the Rudge or Velocette and I'll bet the BSA would be an absolute pleasure to take for a blast along some quiet roads on a summer day.
  9. Got chatting to a guy at Scale Scotland show last weekend on the subject and got some interesting advice, along with a minor sales pitch, from him with regard to such topics as handling the resin and where to operate a printer. Plenty of aspects I'd not considered 'til that point.
  10. They most certainly are! Although I've been fortunate to find a couple of PP972 during restoration which shows to position of her MV 120 codes SW847 is another future subject on my list. Black upper surfaces but the lower surfaces; Gold? Sky? Yellow? ..and there's a plan for more PR Spits to be added to the existing collection that needs renewed attention. So many subjects, so little time.
  11. Almost. This first one is a Griffon-engined XV This one Have a plan to do PP972 at three points in her life; initial service with the Pacific Fleet, Milltown Deck Landing School, then Aeronavale. So this photo is useful Richard thank you.
  12. It'll likely be a while before you see me get this one done sadly. @Mad Steve might get one done soon though. What remains on your list?
  13. My obsession continues (it's partly @Mad Steve's fault you know ) Although, in mitigation, is was less than £30 delivered How do I know Fiona, my wife, is the best? As I was opening the box she said, "Another aeroplane?" then when she seen the kit her response was "Oooh! That's nice. I like the wheels."
  14. Col.


    @mac1677 would have finished that model before I could finish the biscuits.
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