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  1. Now this I'm particularly looking forward to Looks good so far.
  2. Let me grab a beer and get some advice from my lawyer...
  3. Alright Arnie, calm down Keep this up and I'll be telling terrible stories about working on real sized Landies before you know it.
  4. Do you think that was his way of venting a little frustration at the situation or simply the company policy of 'close enough is good enough and tough if the customers don't like it' showing through too clearly?
  5. Looks like something I found in a bag of cheap (cheep?) chicken nuggets once. Thank you
  6. Forgot the Special Hobby kit existed. Hopefully you can find one at a sensible price. The return of model shows always helps our cause. You'll need it! Is it a Bee-52? Or a Bee-1Bee? Good man! @Jessie_C beat me to it Ask us how we choose when there's a whole internet available! 888 followed by NCR. There, sorted, crack on! Was tempted to vote for an Aoshima kit instead but know we need to keep the sponsor satisfied Ooooh You tease! Go on then. Please Depends how Gorby feels about it of course.
  7. The quality of your paintwork is clearly up to the level of your construction and detailing - looking great there Si
  8. It's probably seen all the flies splattered over the front and thought, "Oh aye? I want some of that!" Your glider is looking good all painted up and wearing its markings
  9. Crazy. Were you also looking on eBay? Some of the prices there seem so utterly divorced from reality I wonder if they're a joke. If you're on the Veteranus Auctions pages in Farsebook there's an Airfix Anson at £15 currently.
  10. Hmm, at £30 for the Airfix 72nd scale Puma it might be a while before this plan gets realised, one other thing that can that can dent the modelling motivation is the scary price some old kits go for
  11. Now you're inspiring me to find a Puma kit and get going right away! In both your cases it seems our unending derision and mickey-taking isn't sufficient Get that Wessex finished first lad! How much for the Ducati MCR? Very open in some cases. Is it a Dynavector Scimitar?
  12. Sorted that for you He did once, in silver, rather nice it was and only took him about a month. Although I think he did it principally to avoid working on some of the long-stalled Phantom kits.
  13. Easy now! Next thing you'll be telling us you've finished a Phantom kit.
  14. Col.

    Shooting Peas

    Having seen some of your work I'd respectfully disagree Jess; you're perfectly capable of making a damned fine model.
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