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  1. Nice work again Andy. I'll get a canopy in the post to you over the next couple days
  2. I'll resist the temptation to make any observations about your Phantom phetish The B-25 project sounds a great one
  3. Classic Spitfire Mk1

    I've seen that trick tried once. All it achived was to pile more unexploded ordinance into the same hole
  4. Sale of Revell

    If they keep turning out RAF Germany and East German Air Force items to the quality of their Hunter and MiG-21 I'll be happy. In the meantime I hope all those employed by Revell are assured of job security for the long-term as it must have been a worrying time for them.
  5. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    This one gets better every time you post an update Duncan. Glad you didn't bin it
  6. Havn't you got enough unfinished Phantoms on the go already?
  7. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Glad to see this one has survived the gloss coat Duncan. Of course you'd not have had this problem with a coat of floor polish...
  8. The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    If I ddin't already have one of the old Academy kits in the stash...
  9. Drop me a PM with your postal address as I can help you there. Do you want two so you have a spare for those oops moments?
  10. 1/48 Airfix Sea Fury

    Fast work Brian
  11. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Sure you've been called plenty worse names Duncan
  12. The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    Wow! That kit is dripping with detail
  13. ICM 1/48 Mig-25 PD coming soon. Pre-order now

    Are ICM still doing their MiG-25 range in 72nd scale Duncan?
  14. Alas the design of how the instrument panel and seat frame fit into the fuselage halves makes this trick impossible on the Airfix kit. You're packing plenty lovely detail in there Andy. Do you have a replacement canopy as well? The Airfix item is rather thick and will hide almost all of your extra work if you don't replace it - guess how I found that out
  15. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Seems only fair that if Jamie is to get the blame for most things he should get some of the credit as well