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  1. Col.

    Seafire III

    Right, so where was I last time we spoke, sloshing paint around? Here's what little has been happening since... Lots! of masking to paint some little bits of blue, Hu15 to be exact which went well enough for my requirements so I had a crack at painting on a faded and worn rendition of the wing walkway lines the result of which, done with a very dark grey rather than black, I'm also happy with Borne along by my percived success with the paintwork I eventually got around to adding the decals last night. Started with some stencil data from the kit sheet which went on well, a little stark perhaps but they'll get weathered back a bit soon, I've not gone for a full compliment of stencils as they get worn off and over-painted as aircraft age. Then used the Royal Navy title and serial as supplied on the Xtradecal sheet along with some white 24" codes from a generic Xtradecal sheet. All of which went down smoothly and conformed to the surface detail after a dip in hot water and being laid on a coat of Klear floor polish. I thought this looked good and was feeling quite pleased with myself until I looked at those photographs of the real machines Oh, look ,look at how the 6 is completely the wrong font and the letters are a bit too small
  2. Col.

    Seafire III

    From what I've read they wern't in great nick when the Aeronavale received them. Then again the majority had been thrown into the white-hot cauldron of combat in the Pacific then the survivors put to use at the deck landing training school at Milltown before being passed off to France so can't have been in showrrom condition by then. To get her back in the air is some achievement!
  3. Col.

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    One with the steering box worn to the point where you have to constantly steer left and right in small increments just to average a straight line and the exhaust pipe has rusted to the point it's burst just behind the expansion box? Yes please. I'd like that very much and sure I'm not alone. All we need now is a decent kit and I don't care what scale!
  4. Col.

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Harriers Aye, alright then, the Scout as well. Noisy wee buggers but great fun to hitch a spin in. Bit like a flying 2CV
  5. Don't worry, all will be right and Seafire IIc-shaped be by the time I've finished with it Some day. Eventually. Hopefully. That is a fugly Duck(ling)! You'll have to do some more of that German stuff with the squiggly bits on their tails soon or risk running out of yellow paint at this rate buddy.
  6. Col.

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Did Steve mis-read the box title as Submarine rather than Supermarine? Would have been better going to Specsavers rather than Aldi (just pretend that's Stevie Wonder in the dark glasses rather than somebody trying to look cool okay?) "30% off all kits"? Did you have to go and see him about a bargain? Was he doing deals all day? Or at least telling everyone within earshot of his considerable voice he would repeatedly for the duration of the entire show like the worst sort of Europop song I suppose Ark Royal counts as a sort of sub-marine these days...
  7. Col.

    MSG/BG SHar

    Do it right or not at all fella
  8. This one has been sitting on a shelf in my 'local' for too long, it's not there now, intended to be another Seafire
  9. Col.

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    At least you could use hair straightners. I've no chance at all due to being as bald as this chap
  10. Col.

    Revell Styracosaurs

    It looks to me as if he's herding it with a shepherd's crook in one hand and the other free for an encouraging smack on the bum
  11. Col.

    Airfix 2019

    Been trying to get a look round the Airfix website all evening but it keeps spitting me out. Must be busy Plenty interesting kits from them for 2019 including the Bucc and MiG-17.
  12. Picked this one up at the weekend for £10 through an advert on Facebook Marketplace... ...then arrived home this evening to discover the postie had been... Plenty future projects will come about now thanks to these decal sheets
  13. Nice work so far Steve
  14. Col.

    CoopAir Aviation resumes production

    Everything is looking good and smooth there
  15. Col.

    On silver wings - Bristol Bulldog

    Smart thinking on the exhaust positioning Paul and glad to see this one moving forward again.