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  1. There's something about these new-build Yak-3 that I really like. One for the fantasy collection if I ever were to suddenly and inexplicably become stupidly rich.
  2. Oh. My memory clearly isn't as good as I remembered it was as I'm stuggling to recall some of these. Here's what I've got so far... -Scratch-built detail Made a cockpit and ejector seat for the Hasegawa 72nd scale MiG-17 back in the day when we didn't realise how desperatly inaccurate the kit was. Now this may be a case of 'The older I get the faster I was' but I recall it looking pretty good. Alas the finished model was one of many destroyed in a house fire so can't check.
  3. Given how small you Tripehound will be in reality I'd have to be holding it pretty close to see it as large as it is on my screen so I'm sure it looks great
  4. "I love you but for the love of God feed me!"
  5. Col.

    BAe Hawk Trainer

    Aye so did I! Stunning job on both the model and photography.
  6. Do it! Do it! Do it! Go on, you know you want to
  7. We'd have to find a reputable one first Yes we do and he can be heard throughout the entire show usually No wonder! You've no idea how hard Duncan wanted to sell some of his kits in his absence! No but ask Duncan about the Bank of Ulster (I think it was) £10 he once got in his. Kept me amused for hours.
  8. Many years ago I overheard a quote at a model show, from one guy in response to what must have been excessive criticism, that has always stuck in my mind; "It's my bloody model." Ever since then I've tried to keep that in mind. That model may not be to my personal taste but it's not my model, I didn't create it, it's not going to be sitting in my display cabinet bothering me. Someone took the time and trouble to create it and I hope they gained a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from it. From a personal point of view I enjoy making my models as accurate as I can. This can sometimes be a curse as I take far too long researching, detailling, modifying, fussing, then run out of enthusiasm for some projects before finishing them and thus have a low production rate with little to show for the effort but, hey, It's My Bloody Model Allow me to recount a second story on the reoccurring theme of 'Rivet Counters'; a few years ago I was asked to help judge the AFV category at a model show (there's no honour in this by the way, I was simply too slow and stupid to get out of the way and was voluntold for the role by club'mates') and got teamed up with a couple of others who were clearly fans of the genre. So we go around the table while these two experts tear apart models that are far better than I can ever create when their personal prejudices start to show. An otherwise perfect SAS Landy gets rubbished for being "far too clean and tidy" while a large scale cutaway German Army Tiger 1 (maybe) tank has them in sweet raptures regardless of the fact it too is spotlessly clean and free from any signs of wear or use. This theme continues until we happen upon an interesting model of a US Army tank transporter with a late-war German Army tank loaded upon it. Our heros can't contain their apoplectic delight at the heinous inaccuracy of this combination. The tank is far too heavy for the trailer. Various empty and loaded weights of said tank are quoted and juxtaposed against the capacity of the transporter as a tractor unit or trailer or combination. This continues for an embarrassment of minutes as the impossibility of the model is discussed until I reach forward and touch a photograph of the same combination printed out almost as large as the model that it lies beside on the display table in full view for the consideration of anyone who may have shown interest. Unfortunatelly I can't remember how the model eventually placed as I'd lost interest in the whole process by then.
  9. If you hadn't said that started off as an F-35 I'd not have realised. Nice work.
  10. All I will say is dedicate an uniterrupted hour and a half of your life to enjoy it all. Then watch the bonus features another evening
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