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  1. Tidy work all round Duncan but the exhaust manifolds are particularly impressive. Only on the posh RAF version. Everyone else had a beer fridge.
  2. Drop it on them from an upstairs window. Fairly sure that would have the desired effect.
  3. We're glad you're still working on it and keeping us entertained
  4. Good work Duncan. I'd not worry about the tweezer dinks, although you are of course a clumsy git, sure the real machine had a couple dents there amongst the various surface irregularities such machines collect during their service lives.
  5. Remember when I said the bridge unit was a model in itself? Those guns are a model in themselves! As, indeed, is the flag locker. Each component you work on is adding so much to this it's becoming more than simply a model in my opinion - you are creating a replica and that is the work of artists.
  6. Glad to see you back at this one again Paul. The structure looks a great model in itself and will make a suitable centerpiece to the whole stunning ship.
  7. Think I had a clearer understanding of what you were doing before you tried explaining it Sorry, seriously though, tidy work so far.
  8. The bit where Lidl would feel there's a market for them selling cellulose thinners. Although to be fair they do sell all sorts of random items any other week including Airfix kits sometimes...
  9. I'm thinking there's a selection of Matchbox kits in there
  10. I've seen one of the formation taken looking back from the lead aircraft. Stunning
  11. An epic success on the shop-keeper's part though I'd say On Javelins and Phantoms yes. On you? Not so much.
  12. Looks as if you lads had a good weekend and @GrunhertzI'm sure it illegal or at least immoral to leave a good model shop without buying something
  13. Col.


    Also, as an aside, what is it with this fashion of showing minor damage to tank and AFV models? I mean things like the side skirts and guards being bashed and bent. Every tankie, like pretty much any soldier I've ever known, took great pride in the care of their equipment and their tanks in particular. If something got scratched or bashed it became a super-priority to get it fixed or replaced. "Look after your kit and it'll look after you." That and it avoided an ear-warming from your RSM as phoenix54 said
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