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  1. These 'types'; are they Props, Jets, Everything Else? As for what comes after 750, that's easy, divorce.
  2. There was some word of the MiG-25 on 'the other place' before they started on the Tomcat and prior to the ICM one appearing. Perhaps it'll be next on their list. Good luck with finding a UK supplier Duncan as they appear to be doing great kits of interesting subjects. What!?! No! I only have something like 200 kits in the stash, what if I run out of things to build before then
  3. I was hoping to keep the space for the MiG-25 kit they promised but they don't seem to be in a hurry with that one.
  4. As well as a couple of the kits to fit them on to which keep tempting me every time I see them.
  5. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Tidy work on those butterfly valves.
  6. Mig 21 F-13

    Looks to be going together well for you.
  7. What grabs you on a build

    Er, Duncan, those Phantoms and the Hellcat have hooks on them...
  8. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    Along with the deeper chin that Paul mentions the smooth upper wing devoid of bulges associated with guns, a rounded windscreen without armour plating, as well as the camera port behind the cockpit are also good indicators that this is a PR mark. The open cockpit door means it cannot be the pressurised Mk.X so it's a PR.XI Is there any way of checking which 681 Sqn. machine carried the letter B? If there is then a possitive identification can be made and if not then a good guess can never be proved wrong.
  9. Graff Spree'ish?

    Sounds deliciously mad. Go for it
  10. I somehow was able to resist giving Duncan vast sums of cash for various things on the BlackMike Models stand at Elgin, mainly due to Fiona having emptied my wallet earlier, although the Wingnut Wings Snipe and plenty other things caught my eye.
  11. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Better come along to club night on Tuesday then Will you be bringing any of your recently finished models? Oh, sorry...
  12. On the beach.......

    Yip, that works, that works very well indeed. The diorama sets your Corsair off a treat and adds volumes to the weathering work you have done to it. Top class.
  13. Help ID RAF XIV Spit???

    Could it be a Mk.XI Spitfire? As an aside, that must have been a horrible task to go and collect evidence of the attrocities which were committed.
  14. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Em, Duncan, You do realise all I have to do is add the canopy and my Lightning is done? Which it would have been if I wasn't typing this out I suppose.
  15. You may be joking but others won't be