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  1. Best place for most ShittyHawk kits so far as I've heard - in the box. Good luck though.
  2. There really isn't an easy route to a 48th scale Tornado model
  3. Col.

    Aggressive DJ

    Oh yes Caught the full horror of the worst run in the morning light The paint was still a little stinky yesterday evening so left it alone to fully cure before going at it with the Micromesh.
  4. Col.

    Aggressive DJ

    Blew on a coat of Humbrol Hu127 last night. Tonight I'll likely try to polish off all the paint runs and give the old airbrush a strip-down clean/service to see if that'll cure the surging and spitting issues I had with it last night
  5. That was an interesting, if tightly packed, wee museum. I was wondering what happened to most of their exhibits and in particular the Hunter project.
  6. Sea Vicky first, it'll look lovely next to your Seafire, then onto the Intruder and Prowler double build after that
  7. Col.

    Aggressive DJ

    A relaxing afternoon watching the ITU Leeds round of the triathlon championships and enjoying the sight of a British winner followed by catching up on coverage of last week's Dauphine cycle race (spoiler alert - the Brits may be doing alright there as well) while playing with a sharp knife, scissors, and masking tape gets us to this point Painting time!
  8. A 48th scale Westland AS330 Puma. At one point I was fostering high hopes Airfix would add that to their range but perhaps the unpopularity of the Merlin kit scuppered that
  9. £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££!
  10. To be fair I've seen worse in old Revell boxes
  11. This has all the hallmarks of a great project
  12. An Eduard Seafire range? Could be interesting. Or expensive...
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