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  1. These overall views once again remind me there is a whole to the sum of so many parts and I'll also reiterate a previous comment of hoping to one day see the finished model at a show as I don't think any set of photos can possibly do full justice to the quality and extent of your work.
  2. Keeping track of where they left the airfield is one thing but working out where the damned thing floated off to is another matter entirely!
  3. Absolutely! I also love the Harrier and like the Hawk which I both consider Hawker machines in spirit at least.
  4. I've always admired your paintwork and weathering skills Duncan and this one is no exception.
  5. Smart work executed in a tidy manner. Well done sir.
  6. That's an interesting series of photos. As they progressively change focus away from the individual lifeboat to reveal its place within the overall ship it forced me to do the same; I've been so focused on enjoying your progress through the many sub-assemblies and sections I'd forgotten they are parts of a much greater model. Nice work again.
  7. Found myself looking through the photos in your latest update a couple times then returning to the first picture of the actual subject. The reoccuring impression I've gained today, that may have been subconciously pre-formed but only come forth, is a ship is a complicated structure in comparison to the more common model subjets. While the bulk of what makes AFVs and aircraft work is hidden under the external skin there's a lot going on across the upper deck of a ship. You're certainly capturing that 'feel' with your work on this model.
  8. Aww, it's nice that the voices in your head sing to you Nothing wrong with that
  9. One day, once you're finished, I hope to see this at a model show. If and, hopefully, when I do the rest of the show will fade into the background while I spend an inordinate amount of time admiring all the many and various sub-assemblies that have come together to create such a stunning model.
  10. Tidy work all round Duncan but the exhaust manifolds are particularly impressive. Only on the posh RAF version. Everyone else had a beer fridge.
  11. Drop it on them from an upstairs window. Fairly sure that would have the desired effect.
  12. We're glad you're still working on it and keeping us entertained
  13. Good work Duncan. I'd not worry about the tweezer dinks, although you are of course a clumsy git, sure the real machine had a couple dents there amongst the various surface irregularities such machines collect during their service lives.
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