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  1. Col.

    My January

    Aye but the month isn't over quite yet
  2. Forming a tread on the tyres has been fun One cut every ten degrees on both front and rear made for one hundred and forty four individual slots cut first with a razor saw and then deepened with a needle file. They do need to be gone over again with something like the tooth of a hacksaw blade to get the effect I'm chasing - more of a cut slick rather than a molded production road tyre.
  3. Ahem, right, here goes... Bikes are good fun. Old bikes are good fun and look good too. Some new bikes are coming that look like old bikes.
  4. Nice progress and fast with it. Erm, no filler?
  5. That's a good shout! The figure does have that look about it. Although I may have got distracted by thoughts of Sandahl Bergman...
  6. For the first two main films aye but the suit I seen from the third (Alien Cubed - there's so many other bits in the franchise I lost track after that) were multiple shades of brown with some muted tones of blues and reds mixed in.
  7. Thank you Paul. That's next month's modelling budget focused already. So much for me buying less kits this year
  8. I'd suggest pale skin is correct for a red-haired Viking
  9. While the lines of H.P.'s Hastings always looked 'right' to me I've never found a kit of the type. Perhaps just as well... ..imagine trying to mask up the orange sections for this scheme
  10. Col.

    Tiger I

    Hopefully your friend can create a copy. Either that or some idiot tankie forgot to put it back in place after use.
  11. This must be the cabriolet version
  12. Nice work in the cockpit John and those seatbelts do look right.
  13. Thank you. I've a Hasegawa model in need of refurbishment and those look to be ideal.
  14. Nice start on these Brian. Which manufacturer's decal sheet is that you're using?
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