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  1. What Duncan won't tell us, 'cause he's too modest, is this one took a well-deserved 1st place trophy the 1/48th scale standard kit aircraft class at the Scottish National Scale Model Show today
  2. What did I tell you all, that book ensured there was no way this would be built straight out of the box Nice work Richard.
  3. "..my parents were not related!" was a common retort.
  4. Never too late to do a café racer conversion Steve
  5. Nice work Paul and the simple base adds a lot to the overall look of your finished bike
  6. Are you keeping to a single scale Steve or mixing it up?
  7. Why are Hasegawa kits so expensive these days!?!
  8. You can't see it 'cause the two lions rampant ate the haggis after they kilt it Nice one Leo 49 seconds in for @RWG686 and 1:55 for @Mad Steve All this talk of proper model shops back in the day is making me realise how much I miss them. Aberdeen used to have a few. Now? Nothing. There's still a small one in Inverurie which is particularly handy as it's only a short walk from my house but their stock is becoming increasingly limited. Back in the days before everyone did everything by computer there was a decent model shop in every small town. Go for a two hour drive from
  9. Nice start Andrew. Everything looks to be coming together well It's the Hikoki book I also have so you're already ahead of me there.
  10. What you have done so far looks to me for all the world like a real rebuild parked in a corner of your garage; tidy work.
  11. Good saves on the short-comings of this one Steve.
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