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  1. Col.

    Telford. Who's going?

    That narrows it down to one of two BxM members
  2. Col.

    1:48 Tempest Mk.V Series 1

    Thanks for taking the time to review this one James. While the kit looks nice and I am tempted it also exhibits a trait I'm not fond of in recent Eduard kits where the quality of some parts seems to be deliberately lower than they so easily could be in an attempt to push customers towards buying extra detail sets. Do we know much will it be retailing for?
  3. Col.

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk Vb

    A great start indeed and some nice extra detail going in. Been thinking about tracking down one of these to do either a Searfire or PR. type for a while and your work is making that desire grow.
  4. Col.

    1/35 Flettner Fl 282V-23 Hummingbird

    Thank you for taking the time to review this one. It looks an interesting kit and while outwith my normally favoured subject genres a tempting one none the less.
  5. How different is the tailplane Duncan? Something that can be modified to backdate the kit perhaps?
  6. Do I detect a thinly disguised excuse to add more colourful interwar US types in the stash?
  7. Col.

    Colourset improvements

    If you're sorting one out to cover REME vehicles remember to include a theater-specific colour suitable for the ubiquitous case of beer
  8. Col.

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Hah! Don't blame Jamie for your magpie-esk inability to avoid being distracted by shiny colourful aeroplane kits. We all know this is simply another excuse to avoid finishing those Phantoms
  9. Last weekend seen me spend some money, £26 to be precise about it, on our favourite hobby The Tamiya Corsair was £10 as part of a charity kit sale so not only did I get what I felt was a bargain but it was also for a good cause. The International Air Power Review on the left was £1 from Morayvia aircraft museum at Kinloss and has a good article on the Supermarine Scimitar A Steep Turn To The Stars was the most expensive item of the day at £15 from the second-hand book shop in Logie Steading but worth it to me as it is a history of aviation around the Moray Firth area and contains many photos I've not seen before and a huge amount of information on the subject.
  10. Col.

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Sounds a nightmare. Makes a few letters and/or numbers on the fin or fuselage sides seem a lot simpler!
  11. Col.

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Glad you were able to interpret and make sense of all that white bits!
  12. Col.

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    While I get a feeling you're no longer loving this kit it still looks to br progressing up at your usual high standard Duncan.
  13. Col.

    1/48th Macchi M5 by Blue Max

    Beautiful work
  14. Col.

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    Ouch. Not your typical Tamiya fit.