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  1. Nice to see this one moving forward again Jamie. A long-term project for sure but when some of those sub-assemblies are almost a model in themselves that may be the best way to break it down into managable chunks.
  2. In 700th scale that would be about the only thing I'd be able to see clearly!
  3. The only time I've wanted a pure white (for a Hawk in Raspberry Ripple) a light grey base seemed to work well so perhaps that might be worth a try?
  4. Lovely work there and coming close to finished
  5. I somehow doubt Duncan will have any spare ones...
  6. Ooh that's nice. You've picked an unusual and interesting scheme for this one
  7. Masterful undestatement
  8. You'll have to excuse Duncan as he doesn't really know a lot about those aeroplane thingymajigs now he's started building tanks. Or at least not ones made out of kite string and sack cloth
  9. What about using some filler to, um, fill the back of the rivets on the new panels you're about to make so that they don't disolve back to flat when glued?
  10. I know exactly what you're like with detailling cockpits; far better than you make yourself out to be. Apart from when you put a cover over the canopy of course
  11. If I was nice to you then you'd wonder what was wrong with either of us!
  12. Col.

    No aircraft

    Bet that thing could max out its speedo bar
  13. I'll put up another vote for the extra thin type glues. Not tried Tamiya but EMA's Plastic Weld became my first choice of glue a long time ago. It's basically MEK and yes is 'hot' but when used sparingly via a small brush gives great results. Just don't spill the whole bottle over a Seafire kit you're working on
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