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  1. Nice result again Tony. What do you think of the HobbyBoss kit?
  2. We used to have the workshop radio tuned into R2 but got so scunnert with him trying to create controversies and arguments out of nothing it was retuned many years ago.
  3. It comes to something when we've seen better fights in the street of a Saturday night than the pay-per-view events on TV A Gagarin seems to be the sculptor of all the Masterbox figures, certainly all the ones I've seen, so quite possibly
  4. Is Jeremy Whine still a feature on Radio 2?
  5. New toy delivery! Got this one from Creative Models via their eBay site as it was cheaper doing it that way than buying direct from their internet site The master plan is to combine parts to make one or two riders to suit the Thunder Model kit of the Indian 741B motorcycles.
  6. Previous experience with the Hasegawa F-4 range has shown the four part canopy to be a less than perfect fit when all closed up, hence why I wanted to ensure everything was fixed down before any remedial work begins, one of my pet hates is canopy parts that look to be distinctly separate parts that have been added on as an afterthought so I'll take my chances on internal contamination for now and think about that fight later if I have to
  7. Pretty much so Tony.
  8. Nice subject choices Richard and this answers a question that's been rattling about my head for a wee while on the differences between a DC3/C-47 and the C-117
  9. Wow! That's nicely done.
  10. New toy alert This one goes towards an F-16 aggressor project
  11. Col.

    No aircraft

    I had to go back into work briefly on Friday evening but time the cycle home perfectly for sunset
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