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  1. Thanks for posting those links Miggers
  2. Col.


    How long before we see you post it in the Make 'Em Jealous thread Che?
  3. Nice subject and kit choice boss. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  4. Now that would have been something to see This isn't a job, it isn't a race, there's no deadlines
  5. We're all of the same mind here lads. Some may call us cynical but the weight of evidence shows Eduard have plenty previous convictions to support our opinion.
  6. That looks to be coming along nicely.
  7. Tidy work so far Duncan. I'm sure Eduard will have some Brassin replacement tanks on the way soon if they're not already available.
  8. It this an 'Instagram versus reality' type confession @Jessie_C?
  9. The hair needs to be red though. Perhaps that one is more like our @Jessie_C?
  10. Nice update to the seat. Only another three to go
  11. That lot have given your stash a boost @Grunhertz, nice selection of subjects
  12. Does that answer your question at all?
  13. That must have been Luigi Slobachops first job one Monday morning afternoon in the Moto Guzzi shed factory
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