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  1. The mesh from fancy teabags worked well on my Sea Harrier so with a plastic frame underneath to help form its convex shape that'd be my recommendation for the one above the cabin. As for the other two - pfft, not a clue, maybe form out of thin clear plastic?
  2. Not heard of stoor for ages The Vamp looks grand regardless Must have been really dusty it it was furry! Does that make it a stoorie Fury? Yes! Yes you do
  3. Yesterday's post.... One new Harrier kit for the collection with enough aftermarket for it and the other one already in the stash
  4. This has suddenly got even more interesting
  5. Know the situation only too well.
  6. Excellent. Crack on whenever you're ready
  7. Don't want to Hound you into making a choice but unless the Mil-4 is a dog of a kit I don't think you'd be barking up the wrong tree to give it a go.
  8. Ooh nice. Not normally a fan of US types but can make an exception for the Maurader. Ah, okay, sod the Maurader if you're offering up a Fairey Firefly! Is that the Special Hobby kit?
  9. Yes, that's the problem, I really want to get cracking into my vast stash of Harrier kits but have signed up for moderating several group builds elsewhere so really need to lead by example So as a consolation I've bought myself another Harrier kit while living vicariously through watching your progress
  10. I'm more shocked that it needs so little filler!
  11. Now I'm intrigued. Stop teasing girl and show us your dasterdly plan to derail Duncan from ever finishing the Albatros.
  12. Perhaps that's the molds (or maybe mould) you're thinking of?
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