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  1. WW2 Pilot Figures

    These look excellent Jamie. Don't suppose there's any seated 48th scale British pilots in the range?
  2. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS.1

    Great job
  3. Revell P-51D-5 1/32

    Neat work on the office
  4. 'Now discuss like adults or else'.

    Nobody's perfect I suppose.
  5. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Doubt Anne would notice the difference from any other evening
  6. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Think the last herd of them nearly finished him!
  7. Lovely work as always Duncan. The quality of your paintwork and weathering is inspirational and exemplary once again.
  8. Airfix Sea Fury quality problems?

    Interesting point Duncan. For my own part every new Trumpeter announcment has me wondering what shape errors they'll contain and in every one of their kits which interest me there has been some. Some are subtle, some are howlers, every one of them has had something though and either way the poor reputation isn't going away. Airfix, unfortunately, are gaining a reputation for poor quality control. From wonky undercarriage legs in starter kit Mustangs to the canopy in 24th scale Typhoons there are plenty widely known examples across the range and plenty other individual stories. What's worse from my own experience and that I've read by others is the spares availability falls far short of what it once was and needs to be. This in turns leads me to ask a question; if Airfix don't provide a 100% usable kit and cannot or will not provide the replacement parts to make it so are they leaving themselves open to legal action? On a starter kit this may seem overkill but some of Airfix' products retail for well over £100
  9. Airfix Sea Fury quality problems?

    I know some people complain about Airfix panel lines being deep but that really is the worst I've seen
  10. Oh no not again

    I'm not trying to discredit Dana Bell's credentials or belittle his reputation as a historian. At the same time, however, I'm not prepared to take everything he says as gospel without question. The question I always find coming to my mind on this matter is why would someone in the USAAF feel the need to paint some bits on a handfull of Mustangs blue? Were they at some point so short of paint they need to scrounge some from RAF or Fleet Air Arm or US Navy stock and if so would they really pick a tin of blue? If it was an official idea why isn't there documents to support it? Everything happens for a reason and while the reasons sometimes can be obscure I can't think of a reason why a small number of Mustangs needed some bits painted blue.
  11. This one is going to be quite a project!
  12. Freightdog Models

    I thought it was a rudder you bought rather than flaps?
  13. Medical science has moved at quite a pace over the last few years and if it's been caught at an early stage her chances are very good Darren. There's an unfortunate history of cancer within my own family and now my mother in-law is being treated so I have some understanding of what you are going through there. Keep positive for her Darren and I hope all comes good soon.
  14. Great Wall Hobby 1/72 F-15E, L7201

    Although I'm no huge fan of the F-15E variant that kit really does look stunning and I'm tempted by it's quality alone. Thanks for taking the time to show us Paul. I'm guessing there will be other versions to follow in due course judging by the parts breakdown so I'll wait in hope for an A/C kit to appear.
  15. BxM at Cosford

    I thought it was for use on anyone caught touching the models?