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  1. Col.

    Did you know it?

    Damn it Paul, was trying to resist the temptation to add an Su-57 into the stash but you're not helping!
  2. I'm confused. Can't see any of the German figures doubled over in hysterical laughter or any of the American figures hiding their faces in embarrassment.
  3. Col.

    A dilemma

    While I'm sure that'll be a cracking kit based on what I've read on their other kits it'll also come with one heck of a price tag
  4. Thanks for the encouragement lads. Hopefully this one will get some renewed attention shortly. No Duncan both kits were second hand from other sources but there is an F-4U Corsair bubbling away in the background that's from John's stash For purity of line the ADV has always looked more balanced in my eye as the longer fuselage makes the tail less conspicuous so agree with you there. Although both the ADV and IDS have worn some rather cool schemes over their service.
  5. I'm almost afraid to ask how many pieces there are to this jigsaw now Ooh, cool, didn't know there was a cabriole version of this machine
  6. Tidy work fella. Think Special Hobby has a newer one out as well.
  7. Cheers fella. It was all going quite well if somewhat slowly... All the filler was added to get the correct fuselage contours and I'd almost got it smooth and sorted when it began to crumble and flake off It's been put to one side and the tube of filler binned while I sulk for a while.
  8. Most of the tankies I met would only have got themselves confused by the wide variety of choice. 'Cause you're having fun and we're impressed. Plus the photos prove it's all in there
  9. Nice start Mac. While I'm familiar with Number 1 I'm keen to see your other planned scheme.
  10. Think this feature would have been prototypical to the real thing as well as the only way to keep the crew from trying to escape! I really do need to read more Terry Pratchett.
  11. Col.


    As opposed to Zoom! then Boom! like some sort of manned firework?
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