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  1. playmobil is about 1/24 scale and does archaeologist sets
  2. I like how it says 'Zimmerit coating is not part of the kit', but there's no Zimmerit in the picture so why would anyone be expecting it to be included?
  3. Ah nuts. I was looking at what it currently has. I keep forgetting they changed things.
  4. Something similar came to mind when I first saw the wheels!
  5. The bottom of the fuselage sits 0.5mm higher on one side, so I applied a layer of plasticard on that side, roughly faired it in, and added some extra goopy Mr Surfacer 500 from the lid of the jar: The rear bit where the tail skid attaches was added: I'm not sure how Airfix managed to miss that off. The wheels look sort of all right on one side, and not at all on the other: I made some discs and filled the holes: The hole on one wheel is deeper than the other, so an additional thin disc was added: Mr Surfacer 500 was lovi
  6. The question I was asking myself was would I be able to make another one, apparently the answer is yes Tried to make the inside look like a bare plywood skin over a frame: After much thought I've stuck the fuselage halves together without installing the seats. The back of the cockpit needed filing(see the two photos above for before and after) and couldn't do that with the seat installed, or without the fuselage stuck together. Hopefully I can still get the seats in there when I'm done.
  7. Are they flour shakers? The girlfriends Christmas tree fairy is made by Airfix.
  8. I finally had the time/energy to do something with the plastic! The correct shaped rudder was cut out. The moulded angle of the top bit is far too steep, so I had to ignore that. I meant to photograph it as I'm not sure I can explain what I mean, but I forgot. I seem to have cut the cockpit opening to just the right size. After checking that, I added some bits: I should really get some strips of plasticard as cutting them from sheets is a pain. I also made a seat:
  9. You can get them online: https://www.aldi.co.uk/search?text=airfix&category=ALL Free delivery if you buy enough, and they're already shipping them
  10. With a little help from @steelpillow I've been doing some drawing: If I've not messed it up, these should be more accurate than existing drawings. Though without visiting the aircraft with a tape-measure, or laser scanner, it's probably still not quite right.
  11. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lindberg-76012-giant-american-bull-frog--614357
  12. I'm always a little sad when they don't include a pilot.
  13. Thanks, I ordered your book a few days ago. Looking forward to it
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