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  1. It is odd they don't match the colours on the box. It's looking good otherwise
  2. I use Mr. Cement SP, it's very thin and evaporates extremely quickly. The capillary action is so very handy. Haven't used the classic thick stuff since I discovered it.
  3. I got muddled up with the Valentine here; as far as I can see the Crusader never went to the USSR.
  4. Good for the most part. The sprue attachment points(gates?) are bigger and stronger than some of the parts, so you end up breaking them trying to get them off and cleanup can be difficult. I lost both of the small headlights on the hull, and then the left replacement I made. Would I have still lost them if there was less cleanup to do? Maybe. Sometimes it's also hard to see where the part ends and the gate begins. Other than that, and the aforementioned PE issue, it's very nice to build. It's worth noting that the roadwheels are not attached to the hull, they're held in place on
  5. I lost the photo etch grill for the centre light on the hull, but there's many photos that show them missing on the real thing. The kit comes with photo etch skirts, but unfortunately they have a bit cut out for a later version of the air filters which aren't on this tank. Again there's plenty of photos showing the tanks without their skirts, so I think it's fine. I've jut noticed I forgot to add an aerial replacement after breaking the kit one. Ooops And next to a Panzer 35(t) which it never would have encountered in the deser
  6. @dixieflyer not that it makes a huge amount of difference but; what is sold as a Mars bar in the UK, and the rest of the world, is sold as a Milky Way bar in the USA. What's sold as a Milky Way bar in the UK, and the rest of the world, is sold as a 3 Musketeers bar in the USA. What's sold as a Mars Bar in the USA isn't sold anywhere else, as far as I know. Hopefully that helps you visualise the taste
  7. I don't know what the P-Series bit means, but assuming the AR555 is the E.555 they've got themselves a sale Do we reckon the Jagdpanzer IV being 1/76 in the January section, and 1/72 in the January - April section, is an error? Or are they actually releasing the same thing in two slightly different scales?
  8. I ordered from them once, took them five days to dispatch it, so it was more than a week before I got it. I remember them sending an email saying their shipping department had expertly packaged it; you'd certainly hope so if it took them five days!
  9. Thank you all I hope to get my mitts on the Attack kit (special edition) and see how it compares at some point.
  10. Panzer 35(t) at the start of the German invasion of the USSR. I used some artistic licence with the crosses on the side, they were too big to fit where they were supposed to. I feel the black bit of the cross is too narrow, but maybe not. And a comparison with the 'Dicker Max', which the Germans were fielding at the same time, to show just how inadequate that gun was: Plus a vaguely interesting comparison with the munition carrier version of the 38(t) which was another Czechoslovak design:
  11. I forgot to document the last steps, so this is now finished and will be in the gallery shortly:
  12. Fortunately the superglue seems to be sticking it together quite nicely:
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