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  1. Completely bonkers, so they'd have probably tried it given the time and resources! Looks excellent to me πŸ‘ Is the top one a three seater?
  2. From the Laird himself: Also: Happy Birthday @Blue NoserπŸ₯³
  3. Is there any way of getting a notification when something is in stock @BlackMike Models?
  4. Messerschmitt P.1111 - PM Models - 1/72 The aircraft never made if off the drawing board, but if it had, who knows what the RLM would have called it. This is a later ground attack variant with integrated 37mm cannon, as flown with great success by Hans-Ulrich Rudel, against Soviet armour attempting to break the encirclement, at the second battle of Stalingrad in late 1946. You're probably all wondering where I put the fire extinguisher, unfortunately I couldn't fit it into the cockpit, so I was going to have a ground crew member sitting on the
  5. Since the build ends tomorrow I thought I better post some photos: Added some seatbelts. Since this is the later G version with integrated 37mm cannon, I added whatever those bits are called πŸ˜„ Another undercoat added. The front landing gear is all one piece which looks terrible, so I carefully separated the wheel from the forks. I read that winter camouflage was added by Luftwaffe personnel in the field, and so it was rather crude. So I felt free to do my own 1946 design which is similar to some photos I've seen.
  6. Ironically, I'd quite like a Nimrod, but they only seem to appear on ebay at prices far above what I can afford. Not that I know what they retailed for originally.
  7. And that's a vintage one, 1974 tooling πŸ‘Œ
  8. I tend to think the same, though I suppose I could have it up against some German paper projects in a what-if where the war raged into the 50's.
  9. Given that I've yet to complete any group builds, I thought I'd try something that I'm more likely to finish this time.
  10. I found a walk around here: http://www.primeportal.net/transports/hans-hermann_buhling/tender/ Although it doesn't show you inside.
  11. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/valom-72147-havilland-dh95-flamingo--1379651
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