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  1. It is very detailed kit. Looks amazing.
  2. Painting , the manufacturer did not recommend any shade from the world's paint manufacturers. That's why I used my educated guess. Base XF-53 Neutral Grey Tamiya + Russian Green No. 3 in a ratio of 60-40% resulted in gray with a light green tinge.
  3. Milan Mynar

    Tiger I

    looks very good.
  4. The first stage of painting, spraying with Mr. Surfacer 1500. Shades of gray and black. The manufacturer did not recommend any color from global manufacturers. So it remains to choose from fifty shades of gray.
  5. Thank you guys. Little progress again today, the state before the start of painting.
  6. Thank you guys. Again a small progress. There is not much time for modeling on working days.
  7. I finally started building the model. So far everything is going great.
  8. Unfortunately, the model does not include the interior, probably additional sets will be produced in the future, as well as photo-etched parts. I will have the model built before anyone makes the add-on sets.
  9. Here you are some photos of the new kit made by CSM. It is very interesting vehicle.
  10. Today a bit of putty application and gluing of plastic threads.
  11. My first 1/35 scale model. I built it in 1995, which is a long time ago. Brushed with Humbrol paints.
  12. A little progress on the model today, a bit of gluing and using Tamiya white putty.
  13. It looks really great.
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