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  1. Yes, Andy you are right. It is the same unit. I can see, you have a lot of knowledge about Polish military history. Today small progress again.
  2. Photos from the last modeling event, which took place in 2020, in the Czech Republic. Shortly before the outbreak of the "epidemic". At that time, the world was still fine. The name of the event is Malá Pardubická, it means, small event in the Pardubice. Velká Pardubická, it means Great event in the Prdubice, is a steepelchase so that they do not confuse each other. They were annual events. No modeling event has taken place so far this year. Everything planned for the month of May was either canceled or postponed.
  3. I built the model many years ago, the basis was a Heller kit, there was nothing else then. The barrel of the cannon is metal, purchased from a local manufacturer. The only materials for the construction were photos from the Internet. A Romanian Vanatorul De Care R-35 Transformat in Czechoslovakia, summer 1945. At late 1942, in order to improve the anti-tank capabilities of the obsolescent French Renault R35 infantry tank in service in the Romanian army, the high command started a program to rearm it with captured Soviet 45mm 20-K tank guns. The workshop of the 2nd Tank Re
  4. This tank was made before World War II for the Czechoslovak army. Used by the German army as the (Pz.Kpfw 35 (t) ) during the war. Captured by the Americans, transported to the USA. Where American comrades destroyed the engine during tests. Then it rotted for many years in a museum in Aberdeen Prowing Ground. After 2000, he was returned to the Czech Republic. Restored and now is in running condition.
  5. Here are some photos of the JAS 39 Gripen, photos were taken in the 2013 year during air show in Pardubice. At this time was raining weather with grey sky.
  6. Here are some photos of the Hind helicopter in the Czech NATO camouflage. Photos were taken in the 2017 year during Cihelna event.
  7. It looks promissing, Czechoslovak and Polish markings, they are very interesting for me.
  8. I start to build another model. This is a model of 100mm howitzer Skoda wz. 1914/19 used by motorized units of the Polish army. That is, the 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade. The model was made by the Polish company IBG Models. The one includes a metal barrel.
  9. Here I present something from my "artillery" Russian field cannon model 1902 caliber 76.2 mm. The model comes from the UM Military Technics kit. It is a shortrun accompanied by photo etched parts. With this model, I participated in the Tour de Russia in 2018.
  10. Well done, you made good model from this kit.
  11. Yes of course, you now know where I live. Forty kilometers from Pernštejn Castle.
  12. Some photos of the Pernštejn Castle is located about 40 km from my home . It's a nice castle that often plays in fairy tales and various movies. I took the photos when the castle was closed due to an "epidemic" of the covid 19.
  13. Beautifully and cleanly built, I will have to build a model of this tank as well.
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