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  1. Thank you guys for your kind words. I continue that building.
  2. The masking tape is removed, next time I'll have to use narrower masking tape.
  3. Today spraying with the last color, green, tomorrow unmasking.
  4. The continuation of the painting, I used NATO brown .
  5. The beginning of painting, first I wanted to do NATO camouflage. After spraying the green, I changed my mind, I'll try something else.
  6. I start painting the model, spraying the all surface of the model with a primer.
  7. I added reactive armor bricks to the model. Everything looks very interesting now.
  8. I received the accessories I ordered today. Bricks of reactive armor made from resin. Miniarm product, I'd rather order more of them.
  9. I borrowed reactive armor bricks from various kits to see how they would look on the model. I have to order more, more rather than less.
  10. They didn't have another model in the toy store in our little town.
  11. Small progress, I've added some parts. I glued and painted the wheels and finally completed the chassis. I was pleasantly surprised by the vinyl tracks, they were glued perfectly and they look very nice, sufficient for my given purpose.
  12. I started building the model, everything is going well so far, easy build.
  13. Some time ago, news appeared in the press about the delivery of Leopard 1A5 tanks to Ukraine. These tanks are stored in warehouses, it will take some time before they are put into operation. I believe that the final fine-tuning will take place in the field workshops in Ukraine. The armor will be reinforced with reactive armor Contact 1. This brings me to another project, I bought a model from Revell and get to work. The kit looks to be of high quality and easy to assemble.
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