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  1. Small progress, glossy varnish and decals.
  2. Very nice, interesting camo.
  3. I used a chipping medium from a local Czech manufacturer www.Sirahobby.cz. Unfortunately, his site does not have an English version, it is only in the Czech language. Sirahobby | Váš výrobce patinovacích přípravků
  4. Thank you for your comment Mish. I started painting. First spray paint with Panzer Dunkelgrau from Hataka. Then spray painted with Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yello, which I wiped with a coarse brush soaked in warm water.
  5. Good work, these old small models look very nice.
  6. Looks very nice built.
  7. Interesting camouflage, I like it.
  8. During building of the turret, I made two mistakes. I corrected my mistakes already.
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