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  1. It is HC-102 Heli Baby https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_HC-2_Heli_Baby
  2. The Israelis gave it to us, it even rides on Tank Days.
  3. It is a training substitute for a tank, used instead of a tank. It was pushed by three soldiers.
  4. Here are some photos from the Army Technical (state)Museum in Lešany. The museum is located near Prague, on the site of a former military base. Tank Day was held here every year, most recently in 2019.
  5. Today,small progress,applying decals. Name of the vehicle Fregat= Frigate.
  6. I consider the model completed. The final stage, staining the surface with pigments and dry pastels.
  7. Yes, another WWI one. Small progress, model is shortly before painting.
  8. This is an interesting vehicle.
  9. Hi, I present here the building of another model made from Copper State Models. I started thebuilding at the same time as the Russo-Balt model.
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