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  1. Today, small progress, turret and wheels.
  2. I got back to the model for a while. The doors are not glued in their positions, just clicked into the frames. I also added some parts to the bottom. Yes the camo schemeis completly consist of decals.
  3. It is really excellent work Mad Steve.
  4. I started gluing the fuselage parts together, everything fits together perfectly. A fairly compact vehicle begins to emerge from the parts in the frames.
  5. Panting the sides of the combat compartment. The manufacturer offers a choice between two coloring variants, the first Russian green 4BO and the second gray. I chose the gray version.
  6. Today I sat on the model again for a while. It's starting to look like a car. The body parts are still secured with adhesive tape.
  7. Thank you Mad Steve. Only twoo photos today. Small progres with intereior.
  8. Today I sat down with the model for a while, so far I have completed 26 steps out of the required 136 steps.
  9. In the end, I couldn't resist, I started building the model slowly.
  10. It looks really as a good kit.
  11. The truck model is manufactured by Bílek under license from Italeri. I built it a long time ago, painted it with a brush, the marking is Polish units. I used the Polish publication Od Acromy do Zwiceizcy as a source.
  12. Kozak-2 ICM 1/35 I picked up the package today with this joy. I am used to high quality at this company. This model appears to be better than usual. The decals are absolutely great, pixel camo. So far, I am absorbing pleasant impressions from the kit.
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