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  1. I have for sale a Badger 150-M dual action Airbrush (RRP £117.00) £40, and a Badger Renegade Spirit (one of the finest airbrushes ever made by Badger rrp £158) - £80 both as new, never been out of their boxes. with £15 postage (1st Class fully tracked door to door) in the UK. Happy to post abroad, contact me with location details for a postage quote.
  2. Paul65

    Contacting MODs

    How do I contact the moderators/administrator for this site to report a scammer?
  3. I'm looking for the above named kit, if you have one available to sell, please get in touch. Many thanks.
  4. Paul65

    1/48 F35b Decals

    Kit World do a sheet - KW148211 which includes 17 Sqn, 617 Sqn & 809 Sqn.
  5. If you have built the Heritage Aviation models 1/48 Chipmunk in non-BBMF colours and have the Decal option leftover/spare I'm interested in purchasing them from you. Many thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for the ED49648 etched set for the Airfix Spitfire PRXIX and would be grateful for any kind assistance in obtaining one of these! If you have one to sell or can point me in the direction of one I wwould love to hear from you! Many thanks
  7. This is the problem.....surprising isn't it? There is a book on Amazon - £44 but it's in Russian lol
  8. Given the T72 has been around for sometime, I had envisaged seeing many reference books readily available, but surprisingly I havn't seen many.... can anyone recommend any good books on the T72? Thanks
  9. So texture present on the Panzer IV? I note they did a nice job on the T72. Just the Panther that seems to have missed out.
  10. Yes, the German rolled steel doesn't have the same rough texture as the Russian tanks, but never the less, it is clearly visible on preserved examples and in some wartime pics, so it should be present on the kit.
  11. It looked like they had, and its a credit to them! Can't figure out why they have made no effort to do so with the Panther kits?
  12. Looking good there! Have trumpeter made any effort to re-produce the cast effects on the body and turret?
  13. Hi guys, I have the following sheets for sale (all sealed as new), £12.50 each plus postage - £3 in the UK, happy to send abroad, please message me for postage. Payment via Paypal; twobobs - 48-033 - F16C Block 52 Mountain Home's Gunfighters twobobs - 48-037 F15E - Anaconda Squeeze Play twobobs - 48-026 - F15E - Mountain Home Avengers twobobs - T38A - Ebony Talons Fox One - 48-010 F4J/S Phantom Walkways Campro - 32-019 F18A & B Hornet - Blue Angels Detail & Scale 0648 US Navy F4 Phantoms in Special Markings VF-74, VF-301 & VX4 - White Bunny.
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