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  1. That's looking really nice! I've used cocktail sticks before, slightly rounding of the point so it doesn't cut or puncture the masking tape.
  2. That's looking pretty good! Curious about your metal coloured interior frame. I built the Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane Mk1 - Battle of Britain and carried out a lot of research, including a good look at the Mk1 in Hendon which has a completely intact original interior, and all the MK1s i came across had seem to have interior green interiors?
  3. It looks like this show will become the next 'Yeovilton' as it were. Credit to the Army for realising how beneficial the shows at the big museums are to all!
  4. Its on the 11th of Feb 17.
  5. The ultimate package to build the ultimate Warplane includes 1 x 1/48 Hasegawa F22 Raptor 1 x Aires F22A Raptor Cockpit 1 x Aires F22A Raptor Exhaust set 1 x Aires F22A Raptor Wheel Bay Set 1 x Wolf pack F22A Raptor Exhaust Nozzle set 1 x Brassin F22A Wheel set 1 x Brassin F22A Ejection Seat 1 x Two Bob's 48-146 'Roll the Dice' F22A Decal sheet. 1 x Eduard BIG ED set for Hasegawa F22A Raptor All this for £80.00 plus £6.50 postage in the UK. Happy to send abroad, postage may vary depending on Country. Pics available on request , please send me a pm.
  6. For sale Hobbyboss 1/48 YF23 Brand new in box. £30 GBP + £3.50 postage in the UK. Happy to send abroad but postage may vary depending on Country. Payment via PayPal .
  7. It all sounds very sad, I've been to most of the Yeovilton shows but couldn't make it on Saturday. So February is the last show? Why am I not surprised? The individual in charge was clearly looking to drive clubs and traders away, and it looks like he succeeded.
  8. For sale 1/72 Trumpeter TU22M3 with Neomega resin Cockpit, very rare Equipage wheel set and Authentic Decal sheet AU222 with Russian, Ukrainian and Sharks mouth option. £75.00 + postage of £3.50
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