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  1. Hi guys, I have the following sheets for sale (all sealed as new), £15 each plus postage - £3 in the UK, happy to send abroad, please message me for postage. Payment via Paypal; twobobs - 48-033 - F16C Block 52 Mountain Home's Gunfighters twobobs - 48-037 F15E - Anaconda Squeeze Play twobobs - 48-026 - F15E - Mountain Home Avengers twobobs - T38A - Ebony Talons Fox One - 48-010 F4J/S Phantom Walkways Campro - 32-019 F18A & B Hornet - Blue Angels Detail & Scale 0648 US Navy F4 Phantoms in Special Markings VF-74, VF-301 & VX4 - White Bunny. SA
  2. Having watched Fury a few times, I've never noticed it in a two tone camo paint job? Just overall olive drab, and last time I saw the real thing at Bovington it was overall Olive Drab?
  3. That's looking really nice! I've used cocktail sticks before, slightly rounding of the point so it doesn't cut or puncture the masking tape.
  4. That's looking pretty good! Curious about your metal coloured interior frame. I built the Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane Mk1 - Battle of Britain and carried out a lot of research, including a good look at the Mk1 in Hendon which has a completely intact original interior, and all the MK1s i came across had seem to have interior green interiors?
  5. It looks like this show will become the next 'Yeovilton' as it were. Credit to the Army for realising how beneficial the shows at the big museums are to all!
  6. Its on the 11th of Feb 17.
  7. It all sounds very sad, I've been to most of the Yeovilton shows but couldn't make it on Saturday. So February is the last show? Why am I not surprised? The individual in charge was clearly looking to drive clubs and traders away, and it looks like he succeeded.
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