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  1. I design tools for ROV intervention work for the oil industry. Love my job because everything is R and D and we only ever build a one off. Sometimes on a Monday I have absolutely no idea what work will be landing on my desk.
  2. Yorki1960

    Building Italeris M.T.M. Barchino with no extras..

    Wow talk about a quick build. Its a nice little kit and yet again well built and finished. Q. Did they miss out the pad eye from the kit for over boarding the boat. It looks like the reinforcing plates are moulded onto the deck between the engines air intakes.
  3. Yorki1960

    Building Dragon's 1/350 USS Gearing (1945)

    Really nice job here Warren What's the frequency I have to tune into to stay tuned? lol.
  4. Yorki1960

    St Gabriel Master Korabel 1:72 Scale

    'As this is a Russian boat you'll need to light the Samovar and pour a водка (Vodka). I'm trying to work out what you mean by the "thingy" in the middle of the Hull. ' If you go back to your first post, its the left hand part in the pic below you deck plan pic. Looks like a huge ping pong bat half way down the hull....well sort of if you squint a bit......
  5. Yorki1960

    St Gabriel Master Korabel 1:72 Scale

    What a fantastic set of parts. Going to be getting the hammock and pink gin out to watch this ride the crest of a wave. I'm intrigued as to what the thingy is in the middle of the hull I can see.
  6. Yorki1960

    Micro fibre pads

    Simple question before I open the packet. Do I use them wet or dry?
  7. Yorki1960

    Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

    wow this is turning out fantastic
  8. Yorki1960

    Building Dragon's 1/350 USS Gearing (1945)

    flat sailors ,,,,,,,,,,lol reminds me of an old joke. What do you get if you throw a piano down a mine shaft ......... A Flat Minor ....................hehe That's a lot of brass.
  9. Yorki1960

    Mr Surfacer

    Well that's me raiding my wife's nail kit box.....
  10. Yorki1960

    Mr Surfacer

    I have just bought a couple of jars of Mr Surfacer. One of the You Tube vids said to use cellulose thinner to clean off the excess. I bought some from my local car spares shop by it melted the plastic. Is there a particular brand being used? any help here please.
  11. Yorki1960

    Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

    Onwards and upwards ..... or may be downwards in this case. Never realises that the tube below the gun went right down to the keel, and the only way in was through a hatch right at the bottom.
  12. Yorki1960

    75mm Lifeboat Master Korabel 1:72 scale

    Definitely something different
  13. Yorki1960

    Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

    This is going to be interesting.
  14. Yorki1960

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Never knew that there was so much 'stuff' inside a funnel.