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  1. Yorki1960

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    You must know my wife, she says I'm full of wind as well.....
  2. Yorki1960

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Fantastic work. Welcome back Grand Master.
  3. Yorki1960

    home made decals / masks

    Not the same. This is the bird I want to do. https://anticsonline.uk/N1536_Witty-Sky-Guardians-Birds-of-Prey/106193136_Witty-Wings-Panavia-Tornado-RAF-F3-Firebirds-56-Sqn-ZE735-1-72-S.html
  4. Yorki1960

    home made decals / masks

    Does anyone have any experience on making decals masks. I want to do a F3 56 Sqn (R) Firebird. The decals are long out of production, so I want to try my hand at creating some.
  5. Yorki1960

    Botswana Strikemasters

    I have just been reading Junes issue of Airfix magazine and there is a nice build of Fly's 1/48 scale Jet Provost TMk5/5a. I was looking at the decal sheet and low and behold there are markings for a Botswana aircraft and the small ice blue/white/black triangle (part 10) has small black lines at each of the 3 points. Well here in lies a tail ............. During the 80's/90's I worked in the design department at BAe in Warton, and was involved with getting these (memory lapse here) I think ex Kuwait'y Strikemasters in a fit state to fly because someone had sold them to Botswana. One of the many jobs I had to do was to get the paint scheme and national insignia drawn up and approved. Some years earlier bulldogs had been sold, off I went rummaging in the dusty archives office to see if I could find a drawing. Bingo found what I needed a cammo and insignia drawing (and lots of other very interesting stuff like piston provost and bulldog drawings). So off on my merry way, went to draw up my Strikmaster accordingly. I also thought it would be a good idea to draw the triangle up full size and stick it on a Jet Provost that was in the training hanger. My boss thought it was good too so we had it photographed to be sent off with the drawing for approval. Well blow me down when we got the approved documentation back the fuse triangle had lines at each point ...... anyone guessed what's coming next ...... yep those little lines are where I used masking tape to stick the triangle onto the fuse..... hahahahaha....... Another note whilst these aircraft flew from warton we had to cover up the Botswana Defence Force lettering on the fuse with brown paper and more masking tape because of some political issues.
  6. Think I might have to get one of these. Wartons XP693 for me as it was the last Lightning I worked on. Could even do it with the white painter rear fuse, if I can find a pic of it.
  7. I hope you have kept the silver panel each side of the fuse under the wings. They got highly stresses and prone to cracking so were never painted. Well at least they weren't while I worked on them.
  8. Yorki1960

    A quick one! Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito B.Mk IX

    Nice one.
  9. £15 inc postage on Evil bay
  10. Yorki1960

    Scratch built 1/32 SS Wilton Castle

    I like the ring cutting
  11. Yorki1960

    Scratch built 1/32 SS Wilton Castle

    Fire is lit, slippers on G&T to hand. Im settled in to watch this one.
  12. Yorki1960

    Airfix HMS Victory (The little one)

    Not much to show for a weekends work. Scrapped my first couple attempts at the mast. Going to have to buy more round bar in different sizes I think.. Dont you just hate the camera for picking up every error......
  13. Yorki1960

    Airfix 1/144 Wasa

    That sea looks cold...
  14. Yorki1960

    Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    Great work on all that detail.
  15. Yorki1960

    Revell type XXI Uboat with interior

    Makes you realise just what cramped conditions the crew had. Nice work.