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  1. More work on this
  2. Kpnuts

    1/12 GT 40000

    Well I'm calling it done
  3. Added some lighting effects.
  4. The bundle I've picked comes with 2 batteries and a fast charger
  5. Hi all I know very little about rc cars (built several ships) I've convinced my missus to get it for me for my 65th birthday jadlam do a bundle which includes everything to get it running for 196 quid, are there any problems with the kit, will it be too fast for a complete newbie, how easy are cars to control (ships, or the type I've built tend to be slow and so very easy to control) how robust are they (ships tend to be quite fragile)
  6. More work on the GT 40000
  7. With lessons learned on the fire engine I decided to revisit this.
  8. Well its done, bit disappointed with its operation but I'm sure my grandson will love it. https://youtu.be/SvG7vxUWCxM
  9. No, no primer (no reason other than I couldn't be asked) Nearing completion now, I may repaint the metal parts to look, well more like metal.
  10. Yes I did, I figured if I did it after it might act like glue as it dried.
  11. You won't regret it. Stock up on candles though they need liberal amounts of wax for smooth running. There's far more work in the ladder assu than the bodywork and it's far more difficult to get a smooth action but I'm quite pleased with how it's working.
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