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  1. Here's the next installment
  2. Thanks, it's nissan intense blue, she was available in this colour from 72 to 74
  3. Thanks Steve. More details added to the 240Z
  4. More done to the 240Z want to add more detail to the bulkhead but the way they have moulded it (half of the bulkhead is on the body) I will have to wait till I add the body.
  5. Looks great Steve be happy if my interior turns out that good.
  6. Great build, worst bike I ever owned a cagiva 500, I was passed by a 125 mz and I was at full throttle (mind you it would have pulled a caravan
  7. More done to the engine
  8. Looking good mate, I'm torn, I love the car (my brother-in-laws friend had one in the seventys and had it customised)( do you remember defraction tape(are you even old enough)) his was candy purple, it was gorgeous. But you know me I also want to add some rust (well I say some, I mean lots) anyway yours is a great colour choice (I'm so glad you didn't go silver)
  9. Bit more done to her and some colour.
  10. Hi all here is my new project.
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