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  1. It did mate (but we are doing something with it, including uprating the brakes) Tried making the louvers out of quartered cocktail sticks, not very successful I measured the louvers and they are 20mm wide the quarterd cocktail sticks are 1 1/4 mm so way out of scale. I have another idea up my sleeve let's see how that works.
  2. I need to make lots of louvers for the samba bus conversion so heres my simple answer, glue bade to base at half the thickness of a cocktail stick run that through blade then turn the resulting halves 180° and run through aginn all I have to do now is round the ends off and I have my louvres.
  3. Hi all this is what I'm aiming for, it has a very unusuall way of loading cars (which i am ambitiously aiming to depict)
  4. More work done to this, that is the basic shape of the vehicle a few doors to add and lots of details to the bed to add.
  5. More done on this, going to have to do something with the ride hight, its awful
  6. Hi all this was donated to me by a friend(he was doing it as a van) I have other plans for it, it will be a very rare custom made version (the guys at work will know where I'm going with it as we have the actual vehicle in the workshop)
  7. Afraid I don't know.
  8. Hi all more work done on this one.
  9. Hi gorby I moved it and painted it black i must admit it dose look better.
  10. Hi all well this is done but with the lighting I feel 10 pics is not enough so will post this in 2 parts, it is a great kit with only a couple of minor flaws, well make that 3 1 on distributor included with kit (but that is easily scratch built) 2 the working steering is useless it only turns about 19 degrees. 3 well I suppose I could include this with 2 the steering is not anchored in any way (so the steering wheel can be pulled up and down which disengage the drive. Other than that everything fits well. I know it seems silly but one of the details that really impressed me is the individually turned air valves for the wheels.
  11. Looks like a very comprehensive kit, will be watching this one.
  12. Got most of the decals on now, on the last leg now.
  13. This is what happens when you know next to nothing about electronics i ordered the wrong switches they only turn the lights off if you keep them pressed, ive ordered some on off toggle switches hope that works.
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