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  1. Yes I do think black and gold is a winning combo.
  2. Ducati engine stripped and repainted, made a start on detailing it.
  3. What you must be thinking surely this should be in armour (tut tut dont you know me by now) This was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and I decided I would do something a little different with it (Shame it's not 1/12 how good would it look with a Porsche 934 engine powering it) Anyway let's get my head back on track (I get so many ideas floating about in my head when I get a new model)(and they seldom have anything to do with how it should be) So heres a pic of the box. You may notice the price in the corner (we were at hunstanton at the weekend and in the current situation I felt obliged to support the lms) Added some primer and tacked the body together for the first colour. And the first colour added. There will be another colour (in a Porsche 911 theme)
  4. I am thinking I should have kept the instructions (luckily it does come apart like the real one would)
  5. More dismantling. I think I'm leaning to stripped street racer. I've put the radiator on the 1/12 porsche dio to give an idea of size (the porsche is not small)
  6. Hi all I decided to resurrect this model. Not sure which way I'm going yet, tricolour, rat bike or maybe another custom job. I actually quite like how it looks with the covers off and dusty it kind of looks naturally neglected
  7. Almost done now. Just waiting for some jewellery findings to finish it off. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
  8. Nearing completion now.
  9. Made a start on the various pipes and cables for the engine bay.
  10. Thanks guys. Hi all I saw these dental sticks in a shop somewhere and thought they must be usefull in modelling, well I've found a first use for them. Also made the casters for the tool chest.
  11. Did some work on the boot lid and the body.
  12. Damaged the roof and had to respray the whole thing again (if the rest of the masking comes off like this I think I got away with it) Cut some of the tiles away from the edge to give a bit more room to display things.
  13. Hi all well the front end is finished. On the last leg now.
  14. Ok so I need something on the tool chest but most of the car is built so not much choice but the rear suspension, problem is the spring plate is moulded integral with the suspension arm (on the car if you were working on the suspension arm you would have left the spring plate on ) so I cut it off and made a new spring plate separate to put on the car (still got to make the casters for the tool chest)
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