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  1. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Hi all well my soldering is world famous for being abysmally poor so here is my best effort at the headlight bar. I've installed the engine and radiator also done the wheels with the large at the front and small at the rear. Loads of connections still to me made to the engine and got to figure out the exhaust system.
  2. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Ok just googled him, thanks jock such a compliment.
  3. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Sorry who's Boyd coddington (am I showing my ignorance)
  4. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Hi all been messing about with wheels just can't decide does this look ridiculous I really like the small wheels at the front but the rear (although bigger) I think don't look right in the wheel arches (of course I could remove the wheel arches) Or if I mix wheel rims what about this Or keeping the same rims (Still smaller at the front) There is surprisingly very little difference on ground clearance at the front considering how much bigger these wheels are
  5. Airfix 1/32 humber snipe

    Hi all here is another update.
  6. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Did a bit more to the little boat
  7. Heller Soliel Royal

    Hi all got this out to do some work on it. There seems to be a problem with the cheap paint I used on the base (Not had this problem before) the base started off dk blue but over time it seemed to go brackish Which I didn't mind too much as it just looks like dirty harbour water but worryingly it is doing this from the edges and seems to be progressing inward Do you think this will progress, if so should I stripp it all off (assuming I can) then start again, any suggestions.
  8. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Hi all well the big ship is finished Made a start on the small rescue boat.
  9. Heller 1/8 Citroën Traction Avant

    Hi all been going through some of my old builds and I still think this is one of my best, if not the best (even over the French galley the la reale) I can't believe I've built 162 kits in the 5 yrs since I got back into plastic kits (and some of them have been huge ( the 1/4 Ducati to say the least) and the big ships) 162 is a conservative estimate as that's what I still have, I've sold some and binned some as well it's probably up near 200 in reality. I would just like to say thanks for watching as I've gone along. If I'd stuck to sctatch building ships that number would be nearer 4 yes that's right I would have scratch built 4 ships in the same time, can you tell why I like plastic kits.
  10. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Hi all I will have to move the battery (Not sure where maybe the boot)I think I may be able to shoe horn it in.
  11. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Ok well I've finally decided on the base for this, first I thought I would have a surfer washed out to sea but I thought this is a German equivalent of the RNLI then I thought are there any surfing beaches in Germany and anyway they wouldn't send a huge ship like this out for a surfer would They? Then I thought what about someone on a lilo but cancelled that idea for the same reasons what about a sinking ship no the dio would have to be huge. Then the kernel of an idea came to me a ww2 air show and maybe there's a mid air collision or engine trouble and the pilot had to ditch but for some reason the canopy wouldn't open so he couldn't bail out. Thunderbirds to the rescue (FAB Virgil thunderbirds are go) sorry got carried away there. I'm going to use the fw190 from the warspite dio as the ditched plane, here's a mock up of how it may look Added some more railings and some lights to the tower Maybe now I've got the base worked out I may enjoy the build a bit more.
  12. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Hi all no going back now.
  13. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Hi all here is another update on this one
  14. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Hi all well I've made a start on this And can you guess what this will be.
  15. Hi all some of you may remember this Well I did it originally purple and gold but the sun turned the gold to chrome and I hated that sooo, I thought I would try and give it a second chance. It's going (if my skills are up to it) get this in it It means a LOT of work (gearbox tunnel to say the least) Encase anyone has not seen this beast before on top is a 1/32 humber snipe I'm working on.