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  1. More work on the planking, getting there (mind you so is christmas)
  2. Hi all more progress on this
  3. Hi all more progress on this, I'm really enjoying this, I'm considering adding the serves and control cables just to add more interest to the finished plane.
  4. Hi all more progress, some of the parts bare no resemblance to what the instructions say they should look like, it makes things very confusing. Not sure what I'm going to do with the engine painting wise.
  5. Hi all more progress, once you've figured out how things go together the fit is great (even with the pdf files it's still confusing) I think the model has been updated since the pdf instructions as the numbers are different and a lot of the parts dont look like the pdf says they should, anyhow here's more progress pics.
  6. Hi all got more planking done, I'm quite pleased with how the stern is turning out.
  7. Hi all well thanks to Ron I have some pdf instructions. I thought I'd made my first error I was going to stain all the wood before gluing it all together as I thought the glue would stop the stain and wouldn't then look so good. I started with the sides of the fuselage, as I was painting it on the balsa started to curve, i wasn't too worried as i thought when i do the other side as it dries it would straighten up again but it seemed as though it wouldn't so i started gluing some bits together hoping when i come to attaching the sides i could straighten them up then. Luckily they leveled out by themselves, unluckily the glue does affect the stain. Not sure if it shows on the pics but anyway once the other side is on I dont think it will notice, so I've spent the rest of the afternoon staining all the rest of the parts for the fuselage. It's going to be a fair size when done (at least as a static display model anyway)
  8. Hi all I bought this kit with money I got for my birthday, I've only ever built one balsa aircraft kit when I was still a lad in my teens (ahh how well I remember the smell of dope and the lovely twist in the wing where I over zealously applied the dope to the tissue (think that's why it always seemed to crash land ) . Well the kit arrived and it is an impressive kit. The balsa and ply look to be good quality and the laser cutting is also very good. There is a lot of balsa too. I've no idea what the carbon rod is for (or a lot of the other stuff for that matter) This is the instructions that come with the kit That's it, no written instructions, nothing about how the fuselage goes together(there are hundreds of parts) since this is supposed to be an rc plane I'm assuming it's meant for experienced builders (of which I'm not) I dont intend to rc it I intend to build it with no skin on it and am going to stain the framework with red wood stain ( that's always assuming I can figure out how to assemble it)
  9. Hi all got some more of the side planking done and done a bit more to the cabin.
  10. Thanks jessie unfortunately I've already bought it, I was more interested in whether it went together ok or not.
  11. Hi all I'm enjoying building the wooden cutty sark so I did a daft thing (since I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket) I bought this kit (its coming from Hong kong) I cant normally build planes but I'm not planning on skinning it I'm going to leave the wood frame exposed and thought of staining it red and varneshing it to bring out the wood grain. Does anyone know anything about this kit. It looks really impressive.
  12. Planking of the main deck complete, I've given it a coat of clear varnish to bring out the wood grain.
  13. Hi all well the planks arrived and I was happy the colour was the same but they must have used the other 3mm because these are narrower also they are not 1mm thick either ( not that that matters much once sanded down) I managed to get a knife under a few of the stuck planks and shave some off the inner sides and squashed them together I'm hoping it will be enough so the thinness of the new planks won't notice. While I was waiting for these planks I planked some of the sides (I must say I'm quite pleased with the results. I bought a sprung pin pusher for inserting the pins, I intend to drill the holes for the pins first as the ply on the bulkheads is all split and separated from all the pins used to plank it the first time (I would have glued and clamped them but figured it would make them harder and therefore make putting the pins in harder) I think it's all starting to come together.
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