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  1. Yes but getting wood to play nicely ain't easy
  2. To start with. Couldn't resist trying a bit of varnish, I must as after 2 or three coats I think it might look alright.
  3. More work done on the boat tail.
  4. Hi all started on the body (that rear end wont be pointed it is cut square on the car) It also flares out over the suspension lots of work on this part just wondering whether I will have to stain the wood red or if the mahogany when varnished will be red enough, I think on the actual car it is stained.
  5. Thanks steve, I wish they would do a new tooling with some of that dreaded PE it would be an amazing kit of such an iconic kit. I've seen some truly incredible builds of this kit by real artists but that's always been with access to lathes and mills and also with metal working skill tha amaze me I've seen one where he even reworked the chassis in brass sheet with real scale rivets and such. Oh to have those skills, one day, when I win the lottery.
  6. Well here goes. Did some cleaning up of the chassis.
  7. Reworked some of the engine. When I first got this back I had visions of turning it into Chitty but then thought I would check out the different versions this engine was used in and decided on the boat tail version. What's funny is the first guess a lot of people made on what I was doing with it was Chitty (I thought turning it into Chitty was quite original and no one would think of that) I quite liked the idea so my question is (I dont know how to do a poll) which would you like to see most the red boat tail Bentley or Chitty.
  8. In the years since I built this kit I like to think I've got better at weathering engines realistically so this ones coming out to have a do over.
  9. Hi all I got this back from my ex boss as he no longer wanted it. I'm going to strip it and rebuild it as a different version, can you guess which version. It's very rare and was sold for £132,000 (hint there is a lot of wood involved ) Also I had to remove the exhaust as it runs differently.
  10. Hi all well this was a very quick build
  11. Hi all nearing the explosion.
  12. Hi all well it's done and I must say I really enjoyed it.
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