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  1. More progress on the 956, added detail to the dashboard And work on the wheels Dont know why they used 2 different wheels sets (although it makes no difference when you put the 956 covers on as you can hardly see any of the wheel detail) And more decal work
  2. One of the good things about it being an old kit, not being forced to wipe out history.
  3. More progress. Made the air ducts and flexible hose for the brakes and decided (with great trepidation) to try the old kit decals. Seems they're fine (sighs with relief)
  4. Oops please mask properly ( how did i make this novice mistake) now I have to mask again.
  5. Started flaring the rear wheel arches. The front will be a challenge.
  6. Hi all I thought I had done my first colour coat then realised the rear fins should have been white on the outside. And made a start on scratch building the brake air ducting (these bits are tiny 5x8mm) For the ducting the plan is to use a spring and some shrink wrap (we will see thats the plan anyway))
  7. Hi all more progress, made some of the missing pipework.
  8. Hi all made some air filters from some sprue.
  9. Im sure its better than most kits out there i just mean if it were a more modern Tamiya kit you would struggle to find any extra detail to add
  10. Hi all more progress on this (you can tell its an old Tamiya kit as there is loads of detail to be added, thats not supplied with the kit)
  11. Hi all progress continues on this (here are pics of the actual engine we're aiming for. And here's what we've got so far
  12. Hi all well its finished (I just wish I had the steady hand I had in my youth) still not happy with the wheels. My missus must like it as she wants it displayed on the mantlepiece. The keen eyed among you may notice the belt is missing from the flywheel, im just waiting for a piece of leather from my mate Roy to arrive and that will be corrected.
  13. Hi all my boss asked me to build this for him. I made a start
  14. Hi all my boss asked me to build this kit for him but as a GTS First thin on my list (there is so much on the list) The kit is for a 6 spark engine(the GTS was 12 spark) so 12 HT leads and 2 coils, so cut the first coil off the fan shroud (not mounted there on a GTS) and cut the distributor off to make room for the new 12 spark one. Here is what the kit supplies So i cut it off Heres a start the new distributor Still got to add the 2 coil wires but OK for a start. Luckily we have the car he wants it modeled on at work (so no shortage of reference pics) (There is so much to change)
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