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  1. Well it's finished hope you like it.
  2. Hi all bit more done on this one.
  3. Hi all well the cabriolet is finished, I suppose I will have to start the dio now.
  4. Hi all another update, well this bit is never going to fit. So with some heating and a little extension ted helped me fix it. Hope the rest fits ok.
  5. Hi all well I was given an idea for displaying this which I thought would be quite fun (and as you all know I like doing "out there" stuff) sooo, this was going to be a robot but I thought it lent itself better to this so I stripped it all down and will be using it for the dio, what's the dio going to be? Well I'm sure you will work it out. And there's this little guy. I'm calling him ted. Maybe I will give him a few warts or something.
  6. Hi all done a bit more work on this.
  7. More work on the wrecker. Its a great kit but the instructions are really bad, soooooo confusing, moved those fuel tanks twice.
  8. Hi all here's another update, loads more to do in the interior. I tried to get the steam from the hot cup of coffee on the windscreen (not particularly sucessfull but I tried) I feel I need to add a lot more rubbish in the cab I also need to dirty up the side windows as well, I'm getting there slowly.
  9. Hi all well it's done, another stalled build finished, never been good at planes but quite pleased with this, yes lots could be better and I really should do more research on a subject I know so little about. Well I suppose I can only get better with any I do next (As it happens I've got a flying fortress calling me, I'm thinking of doing it as a cutaway)
  10. Hi all finished the engine (Still got the ancillary devices and what not to add)did some more weathering on the chassis.
  11. Hi all did some more work on the chassis and differentials
  12. Hi all another bit done.
  13. Hi all well I've corrected the instructions callout and stared weathering the engine, added another colour to the rear boxes still lots of chipping and washes to ad yet.
  14. Hi all well I've redone the bodywork so no rust but staining and sun bleaching (Still more to do but that will have to wait till I've made and added my decals) Done some to the chassis (boy are they complicated) and started on the engine.
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