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  1. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Hi all well her is the robber and his moll
  2. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Hi all well I've dirtied up the bottom and started ageing the interior of the transit I think it's a great little kit although I would have liked a full engine more.
  3. Sdkfz 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer "Elephant"

    That looks great.
  4. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Hi all well I've nearly finished the cops car so I thought it was time to start the robbers van, it's going to be my favourite style old and beat up. I wanted to show the scrapes and scratches on the bed of the van so I thought I would use the same method I used for the dent on the Honda tank and the dent in the fender of the traction avant. I covered the floor pan with foil. Sprayed it with the body colour then stained and scratched through to the foil. I've started scruffying up the body. Tried the floor pan in the body to see the effect I may go further with the wear and tear on the transit, a few dents or maybe more rust but I'm happy with where it's going at the moment.
  5. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Hi all nearly finished the range rover next up will be the transit van, I've still to make the police sign for the roof and assorted sundries like the wing mirrors and wipers got loads more work to do on the buildings not even started any street furniture I'm hoping the finished dio will be an impressive site. I've realised I've got to make loads of figures for the street as well (not something I'm looking forward to. I reckon I must have been on this one for a yr by now and I can easily see it taking that long again.
  6. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Hi all well here is where it is now. I love the little lifeboat on the deck and have added the grab ropes to it, I drilled little holes in the side then inserted bits of telephone wire which I then draped the ropes over then glued them in place after which I cut the wire off. After adding the inner parts at the rear of the cabin it would no longer fit on the deck properly after a lot of head scratching I found that the front edge of the added inner bits was fouling with the cabin wall (in hind sight I should have added that wall to the removable cabin) so I've had to shave a tiny bit of try it shave a bit more off and continue in that fashion till it finally fitted. Still loads to do on this, it really is a great little kit I would put it up there with one of my favourites up with the likes of the Heller 1/8 traction avant or even the big 1/6 scale tamiya bike kits, it's a really great kit and well worth the money.
  7. What grabs you on a build

    Hi all I was wondering what grabs you on a build, by that I mean what makes you stick with a build ( obviously the title has an initial grab factor) yes if its a topic you are interested in intially you will watch it but then you may loose interest quickly, but what keeps you watching a build is it the skill, artistry, subject or the way the build is posted ie humorous, technically accurate maybe historical info. My builds tend to be here is a an update oh here is another oh and an other which I realise is so boring and to make it worse I tend to write it on one site then paste and copy to the rest (we all do it) I want to improve in my posting, so what's lacking. I realise I can't be an expert in all the genres I build in (I like so many) but I've noticed you don't have to be an expert to get loads of views and comments so it can't be solely down to knowledge or skill. So what is it that gets people following a build. Subject matter, skill, knowledge or some indefinable amorphous thing.
  8. Bon Retour 1/25 scale Artesania Latina

    Looking good, looks like a lot of work.
  9. Hi all well even by my standards (which are pretty low) I decided my work area could do with some tidying and organizing. Before After
  10. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Hi all I need some help here I bought some printer transfer paper to make my own decals I've printed off some police decals for the range rover. The ink seems to not soak into the paper (almost like rain on gloss paintwork) the first pic is the best of 6 Also the decals when applying them are very stretchy I think the decals won't notice when the car is applied to the dio but I would like to know where I'm going wrong.
  11. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Hi all well I've added more waves (run out of sealant now) still not sure I have enough waves yet, will live with it for a while I can always add more, it will look more realistic when I've added the foam and spray but I can't add that till I've finished the model.
  12. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Hi all well I've started the water, obviously needs to be a lot bigger on the spray I envisage it going well over the bow and probably double the ammount coming from the front then lots of connon wool for the masses of foam.
  13. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Here is the next update, glued on the base just waiting to add the water effects.
  14. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Hi all here is the next update.
  15. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    I've got to say for pocket money prices this is a really detailed kit I'm really enjoying it, I must have the one good fitting kit airfix made of it because I've got to say so far it's been a perfect fit no problems at all I wonder if there is a bigger than 1/72 model of this kit.