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  1. Montag

    Wessie 5

    That is a great result, I really like that, well done!! I've got a Fly 1/32 to get on with now that you've inspired me😀
  2. Nice one.......what's not to like it's a Lightning!!!
  3. Thanks Duncan...you're not the first person who mentioned the drip trays or the lack of mugs on top of the Houchin😃
  4. Thanks Mish! Cheers Huntsman's Close that gave me a laugh!
  5. Many thanks Gorby! Cheers Col., much appreciated!
  6. Here is my F3 Lightning built with the necessary mods to improve the Trumpy kit. I extended the fuselage by 5mm, reduced the height of the u/c and built up the fuselage sides around the cockpit area. I used this as a test bed for my 1/32 F2a build (which is also posted on this site) On with the snaps......
  7. Cheers mac1677, much appreciated! Thanks very much dixieflyer!
  8. Cheers Duncan, much appreciated!
  9. Thanks very much sub, much appreciated! Thanks for posting, very enjoyable watch!!!
  10. Thanks very much Wish, much appreciated!
  11. Many thanks Miggers! I too remember them at airshows.......low and slow with the bomb bay doors open and, not forgetting of course, the glorious noise from the Griffons! Much appreciated for your kind comments steel pillow!, cheers, Kevin
  12. Many thanks Gorby!! Cheers Tony much appreciated! I don't think you're on your own with the fuselage join it was pretty time consuming getting a decent fit. Painting the propellor tips was also a right royal pain🙄 Many thanks Hutch6390! Cheers Grunhertz!!
  13. Finished oob with the exception of scratch built cockpit additions and windscreen wipers. Finished with Tamiya XF's and weathered with pastels.....
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