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  1. Apologies for my late response DC3! I can't remember where I actually bought the ss wire from but I have since discovered that Trumpeter (under the banner of Master Tools) do a wide variety of sizes of brass wire and I have now migrated over to using that. I bought the Trumpy wire from MJR Models and Hobbies if that is of any use? Cheers, Kevin
  2. Thanks Gorby! I had a problem trying to get the whole thing into a single photo.......in a nutshell, it's too big!!
  3. Thanks very much Warren, much appreciated!
  4. Many thanks mac1677! Thanks very much Hutch6390!
  5. This was a step into the unknown for me and the first (and only) floaty thing I've made. There are still some more minor details to add when I get around to it! Out of the box build and painted with Tamiya XF's and weathered with pastels.....
  6. Well that's a pretty little thing! After my usual 1/32 scale stuff I'm really enjoying the challenge of the smaller scales and I have a Bulldog in the stash so I just may have to drag it out after seeing yours.....thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Yes indeed, quite a few! Some other manufacturers also re-popped the Tamiya kits under their own banner Not forgetting the Boeing-Vertol V-107-II in a very pretty scheme. I have all the above (apart from the Skycrane) in my stash...
  8. Many thanks Grunhertz!
  9. Indeed Duncan, you try finding a 9" biro!!! Many thanks for your kind words!
  10. Cheers Gorby, much appreciated!
  11. Thanks very much MartinSK! yes it's quite a diminutive model..
  12. Many thanks Hutch6390.....nice memories of Warton for you then!
  13. Many thanks Miggers.....a wonderful video, much enjoyed!!
  14. I thought the group may like to see a really old Tamiya kit thrown together? Finished with True Metal paint and minimal weathering (this is a tribute to the aircraft owned by BAC). Kit decals not used as they looked to be past their best...the kit dates from the 1970's. Built oob except for separating the windscreen from the canopy and tarting the seat up a little.........
  15. Many thanks RWG686! That is a great site and I used it extensively for detailing/painting the drones that I'm slinging under the Invader. I agree with you regarding the interior green option and that's what I'm going for...... Thanks for your assistance! Cheers, Kevin
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