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  1. Many thanks DC3! agreed! Thanks very much mac1677! Cheers sub! Thoroughly agree Duncan...one of my favourite schemes!
  2. Here is my Skyraider that was built completely out of the box. A very common scheme but I really like the scheme and so make no apologies for using it The kit was finished with Tamiya XF's and weathered with pastels. A very straightforward build that I enjoyed completing....
  3. Some great work there...thanks for sharing!!
  4. That is a really interesting collection TeeELL and very well executed....well done!
  5. Thanks DC3, I seem to remember it being a 1/43 Heller kit (hence its not parked too close to the Lightning) just painted it up as an RAF version as I like to add little interest to my completed kits..
  6. Nicely done Tony...I wish I could paint stuff as well as you using a brush!
  7. Thanks very much Tony! I really like the USN version...great subject for weathering! Many thanks Gareth!
  8. Thanks Duncan! I can thoroughly recommend the kit.....lots of opportunity to detail the cockpit etc with all that glazing. I'm tempted to get another to do the glazed nose version? PS....I did realise I'd put the control handles on upside down which I corrected
  9. Many thanks Duncan.....I forgot the fuel leaks on the wings as well!
  10. Many thanks Mad Steve! They were used for practice intercepts...once the fuel was used up, a parachute on the drone was deployed and the drone was re-used once recovered. Much appreciated Gorby!
  11. A model I completed earlier this year. A very nice kit that presented some challenges for me! I decided to build the glass nose version but, unfortunately, during construction I snapped off part of the fuselage joint to the perspex area. Consequently after much searching for the broken part I tried to rebuild the said area....which is why you now see the solid nose version. Trying to get the right curvature proved impossible for me! The kit provides two drones but unfortunately they are differing types and, given my research, I discovered that the aircraft very seldom, if ever, flew with
  12. Thanks very much Recurve...happy memories for me too as I used to live just down the road from Binbrook!
  13. Many thanks Miggers! Cheers mac1677, much appreciated! Thanks very much Hutch6390! Many thanks Gorby! It is indeed a very nice kit and one that I would highly recommend...
  14. Here is my Lightning built pretty much out of the box. A very straightforward build that I thoroughly enjoyed doing. The kit was finished with Tamiya XF's and weathered with pastels...
  15. Very kind Head in the clouds, much appreciated!
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