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  1. It's not impossible. Bandai's Star Wars kits are incredibly well engineered, and really do need no filler (or even glue for most parts).
  2. What a great little vignette. Love it!
  3. I have nearly three weeks off at Christmas so I'm going to get my lifeboat finished, and the Sea King AEW.2. Then I'm going through the shed like a whirlwind to clean, tidy up, and rationalise my shelves ready for 2024. (Too many little trinkets stored, it's getting irrational!) Then fully clear the bench and get back to my MFH 1/12 Mazda 787B. It's been in progress for over four years now and I really need to make some progress.
  4. That's a good summary Jessie. I've done it a couple of times, and although the frame detail can be very soft it's enough for a guide for some masking tape.
  5. I used the Revell clear kit a good few years ago, for the nose of my Chinook. It worked really well, but I fond the shelf life was appalling. No matter what I did I couldn't stop it exapnind out ot the tube for some reason. It ended in a sticky mess at the bottom of my tool box and only got used for one job. I'm going to check out the Green Stuff product though.
  6. I don't know how to comment on this without swearing profusely! I think I'll have to limit myself to 'crikey bikey!'
  7. Hi Gang, I wasn't sure where to put this, in 'Gallery' or 'Work In Progress'. As it's a finished model in it's own right let's go for 'Gallery’. This is included in the Airfix 1/72 Severn Class lifeboat kit. It's pretty poor out of the box, but to be fair to Airfix it would normally be under a cover when stowed aboard. I thought I'd have a pop at detailing it and set about it with spare decals, home-made decals, plastic card, masking tape, lead wire, cotton, spare PE parts and my first ever self designed 3D printed parts. Here it is with the bow cover cut away and the tr
  8. Lovely model. I've watched the remake of BSG twice and it looks very faithful to me. (Highly recommended series to anyone who hasn't seen it. Having said that you do have to push through a bit in Season 3.)
  9. I love that. Superb finish and great details. Peep... Peep... Peep...
  10. I know this is pure wishlisting, but I would really like: 1/12 Renault Sport Megane RS230 (I know, hilarious...!) Realistically: All 1/48 - Puma, Alouette II and III, Scout, Wasp, A109A. 1/32 - Scout and Wasp
  11. goon

    1/72 Lifeboat Crew

    Cheers. They would problably be good for the seats in the cabin. I'll let you know if I decide to go down that route. Gareth
  12. goon

    1/72 Lifeboat Crew

    Thanks everyone. I've put a watch on the eBay listing. I wonder where they come from. Thanks Miggers. I'l bear your offer in minded but I'm not great at modding figures. Cheers, Gareth
  13. Hi Gang, I think I'm going to start the Airfix Severn Class Lifeboat next. I can't decide whether to do it on the stand or waterline yet. I'd like to do it waterline, but to do that it really needs a crew. Has anynone got any links for 1/72 figures that could pass for RNLI crew? Thanks, Gareth
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