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  1. Thanks Paul. I was just wondering if anyonehad created a font I could use as a short cut. (I have a 1/32 sheet I can work from and do an 'edge find' to produce a cut file, but I do this so infrequently I always have to find it all out again trial and error. It takes me ages! 😄 ) Thanks again, Gareth
  2. Hi Gang, I'm working on another model of 'my town's' Spitfire, and I want to explore making masks for the major markings. Does anyone know of a .ttf font for RAF 8" inch serials (stencil style) for a 1942 era Mk.Vb? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  3. goon

    Inter-war racers

    I don't, but thanks!
  4. goon

    Inter-war racers

    Hi All, On a whim earlier in the year I bought and built the Planet Models 1/48 Bugatti P100. This has piqued my interest and I'm now amassing a small collection of inter-war racers. Is there a decent book covering the 'genre'? and it's development and history. Thanks, Gareth
  5. Apologies for resurrecting this thread but I'm again thinking of purchasing a printer. Now 12 months has passed, what should I plump for now with a budget of about £300? I'm looking for a good beginner machine for occasional use, so quality of print is more important than speed. Gareth
  6. One of the photos looks like it's on a range, but I have to agree it's probably mine damage. Especially if it was rebuilt. Roger Field's 'Scimitar into Stanley' is working it's way up my reading pile so I'll try and remember when it comes to it. Some good shots there that I haven't seen before. I wonder what's going on in the photo of the Mexeflote? I can't imagine that bloke would be so relaxed it if was an air raid. Can anyone confirm what vehicle 71FL44 towing the gun is please?
  7. Kinetic 1/48 Pucara with various accessories.
  8. The Pucara us finished. Apologies for the lack of updates but when you get to the latter stages of a build it becomes lots of little steps that don't sometimes warrant a photo / post. I've really enjoyed this build. The kit is superb out of the box, with some great detail, right down to the OAT sensor on the starboard of the canopy. (Just realised I haven't fitted the step onder the front seat!) Thanks for following along, Gareth
  9. Nice one, lovely work. Gareth
  10. Found an Eduard kit on ebay for cheap. Another box to find space in the shed for!
  11. Further to this I have just purchased a 1/48 Spitfire to build as the Star of Stone. I'm wondering if there is a suitable kit of the FW-190 in question in 1/48. Kind of a personal Dogfight Double! Gareth
  12. The model looks great, and the cave looks very cosy. Love the dog bed under the bench. I'd love to have Doug down here but he just doesn't settle. Gareth
  13. Hi Gang, I'm going to start painting some figures for a diorama. I need a bit of guidance of which colour for the base colour of the desert uniform. I've Googled, and tried matching by eye, but not really got anywhere. Thanks for any help, Gareth
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