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  1. I fulfilled Sarah's (rash - she agrees) bargain of not buying another kit for a year in order to get another MFH 1/12 kit for my birthday. This arrived today, but other than a quick look to make sure nothing major is damaged or missing, not mine until the middle of next month. (Salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs...) Can't deny I'm a very lucky man.
  2. Yep, off to Chateauroux. Fantastic pictures by the way.
  3. It passed over the shed not lng after!
  4. Try a Mach 2 kit! I built their Coleoptere. It was so bad it was actually funny - including the sprues snipped at the factory, destroying several parts, to make them fit the box. I still flinch when I think about it. (To be fair, I knew what I was getting in to and thoroughly enjoyed it.)
  5. They are really very good aren't they? I think the hallmark of a good model is if you have to ask the scale because you just can't tell.
  6. Hi gang, I thought I'd drop a few pics of the completed wing in, in case you haven't seen my blog. (Never will I ever build a car in flourescent colours again!) Gareth
  7. Thanks bonovox. It's a pretty straight forward build, no real problems.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for some tips for painting flourescent orange I'm using Zero Paints' flourescent orange on a 1/12 Mazda 787. It's a perfect match for the colour, but terrible to work with. It chips easily and I've also worn down the white primer when polishing it. It's impossible to touch in with the paint itself, and spraying it back in a again is impossible. Does anyone know of a good product for touching in flourescent orange? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  9. Thanks for the further comments everyone.
  10. Testors' Dullcote Lacquer is my favourite. Builds up nice and lightly, and dries almosr instantly so you can 'modulate' the sheen you get.
  11. No worries pointing out the mistake. I might be able to correct that in the future, the blade roots are only held in with white glu.
  12. Hi kids, Here's my latest completion. This is Italeri's 1/48 Wessex HAS.3, in the markings of 'Humphrey' used during the abortive SAS mission to retake South Georgia, and the subsequent rescue from Fortuna Glacier on 21st May 1982. As far as I can tell this is how the aircraft appeared over these few days, confirmed by a conversation with Chris Parry (radar operator on the said flights). He is hoping to get 'Humphrey' restored in time for the 40th anniversary in 2022 and has invited me to the FAA museum to participate. Hopefully I can get down there for a weekend. Many thanks to Scaley on 'the other place' for the gift of the GPMG for the rear window. I assumed the 'Humphrey' motif on the nose had been obliterated in the repaint on the way South, but when I spoke to Chris he confirmed that it was present at the time of the Fortuna Glacier operations. So out with the decal sheet and some Klear and I managed to get it to 'take' on the flat coat. Thanks for looking, Gareth
  13. Hi Gang, After posting a picture of my Dagger in a thread about the Falklands War (you may know it's my main area of interest) on Twitter I was contacted by an Argentinian man who knows one of the Arg pilots who flew C-407 during the war. He had shown Cesar the pictures and he has asked me to make another Dagger for him. (I have most of the stuff I need and will send it as a gift, but this is technically my first commission! Very exciting!) The trouble is he would like the model with the large 1300L tanks - three as per the load he flew on 21st May. They don't come with the Kinetic kit, and I only know of Wingman Models as aftermarket, and they are out of production. I could just about scratch build some, but would prefer the short cut! Has anynone got any they'd like to part with? Or seen any squirreled away in a shop? My Googling is turning up nothing. :( Cheers, Gareth
  14. When this first kicked off I placed an order for some paint, a little more than I needed to show a little support. I got a nice email asking me to bear with them regarding delivery time as they couldn't keep up with the sudden influx of orders. I did, and was super pleased for them to be doing so well - a little silver lining to the cloud. Whether it was a poor choice of words or a very bad policy I'm glad it's been taken down / rescinded - If it was my business I wouldn't even have begun to think that it wouldn't elicit some kind of backlash. Speaking for myself, and stories like this are making me (and I suspect others) super tetchy at the moment, and over reactive.
  15. I've used emodels a few times, not least because they are local and I can 'click and collect' to avoid paying for a courrer for paint orders. I'll not use them again.
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