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  1. goon

    RAF Equipment Green

    Perfect, cheers Miggers!
  2. Hi Gang, I'm building the Flightpath Type Y Weapon loader. The instructions state it should be painted Equipment Green. Can anyone point me at a pot of paint that matches. Thanks, Gareth
  3. goon

    Logo decals

    Will do. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Mish. It's for the Model Factory Hiro 787B so expense is only relative!
  5. Hi Gang, Can anyone recommend someone to print some white decals for me? Specifically the dashed lines seen on a Mazda 767B. As they will be going over two contrasting coulours I need them to be particularly opaque. Cheers, Gareth
  6. I've got a couple of Mach 2 kits. I finished one! Both are 'hilarious'...
  7. I'm really starting to miss the shows now, especially getting some of my models on a table for others to see and discuss. Last year was going to be my last being the only one with a 1/48 Pucara in the hall. Now Kinetic have released an injection one they'll be everywhere by the time we get back to showing. 😀
  8. goon

    Logo decals

    Thanks. Yes, I'd been browsing Hiroboy but it's time consuming and I was looking for a shortcut. 😀
  9. goon

    Logo decals

    Hi Gang, I'm building a MK.II Escort rally car for a friend who used to own one. I need various and diverse logos for lots of different places in the car. Things like OMP and AVO etc. Does anyone know of a universal sheet of decals for such in or around 1/24 scale?
  10. Hi All, I'm building a 1/24 Escort MK.II for a friend. He rallied one and had fitted the Honda F20C engine. I can't find Hobby Design's product in stock any where. Has anyone got a set they'd like to sell to me please? Many thanks, Gareth
  11. Thanks for the encouragement chaps. I haven't binned it just yet, just giving it a 'rest' for a bit.
  12. Unfortunately the decals are absolutely shot, almost dissolving rather than just breakin up. I don't care enough about this subject to persevere, so I'm going to bin it. £3.99 ten years ago is no great loss!
  13. goon

    Mr Surfacer

    It's the 'thickness' or viscosity. The higher the number the thinner and finer it is, and the more or less suitable it is for the job at hand.
  14. Here are the ejection seats. I think these might be Martin Baker Mk.10s. I've got some aftermarket in but can't use them so went with the boxed parts. They are not too bad, but only have lap belts moulded, so I added some shoulder straps made with Tamiya tape. There's a few ejector marks visible but you won't see them once they are installed.
  15. I was wondering that too! There is some notation on the instructions about version 1, 2, or 3 (I think) but it's all in Chinese and not translated. There's certainly two versions of canopy you can fit, and you can build it with gear up in flight so maybe that's it? This, in the words of my Welsh late Grandfather, is where we to by now. You can see some of the model pain Kiddyland promised wasn't included in the join of the rear of the port engine fairing. Easily filled with some plastic card and Mr. Dissolved Putty. The overall shape is complete. It's an unusual aircraft and not small. I'm building a 1/48 Lear Jet 35 as well at the moment and it's only just smaller in length and span.
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