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  1. Hi gang! I updated the blog with some progress on the dash.
  2. Hi All, I've started my build of this stunning kit. To save me writing up on a couple of sites, and because some of my family want to follow the build in detail I've started a little webpage / blog to record it. I'll post some little bits here now and then, but if you're interested please visit mfhmazda787.wordpress.com Progress will be in fits and starts so please consider signing up for updates. (I'm pretty sure Wordpress don't make your email available to authors, but rest assured they won't be used by me for anything at all if they do.) Some shots of the dashboard so far. Cheers,
  3. Both are brilliant, top class modelling.
  4. Hi Gang, The 787 is finished and there are some pics in the RFI gallery. Cheers, Gareth
  5. Hi All, Here's the finished model. There are a couple of problem with it that mar the finish slightly. (The headlight covers fogged under the clear, any amount of polishing wouldn't clear them, and the gloss isn't as good as I'd like up close.) I've touched in any areas of paint you can see are slightly chipped, and recentred the wheel disc on the left front. Next up. work starts on 'The Big One' (Model Factory Hiro 1/12 Full detail Kit) Cheers, Gareth
  6. Yeah, the biggun' (I like that) is underway, but in a very minor way. I need to spin out for as long as possible. Adding the final details now, including the tips to one of the antennae. And the last hot from the WIP bit. It's nice that the first bit I completed is the last part to be placed. The model is finished and ready to be mounted in it's box. i've done four solid days in the shed to get this finished by Saturday! (I'm not complaining, I've loved every minute ) I'll post some completion shots later. Thanks for following along again, Gareth
  7. The Mazda is in the body shop now. I'm hoping to complete this weekend.
  8. Hi All, This is my review of the Model Factory Hiro Mazda 787B full detail kit. I have to thank my amazing wife Sarah for this, a gift for my fiftieth birthday in the middle of September. The 787B has long been my favourite racing car. In 1991 it was driver to victory in my favourite race, the Vingt Quatre Heures du Mans. The team of drivers included another of my favourites – Johnnie Herbert. The story of his rehabilitation after his awful F3 accident at Brands Hatch is incredible, and during the 90s I followed his career in F1 very closely. In 2011 I was present at Le Mans when Mazda demonstrated the restored car, driven by Johnnie. My three favourites all combined. I’ve long had my eye on this kit, but it’s eye wateringly expensive. Sarah asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I jokingly sent her the link to Hiro Boy. Imagine my reaction when she agreed it was an appropriate gift. I contacted Hiro Boy to see what the lead time was and they replied immediately that they had one in stock, as far as I know the only one in the UK at the time. A week later it was in our front bedroom while I counted the days to my birthday like a child waiting for Christmas. Anyway, on to the kit. It all arrives packed in a large and very sturdy cardboard box. It’s too big to go in my photo booth so here’s a shot of it on shed floor. The parts come separated in to two compartments. All the large resin is in the top, wrapped in bubble wrap, but I’ve already spent several days poring over the kit, so it’s all unwrapped here. The (many) metal parts are in zip lock bags, all under the cardboard insert and each bag cling film wrapped to an insert, so it can’t move around in transit. I’ve found no issues with the parts being damaged. This card folder protects the decals and instructions, along with the PE sheets. It also serves to show several corrections / clarifications of the instructions, and provides some useful templates for the vac formed side windows and internal detail The instructions are very good, with clear diagrams and notes. The main construction of the model is in large resin parts. The resin is a tough type I’ve not encountered before. My copy of the kit has no warping or distortions, and I’ve found no more than two air bubbles. The parts are covered in small depressions to show where to drill out the holes for many screws used during the construction of the model. Here’s the nose area, which can be posed removed or fitted, with two magnets holding it in place. There is no compromise when it comes to detail. I don’t think it shows here but the access covers in the back of the light recesses are molded in the underside. These are the side pods. The massive under tray.. There is another part that the nose mounts on. The four tyres feature printed Dunlop logos, and no central mold seam! The wheel rims are turned in aluminium, very nicely done, with no hint of burring or machining marks. There’s a small bag of metal parts, with springs and screws contained. Another with wire, heat shrink tube, and hoses. The thinner PE sheet contains the radiator grilles and air intake meshes. This is very finely done, and attachment parts so one part came away with just light handling. The thicker PE provides wing end plates and various brackets, and the seat belt buckles. The decals for the green areas and dashed lines. I’m hoping to use these to make masks and paint all this. The main sheet, with some handy blocks of the colours should any patching be needed. The white metal splitter. Some of the smaller resin parts come on molding trees. This is the massive collection of white metal parts that I, frankly, couldn’t be bothered to lay out to photograph. There’ll be plenty of chances to see them during the build. The metal parts are very well cast, with a lovely smoothly textured surface. In the box, the kit exudes quality. If it builds as well as it looks it’s going to spectacular fun to work on. Is it worth the high price tag? That’s a very subjective judgement, but I intend to build this over a very long time, one stage at a time, and savour the process. I think the ratio of expense to fun will be favourable! Thanks for looking in, look out for a WIP as soon as I start.
  9. Fab! I still love a bit of Lego. I went to Le Mans solo this year and took the Corvette kit to keep e entertained on Houx camp site in the evenings. A misread of the instructions meant I go to build it 1.6 times, so top value for money!
  10. See also Procastination
  11. I'm glad I don't suffer alone. Blinking stuff.
  12. I reached 50 years of age yesterday. Sarah bought me the Model Factory Hiro 1/12 Mazda 787B. I’m struggling to post a pic as internet where we are staying is very poor. I’ll try and do an in box review when I get home. (It’s incredible, a proper high quality limited run kit, full of so much detail. I can’t stop opening the box for another peek!)
  13. Fixed it for you.
  14. It's as expenive as you make it. I always think of the cost of a kit divided by how many hours it will take to build. At my pace even the more eye waterignly expensive kits are good value. I've been down the bottom of the garden in my shed for nearly four hours already today. So far, I've watched some rugby, eaten a fantastic lunch, and placed one decal. When I started modelling again ten years ago it was the last Tetris block to drop in to my wall of defence against anxiety and depression. Modelling is preserving my mental health, and I couldn't live without it at the moment. From that point of view it's an absolute bargain. Now, I've got a beer to pour, some research and planning for other projects (ie, procrastinating!), some motorsport to watch, and perhaps another decal to place...
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