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  1. Cheers Skwonk. I was hoping for a big decal for the whole deck, but I've found diagrams and coincidentally received some assorted 'stripes' from Fantasy Print Shop that should do the trick just nicely.
  2. Hi Gang, I'm making a start on the Revell 1/700 HMS Invincible. It's a lovely kit (Dragon originally I believe) but I really don't like the raised detail on the flight deck. Does anyone know of any decals to replace them, or have any tips for a 1/700 ship novice for putting the markings on? Cheers, Gareth
  3. Hi Gang, This was finished quite some time ago, but I thought I'd show you some shots before it goes to its new owner in Argentina. During the first lockdown I spent a lot of time on Twitter following Tony Pollard's @WarDiaryF82 'real time' posting of events during the Falklands War., and posting photos of my models when relevant. I got to interact with a lot of veterans of the war, on both sides. Argentinian Daniel Ramirez showed my picture of C-407 to his friend Cesar Roman, who had flown C-407 during the war, and he asked where he could get one like it. I'd got another Kinetic kit on the shelf so I offered to build it for him and send it as a gift. After a long process the model is now in a box and ready to go. Cesar asked me to build it with three drop tanks, but it was impossbile to find any of the Wingman resin tanks for sale anywhere. As I'd built the Wingman boxing of the kit I could measure the tanks and then I set about teaching myself resin casting. Here are the masters. And four tanks waiting for fins. And painted. Here's the finished model, with the tanks fitted. The pitot is not fitted as I've left it separate for transport. The canopy fits by sliding a the brass tube representing the jack in to another o tube in the fuselage, again for transport. The outer tanks are a push fit so can be taken off for packing, and easily refitted in Argentina. The yellow on the fin is erroneous for C-407 as far as I know, but Cesar asked for it to painted on. Who am I to argue?! Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  4. That's great, thanks very much Paul.
  5. Wow! What a beautiful model that is. Lovely work.
  6. Thanks Phoenix. It's not massively important but if it's not too much trouble it woul be good to know for sure.
  7. Cheers Miggers. I've been poring over my Falklands (black and white photos only of the bomb under a GR.3 unfortunately) references and making notes. I'm going with a natural metal ring behind the arming vane, and a yellow band further back. I'll put four white stripes on the bottom and two thinner ones down each side. I'll have to make the best of the rest of the stencils from those on the Airfix decal sheet.
  8. Hi Gang, I've started work on a 1/24 Harrier GR.3, which if you know me won't surprise you being a Falklands War subject. I'm looking for information about the markings of a live BL755 at the time. I've found all sorts of variations of placement of the yellow stripe, and the four stripes on the under side. Can aynone help me pin it down please? Cheers, Gareth
  9. I never got on with Xtracrylix - just awful. Xtracolour was my favourite for ages, but it's trickier to get hold of now Hannants are the only stockist I can find. I've still got some from the nineties that are perfectly usable, but newer ones are not lasting long in the tins, turning to goo (like the current Humbrol formula). I've got some of the Tamiya lacquer based stuff, which I like a lot. I've also got a couple of sets of the Hataka Orange line which I've really enjoyed spraying and I'm thinking that I'll run my Xtracolour enamels out and restock with Hataka.
  10. Thanks for the replies. This is one of the uprights. Three parts laminated,
  11. Hi Gang, I'm starting to build the 1/24 ladder in the Flight Path Harrier set. I have to laminate three long parts to form the uprights. Is it better to use CA or solder. If solder, how? (I understand the principles of soldering, just not the techniques for holding parts in place, etc.) Any help appreciated. Cheers, Gareth
  12. goon

    Side cutters

    Exactly what Dean said. Pricey, but the best I've ever used, and just beautifully made.
  13. This arrived this morning. Been after one for ages. I love Nissin noodles.
  14. Cheers Col and Toolmaker. I had been trying the remove the fret thing, but looking for a short cut. (I know...I know... :) )
  15. Really nice stuff. I've had a go at building the BL.755 today, but I'm really struggling to cut the brass without deforming it. I've got some Xuron shears, but the 'connections' between the part and the rest of the brass sheet is often 2 - 3 mm long. It's think enough to make using a blade on tile impractical. Does anyone have any recommendations for gadgets made for cutting PE brass?
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