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  1. I take it it covers the black OK, due to the different texture of the rubber? (I'm going to give it a go on the side walls, but it will have to wait as I'm off to Le Mans tomorrow.)
  2. Yes, I was thinking that, but it's going to be a bit laborious. Laziness made me wonder if there's a shortcut.
  3. Hi Gang, The PE for my Mazda 787B has a stencil for the yellow 'Dunlop' logos on the tyre walls. I've never done this before. so i'm wondering which paint is best for covering the rubber? Acrylic, enamel? Any tips? Many thanks, Gareth
  4. Give over Darren, we've all seen your work. This has nothing to do with those qualities and everything to do with drinking too much beer. Anyway....
  5. I didn't think of weathering the belts, and I'm not sure how to do it. Any tips? The cockpit is finished, with a placards and such from the spares box to make it look 'busy', and scratch built fire extinguisher and lead wire radio button flex. Pleased with that. I'm still undecided about opening the door, as it exposes bits of the kit that aren't supposed to be seen. I think I might have a couple of strong beers this afternoon and cut it out anyway, and then think about fixing the 'mess'!
  6. That's lovely. Superb finish and super crisp details. Gareth
  7. Cheers guys. Just looked this post back up on my larger monitor, and by jingo it looks ropey when it's 10 times larger than life! The edges of the belts aren't so visibly furry to the naked eye. :O)
  8. The seat is done. The shape is accurate but the surface texture is poor. I painted it with Tamiya white bottle cement, which does not evaporate as quickly as other thin glues. I then dunked it is baking soda, working on small areas at a time. Once set I sprayed a few coats of Tamiya NATO Black, before dunking in Klear to make it withstand handling. Studio 27 provide carbon decals for the seat back, and the Hobby Design set has PE parts for the belts. There's also a sheet of sticky backed fabric textured material to make the belts. I'm pretty sure these aren't set up exactly as the original, but the diagrams in the PE set are unclear, and I couldn't find conclusive photos. I'm sure it will look suitable complex one in place. (There was a point in making these that I almost gave up model making on a permanent basis. Absolutely infuriating!) Thanks for looking in again, Gareth.
  9. Cheers Grun A load of goodies arrived last week. I bought the Hiroboy paint set, Studio 27 carbon decals and a reference book. There are 40 pages of detail like this. The only thing it doesn't cover is the inside of the door, which I could do with if I'm to open it. The studio 27 decals are superb, but getting all 66 in place will take some time! (I've used these on a 1/12 Moto GP so I'm very confident of the quality. It's not a doddle to do, but it's hard to see how it could be made any easier. They react superbly well to MicroScale decal solutions, and are robust enough to slide around to get the right position.) And some of the actual model. The rear wing with new end plates and Gurney strip. Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  10. Thanks everyone. I've had a good day in the shed today. I've started the wheels. The first task is to remove the moulding seam down round the centre of the tyre. I fit them to the wheel and spin in the Dremel and use a sanding stick to sand it back. This also gives a nice scuffed surface, as if they've been driven on. You can also get a nice finish with a quick wipe over with a little turpentine. The windscreen wiper is complete. I'm sure it's not put together as the manufacturer intended but I couldn't make head nor tail of the instructions. I should have copied the layout of the kit part but it never occurred to me. Still, I can't imagine anyone is going to tell the difference. More soon, Gareth
  11. Here's some of the PE. Some parts are very fine, and I've managed to mar one piece being ham fisted. The rear wing support is replaced with PE parts, some of which are aligned with tiny 'bolts'. There's dozens of these to place. I REALLY hope there are some spares. Cheers, Gareth
  12. Hi All, I had a crisis of motivation yesterday, so cleared the bench and picked up a kit I've had for a while - Tamiya's 1/24 Mazda 787B. This is my favourite racing car, driven to victory by my favourite driver (Johnnie Herbert) at my favourite race. In 2011 I saw Johnnie's demo run at Le Mans, and the car very much lived up to the legend. I've built this kit before, back in 1994 in the tiny kitchen of a tiny bedsit in Putney. All that survives is the windscreen wiper. I wanted to build another but it has long been out of production with these decals and eBay prices were ridiculous. I found this second hand for £16 (!) at a show in Stoke about 5 years ago. I remember physically shaking when I found it was an unstarted and complete kit. (It's soon to be reissued, but it won't be sixteen quid! SMALL EDIT: I've just seen one on Amazon priced at TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS!) This is one of the reasons the car is so loved. (Le Mans legend has it that at night the car could be heard for the entire lap from the campsites!) So here we go. The classic box art. I cut this from the lid back in the 90s and it was always on my various bedroom walls of the time. (Students move a lot!) I've got Hobby Design's comprehensive PE sheet to add. And here's all that survives of my previous build. God knows why it's still in my toolbox! I don't like the look of the decals, being very thick and shiny. I remember really struggling to get them to lay down last time so I'll be getting replacements, and painting the green areas. I'm looking at the feasibility of opening a door too, if I can detail the cockpit sufficiently. More soon, and thanks for looking in, Gareth
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