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  1. That's a very kind offer regarding the book, which sounds like Graham Bound's 'Invasion 1982: The Falkland Islanders Story'. I've read it on Kindle and it's very interesting. The Pucara is looking good. Have fun! Gareth
  2. Great fun working on this. I managed to make some of the parts fit together and resemble the real thing! Here's the main art of the cradle on the trailer. I scrapped the guard rails on the trailer, and replaced with plastic rod. It looks much tidier. More soon!
  3. Also watching with interest. That book is brilliant, and was indispensable when I built the Aconcagua 1/48 resin kit. "never thought I'd ever see one but the Falklands war changed all of that" is an intriguing comment. Were you involved in the war? (It's a major area of interest for me and I have an extensive collection of books and am building just about anything I can get my hands on which is related.) Cheers, Gareth
  4. Thanks for the comments - very amusing I'm doing a bit more this afternoon, with a beer or two to ease the pain. Here's a part from the trailer cradle. Hard to know where the part end and the sprue begins...
  5. Hi All, I thought it might be fun to WIP this build. I've long had an interest in early VTOL projects, and when I saw this at the excellent Porthmadog Models whilst on holiday a few weeks ago I couldn't resist. I did a bit of reading about the kit before I bought it, so I was well aware it comes with its problems. Nothing prepared me for just how bad the mouldings are though. It's so bad it's actually funny. Here's the box. The sprues don't actually fit it properly (more in a bit), and the tray isn't glued or stapled, it just relies on the top to keep it in shape. (It makes Revell's feeble end openers look like luxury gift packaging!) The shop owners actually added their own tape to the tray to keep it together on the shelf. I had some basic tools with me while we were away so I spent an afternoon cleaning up the parts. Here are some highlights. Here's the two halves of the annular wing. These have been cleaned up significantly at this stage, but you can see the remains of the flash, and some of poor surface detail. These are the wheels for the trailer. Completely unusable, with appalling sink marks and misalignment of the mould halves. There isn't a single one I can use to make copies, so if anyone can point me at an addon or donor kit that matches I'd be grateful. A real highlight. See where the handrail at the top is utterly destroyed? That's a result of the sprues being snipped by the manufacturers so as to be able to cram them in to the box! I had to cut the sprues in to sections to get it all back in after I'd opened it. Bloody marvellous! Progress will be sporadic as I'll be working in on it when waiting for other stuff the dry, and when I need a bit of a laugh! Cheers, Gareth
  6. Hi All, I’m getting close to spraying my Valom Islander, which needs to be gloss white. The kit has some very fine surface detail which I’m worried is going to disappear under the several coats needed for a good finish on white. My usual technique is to start with Tamiya spray can white primer, but I think this might be too heavy. Has anyone got a surefire technique for spraying a very thin coat of gloss finish white?
  7. goon

    BAe Hawk Trainer

    That's a beautiful model Dean. The scale gloss finish is spot on.
  8. Nice to meet you DC3! I agree the signage was inadequate. I only found one room by chance, as I knew a particular trader was atteding and couldn't find them. If I hadn't asked I'd have missed a whole room.
  9. Cracking day out again. If you've never shown and Brexitmodeller are at a nearby show do bring a model or two for the table. Loads of fun.
  10. That's blinking lovely. Really well done.
  11. Always interesting to see where others are building. After converting our old garden shed (cost about £300 tops!) and cramming in that 5' x 7' for about eight years we used some money we inherited to totally landscape our little garden, and have a purpose built shed installed. This is from the far corner all the way along the back wall, and then the remainder of the bench and the front wall and door. During the Summer it was a great place to spend time, and the late, great Ted loved snoozing down here in the shady spot. It's my favourite place in the world. Without going in to too much detail in a public forum, getting back in to modelling has saved my health, and continues to provide therapeutic periods of time, and I wouldn't be without the shed and my stash for any price. Let's see some more! Gareth
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