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  1. I get where you're coming from re. rivets. It's a personal choice I think. I've seen them with and without, and it's always an impressive model. I want to do a SHAR (I've got all the addons collected) and am watching eBay prices with an increasing sense of anxiety! (I've had two years of modelling 'fun' out of this so far though, so when you look at it that way....) This all reminds me that I need to do a final 'rivet check'. scribe some lines and crack on!
  2. Thanks, you'vemade my day. It's definitely a challenging kit, and mine has been in progress for about 2 years. Getting all the rivets off is a real chore and is why I regularly set mine aside and work on something else. Cheers, Gareth
  3. Definitely, It will advance quickly, but there are still a lot of fundamental 'issues' before they become ubiquitous. Handling the resin is a REAL problem' It's horrible stuff, even the water washable stuff. Not that I'm trying to put anyone off, it's great for creative hobbies, but it's not for everyone just yet.
  4. I'd love a micro-lathe and -mill. I started 3D printing at Christmas and it's a STEEP learning curve. I've started getting good results from stuff I've downloaded, but it's taken a lot of trial and error. When the technology emerged a few years ago people were predicting a printer in every home and the death of kits in boxes - "just down load the files". With current technology nothing could be further from the truth. UV resin stinks, gets everywhere, and is a nightmare to clean up. It's seriously time consuming just to make a print, let alone design your own parts. (That's my next step.
  5. Definitely! I'd found two sets of the DF-Helo bits that were a bit on the spendy side and was just making sure I needed them before I ordered.
  6. Thanks Both. This is very embaressing, but I'm going to share. I found a 1/48 Hasegawa AEW.2a in a little shop in Stockholm before Christmas for a sane price. We only had carry on bags so I couldn't transport it home, but the shopkeeper said he could post it to me. It arrived this morning, and I've been poring over the instructions, only to find it HAS rotor fold parts. For some reason I had assumed, or thought I read, that this wasn't in the kit. So I reckon I can enhance the detail myself. (It's also included in the SH-3H @RWG686sold to me for my HC.4 conversion, that's been in the stas
  7. Hi Gang, I bagged a Hasegawa 1/48 Sea King AEW at the end of last year. I also have an HC.4 conversion to build. As ever, rotor diameter is a pain for display. Anyone know of a 1/48 rotor fold set? Cheers, Gareth
  8. It flies over our house ery regularly, on the way to UHNS. It always amazes me that the air amulance services are funded by charity. They must have saved countles lives. Will follow with interest.
  9. Spot on! Thanks Gorby - I had forgotten Scalemates have instructions and my Google skills let me down. Gareth
  10. Hi Gang, I've alost the instructions to my 1/24 GR.3. Anyone got a pointer to some online, or have them that could be scanned please? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  11. Glad you all like it. Thanks for the replies. Gareth
  12. Thanks for your comments everyone. Gareth
  13. Nice work on this so far. I have one in the early stages of a Spike Milligan inspired diorama so I'll follow with interest. Gareth
  14. Hi All, This is the second of my burgeoning collection of Inter War Air Racers. It is the SBS Model 1/48 Caudron C.561. I'm sure you will agree it is an extremely unusual design. The kit is all resin and metal, and a complete joy to build. If anyone is considering their first resin kit then this is ideal. There's not even a pesky vac-form canopy to contend with as this is dealt with by a crystal clear resin part. Thanks for looking in Gareth
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