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  1. I don't think there are any I'm afraid. Googling only returns some die casts and a mention of a company making small scale resin kits, on a forum post 11 years old.
  2. I gave it a go with my Fairy liquid solution and it's brought up my Harder and Steenbeck and Grex brushes to an as new finish. The trigger action of the H&S is much lighter now as well..
  3. Hi Gang, I bought a little ultra-sonic cleaner, primarily for cleaning the metal parts of my MFH 787. I thought I'd also try cleaning my airbrushes, but I'm slightly wary as I thought I'd read that certain metals / materials can react badly. Does anyone who uses one have any advice about cleaning airbrushes? (I've only got some water with Fairy liquid in for cleaning solution at the moment but it's doing a nice job on white metal parts.)
  4. Hi Gang, I've updated the blog, with some new pictures of the front portion of bady work coming together. (There's also a slightly different address - mfhmazda787.com - as I couldn't stand the adverts that were being foisted on people so coughed up for a subscription. The old link should still work though.)
  5. Just catching up on this thread - I've read every word. CHRIST. ON. A. BIKE! People comment on builds with lots of scratch building in plastic card, etc, with "This is proper modelling" but we are now in to "This is proper 21st century modelling"! I love the 'trolley' you've built. I'm not 10% in to my 1/12 787 build but I'm already worrying how I'm going to display it with as much detail as possible on show, but still in a 'natural' pose. I'm off to look for photos of the Mazda in the pits.
  6. From what I've seen I'd build any MFH kit, from a pure modelling pleasure point of view, but I'd certainly gravitate to the '90s Group C subjects from a personal interest point of view.
  7. Thanks! (I've got my sights set on the upcoming Sauber C9. Ten months to go!)
  8. If I manage to not buy anything before 15 September next year I’m ‘allowed’ to buy another Model Factory Hiro 1/12 kit - motivation enough!
  9. I think you pick a block of 48 hours to build in Gorby. I’m on a self imposed 12 month kit buying ban at the moment but I’ll have a look through the stash for a suitable candidate.
  10. I know the feeling. I'm still surprised at how excited I can get about a kit! Here's some progress on the fuel fillers pipes and their valves.
  11. Thanks Paul. i've seen your detailing in the Flower Class Corvette thread so I'll take that compliment I don't know what your usual subject / scale is, but I love an occasional vehicle at larger scales. Great for a change of pace - go for it!
  12. Thank you for the comments everyone. Just in case you're not following my blog for updates, and if you're not I'll want to know why, there's a new page including a time-lapse video, at mfhmazda787.wordpress.com
  13. goon

    Telford 2019

    I'll be skipping it this year, despite staing in a house about 15 mins away. It's a family occasion plus Sarah has said if I dn't buy another kit for 12 months I can buy another MFH 1/12. There's enough squirrelled away in the shed to make this a doddle! Have fun everyone, looking forward to your pics.
  14. Hi Kids! The dash is finished, with some fasteners added to the box the rotary controllers are mounted on and some decals from the spares box on the controllers themselves. More detail at mfhmazda787.wordpress.com
  15. Hi gang! I updated the blog with some progress on the dash.
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