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  1. Thanks, those images hadn't turned up in my Googling. Gareth
  2. Hi Gang, I'd like to put a recon pod under my 1/24 GR.3. Obviously this is going to be a scratch build job, but it's a relatively simple shape, so I reckon even I can do it. Has anyone got a source for some drawings / plans please? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  3. I'd be amazed if you haven't seen this as it is (shockingly) nearly10 years old, but it is very well observed, and very funny.
  4. Progress, at last! I didn't want to go any further without getting a primer coat on to check the de-rivetting and multiple gaps that needed plastic card and filler to get rid of. To do that I really needed the windscreen in place. I've got the Flightpath brass set that has replacement framing, which is very difficult to fit. Instead of trying to get it to fit the kit part I tried vacforming and crash moulding a replacement, and this is where progress stumbled. I just couldn't get it right and the frustration lead me to mucking about with other kits, and completed several full builds in the int
  5. Very nice! You've got me wanting to pull a WWI kit out of the stash to start. Too much already on the go for that to be a sensible idea though.
  6. Thanks both. The snow is this product over a ready made scenery mat. https://www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk/Basecrafts-Snow-Flock?search=snow
  7. Hi Gang, Here is one of my longest duration builds, finally finished. I clearly remember buying this in 2009, starting it, and packing it away for some reason. It has been in its box for so long it migrated down to the cellar. No idea why I packed it up, there was no problem with it when I got it out of the box. It's the Revell kit, finished as the famous Bravo November. The diorama is inspired by a shot in a documentary I have about BN that shows it at rest during the Falklands War, after a light slushy snow had fallen. The snow only 'stuck' on the grass around it, and it looked li
  8. I was going to say I envy you being there, but I was at home about 40 mins drive away and it was bloody horrible too. You'd have seen the first lap down Craner Curves from there though!
  9. Thanks everyone. I used various fabrics and tissue in diluted PVA glue. I couldn't get anything that looked convincing.
  10. Hi Gang, I forgot to post some shots of a model I completed a while ago. This is Tameo Kits' 1/43 McLaren Mp4/8, showing Ayrton Senna on the slow down lap after his victory at the epic (and I use the word advisedly) European Grand Prix at Castle Donington in 1993. I vividly remember watching this on a 14" portable in my bedroom. absolutely transfixed. I have had a vision for a model of Senna on a slow down lap with a Brazillian flag in my head for years, and went for it when I found the Tameo Kit. Unfortunately reproducing the flag proved beyond me. I'm very pelased with the rendition of
  11. Looking really good. EZ Line and CA glue can be a real pain. Sometimes the glue just will not 'grab'. I still like to use EZ Line as it is incredibly resilient to the inevitable snags. I use Bob's Buckles to attach it though.
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