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  1. Cheers Gang! I finished the wheels today. These are ResKit's replacements. Flightpath supply replecement resin main and nose wheels, with extra detail in PE, but they aren't much cop to be frank. (The Airfix parts are crappy rubber tyres and quite poor hubs.) These parts a real upgrade to the detail in the undercarriage. The hubs are Alclad Stainless Steel, with a wash of thinned black oil paint and some Tamiya Aluminium dry brushed highlights. The tyres are Tamiya NATO Black, with another thinned black oil wash. I haven't decided which airframe I'm representing yet, but it's
  2. Despite my last message I've run out of patience with the de-rivetting, so I've turned my attention to the landing gear. Here's the original main gear leg. Not too bad considering it won't be very visible, but it could do with more finesse. I don't believe in adding detail that won't be seen, and nost of this will be between the main wheels, but it could be spotted by a someone observing closer than 'show distance'. I broke out the styrene strip and rod, brass tube and heat shrink tube. I replaced the smaller scissor link, added some surface detail for the shafts the oth
  3. It's actually quite soothing Mish. Stick something good on the telly and just fill, sand, fill, sand - no skill needed, and it's hard to muck it up. Great distraction / therapy.
  4. Thanks for the comments kids! I've been doing lots of work on 'de-rivetting' the fuselage and wings, which is basically filling and sanding over and over again. Really tedious! Airfix were more restrained on the upper surfaces of the wing, so I have progressed more quickly there. Here's a couple of shots of the starboard wing with the Flightpath replacement fences and vortex generators, which are really nicely done and add some real finesse to the detail. I've also cut out the navigation lights. The gaps were filled with slear plastic and sanded to shape before being polished back to clar
  5. Thank both. I didn't think of the back of a blade, I'll see wwhat I can find. Gareth
  6. Hi Gang, I've got some shallow panel lines to give some more definition to. The problem is they are inspection panels, etc, on a wing. So they are round / oval shapes and even at 1/24 scale fairly small. There's enough definition to get a needle to drag round in a pin vice, but it's just tearing at the plastic. I've got various line scribers, but none iwll go round a corner very well. Has anyone got any recommendations for tool / technique that can help? Cheers, Gareth
  7. Looking really good. I love the Nighthawk, and remember well the speculation about it back in the 80s / 90s. Very tempted by Trumpeter's 1/32 kit. Such a fascinating aircraft.
  8. Thanks everyone. I did some more work and got the cockpit tub and instrument panel installed in one side of the fuselage. Here are some shots of it before fitting. The instrument panel was particularly 'fun'. I punched out lenses for the instruments from thin transparent plastic, and used the Airfix decals rather than the film ones from Flightpath on the back. I found a map of the Falklands that looked a bit like an aeronautical chart and redeuced it to scale before punching out a circe with Goose Green on it for the moving map display. (A certain amount of artistic licence was applied here as
  9. I got the Kinetic 1/48 Pucara today, a subject I've lusted after for years. I built the Aconcagua resin kit a few years ago, but this is a quantum leap in detail. In the box it's superb. Can't wait to get started.
  10. I thought you might like to see some photos of the Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR.3 I'm working on. This has been in my stash for several years and I decided to crack on with it as a change of direction and freshen up my modelling time. I haven't decided on the exact aircraft yet, but I'm going to complete it as a machine used in the Falklands war, and hopefully ready for the 40th anniversary of the conflict next year. It's an ancient set of moulds, dating back to 1974 (if memory serves) and updated in various re-issues to GR.3 and FRS.1 standard. (If you've got the latter in your shed ready to
  11. Thanks both. Sounds like I'm not the only one having difficulties. I'm planning to fix the wings and engine cover in place so I've only assembled the basic core of the engine to hold the nozzles in place. I'll keep dry fitting!
  12. Hi Gang, Anyone here built the Airfix 1/24 Harrier? I feel like I'm missing something with the way the engine mounts in the fuselage. There's only one locting hole and pin and it seems to just 'flop around' at the front. It looks like there's groove for second support nearer the front, but it's not mentioned in the instructions, and I can't find a piece that might fit. Will the intake inserts centrer the engine face when they go in to place? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  13. Thanks - I love my shed a lot and am lucky to be married to a person who allows me to spend so much time down here.
  14. Here you go: https://www.pmmodelsuk.com
  15. There's just a little bit missing from bottom, but it is the correct part and the correct side. Brilliant! Can't thank you enough.
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