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  1. Hello Everyone, Here's a couple of shots of my Osprey / Men at Arms Gurkha in a small vignette showing him at rest during the Falklands war. I think I'm slowly getting better at figures, and it's something I try to do more often. He's covered with about two dozen custon cut DPM decals which were great fun to do and I think very effective. I did intend to make a hexi burner stove an some mess tins but ran out of steam. Maybe I'll revisit it. (The camo net shelter is a pure fiction I added to ballance out the base.) Thanks for looking in,
  2. I'd go with this. Air Law states that the rear light should be visible through 140 degrees. Outside of civillian use you'd reduce the visibility of lights as much as possible, hence a smaller, less bright light..
  3. Hello Everyone, Here is a model I started and shelved a long time ago. I was inspired to pick it up again when watching Vigil with Sarah of a Sunday. (I know, I know, technically very poor, but a pleasant enough watch.) The sub itself is a very simple single white metal casting, with two sails depending on whether you would like the masts up or down. I set it with Orange Hobby's Bruiser and Rowangarth tugs. 3D Model Parts supllied the crew members. Tecnically the sub should flying the Jolly Roger as this is meant to show her returning to Faslane in July 1982, after sinking the Belgrano,
  4. Cheers Darren. If ZM are releasing a kit of the A3 / 4 I might put this on the back burner for more research. (I'm getting the Spitfire ready to donate to a new heritage centre in the town, can't wait to see my work on display!)
  5. Hi Gang, I've just been researching the career of the pilot who shot down a Spitfire connected with my home town (The Star of Stone BL637) an found that he was flying an FW-190 A on this mission. I know the square root of bugger all about these aircraft. (I CAN recognise one though!) The pilot was Hans Ehlers, and he was based Woensdrecht on the 19th of June 1942 when the events took place. I have two questions - Can anyone help me pin down the aircraft that was used, and if so where do I go for a kit in 1/32 scale? (As an aside I found out that Ehlers was based at Le M
  6. Very nicely done. I've always loved this bust for the apparent joy of the dog.
  7. I haven't looked in to it that far to be frank, just trying to get a 'flavour' of the surroundings and terrain. (I'll soon find out though as I'm about to start Mike Seear's 'With The Gurkhas In The Falklands'.) Gareth
  8. Thanks for that. I'm not looking for exact detail, just some guidance on how it might have looked. This is really helpful. Trenches were certainly challenging on the Islands, as you say. Even a shallow one soon struck rock, and the wet peat meant they flooded very easily. Cheers, Gareth
  9. Hi Gang, I'm working on the Men at Arms / A New Hope 54mm Falklands Gurkha figure, for a little vignette. I'm hoping to show his overnight shelter in some way. Was there any kind of standard kit for setting up over a trench? If so, or if not, was a pole used for support? Were they DPM or plain green? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  10. That's lovely, and a great way to present the aircraft. I remember pictures of the prototype from when I was a kid, but couldn't remember what problemit was designed to solve, so I 've just spent a pleasant hour or so reading about it. It seems that, like the Bearcat (perhaps the ultimate expression of the single piston engine fighter) it came about just as the change to jets made them obsolete.
  11. Very kind of you, I'll bear that in mind. Gareth
  12. Depending on the situation at the time I think I’ll go for a day. I’m only 40 mins away, so I’ll probably take a test, nip down if negative, be careful, spend a bit of money with the traders, test again at home, and make the best of it. Gareth
  13. Thanks for the information Alistair, very interesting.
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