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  1. When this first kicked off I placed an order for some paint, a little more than I needed to show a little support. I got a nice email asking me to bear with them regarding delivery time as they couldn't keep up with the sudden influx of orders. I did, and was super pleased for them to be doing so well - a little silver lining to the cloud. Whether it was a poor choice of words or a very bad policy I'm glad it's been taken down / rescinded - If it was my business I wouldn't even have begun to think that it wouldn't elicit some kind of backlash. Speaking for myself, and stories like this are making me (and I suspect others) super tetchy at the moment, and over reactive.
  2. I've used emodels a few times, not least because they are local and I can 'click and collect' to avoid paying for a courrer for paint orders. I'll not use them again.
  3. goon

    Porsche 956

    Nice one! Love a bit of Group C.
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well, staying safe, and not being too affected by the current situation. I'm so glad to have modelling as a hobby at the moment. On Facebook I am a member of the Model Factory Hiro build group, and one of my fellow members posts fantastic photos of his WIP with a 1/12 pallet, and a reconstruction of the disitinctive boxes MFH kits come in. I wanted to do something similar, and went trawling the doll's house pages. (1/12 is apparently a popular scale.) I bought a wooden workbench kit, and a photo-etched brass toolbox and tools. I had the idea to paint the box as if it belonged to a 787B enthusiast. Here are the first shots with it, showing the front cooling assembly, and the brake disc rotors. (I have enhanced these with silvers of plastic with the ventilation grooves cut in on my plotter cutter as MFH provide them as flat discs. This may be accurate for the original spec but I'm building from a reference book of the 2011 restoration, and sticking to that for consistency.) Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  5. I think Duncan’s right. It’s mice! Mice
  6. I'm going to be away on holiday. Have fun everyone.
  7. Not a drop Gorby. I was hoping for some silvering to be authentic. Skwonk - looks like Mat's grandad got a bargain.
  8. Hi All, Here's a recent completion, something slighty different. A friend gave me four vintage Matchbox kits that had belonged to his grandad, and never got built. I had great few hours poring over these, all bringing back memories of Christmases past when I'd invariably get a Matchbox kit from my Aunty Jean. Mat gave me the kits to be built rather than preserved, but I wanted to showcase the nature of Matchbox kits in some way. I decided to build one side as I would have in the 70s, and the other with 'grown up' modern techniques. The starboard side is 'out of the box' including decals, assembled with tube glue. The port side I scribed and finshed with Alclad metal colour. I found after-market decals, a new wheel for the main gear and some prop blur parts. The seat and pilot are also painted 50:50. Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  9. Hi All, Here are some shots of a model I finished yesterday. It's Great Wall Hobby's 1/144 Vulcan, shown after it's emergency diversion to Rio at the end of Black Buck 6. I'm sure you'll be aware that the Black Buck missions were flown against Argentinian forces occupying Port Stanley in 1982. It's posed on a simple base, with Preiser 1/144 NATO figures to represent the crew. There's a full build log int he 'Completed Models' page of my blog. Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  10. goon

    Paint Shaker

    Yes, I’ve had it a while. It’s a good little tool. It copes with enamels that have totally separated after only a brief stir.
  11. £600 for the Model Factory Hiro Mazda 787B I'm building. And God knows how much in paint, extras and decals! (I'll be doing it again in September with the Sauber C9, but only because I will have stuck to my agreement not to buy any kits for 12 months.)
  12. Hi Gang, Do we have a list of shows Brexitmodeller is showing at this year? Cheers, Gareth
  13. goon

    Paint Shaker

    Thanks - I've got one on order.
  14. goon

    Paint Shaker

    That’s exactly the one Steve. I had seen those DC3 mentions, but one review said it might not be sturdy enough, but if it’s as good as you say DC I’ll give it a whirl. Cheers everyone.
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