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  1. Drewe Manton

    Vampire F.3, Revell 1/72nd

    Revell boxing of the Special Hobby kit. Straight from the box. Paint is Tamiya AS-12 decanted and sprayed over a gloss black base. Kit decals, weathered with oils, Tamiya semi-gloss finish. Not my best work, but glad to finish something after six weeks or so Thanks to James Hatch for the model!
  2. Drewe Manton

    BF-109 G-2 Finland

    Yes, sorry, should have said!
  3. Drewe Manton

    BF-109 G-2 Finland

    Mainly from the box, Albion Alloys pitot, Uschi aerial wire. Paints are a mix of Mr Color, Aqueous Hobby Color and MRP, final finish is Vallejo. All national insignia maskes and sprayed. Weathered with oils and some pigments.
  4. Drewe Manton

    Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat, IRIAF

    So that's the Tamiya Tomcat done. Straight from the box as a build for the company. MRP paints, vallejo final finish, weathering with oils and enamels. Simply a spectacular model. 16 days from receiving the box to taking these pictures.
  5. Drewe Manton

    AMK 1/48 F-14D Tomcat in progress

    No, they shouldn't. If people want to make allegations they can't substantiate, then that's an open discussion. The whole ethos of this place is to be more open and able to stand dissent. But I'd suggest people might have liked to have made such allegations on a thread that isn't about ANOTHER KIT ANYWAY. Like Spencer - I cannot wait to get my hands on the AMK kit. I am certain, given their track record, it will be a stellar model. It will also be a very different package to the other ones, and therein lies the fun doesn't it? But killing a thread to save hurt feelings? No, sorry, that's what LESSER places do.
  6. Drewe Manton

    AMK 1/48 F-14D Tomcat in progress

    Do you know why Spencer says that about all new Tamiya kits? (if he does, can you provide any evidence for that or is it just perceived wisdom?). . . Because he's right. This is simply the best 1/48th scale kit I have EVER built. Period. End of story. No doubt. It. Is. Astounding. To have executed a shape so complex with such simplicity and precision leaves me speechless. It makes their F-16 seem a bit "meh". And as I'm building it for Tamiya/the importer, perhaps my objectivity should be questioned? Spencer is dead on the money.
  7. Drewe Manton

    Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat

    Painting the loadout. primed with Tamiya fine white primer, then a very thin coat of Gainotes gloss white, then detail painting with Mr Colour and MRP Then rolleropns on the sidewinders. Lots of masking for two minutes of spraying, but I really like the results. Mr Color #28 steel And then tonight I started to get some paint on the main model, flying surfaces first! MRP paint used
  8. Drewe Manton

    Yak-3 'Normandie-Niemen'

    Looks like an engaging build, the Yaks are pretty little things. But my main take away is that punch & die set. WANT!
  9. Drewe Manton

    Zoukei Mura F-4J

    And then I did send an email saying "yes please!"
  10. Drewe Manton

    Zoukei Mura F-4J

    Oh s**t, I'm about to send an email. . .
  11. Drewe Manton

    Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat

    I found some ejector pin marks! As you can see, two in the visible part of the intake mouth! The horror! So a little piece of a skinny sander impaled on some tweezers for a handle Then a sliver of medium grit sanding sponge held in a hemostat. Then a piece of fine scotchbrite. Job done. Total time? about 2-3 minutes per intake. They are very, very shallow. The exhausts were painted white, and the a wash of black and brown Tamiya enamel was applied, allowed to dry for ten minutes and then a cotton bud soaked in thinner was dragged along the length to create this effect - more will be added and tweaked later, but as a start it's okay. The interior is largely done - some minor painting to dials and switches to do. As with every other part of this model fit is perfect - if something isn't fitting you're doing something wrong, it's THAT simple. Parts that look similar but have a specific individual location will be individually keyed so that they can ONLY fit in the right place, so don't be tempted to remove any locating pins kids! Stay tuned!
  12. Drewe Manton

    Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat

    Work tonight. . . wing swing gearing installed and screwed into place, along with fwd to rear fuselage. Flawless, magical. White areas painted with Tamiya Fine White Primer decanted and sprayed, 36231 areas with Mr Color, black areas with Gaia Evo black primer. All areas have been washed with a mix of water, Klear and Tamiya acrylic - Panzer grey for the white, Neutral grey for the black and semi gloss black for the 36231. Not to weather per se, but to edge out details for later painting. Phoenix pallets painted with MRP 36622. Nothing about the engineering of this kit requires priming in any way, but I am priming everything with Tamiya fine surface primer - because all the main paint will be MRP, and I've had some lifting issues with spraying it on unprimed surfaces, and some plastic crazing issues due to how "hot" it is. More later!
  13. Drewe Manton

    Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat

    Pre-release kit being built on behalf of the importer. Couple happy hours sticking bit together this evening. Stunning fit and engineering.
  14. Drewe Manton


    Suppose I better get this underway.
  15. Drewe Manton

    Eduard 1/72nd Spitfire IXc late

    Nope, it's fine. The properly bulged upper cowling line may be drawing your eye.