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  1. I don't use enamels any more. I use acrylics now due to the drying time. I've seen an compressor for £30 so will probably start off with that.
  2. I still have it. I just need to save up to get a compressor. Until then my friend's Iwata is filling in.
  3. This is how the vehicle looks at the moment, and has been in this state for the past few weeks. As I've been distracted. DSC_3905_12230 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  4. I'm no expert on the Lancaster I just have an affection for the airplane as my Grandfather crewed them. Although it's not my favourite Avro design.
  5. I too have lot of information on the Lancaster. Books, plans, and so on. So just shout if you need anything.
  6. Excellent builds all. Great work Steve.
  7. I find it a good brush. I may get one. And these are some of the references I'm using. DSC_3888_12213 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  8. He has an Iwata Neo couldn't tell you about the Compressor though. And current state of progress on the Panther. DSC_3887_12212 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  9. The only one's there I'm interested in are the "Kipper Fleet" Wimpey and the 1/35 Panther Ausf.G.
  10. Thank you! I always shied from using an airbrush as I always thought I'd make a right pig's ear of it. My friend has invited me to use his airbrush more often.
  11. I could be up for this if I can find a Meng A7V going cheap
  12. I was invited over to a friends today to play with his airbrush. So off I toddled. And this is the result (the hatches are just tacked in place). Not bad for a first try. DSC_3881_12209 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr DSC_3880_12208 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  13. Thank you! Yes all settled in although spent Christmas and New Year alone (not by choice). But I understand that my family have their respective families. And Christmas is for families.
  14. So been building this since November after mislaying parts and the box since moving. DSC_3746_12086 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr The progress so far DSC_3878_12206 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr And the example it will be finished as using left over parts and decals from a Meng Panther. scan0001 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  15. The new Panther I'm building will be finished as this example using left over parts from the Meng Panther. I chose this example because of the unditching beam on the rear deck. scan0001 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
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